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Nancy Drew And The Case Of The Bubotuber Pus

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Re: Nancy Drew And The Case Of The Bubotuber Pus

Please review my story here.

Chapter 20: Snake Sunk

Pansy Parkinson sat at the Slytherin table eating her soufflé and treacle tart at breakfast the next day. She was immensely pleased at the stunt she had pulled against Hermione Granger the day before. After all, she was a Mudblood. How could they let their kind into Hogwarts? She thought that Albus Dumbledore was a complete scatterbrain because it was his fault that Hermione had free range of the school. It repulsed Pansy that Hermione got such good marks in school. It just went to show that an education at Hogwarts was not as great as it was cracked up to be.

Not only Dumbledore was bugging Pansy, but Neville Longbottom was as well. She fumed when she saw Neville brush his hand on Bess’ arm causing her to smile. How could Longbottom be so stupid as to touch something so vile as that Mudblood. In Pansy’s mind, Neville had gone absolutely stark raving mad.

Pansy was awaken from her thoughts when the owls delivered the daily post. Her own personal owl Pureblood dropped a sugar cream pie from home in front of Pansy. She was about to voraciously dig into her pie when a silver owl dropped an envelope with a magnifying glass stamped on it. She wondered if it was some sort of joke as she cautiously opened the envelope. Pansy soon discovered that the letter was anything but a joke when she read the letter.

Dear Pansy,

You sent Hermione the envelope filled with Bubotuber Pus and I can prove it. Meet me in front of Greenhouse Two at 7:00 PM if you know what’s good for you.

Your Enemy,
Nancy Drew

It could be said that smoke came out of Pansy’s ears. She looked at the person who had written the note from across the Great Hall. Nancy raised her glass of pumpkin juice in a mock toast when she saw that Pansy was watching. Pansy briefly considered the possibility of walking over and giving Nancy Drew the beating of her life. Two things stopped her. First, it just wouldn’t do to start a fight right under the nose of the Headmaster no matter how much of a fool she thought he was. Second of all, she had only to look at Draco’s nose to know that this Mudblood could defend herself. This situation called for a plan. Pansy passed the note to Draco and started whispering to him.

That evening, Pansy approached the second greenhouse with Draco and the usual company. It was no surprise to Pansy when she saw Nancy Drew waiting with her arms folded and a devilish smirk on her face.

“Okay, Mudblood!” Pansy spat as she threw the note on the ground in disgust. “Before we beat you to a pulp, I want to know why you think I sent Granger that envelope!”

“I couldn’t help but notice that you seemed awfully curious when Hagrid asked Harry and Ron why Hermione wasn’t in class,” Nancy explained. “I couldn’t help but wonder why you would do that. I could only come up with one possibility.”

“Maybe I’m just nosy!” Pansy cackled.

“Then I did some investigating in the kitchen,” Nancy continued. “You do know the house elves do our laundry, don’t you?”

“So?” Pansy probed.

“You took advantage of Draco’s distraction to sneak some Bubotuber Pus into a vial,” Nancy accused. “But you couldn’t walk around carrying a vial of pilfered Bubotuber Pus in plain sight so you had to put it in your pocket.”

“You have no proof!” Pansy denied.

“You must have had some kind of accident on the way back to the castle because the vial got a small crack in it,” Nancy explained. “Some of the pus leaked out into your robe. I have a witness. You really should have burned your gown.”

“Very good!” Pansy cackled threateningly. “But I’m afraid it won’t do you much good!”

Pansy threw a punch at Nancy and she did nothing to avoid the attack. Instead of hitting Nancy, Pansy hit a clear force field which sparked when she hit it.

“What the…” Pansy cried out as Draco and his gargoyles tried to throttle Nancy with the same result.

All four Slytherins took out their wands and tried to cast a wide variety of spells at Nancy. They would have been very happy to use an Unforgivable if they only they had known any spells beyond fourth year. No matter which spell Pansy and her gang tried, the force field just fizzled and sparked.

“Where did you learn this magic, Drew?” Pansy demanded.

“I didn’t,” Nancy replied as she opened the door to the greenhouse. “He did.”

Albus Dumbledore stepped out of the greenhouse with fire in his eyes and dismissed the force field with his wand.

“Well, Miss Parkinson, after all the trouble you’ve caused this year, I’m going to recommend that you be expelled from Hogwarts,” Dumbledore forcibly stated. “As for the rest of you lot, I’d say a weeks detention and twenty points apiece from Slytherin would be a good lesson.”

“Before you deal with Pansy, I have to know why she destroyed my Omnioculars,” Nancy spoke up.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Drew!” Pansy spat.

“You don’t expect me to believe you,” Nancy probed.

“I wouldn’t touch your stupid little toy if my life depended on it!” Pansy argued as Dumbledore led the rogue students away.

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Re: Nancy Drew And The Case Of The Bubotuber Pus

Please review my story here.

Chapter 22: Back On The Train

Nancy Drew sat on the train on the way home in a foul mood. She had busted Pansy Parkinson, but she failed to solve the case that really mattered. Ludo Bagman had not put Harry Potter’s name into the Goblet. It had been Barty Crouch Jr. who had been masquerading as Mad-Eye Moody all year. Harry Potter won the Triwizard Tournament, but it came at a terrible price. Wormtail had killed Cedric Diggory and Lord Voldemort had returned.

“Is something wrong, Nancy?” Bess wondered as she and George hid their wands up their sleeves to prepare for their expected company.

“I can’t believe that I thought that Ludo Bagman put Harry’s name in the Goblet!” Nancy whined.

“I can understand how you thought that,” Neville answered.

“I should have known that there was something wrong with that teacher,” Nancy grumbled. “I saw him giving me a dirty look in the first class. Dumbledore knew that I am a detective. The imposter must have known it too.”

“There is no point worrying about it now,” George Fayne ordered.

“I bet the imposter was the one who destroyed my Omniocukars because he was afraid of me exposing him like I did Rita Skeeter,” Nancy explained. “I guess you’re wrong Bess. I can’t solve everything.”

“Nancy…” Bess consoled.

“So the great detective missed this one,” Draco drawled as he opened the door to the compartment and entered with his cronies.

“Hello, Draco,” Nancy sneered.

“You may have busted Pansy, but now that the dark lord is back, you Mudbloods will soon be on the way out,” Draco snidely reported.

“No, Draco!” Nancy exclaimed. “You are on the way out!”

“Now how are you…” Draco growled.

“Petrificus Totalius!” Bess and George bellowed together to take out Draco’s trained gorillas.

Draco was momentarily distracted by the scene of Crabbe and Goyle falling to the ground. He looked up just in time to see Nancy’s right foot flying into his chest. The force sent Draco flying into the door of the opposite compartment. He then slid down the door unconscious.

“What’s going on?” Ron demanded as he opened the door to his compartment. “Wow! Cool!”

“I’m just taking out the trash!” Nancy proudly blurted out.

‘Feel better, Nance?” George questioned.

“I suppose,” Nancy grunted.

“At least this year wasn’t a total disaster,” Bess stated as she batted her eyelashes at Neville.

“I love you, Bess!” Neville spoke out.

“I love you too!” Bess replied as she leaned over to kiss Neville.

Nancy smiled and tapped George on the shoulder. After she motioned towards the door, Nancy and George walked towards the compartment door to leave the love birds alone.

“They make a cute couple, don’t they?” Nancy asked George as she started to close the door.

“They sure do!” George replied just before the door closed.

After the couple finished kissing after a few seconds, Bess threw her arms around Neville and gave him a hug.

“I feel so safe when I’m with you, Clark!” Bess cried out.

“I feel safe with you too,” Neville replied.

“Do you mind if I call you Clark?” Bess asked.

“As long as you promise never to leave me, you can call me whatever you like,” Neville replied.

“Deal!” Bess piped up.

The young couple held each other and briefly forgot about the disastrous way the year had ended until the train pulled into the station.

“We’re here!” Bess called out as she dug out her trunk.

“I’ll miss you,” Neville declared as he ran his fingers through Bess’ hair.

“I’ll miss you too, but I’m sure we’ll find a way to see each other during the summer,” Bess replied.

“I hope so, because I don’t think I could stand being away from you for three months,” Neville pined.

“I feel the same way and it’s your turn, Neville,” Bess said.

“My turn for what?” Neville wondered.

“Well, I had to meet your grandmother,” Bess reminded Neville.

“Yeah, so?” Neville probed

“My parents are asking about you,” Bess whispered in Neville’s ear.

Th-they are?” Neville stuttered as his eyes popped open, feeling stupid that he had not seen where this conversation was going.

“Sure, you’re my first boyfriend after all,” Bess proclaimed. “They are waiting at the station to meet you.”

“Really?” Neville squeaked.

“Come on,” Bess spoke up as she gave Neville a quick kiss for encouragement. “You’ll be fine.”

“If you say so,” Neville answered.

“Ready?” Bess asked.

“Okay,” Neville replied.

Bess and Neville left the train together and found Neville’s grandmother waiting on the platform.

“Ready to go home, Neville, dear?” Mrs. Longbottom inquired.

“Almost,” Neville answered. “Bess says her parents want to meet me at the station.

Bess and Neville began to leave the platform with Mrs. Longbottom following close behind. For the first time, Neville had a small sense of dread at the prospect of entering platform nine and three quarters.

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