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Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

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Old April 12th, 2011, 10:44 am
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Re: Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

Originally Posted by ReelBigFish View Post
In PS Dumbledore asked Snape to keep an eye on Quirrell and was well aware of what was going on with the Stone as he tried to protect it.
As Quirrel had not committed any crime nothing more could be done but keep an eye on him.

In POA he agreed to have Dementors at the Gates of Hogwarts to keep out Sirius and he hated having them there. Dumbledore also did not know that Sirius was an animagus and that was how he was getting in.
Dumbledore did his best to protect the students and in truth Sirius never did mange to penetrate the castle in a meaningful manner.

What could Dumbledore have done to prevent Cedrics death?
Truthfully, nothing. If Cedric had not got the Cup the same time as Harry, he would not have been killed. So as we cannot blame cedric for putting his name in the cup to begin with, I don't think Dumbledore can be blamed for this.

Umbridge was forced upon him.
By a Ministry that was more concerned with it's public face than the truth of Voldemort's return.

HBP he tried his best to stop Draco from killing anyone and was also looking out for the entire WW by searching for horcruxes. Bottomline for me was he was a great Headmaster and did amazing things to ensure the long term survival of the WW and the end of Voldemort. Dumbledore was probably the person who is most to credit for the end of Voldemort as he knew he was not dead and would return plus he discovered that Voldemort had horcruxes and set about finding everything he could about them and Voldemort. If not for Dumbledore IMO the WW would have stood no chance against Voldemort
Draco was a danger, one that Dumbledore tried to minimise. It's somewhat like the situation with Quirrel. Much suspected, no proof. How do you stop someone from commiting evil acts if you can't prove they are doing it? Harry found out that was difficult. Dumbledore was operating inside the perimiters of the law, he couldn't break that law and still uphold it as the way the WW should be run.

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Old April 12th, 2011, 9:32 pm
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Re: Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post

Dumbledore did his best to protect the students and in truth Sirius never did mange to penetrate the castle in a meaningful manner.
Slightly disagree here, because Sirius did manage to enter the Gryffindor boys' dormitory. To know a suspected murderer is capable of entering and roaming, at will, a school full of children is a "meaningful manner", imo. However, I agree this isn't an issue with Dumbledore. Lupin is the adult who knew about the secret passage but chose to remain silent, even after the Fat Lady's Portrait was slashed and Ron's experience. I think Dumbledore tried to protect the students from the Dementors, knowing just how vulnerable the children are to their terrible affects or kiss.

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Old April 21st, 2011, 4:35 am
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Re: Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

Dumbledore was a great headmaster. Things at Hogwarts shouldnt always be so serious. Maybe I am a little biased in I couldnt see ANYone else but DD as headmaster.
Also if he wasnt headmaster Snape wouldnt have been able to talk to his portrait in DH.

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Old April 23rd, 2011, 2:50 am
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Re: Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

Dumbledore was a great headmaster. I don't see how he were running things bad. Poor guy, though... he seems to always know the truth and stick to it even though he looked crazy standing up for it alone... good thing he had his believers.

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Old April 25th, 2011, 3:52 am
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Re: Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

I'd have to say no, he wasn't a bad headmaster. He certainly made mistakes, but I still deem him a great headmaster.

Regarding his questionable staff hires, I believe that Dumbledore hired/kept some of the teachers out of compassion, out of a desire to give them a second chance, and/or to keep them safe. I don't really find these decisions to make him a bad headmaster - some of these decisions I'd support, like keeping Trelawney around for example, since she was in danger from Voldemort and didn't seem to have anywhere else to go. She may not have had a strong Seeing ability, but I think Dumbledore made the right choice by keeping her on.

Regarding castle security, I think Dumbledore did the best he could with the knowledge he had. He may have been one of the greatest wizards of all time, but he wasn't omnipotent, and sometimes didn't have all the information needed to protect against a potential threat (as in the fact that Sirius was an animagus). I think he did alright in this area.

Finally, regarding interactions with students, I don't see Dumbledore as the go-to person when a student has a problem. I see that as being either the student's head of house or a teacher that they are particularly close with. That's not to say Dumbledore wouldn't listen if a student came to him with a problem, but I think he was one level removed from the students and therefore generally didn't interact with them as much as the teachers would. But I'm sure Dumbledore probably knew what was going on with the students and cared a great deal for them.


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Re: Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

Been a looooooong time since I've been here...

I don't think that Dumbledore was a bad headmaster at all, and he certainly didn't pick bad teachers if he had a choice in the manner.

Quirrel - Already teaching at Hogwarts before he turned to evil, and while Dumbledore clearly suspected him, you can't just fire someone because "I have a feeling that they have suddenly turned completely evil." That's illegal.

Lockheart - Hagrid said that he was the only choice because of the curse and the paranoia that surrounds it.

Lupin - Fantastic teacher.

Mad Eye Crouchy - There was no way to know that Mad Eye was an imposter. He fooled everyone. Plus, it is a bit harder to notice off behavior in someone who is already completely off. Crouch Jr. was clearly a fantastic actor. Also a fantastic teacher, even if he was a fake.

Umbridge - Not Dumbledore's choice.

Snape - All evidence that we see from Snape shows that he is a rotten teacher, but the only time that we have ever seen him teach is with Harry in the room. He lets his own personal pride serious get in the way there. That doesn't mean that he can't be a decent teacher (if an extremely harsh one) at other times.

Trelawny - First off, Dumbledore didn't even want to continue Divination (and I don't blame him), and considering the general uselessness of the subject, I don't really think that having a fantastic teacher is all that important. Second off, when he hired her, he did just hear her give a completely real prophecy. There was no reason to think that she couldn't pump out at least 1 every few hours really.

Hagrid - I would consider Rubeus Hagrid to be the perfect teacher for Care of Magical Creatures, far more so then Grubbly-Plank. Yes, he isn't as consistantly good as her, but consider this. First off, even if introducing them in the third year isn't such a brilliant idea, a person WOULD eventually need to learn and experience such creatures as Hippogriffs, Thestrals, and other dangerous creatures. It would of course be extremely important that you would need to find a teacher who had the strength and "way" with animals enough to keep the students safe in this regard. Do you really think that Grubbly-Plank would even come close to Hagrid in this regard? Heck, even the previous teacher was badly mangled enough after years of doing it that Dumbledore stated that they would be going into retirement with "his remaining limbs." Clearly, it is one of the most dangerous and physically demanding of all jobs. Being a sub for a while is one thing, doing it every work-day for almost a whole year is quite another.

Also, learning is not just reciting facts and showing information. A great teacher is truly passionate about their subject and cares for and respects their students. There is really no one in all of Hogwards that is more passionate about his subject then Hagrid. And he also clearly loves the students and wants to show them how increadible he thinks that Magical Creatures can be. Grubbly-Plank was clearly not a very good person with kids, often being stand-offish and having a demeanor that actually sort of reminded me of a less harsh and less cruel version of Petunia Dursly, with the whole "mind your own business and don't ask questions," sort of thing.

So all in all, I don't think that Dumbledore ever really made a bad choice if he really had a choice.

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Re: Was Albus Dumbledore a bad headmaster?

All in all, I think Dumbledore was a great headmaster. Though I admit I am slightly biased, you have to admit the majority of the mistakes made while he was in charge had nothing to do with him. He couldn't have known about Quirrel defecting, Mad-Eye would have made a great professor if he wasn't possessed, he felt sorry for Trelawny and Hagrid, but they did decent jobs...also, he was right about Snape the whole time when everyone else felt he was out of his mind. Could have been worse...

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