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Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

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Old July 28th, 2007, 1:17 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Originally Posted by Tapperking View Post
Personally, I think it will be the "Seven Potters" scene, especially the Voldemort chase part.
I agree about the first part. For the latter it will be hard to see what's happening in the dark. They changed the dementor scene in movie 5 to be during the day. I would have made it look like night-vision goggles, since enough people know that by now, remember Silence of the Lambs? It could have been a movie convention -green means dark of night.

Anyway, I loved it when Harry was concerned about them all stripping down. I can't wait to see Harry in Fleur and Hermione's underwear (if the former wears any). And don't forget the scene from book 4: "I like a bit of air 'round my privates, thanks." Imagine if Fred and George felt the same way! If Radcliffe is keen to go nude on stage, then this scene is clearly written for him!

Unfortunately, the funniest scenes in the book, IMHO never get in the movies. They come up with something else like "Is that what my *** looks like from the back?"

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Old July 28th, 2007, 5:19 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

For me the part that would realy disappoint me is if they change the scene of Harry "appearing" in the clearing surrounded by DE, ready for LV to kill him, while never drawing his wand. That was the most dramatic moments of the book. Then the show down in the great hall would be amazing to see, but I fear they wont make harry sound as confident and sure of his survival at this point. After seeing OOTP I fear that I wont enjoy the movies, as I once did, for the rest of the book.

Old July 28th, 2007, 6:30 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

For me, I think the part when Harry & Voldemort begin moving in a circle and the discussion leading up to the final confrontation. I loved that scene.

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Old July 31st, 2007, 12:07 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

I've thought about it and will have to say the best or second best is:
Neville killing Voldemort's snake.

Old July 31st, 2007, 12:13 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

i would be very interested to see how Snapes memory he gives to Harry before he dies is portrayed. Also an interesting scene would be when He who must not be named performs the killing curse on Harry and is talking to Dumbledore inside his head! my mind boggles at how they are going to show this! cant wait though!!

Old July 31st, 2007, 1:42 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

The battle of Hogwarts. That is going to be so AWESOME!

Old July 31st, 2007, 1:48 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Godric's Hollow, I think, will be terrifying. Snake coming out of a woman's neck? It gave me the creeps reading it, so seeing it....

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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

i definitly agree that the chase scene will be cool. Especially when Harrys wand does that thingy!

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Old July 31st, 2007, 2:43 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

the best movie scene has got to be the first chapter. If they keep that it would set off the right mood for the rest of the movie. I really love it and could imagine how cool it will look onscreen. The whole scene has lots of yummy dark glam and Voldie is really at his best there, just the sight of them all sitting at that table gives me chills. The upside-down body revolving is a cinematography dream, specially when Voldie kills her and all the DEs jump back and Draco falls....now that'll look wicked on the big screen!

Old July 31st, 2007, 2:51 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Eh, there's one line I feel like Rowling put in there for the sole purpose of it being included into the movie:

"Not my daughter, you ____!"

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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Personally, I'm looking forward to:

Seven Potters to the Burrow- possibly could take the role of saddest, most exciting, or even the funniest.

The Wedding - funniest or most heartwarming

Lupin/Harry's fight - the one that makes you cringe the most.

Malfoy Manor/Dobby Dies - creepiest (best set) and or saddest depending on how they do Dobby's last words and his burial.

Ron/Hermione's kiss - most awes/ most whoops.

Battle at Hogwarts - will take crown in epicness, for sure.

Fred's death - 100% sobbing, nuff sed.

Harry in Snape's Memories- Saddest or most heartwarming.

Harry walking from Dumbledore's office to the his "death"- Saddest (for the dead bodies and such in the great hall), most drawn out, most creative set (for it's variety), Harry's most desperate moments.

Kings Cross - most eerie

"NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU _____!" - most whooping inside the theater.

Voldy/ Harry's fight - most drawn out, most nail chewing, best set

Voldy's death - only scene in movie that could be successfully done in slow motion. I myself see Voldy being hit with the curse to mid-fall, close up of Harry's face, then Voldy hits the ground. Then slow-mo-speed-up as the expressions of the crowd changes when the realize that Voldy's dead, and is back up to full speed once people start jumping all over Harry.

Epilogue- shall be included, or I will walk out of the theater screaming.

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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Ron and Hermione's kiss! H/G's one too...

Old July 31st, 2007, 3:21 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Hm, I think that their would be several really good scenes in the Deathly Hallows.

In no order:

Dobbys death - If they do it right, it should be wonderful.
The final battle - Between Voldemort & Harry.
The scene in the forest

I really hope that they do not cut out a lot in the movie, it would suck. It's hard enough to understand, but if stuff is cut out my brain would go crazy. Although, it's going to be hard to avoid cutting some scenes out.

Old July 31st, 2007, 3:29 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Not that its an important sceen but i thought the scene in the room of requirements when crabbe performs that fire curse sounded pretty cool.

I also think one of the most important scenes is whe nharry is walking to his death. The feeling of the moment was so sad. can you imagine takeing that walk? Asking what it felt like? It was so brave of him.

Old July 31st, 2007, 4:28 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

I seriously am scared at how much would have to be cut to fit into a "normal" length movie. Think about it--just the opening 7 harrys/chase scene, Dumbledor's will/wedding, escape, discovery of kreacher's story and breaking into/escaping from the ministry is going to need an hour to be done any justice at all, and that's probably the least complicated 1/3 of the book.

JRK listens to her fans. Do you think if people started an onine petition now asking that the final movie be at least three hours long, that she would listen and try to convince the studio? I know they worry about length, but that didn't seem to hurt the box office of "Return of the King" too terribly...

(personally I'd almost like to see DH made into a two-part movie like "Kill Bill", released about 6 months apart, with the break just before Ron saves harry in the Forest of Dean)

Old July 31st, 2007, 4:57 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

The Seven Potters scene certainly has some of the best potential to be a spectacular scene. It was written, it seems, almost as a movie script. It is a classic scenario, but with a little Harry Potter twist in it. It will be a particularly impacting scene because it is so early, which means that we will have already seen a Voldemort-battle scene within the first 10 minutes. It truly sets the movie up.

The wedding will not necessarily make a great scene, but Kingsley's Patronus's line will be incredible: "Scrimgeour is dead. The Ministry has fallen. They are coming."

The whole Malfoy Manor scene will be a great scene, if they do not decide to cheapen it by excluding Hermione being tortured. Hermione being tortured is the whole scene, for we get to see Ron's anguish, along with everyone's desperation to get out of there. It will make Dobby's appearance even more celebrated, and his death that much more sorrowful. The burial of Dobby will be heartbreaking.

Finally, the Battle at Hogwarts has the potential to be one of the greatest scenes of all time (perhaps not, but it has the potential to rival even the Pelennor Fields Battle in LOTR). There is so much action that is very cinema-oriented, and I only hope they do not perform an OotP and have the battle concentrated solely on Harry.


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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

I think it will be the part where Kreacher talked to the trio about the horcrux and Voldemort. Specially the last part where Harry gives Kreacher the locket and Kreacher starts crying.... it was SOOOO touching! It is still the part i like the best of the book.

Of course the 7 Potters is very close contestant :P


Old August 2nd, 2007, 1:22 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

The Seven Potters and the Battle of Hogwarts.

"But he understood at last what Dumbledore had been trying to tell him. It was, he thought, the difference between being dragged into the arena to face a battle to the death and walking into the arena with your head held high. Some people, perhaps, would say that there was little to choose between the two ways, but Dumbledore knew - and so do I, thought Harry, with a rush of fierce pride, and so did my parents - that there was all the difference in the world."
Old August 2nd, 2007, 1:42 am
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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

I think we need a two-part film, both 2.5 hours long or so, and that way they can include everything except the attack in the cafe, maybe change it to being followed on the street, and then shorten a bit of Dumbledore's backstory, and maybe cut a little of the camping down to just what is necessary to reveal of the plot, and have EVERYTHING else in there as it should be! Oh, and maybe cut that bit about Ron nearly screwing up an entire family with his Polyjuice disguise.


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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

In my opinion the final battle sequence, from when Hagrid carries Harry's body out into the grounds to the part when everyone is screaming and cheering around Harry after Voldemort's defeat. Sorry but I have to describe how I envision it to go now that I've started talking about it. Here's the picture in my head:

Sort of slow motion, the sound is quieted and distant: harry lies limp in Hagrid's arms as they move through the forest

Scene cuts to Hogwarts and Voldemort's voice suddenly booms into the silence of the grounds: "Harry Potter is dead..yata yata yata"

The camera zooms around wildly looking from face to face as the horror of the moment floods into reality, the noise is once again very faint and slurred and then suddenly we hear sharp and clear :
"No!"-- camera finds Ron, struggling through the crowds in slow motion his face torn with pain and then:
"NO! NO!" --Hermione's sobs from beside him, the camera zooms to her face as she struggles as well in slow motion and then we hear something else that is louder than anything else so far and everyone stops and turns for a second:
"Harry! HARRY!"--Ginny tears through the crowd towards Harry and the chaos is suddenly returned into full force, the sounds around them back and motions returned to normal speed

Then Voldemort holds up his hand and says "silence" very quietey and the whole world is still and silent.

Then Ron yells his line of "He beat you!" and breaks the spell
Neville runs out looking determined and defient and Voldemort taunts him.
Neville makes his comment about the DA and turns his head slightly to the crowd behind him raising his fist in the air and their is a roar from the throng in approval.

Voldemort mocks him again but Neville stands his ground.

The camera looks back at Harry lying on the ground at Voldemort's feet and his eyes flicker open for a second and then close again. The camera follows Voldemort's foot up his side and rests looking out over his shoulder his face framed in the picture with Neville standing in the distance and the ring of people around them all.

Voldemort throws the hat and it lights on fire, Neville screams and the people all around go into chaos again. The music gives a few loud thwangs and with each one it pans to a different split-second scene, the first being voldemort's look of triumph, the second being Neville pulling the sword in one smooth motion and the second being Harry disappearing in a flash under his cloak and then all H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks breaks loose and Neville rushes forward along with the throng of people and he chops of Nagini's head and Hagrid starts screaming "HARRY! WHERE'S HARRY!" and we see people fighting everywhere, Ginny, Hermione and Luna pull spectacular stuff on Bellatrix, each taking turns to send crazy curses at her and just being totally awesome, Ron struts his stuff against some other deat eater, Neville is chopping up bad guys with the sword of gryffindor, etc. battles galor.

Harry is rushing towards Voldemort under his cloak when suddenly we see Bella barely miss killing Ginny and Harry turns for a second and then Mrs. Weasley does her NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BI***! and when the girls try and help she just stops them and fights Bella tooth and nail until Bella gets it right in the chest and dies laughing like her cousin.

Harry runs to Voldemort and does the whole end sequence thing. The final strokes should be totally intense, with them both shouting their spells and like some crazy Lord of the Rings music in the background as the camera pans up to a bird's eye view of the battle and follows the elder wand in it's slow arch up from Voldy's hand and down into Harry's.
Voldemort falls slowly, extremely, excrushiatingly slowly utnil at last he hits the earth and there is an explosion of noise.
Ron and Hermione and Ginny and Neville and everyone crowd around Harry and it is amazingly happy and unbelievable.

That's what I picture in my head and my heart stops everytime I think about it....oh please oh please I hope the director doesn't ruin it !!!

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