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Harry Potter Short Stories

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Harry Potter Short Stories

To be completely honest with you have no idea where this thing will end up. This is the beginning of something I have been playing with in my had for a few days now. I am going to actively search out something to mold it too. But I thought it was fun the way it is and hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments on what you think.


“Can I?”

“No!” Harry didn't even have to hear the end of Lily's question. She has asked the same thing every night about this time for as long as he could remember.

“Why not?!” Lily asked in a not fair kind of tone.

“Cause if your remember correctly you were on the news this morning.” Harry stated flatly as he called for Krecher.

“It's not my fault someone happened to be pointing their Muggle recording device in the air.” Lily said as she fidgeted with the lace on her dress.

“Where is that blasted house elf?!” Harry said trying to ignore the subject.

“Look, if your going to punish me every time a Muggle takes notice that weird things are happening around them I will never get to fly! How do you expect me to be a seeker if you never let me fly!DAD!” she paused briefly, contemplating weather or not she should continue with the Quiditch angle which had been so successful in previous relief of groundation attempts.

“Well I never taught you to put on a pointy black hat, black dress, and military boots then fly in front of a full moon during Quiditch training. You will remain grounded for two full moons!”

Lily's mouth slowly closed her eyes blazing in contempt. Slowly she turned and started walking toward the door and had just started to run when her legs locked and she slammed to the floor.

“DAD!” Lily screamed.

“You called sir?!” Krecher arrived with a loud pop.

Harry had never been more glad to see Krecher. For a second he thought his cushion charm had failed.
“Yes, please gather all brooms and hide them and don't under any circumstances let Lily know where they are.”

“yes sir,” and with another pop he was gone..

“This isn't fair!” Lily pleaded from the floor.

“Look I am not letting you do magic in front of Muggles. I know Chris Angel does it, but they think its an illusion. No one actually believes he is actually doing it. But when you fly in front of the moon and we have to confound every Muggle in London then we have problems. Hermione is pleading you still be able to attend Hogwarts. Ron is sending me an owl every five minutes that simply states, "haha." And to top it all off, I have to take you to the ministry tomorrow to apologize.”

“Will we be arriving by brooms?!” Lily asked sweetly.

“No.. We will be Apearrating” Harry said, then sighed and watched his daughter struggle against the bind.

“What does Apperating feel like?”

“Weird, almost like being drunk.” Hary said contemplating it in his head.

“And whats wrong with that?” Said Ron walking through the front door.

“Ask a glass of water.” said Harry.

“Reading Douglas Adams again?” asked Ron.

“The only way I stay sane.” said Harry. “What has Hermione said?

“She reckons everything will be fine once Lily shows up tomorrow. Of course only if she has truly understood what she has done.” Said Ron. “Of course how can a nine year old know why telling the rest of the world that the thing they like to dress up as for Halloween is a really bad thing. Bonkers really they don't know all ready. Couldn't we be like look were here, your there and its all peachy?!?”

“We would be burned at the stake! Remember Salem?”

“They got past that!” said Ron.

“They thought we were all dead!” said Harry.

Just then an owl flew in and dropped a letter in front of Lily and then did a spiral upwards and exploded in to fireworks. Lily tore open the letter and started laughing.

“What did George say? I swear the owls are getting louder.” Ron mused

“Bloody Brilliant.” said Lily. “Reckons if I flew a little higher I would have been the first person to reach the moon by broomstick. Says I should try again and to make sure I read this to my dad.”

“Go to bed and don't think that not being able to ride your broom is going to be the only punishment. Hermione will probably have you passing out S.P.E.W. badges every weekend for a year.” Said Harry.

With a flick of the wrist the binds were off and Lily walked up the stairs and disappeared. Ron was smiling at Harry apparently amused by something.


“Your angry?!” asked Ron.

“Of course!” Harry was now pacing. “Do you know how many laws she broke with her," Harry stammered searching for the right word,"stunt."

Ron was laughing uncontrollably, tears streaming down his face and when he looked at Harry's scowl it only worsened. “Sn..” gasping for air he tried again. “Snape...You sound like Snape!”

“I do not!” Harry didn't find this funny at all.In fact, a little revolting.


With a loud pop Harry and Lily arrived outside the old telephone booth that lowered them down into the ministry. As the booth slowly clunked to ground level a tall gold statue of Harry came into view. Harry, who had not wanted a statue of himself anywhere in the ministry, grimaced at the sight of it.

"Why is there a statue of you here?" asked Lily looking up at her father.

"It's not a statue of anyone. It is bewitched to show who you admire most." Harry lied. She knew why it was there. She liked to hear the story of how Harry's mother saved them all.

"Then why isn't of my mum?" asked Lily. A tiny smile curling on her lips.

Harry walked toward the statue and when he arrived at the base of the statue the air rippled and Harry walked through the base of the statue. Inside the statue there was an additional statue of Neville wearing the sorting hat and holding the Sword of Griffindore. Hermione held the Hufflepuff Cup, Ron the Slytheren locket, behind them were Dumbledore, Snape and Madeye Moody and underneath where they stood was a list of everyone who had ever died at the hands of Voldemort.

Harry let his fingers trace the letters of Sirius name. The only proper burial Sirius got was this statue. Harry tried to visit it every week to pay his respects. Harry drew his wand and with a flourish flowers fell to the ground underneath his name. Harry laughed and looked at Lily.

"You know," Harry made sure she was paying attention. " If there is anyone who would appreciate how clever your stunt was, it would be Sirius." She beamed. " I am pretty sure he would agree with the groundation though." She stopped beaming.

Lily was fairly skilled at getting out of groundations. Harry didn't know if it was as much skill rather perseverance. She would never stop asking to be ungrounded even up to the day the groundation would end. Thats why she would make a good seeker. He never told her that, she would use it against him. She was never in trouble often but when she was it was usually big. Harry wasn't quite sure if that meant she was good at getting away with the small stuff. But when she did get in trouble it was usually with good intentions.

Harry stepped back from the statue and with a final prayer he motioned Lilly to follow him. They walked back out the statue and to an elevator on the far wall. As Harry went to step in Hermione was stepping out,

"It's taken care of." Hermione said flatly.

"What is taken care of Minister?" Harry asked. They had agreed to call her that while in the Building.

"What Ginny did is taken care of, though she will not be able to fly for two full moons and she has to be my secretary for two months. "

"What no Wizingamont?" Harry asked inceduiosly.

"No." Hermione smiled. "But if it makes you feel better I could arrange it."

"I really was really looking forward to it." Harry said glancing at Lily. "Oh well, I am going to stop by and see Ginny before I take my little criminal home."


Harry found Ginny sitting at her desk using a Quick Quill making notes.

"I have heard those things can be inaccurate Miss. "

Ginny looked up, "Really?"

"Yeah, a close friend of mine said he had some trouble with reporter and one of those things."

"Did you ever consider the reporter was the problem." Ginny asked.

"What happen to your hand my lady?"

"Oh this?" She raised a bruised hand so he could see. "A hex back fired off a shield charm. I got him though." Ginny said with a grin. she got up and walked toward Harry.

"I have to say thats kinda sexy." Harry said smiling down as Ginny got closer.

"Yeah, my husband thinks so." Ginny said cooly.

Harry frowned. "you are really bad at this office flirting thing," Ginny Kissed gentley him on the lips. "getting better." She kissed him again, "oh, your a fast learner. "

He bent down and kissed her as he did the building started to shake violently.

"What the..." Ginny looked puzzled.

"Good Kiss." Harry said flatly staring around.

"Yeah, But what made the building shake?" Ginny asked

"My Kiss." Harry offered.

"If wasn't that good." Ginny said.

"I dunno the other girls in the office.." Harry was intrupted by people screaming. "Okay it never made other people scream."

Ginny shot Him a dirty look.

"I'll go investigate. " Harry said.

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