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Total War

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Total War

I'm relatively late to the Total War titles, having just discovered Rome: Total War in 2010 and since then Medieval II. (I know there have been subsequent titles released, but I have yet to give them a try.) In any case since yet another title was announced not long ago--Rome II--I thought a thread for this series might be in order.

I guess I'll ask a few questions:

1. Which games in the Total War series do you have, and which do you like best?

2. What factions, units, strategies do you enjoy?

3. Do you plan to buy Rome II when it comes out? (Assuming it does as schedule, you know how these things sometimes go)

Personally, I have spent most of my time playing Medieval II and its Kingdoms expansions, particularly the imperial campaign and the Crusades and Americas expansions. While I really did love Rome, I think Medieval II offers a bit more strategic and tactical variety, as well as more balanced gameplay (in my opinion, anyway... I always found several factions in Rome unwinnable).

My favorite faction in Rome was the Greek Cities, although obviously with their emphasis on the phalanx, fighting anyone with strong or fast cavalry made battles quite a bit more interesting. In Medieval II I really like Denmark and the Byzantines best.

Denmark gets high marks in my book for a few specific reasons. First, because they are well situated to expand easily over water--I usually take out Scotland before the Pope even knows what's going on. Second, they have many "effective against armor" units early in the tech tree. Then the Sword Staff Militia and Obudshaer are pretty interesting and versatile units. And I think the Norse Archers are quite excellent because of their strong melee stats. And finally, the Norse War Cleric is highly a convenient city cavalry unit: maybe they don't have a great offense or charge, but with base defense score of 19, they can stand up to a lot of punishment.

As for the Byzantines, I think the Byzantine Guard Archers are also among my favorite missile units, because like the Norse Archers they don't really mind going melee. I also really love the high-tier city infantry the Byzantine faction can produce--Byzantine Infantry and Varangian Guard are lifesavers for siege defense, and I don't mind sending them off for pitched battles either. Byzantine spearmen may seem just like any militia, but they get city-based experience bonuses and they have the schiltrom ability. And as though I need to remind anyone, the Vardariotai are superlative mounted archers, even if they're pricey. The only real drawback with the Byzantines is that they are stuck right in between Catholic factions that hate them and Muslim factions that hate them, and Constantinople is a win condition for a goodly number of factions I think.

(I really enjoy the armies for those factions, but I have to admit the Italian factions win out every time when it comes to making money and subsisting on cheap, quality militia units.)

Anyway, I will most likely look into getting Rome II, but I have serious doubts any computer I own will be able to run it properly. I hope there are some other Total War fanatics around.

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