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The Prophecy: Its Impact, Meaning and Importance

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Old November 22nd, 2004, 9:27 pm
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Originally Posted by nano
I always thought it was like with Grimmauld Place 12 ... You have to be told by the secret keeper to be able to see the house ...
Not neccesarily true though... Pettigrew was Lily/James's secret keeper, not the house's secret keeper, correct? So Sirius could be strolling around the house and not see Lily and James...but wouldn't need to be told where the house was.

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Old November 22nd, 2004, 9:28 pm
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Originally Posted by sindatur
Hi Jill,

Regarding the "Neither can live while the other survives", I think means they have a purpose to fulfill their destiny, and until that destiny is fulfilled (one destroying the other) neither of them can live their own life. Yes, they are breathing, eating, existing, etc, but neither of them can have their own life, or for that matter live their life.

I've wondered about the lack of a year as well, although I have taken it for granted that Harry is indeed the one, since he was able to pick up the Prophecy.

Iftwould be a heck of a twist though if it did turn out to be Snape, and the marking him as an equal referred to the Dark MArk on the arm (Is it called a Dark Mark?). I don't think that can be so, though, because I haven't gotten the impression that the Death Eaters could be considered as equals to Voldemort, not even his favorites, who I believe would be Lucius and Bellatrix.
Nice point with the DE, but I believe it was DD who said that some of Vldemorts followers were as equally as bad as Voldy himself.
Although I am taking the prophecy @ face value. It's Harry he will be the one.

Old November 23rd, 2004, 9:25 am
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Version two is in the works.


Lunch was six dollars and thirty-one cents at the Lamplighter Inn, that's on Highway Two near Lewis Fork.
That was a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat, slice of cherry pie, and a cup of coffee.
Damn good food. Diane, if you ever get up this way that cherry pie is worth a stop.

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