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BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

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BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

Author's Note: BEWARE.

This is a COLLABORATION, meaning I can only take half the credit for this fanfic. The introduction below is my work, and the first chapter belongs to Coldwindblows. The introduction does not have a point of view, and the first chapter will be from Snape's point of view. WARNING: This fanfic will stray very far from canon, so if you have a problem with that then read it anyway, because it's going to be epic. But I do mean that there is only a slim portion that follows canon, then it turns into something completely different.

If you are unfamiliar with the BloodSnitch, it started out as a rejected username on Pottermore. And it turned into, well, this. Here is a promotional image made by Coldwindblows:

Thus, we begin our journey with the BloodSnitch. Read at your own risk.



It looms ever closer.

Death be feared, but should death not be an option, is pain to be feared above it? Pain: That which the strong endure and the weak scamper before. And death: The last to be destroyed, the final breath, the end.

Should a man die a painful death, he has time to fear not, for pain obliterates the senses until death swoops down, claiming his prey. But the others, oh, the others who hear and witness, they are scarred with memories of a dreadful sort, and horrors live on within them. They fear the BloodSnitch.

The BloodSnitch is a little-known object that has powers hitherto unexplored in the Wizarding World. Legends have sprung up, of course, most of them obscure and purely for those who are willing to believe in the wildest of tales. The BloodSnitch is an evil weapon sought by Dark wizards, never to any avail. It is not to be tamed or captured; rather it is best left on its own where it will cause no harm. It has not been sighted for many years now. And it is best left that way.

That is not to say there haven’t been fatal occurrences. During one fall in the 19th century, there was a sudden outbreak of people dying with seemingly no cause. Muggle doctors were baffled. Healers were no better off. Surely some Dark object caused this many people to simply drop dead? Yet no one had heard of such a thing.

The BloodSnitch attacks subsided after a week, as did theories about the “Dark object” in question.

Many decades after these theories had died down completely, the Blood Snitch attacked again in 1971, this time at the dead of night in a small town near a Scottish loch. Ideas were tossed around again.


The Blood Snitch attacks at random times in random places, as was shown. So far, it has stayed within the United Kingdom, but it is very well could cross an ocean and creep up in your very town, invisible, and strike at midnight as you fall asleep. One thing is for certain: The BloodSnitch will resurface, and you could be next.
So beware the BloodSnitch. It’s coming.


CHAPTER ONE: (Coldwindblows)

The day was a cold, frosty one, and the air was freezing. I strode across the Hogwarts grounds, having been prompted to attend a Quidditch match by Professor Dumbledore. My own house, Slytherin, were to play Gryffindor. I did not wish to attend this match, however I could not risk disobeying Dumbledore, even on something as small as a Quidditch match. Although I respected Professor Dumbledore, I was still, although it pains me to admit it, intimidated by him at times.

I had heard that Gryffindor had gotten a new Keeper- Weasley. I was, at first, astounded that Weasley could have possibly made it onto his house’s team, but I soon decided that it was probably down to some form of cheating that I would snare Weasley for sometime in the future.

As I climbed up into one of the spectator’s boxes, I took my place beside Professor McGonagall, who moved aside, giving me room to sit in. She had a pained expression on her face, as if she knew that her house’s new Keeper wasn’t going to do them much good. I tried to smile at her, but gave up almost as soon as I had begun. It was then that I caught sight of the two opposing teams hovering in a circle above the centre circle. Wood, a former student, had come back to referee this match, as Madam Hooch had flu.

Lee Jordan’s voice suddenly boomed across the stadium, catching everybody off guard. Some people jumped. “And it’s Johnson”, began Jordan as Wood blew the whistle that signalled the start of the game.

This game did not start well for the Gryffindor side. My own house, Slytherin, almost immediately began a jeering chant; “Weasley cannot save a thing/he cannot block a single ring/That’s why Slytherins all sing/Weasley is our King.”

I must admit, I found it to be vaguely amusing, especially when Weasley missed his first block and given Slytherin ten points. I had never played Quidditch, and even I could have saved some of the shots Weasley was letting in.

Potter, on the other hand, was streaking through the air with Draco on his tail, searching for the Snitch. This search was being abandoned by both of them every few minutes to watch Weasley, however. The chants were getting louder and more aggressive. I have to say, I was disappointed in my house for not being able to come up with a more dignified way to insult Weasley. Even I must admit, if my house got any louder, I might have taken points.

Twenty-nil. My house erupted, but not for long. Potter had seen the Snitch before Draco, and was streaking through the air like a possessed man. Draco noticed about twenty seconds later and raced after Potter, who was twisting and turning through the air, trying to grasp the Snitch. Draco was catching up, and were both reaching out to try and catch the Snitch. Potter, unfortunately, had the edge, and soon enough, it was he who grabbed the Snitch in his hand. Gryffindor had won.

I was now feeling even more depressed than usual. I was about to leave when a loud cracking noise grabbed my attention. A Bludger had hit Potter square in the face, hit by that gormless Vincent Crabbe. Several people gasped and stood up, but Potter was fine. I could see Wood striding towards Harry. Wood was un-strapping his gloves and throwing them onto the cold grass. Potter, who was still holding the Snitch, held out his hand and handed the Snitch to Wood.

Wood smiled at Potter, and opened his mouth to say something. However, he seemed to stop before he even said a word. Wood had a very odd expression of puzzlement on his face. He looked at Potter with a very odd expression, that was fast changing from puzzled to worried. Potter was smiling, but not for long. Wood coughed and blinked his eyes. He stumbled back. He looked as if he was about to be sick.

A number of teachers had noticed what was going on at this stage, and a few, including Professor Umbridge, had started to descend onto the field. Wood looked pale and tired. He swallowed, and dropped the Snitch onto the ground. Potter ran over to it, reaching out to pick it up, but I wasn’t about to let him do something so stupid.

“Wingardium Leviosa!”. I said. The Snitch, which was lying on the ground, oddly motionless, began to rise. I looked at Potter.


“Potter, don’t even think of it.”

Potter got the hint and rushed over to Wood, who was looking very sick all of a sudden. Hagrid was rushing down onto the field, waiting to pick him up, probably to carry him to the Hospital Wing. Dumbledore was standing beside Wood, looking very worried, and Professor Umbridge, the “High Inquisitor” was standing to his left, looking as useless as she really was.

Hagrid stomped up to Wood, looking very confused.

“Wood? Oliver Wood?”

Wood managed to nod. Dumbledore spoke up; “Mr. Wood has kindly agreed to referee this match, but, he seems to be feeling quite ill all of a sudden.”

Wood now looked more than ill. He was sweating and absolutely paper-white. He looked as if he was about to throw up everything he’d ever eaten. Hagrid also looked worried, probably at how fast Wood had gone from fine to looking absolutely abysmal.
Dumbledore turned to me. I was still levitating the Snitch.

“Severus... let me examine that.”

“No. Leave it, Headmaster.”


“Professor Umbridge, sir.”

“Oh, all right, Professor Umbridge. Do you think that... this Snitch?”

“I wouldn’t-"

“Nobody can go from perfectly healthy to frail and weak within thirty seconds without some varitety of magic”, I said.

“Severus is right.”

“I think that the noise may have just gotten to Mr. Wood’s-"

“No. I agree with Severus.”

“Is Professor Snape the High Inquisitor? I recommend you listen to a higher power.”


I hated Professor Umbridge. I hated her. I may even have hated her as much as I hated Potter sometimes. She is nothing but a nasty, horrible, foul excuse of a human being who the Ministry is using to pull the wool over others’ eyes and, sometimes I believe, to be out to get every Hogwarts staff member to retire.

“Severus, stay with me. Professor Umbridge, head to the hospital wing.”


“Just go, Professor.”

Umbridge strutted off in an odd, stomping fashion as I turned back to Dumbledore.

“Severus, I think-"

“I think that that Snitch is clearly cur-"

But I couldn’t even try to finish my sentence, as when I tried to get it to come closer, I felt a massive tug on my wand and the Snitch was gone. Dumbledore blinked once and turned his head around, looking for it.

“Severus, I’d say we leave here at once.”

“I believe that-"

“I believe that that Snitch was bewitched by someone, perhaps an enemy of Potter’s, hoping that he’d become ill if he was the one to touch the Snitch”.

“Minerva took that particular Snitch from its box, which had been newly bought.”

“You’re right... It came in as a gift from Lucius Malfoy in the Ministry.”

“Lucius Malfoy? You don’t think...”

“I would not rule out the possibility, Severus.”

I stopped to consider it. Yes, that sounded very much like something Lucius Malfoy would do. Perhaps he had intended the curse for Potter or Dumbledore.

“I think we should get to the hospital wing, to see how Mr. Wood is.”

“One thing, sir?”


“Do you think that that Snitch was bewitched to disappear after it had worked its magic, or do you think it’s simply just turned invisible?”

“I hope for the sake of things that it has just disappeared."


Little did I know that this would be the first experience I would have of an object so powerful, it has developed a mind of its own, an object even Lord Voldemort himself wants so dearly. This object is one of the most cursed and most dangerous objects in the Wizarding World- The BloodSnitch.


Thank you for reading. Chapter 2 is pending. Feedback goes here. Beware the BloodSnitch.


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Re: BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

A/N: Chapter 2 is here! Oliver Wood fangirls beware. Feedback goes here. Enjoy!


I proceeded to spend the rest of the day in my study, but the Headmaster had other ideas.

Following the “attack” on Oliver Wood, the students of Hogwarts became tense, alert and worried. Even during the time when I should have been able to do whatever I please, Dumbledore asked me to patrol the corridors to “prevent any more injuries” and “restore calm”.

Teaching Potions classes was, if possible, even worse. I yearned to evaporate on the spot as the Gryffindors walked in. Potter and his friends were stony-faced and talking in hushed voices. Potter and Wood, I gathered, had had something of a friendship when Wood had been at Hogwarts.

“Sit down, Potter. I will not have my class held up because you are unable to keep quiet.”

He threw me a half-nasty, half-baffled look. I raised an eyebrow and he looked away.

The class assembled slowly and I swept across the dungeon preparing to teach from the corner.

“You will brew for me the potion known as the Draught of Living Death, to be handed in at the end of class.”

The Granger girl nearly overturned her cauldron in her eagerness to begin. Sneering, I returned to my desk, and began to grade papers, examine potions, the usual chores…

Within five minutes, there was an explosion. Longbottom’s caldron had melted and now resembled a puddle of tar upon his desk.

With a lazy flick of my wand, the mess disappeared.

“No marks today, then, Longbottom.”
Longbottom sank back in his chair as his round face fell.


There was a gentle tap on my door in the late evening.

“Come in.”

Dumbledore strode into my study.

“Severus, there is a staff meeting in ten minutes.”

“What has happened?” I asked of him suspiciously.

“Oh, we just need to discuss various things, the most important of which is the condition of Oliver Wood.”

“Is he—dead?”

“Don’t be so harsh, Severus. He is weak, it is true, but Madam Pomfrey is tending to him.”

“And you still—”

But he held up a hand to silence me.

“It will be discussed.”

With that, he left, and I stood up and exited the study, heading slowly down to the staffroom.


Upon entering the room, I discovered that most of the teachers were already there. Umbridge was sitting in the largest, most comfortable-looking chair in the room. I assumed a seat as far away from her as possible.

Dumbledore arrived soon after I did, bringing with him Professor McGonagall, with whom he was in deep conversation.

“Albus, what is the urgency of this meeting?” asked Professor Sprout.

“It is nothing serious.”

I had to retaliate.

“On the contrary, I think it is very serious, headmaster.”

“Patience, Severus,” he replied as he walked towards the middle of the room.

“As you all know, at today’s Quidditch match there was a dreadful occurance. A former student of Hogwarts who volunteered to referee the game was, let us say, attacked, and we know not the cause. I must impress upon you the graveness of the situation. There is some force within the grounds that harmed a fully-grown wizard. The thing, whatever it may be, could strike again. I suggest—”

“Hem, hem.”

I spun around. The Umbridge woman had interrupted Dumbledore now twice this term. Had she no respect?

“Yes, Dolores?”

“If I might remind you, Albus, Defense Against the Dark Arts is my specialty, and I rather think I could enlighten everyone on the matter at hand.” She finished with a high-pitched giggle.

Dumbledore smiled. “Do share, then, do share.”

“Well I think it is quite obvious that the Wood boy was cursed by a student opposing him.”

I snorted. She turned to face me, grinning broadly.

“Is there something you wish to add, Professor Snape?”

“I can hardly understand your logic, Professor. First of all, no one could oppose Wood as he was the referee. And the effects of this—“curse” you say?—are not the result of any spell I recognize. Furthermore, it seems like Dark Magic that no school-age witch or wizard could have accomplished.”

There was a ringing silence. I sat there, pleased with myself.

Dumbledore broke the silence. “Well-reasoned. Now, as I was saying, I suggest that we keep on the lookout for any suspicious activity, behavior or occurrences from this point forth. Should you observe any Dark Magic, contact me immediately. I will not risk any danger befouling my students within the castle.”

“Should we secure the grounds, Albus?”

“Quite unnecessary, Minerva. I think it unwise to be meddling with such things that may not be needed in the present climate. The object—or force—that was present at the match today passed the enchantments cast upon this castle already, and it is most certainly still on the grounds.”

“And how can you be sure of that?” I asked, failing to believe that Dumbledore, intelligent though he might be, could possibly know this.

“Patterns,” he responded simply. “Moving on, I need to inform you that Oliver Wood currently lies in the Hospital Wing, unable to move or speak. I have never encountered any hex, curse, or spell that could bring forth these complications. This clearly means—”

“Hem, hem.”

“Excuse me, Professor,” I said with as much venom as I could, “but I believe the headmaster was speaking. Clearly you have not mastered your manners.”

“Do not argue because of me,” Dumbledore said.

“Professor Dumbledore,” Umbridge said quickly, “perhaps I could have a look at Wood? That way I can conduct a proper examination and possibly determine what caused this awful—”

“No.” I stated it firmly and bluntly, “No I don’t think you will. Madam Pomfrey is more than capable of attending to him.”

She laughed her girlish, tinkling laugh once more. I cringed at the sound of it.

“But it is not up to you to decide, is it, Severus? The headmaster should advise us about what should be done.”

“Well, I was trying to, but I got interrupted,” Dumbledore smiled. “I had some of you patrol the corridors today as a precaution. You will all receive schedules telling you where you should be and when.
“Now Filius, Pomona,” he looked at Flitwick and Sprout, “Please go and tell your houses not to fear, and that the teachers of Hogwarts will ensure their safety here. Severus, Minerva, I’d like a word. The rest of you may go.”

Umbridge hesitated and looked at Dumbledore, as though she was about to say something to him. I stared directly at her, attempting to make my expression seem menacing. She drew a deep breath, and turned away, leaving the room slowly.

After the door had closed behind her, Dumbledore waited a few seconds.

“I trust both of you enough to do me a great favor,” he said quietly. “Follow me.”

He walked through the doorway and turned right. He led us down the corridor, up two floors, and down another corridor until we reached the entrance of the Hospital Wing.

Dumbledore pushed open the doors.

The first thing I saw was Madam Pomfrey bending over a stiff figure, pouring a potion down its throat. He gestured us inside, then closed the doors quietly. The matron looked around at the noise.


“Poppy, how is he?” Dumbledore asked without preamble.

She frowned and whispered, “Weak. He’s—he’s not eating or drinking and he’s bleeding continuously and all over his body. I have to switch his bed every few hours.”

She looked as though she was on the verge of tears. Behind her I could see at least five unoccupied beds, each stained with dried blood the color of rust. Revolted, I tried to block them from view, but the wing seemed to be full of Wood’s blood. It was on Madam Pomfrey’s hands and apron, all over Wood’s clothes, on the floor, and even on the flask of potion she was holding.

“Can nothing be done to stop the bleeding?” McGonagall asked.

“I’ve tried everything I know. It’ll be the power of the curse that’s put him this way, I’m sure of it.”

“Perhaps it was not a curse,” I supplied. “Perhaps it was a force or an object.”

“Whatever the cause, I am confident that Poppy is trying her hardest to nurse Mr. Wood back to health,” Dumbledore said.

She nodded. Dumbledore turned to face me.

“I think it is important that some of the staff know about Mr. Wood’s condition in detail. Do not give any student information on this. They will worry. And also, Poppy,” he shifted towards her, “see to it that no child enters this room. This will only be for a few more days as Oliver must be transferred to St. Mungo’s soon.”

“Very well.”

She walked around to the other side of Wood’s bed and I could see him clearly for the first time.

He looked like scarcely more than a skeleton and was a pale as snow. He lay in a pool of his own scarlet blood and his eyes stared, blank and unseeing, at the ceiling. There was more blood around his neck and chin, and a stream of dark red was flowing from the top of his head down the side of his face and onto the white pillow beneath him.

Again the nagging question hovered in my thoughts: What could have caused this? But I had no answer, and as I stared out at the darkening sky, I seemed unable to push the image of what was basically a bloody corpse away from my unwilling eyes.


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Re: BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

A/N: This chapter is by Coldwindblows. Feedback goes here. Enjoy!


The rest of that day and the whole of the next seemed to last an eternity. People all over the school were muttering silent rumours to each other as they passed in the hallways, telling each other that Oliver Wood was dead, or that Oliver Wood was so sick, Madam Pomfrey couldn’t even help him. They didn’t appear to be wrong at the time. Ever since news broke that something unimaginably horrible had happened to the visiting referee, Oliver Wood, everybody seemed to be on-edge.

Sybill Trelawney bounced at the sight of anybody who dared go within five feet of her, Filius Flitwick made sure everybody was present in his class before sealing at least five different types of lock, Rubeus Hagrid held his crossbow as he taught, and aimed at anything that looked suspicious. The only teacher who seemed to be taking it all in their stride was Umbridge. She kept telling students that there was “nothing to worry about”.

Umbridge was either fooling herself or a complete idiot. Even the students had the sense not to believe a word that came from her mouth. However, this did not prevent the students from pestering me to no end in Potions class, especially the clueless first-years, who, aside from being absolutely talentless at Potions, every one of them, thought they had the authority to ask me about important school business.

Needless to say, I feared for what would happen to the school faculty if this story was to be released to the Ministry of Magic, which would only be a matter of time, with the Ministry’s hound, Umbridge in the school.

She seemed to be even happier than usual, strutting about the school, smiling oddly at all students who dared stare at her ugly face.

It was only a matter of time, I imagined, before Potter and company decided to find out for themselves what had happened to Wood.

These suspicions were to be confirmed one night, when it was my turn to watch the Hospital Wing’s door for any ghost or student who dared find out what had befallen Wood.

It was about forty minutes into my shift and to pass the time, I paced the short hallway, listening out for any noises other than the sound of my foot hitting the floor. It was then I heard the blatantly obvious sound of several feet hitting the soft carpet, creeping slowly to avoid my gaze. I rolled my eyes- it was obvious by this time, that Potter and company could not escape me, or any other teacher in Hogwarts smart enough to tell when someone is walking within ten feet of you, hiding under an invisibility cloak.

I said nothing, feeling very pleased with myself for finding Potter, and waited for him to approach the door. I did not expect him to do it immediately. He would try some idiotic attempt to get me to go somewhere else as he opened the door. He had not expected me, I could tell that much.

Suddenly, I heard quiet shuffling. There was more than one being hidden under the cloak. Perhaps, Weasley? Or Granger? I walked slowly to the point where the noise was coming from, trying my best to act as if I didn’t know they were there. The shuffling immediately stopped, and I could feel the tension in the moment, although I knew I wasn’t supposed to.

I purposefully stretched my arms out, knowing that I would hit the cloak. My hand slowly moved towards where I thought they were, and naturally, my hand touched a silky material. I heard a short gasp- Granger.

I looked down at the cloak, and smiled as nastily as I could at those foolish children. I grasped the material and pulled it off of Potter and Granger. As I yanked it off, an odd image met my eyes- not only were Potter and Granger sitting there, but Weasley was there as well, in a half-standing, half-sitting position in the back. All of them had looks of absolute shock on their faces. I smiled nastily at them again, and flicked my wrist, telling them to stand up.

They did so without question.

I breathed slowly, savouring every moment I had to punish them. I shook my head slowly and raised my eyebrows at the sorry looking trio.

“Potter, Weasley and Granger,” I said, looking gravely at them , “You three, again.”

I surveyed their terrified faces and shook my head.

“Obviously... you three were going on a little midnight excursion to see exactly what has become of Mr. Wood?” I said, confirming their fears.

“Professor-“ came Potter’s terrified voice.

“Silence, Potter. You, along with Weasley and Granger have landed yourself in deep trouble this evening”.

Granger looked very angry, as if to say “I told you so.”

I thought for a moment, thinking whether I should take points on top of the detentions they had sealed for themselves. I finally decided that those three, who constantly thought themselves to be above school authority, deserved it.

“As a punishment, I will be taking fifty points from Gryffindor house, and the three of you shall receive detentions. I will not be able to escort you back to your common room, so I shall just inform Professor McGonagall, and she can bring you back to your common room.”

Weasley looked especially terrified at this moment. Granger looked as if she’d just spent a week in a trunk with a Boggart and Potter just stared at the floor, probably furious that he had even decided to see Wood in the first place.

I knocked on the door of the hospital wing. Minerva was lying on one of the beds, waiting for her shift.

“Minerva!” I whispered.

She didn’t wake. I rapped quietly on the doors.


I looked back at Potter, Weasley and Granger. They continued to just stand there, as if there was nothing more for them to do but cower.

“Stay there, Potter!!” I hissed as intimidating as I could.

I shuffled quietly into the room and over to the bed where Minerva was lying. I looked around to see if anybody was watching, and I shook my wand.


A bright light burst from the end of my wand, and Minerva stirred. She raised her hand up to cover her eyes, and she shook her head in obvious disgust at me.


“Minerva... we have some students out of bed... care to venture a guess as to who-“

“Don’t say it’s Potter again, Severus...”

“You would be right, Minerva. It seems rules mean nothing to him.”

Minerva groaned loudly and got up. She picked up her wand from a nearby table and marched angrily out of the room. When her eyes met Potter’s, he immediately pretended to look very ashamed.

“Potter, Weasley and Granger. Again? You mean to tell me after all the times you’ve been caught, you STILL cannot fathom that wandering after dark is against school rules?”

Potter opened his mouth to speak again, but Minerva raised her hand and gave a very intimidating look. She turned back to me.

“Severus... I assume you have taken points? Detentions have been given out?”

“Yes, Minerva.” I said. I was still smiling as bitterly as I could.

“OK.... I will escort Potter, Weasley and Granger back to their common rooms.”

“I will cover your shift, Minerva”.

Minerva looked surprised, but she nodded. “Thank you, Severus,” she said as she turned around to lead Potter and company back to their houses.

The next day, after an especially dreary Potions class, in which my dismal students had failed to brew simple antidotes, another event, as curious and as odd as the previous night’s events occurred. Class had ended and the students were all clearing out of the door, rather enthusiastically, as usual. I had one of my many cabinets open, and I was organising the next batch of ingredients when I heard a voice calling for me.


I didn’t turn around. I continued to pull out jars of Flobberworm mucus and stack them in my arms. I didn’t recognize the voice, but it was of a student, I imagined.

“Professor Snape?”

I slowly turned around, being careful not to let the jars fall out of my arms. It was Cho Chang, a Ravenclaw sixth year.

“Yes, what?” I muttered, completely uninterested.

“What happened... to Oliver Wood?”

If I expected anything, it wasn’t this. What was Chang doing, asking about Wood? She should stick her nose out of school business.

“That is none of your business, Chang. Go now, before I take points.”

Chang didn’t budge. She shook her head and continued. “No... you know, all the teachers know.”

“Chang, did you not just hear what I said? Get out or I will take points!”

“Professor, I know you know, and.... and I want you to tell me.”

A thought flashed across my mind. I smiled and raised my eyebrow at Chang. “Did Potter put you up to this?”

Chang looked terrified. I knew it was Potter- Chang would never confront me otherwise.

“No, Professor.”

I decided that there was only one way to deal with her. “Ten points from Ravenclaw, Chang, and it’ll be a further twenty if you don’t get out of my sight right now.”

Chang shook her head and continued talking, this time, her voice was much stronger and she seemed less nervous.

“Professor, is Wood dead?”

“...and why would I even tell you, Chang?”

“Professor, tell me!”

“No!” I said, almost grinning. It was ludicrous to think that Chang considered herself an able candidate to get me to reveal confidential Hogwarts information.


“Oliver Wood is alive, now, if you talk again, you’ll be facing a detention.”

“Then is he seriously injured?”

“There you go, that has secured you a detention. Here, tomorrow at seven o’clock. You’ll be cleaning out dirty cauldrons.”
Chang looked very disappointed.

“By hand.”

Chang looked, if possible, even more disappointed.

“Now get out of my classroom!”

I watched as Chang slowly gathered her books and walked out the door of my classroom, slamming the door shut as she stormed out, looking as if she was on the verge of tears. What an insolent girl she had turned out to be. I sighed heavily and started placing the jars of mucus onto each table.
Chang turned up for detention the following day, looking very depressed. She grabbed a soggy rag from my desk and began to scrub the nearest cauldron. I stood at the top of the classroom, enjoying watching her receive her comeuppance for having such a careless choice in friends.

The hours dragged on, as Chang moved from cauldron to cauldron, scrubbing furiously. She became increasingly frustrated every time she looked up and saw that there were still many, many more cauldrons that she had to clean- I made it clear that unless they were spotless, she would have to start again.

While watching Chang, I remembered suddenly that I had left my teacher’s edition of Advanced Potion-Making in the staff room, and I would need it to assign homework the following day.

“I’m just going to get something, Chang. Don’t even think of leaving this classroom,” I muttered.

Chang nodded and continued scrubbing. As I walked to the staff room, I hoped I wouldn’t see that foul Umbridge woman in there. If she was in there, I’d probably leave it until tomorrow morning.
I was just imagining cursing Umbridge out of a window when I heard a very high pitched scream from back in my classroom. Fearing the worst, I sprinted as fast as I could to the door, which I had stupidly left open, and saw Chang lying on the ground, looking as Wood had done when he had first come into contact with that cursed Snitch.

I looked around the classroom, hoping it had not concealed itself, but I wasn’t about to stay and find out for myself. I crouched down and picked up Chang, who was shaking violently and shaking hard. Her eyes were bloodshot and her nose had started bleeding.
She opened her mouth to talk but I shook my head.

“Chang, stay quiet, I’ll get you to the hospital wing, hold on...”

I straightened my back and kept Chang level. I could only hope that whatever had caused this attack, that if I got her to Madam Pomfrey faster, the damage might be able to be reversed.
I ran as fast as I possibly could to the door of the hospital wing. To my horror, Professor Umbridge was standing there- it was her shift.

“Well, Professor Snape, what has happened here?”

“This student, Professor, she’s been attacked. I’m sure it was by the same thing that got Wood.”

A flash of worry appeared on Umbridge’s face, but quickly faded.

She opened the door and allowed me to rush in without a word. Wood was still lying there, looking more frail than ever. Madam Pomfrey turned to me and gasped.

“Miss Chang, Madam Pomfrey”, I said. “She’s been attacked.”


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Re: BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

Author's Note: I struggled a tiny bit on this chapter. I hope it's alright. Enjoy.


Madam Pomfrey clutched at her chest as she sank down onto the nearest--thankfully clean--bed. Chang was breathing heavily as I heaved her forward. She started to struggle and my back seized up with the effort to hold her; she tumbled onto the floor, from which position she let out an earsplitting scream and rolled over, falling limp upon the ground.

"What should be done?" I asked, making it sound as though I was unwilling to help purely because I had no idea what to do--which was not the case.

"I--I..." she stammered, then pulled out her wand. "Mobilicorpus!"

Chang rose up into the air and landed on the bed Madam Pomfrey had just vacated. Ten seconds later I could see a crimson liquid spread out on the sheets...And I wanted to see no more.

"I'll go inform the headmaster," I said as the matron looked at her patient with open fear. "More security measures must be taken." She was still looking as though she might faint, so I said, "Well, good night," and left.

I speed-walked to Dumbledore's office and rapped on the door.

"Come on," he said.

I did so, closing the door behind me.

"Headmaster, there has been another attack."

He stood up abruptly and walked around to the front of his desk.

"Who is the victim?" he asked urgently.

"The Ravenclaw, Chang."

He sighed and considered, looking dazedly up at the ceiling. Then he turned back to me.

"I will alert the school, then there must be another staff meeting. You remember the Chamber of Secrets ordeal three years ago? This will be much the same, except even more strict. There is something on the loose that is posing a direct threat to my students.

"In any case, thank you for the update, Severus, I daresay this is not the last of our troubles..."

I nodded.

"So you best return to your study for the moment, but I will be calling you to the staffroom soon."

"Very well. And you still have no leads on what is causing these attacks?"

"I have my theories, but I'd rather keep them to myself until they can be further developed."

I nodded again. He bowed me out of his office and I returned to the seventh floor corridor but did not head for my study. I went straight down to the dungeons and to the Slytherin common room. I planned to make my House aware of the situation. I realized this was something I would normally never do, but, I reasoned with myself, maybe Dumbledore will reward me. Smiling nastily, I strode into the room.

The few Slytherins sitting in the chairs near the entrance wore startled looks. I rarely came in here.

"Attention!" I called, and the students came to the front of the room, crowding the area. They all looked extremely confused.

"There has been another attack," I said for the third time in under an hour. "A Ravenclaw sixth year this time. Now, security is going to be tightened and you all best be on the lookout for anything suspicious, otherwise you may be next," I registered how ominous these words sounded, but I continued. "The headmaster is going to make an announcement in a few minutes, so we must see what he has to say on the matter..."

"Professor, is the school going to close?" Pansy Parkinson asked.

"Hush, Miss Parkinson. I did not ask for questions and and I don't know the answer anyway. Well, that is all. Get back to studying. Go," I added as a group of students approached me. "Get back to work."

"But Professor!" they yelled at my retreating back. "Professor! Tell us--!"

But I was out in the corridor again and I closed the door as Parkinson charged at it.

I fell into a slow walk. Just as I made up my mind to return to my study as Dumbledore had said, his voice suddenly boomed inside the castle so that the residents of Hogsmeade would be able to hear as well, and those creatures in the Forbidden Forest, and maybe even the mountains, and even someone at the bottom of the lake...

I groaned and and covered my ears as he made his promised message.

"Good evening,"--I heard a shriek and a glass break at the end of the corridor--but the voice carried on. "A student was attacked just about an hour ago and currently lies in the Hospital Wing. Now it is time to bring back some old rules. Curfew is at eight o'clock every evening, at which time all students should be back in their respective common rooms. You may not go anywhere without a teacher at any time during the day. Any questionable activity should be reported immediately. I trust you will all keep calm through this. Good night."

There came a point soon after the headmaster's message when I realized how serious things had become. I would hold out, I decided, for that moment when bad things started happening to me.


I slept badly that night, and I failed to understand why. I felt awful the next morning and reluctantly went down to the Potions classroom. The first group of students I was forced to teach were the most helpless I had had in a while. It was a mixture of fourth year Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, including a foolish girl by the surname of Lovegood. She never seemed to hear me when I spoke to her, even after the one time I tried to correct her.

"You added the Boomslang skin too early, Miss Lovegood. Did you not read the directions? It says specifically--"

"Oh, that's right, Professor. I'll do that," she said dreamily.

I walked away and was alerted again when I caught the scent of burnt garbage and saw a greenish haze near her cauldron.

"What have you done? I told you the correct way to do this, if you had not ignored me--"

"I prefer to do things in my own way, Sir, you never know when something new could be created."

"You foolish girl--you follow directions when they are given or face the consequences!"

"That's all right. I always find there's a price to pay when inventing things," I noticed she looked slightly forlorn as she said this, but I felt no sympathy. As I prepared to give her a detention, the bell rang. I gritted my teeth and shouted,

"Clean up! Turn in your potions at the front and line up so I can take you to Transfiguration!"

They did so, the Lovegood girl predictably taking the longest amount of time and dawdling as though she had an eternity ahead of her. I impatiently stood by the door, making up my mind to give her another thirty seconds...

Unfortunately, she made it just in time. I swept out of the dungeon at once and up a few flights of stairs. I glanced over my shoulder as we approached the Transfiguration department, and my anger mounted as I saw Lovegood lagging behind and facing the opposite direction.

"Lovegood! Get back in line!"

She was looking directly at the blank stone wall in front of her, and her mouth was slightly open. I started toward her, pushing aside students whose heads were turned as well. Slowly, as though she was freezing in slow motion, Lovegood became more and more still until she no longer looked human. I stopped, dumbstruck, and realized too late what was happening.

She fell onto the ground with a shuddering gasp that cut through the silent corridor like a bullet and shattered the silence into a million pieces. The students broke out in anxious whispers. I hesitated for the space of a heartbeat and steadily walked forward, raising my wand.


She flew into the air just as Chang had done, and I yelled, "Go to your next class immediately! Now!"

They all scattered as I maneuvered her towards the Hospital Wing. She began to struggle exactly like Chang, and I broke into a run. And then, out of nowhere, she was screaming and writhing as though she was being tortured. I winced at the noise.

I brought her up outside the Hospital Wing and kicked open the door. Lovegood gave another shriek and my spell broke. She fell to the floor and then she was lying in a puddle of blood and I didn't know what I should do--

Madam Pomfrey came running out of her office looking exasperated. I glanced at her, panting, and said nothing, but I didn't need to. Lovegood's blood was now covering my shoes and I stepped away and I looked back at the matron. She had fainted.


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Re: BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

Author's Note: This chapter is by Coldwindblows. Enjoy.


The spell damage ward of St. Mungo’s hospital at night, was dark and pretty scary, even. The dim light from outside shone in, but the patients who slept couldn’t be seen as anything other than lifeless silhouettes from any angle. No healers came into the spell damage ward very often, except just to check on the patients. There couldn’t be much progressive harm done to somebody who had suffered spell damage. There was usually no noise except for the long snores of Broderick Bode that echoed through the large ward every few seconds.

Tonight, however, something else stirred in the spell damage ward. A very faint fluttering sound echoed through the room, like a large insect with wings was flying around. Nobody heard this noise as it reverberated across all of the walls, like a sinister fly, or wasp. A faint buzzing noise could be heard if somebody was really good at hearing things and was a light sleeper.

Gilderoy Lockhart was both of these things.

As whatever was making the noise flew closer to Lockhart, he could hear it much louder and much clearer. Although he was still asleep, there was clearly some disturbance, and after having the noise boring into his head for about three minutes, his eyes opened. He listened for the noise. There was no mistaking it for the snores of Bode- it was something else.

Curious, Lockhart rolled over, looked around and pulled the covers back. He stood up ever so slowly and surveyed the room for whatever had been making so much noise.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a glint in the corner of the room, next to an elderly witch. Excited rather than scared, he eagerly approached the glinting thing, only to see a Golden Snitch hovering in the corner.

“Haha!” thought Lockhart, “A snitch!! What’s a snitch doing here!!??”

Lockhart approached the snitch with the familiar confident strut of old, and reached out his hand to catch it. However, as he reached out to grab, the snitch flew away and darted over to the door.

“Ha! It’s a fast one!!” thought Lockhart excitedly, as he started to chase the snitch as it darted from place to place. After a while, he saw it hanging in midair and he leaped at it, reaching out his hand as far as he could. He missed, and stumbled forward. He looked up to see where it’d gone, but couldn’t see anything of note in the room any more, yet he could still hear the noise.

He turned around, when he felt a horrendous burning sensation on the back of his neck. He yelped in pain and reached around to grab the snitch. However, he could no longer hear the noise or see the snitch, but suddenly, his neck was killing him. He strolled back to his bed, imagining that it had flown out the window, when he felt a kind of liquid dripping down his neck.

He reached back to feel what it was, and was horrified to see that it was blood- and it was still dripping, in fact, even faster.

He suddenly felt something crack. He couldn’t put his finger on it, until he tried to take a step forward. He tried, but he could hardly move his leg. In fact, he couldn’t feel it. He felt another crack. He fell to the ground, landed with a thud and cursed. He could hear more cracks, and then he realised what he’d been feeling- his spine was snapping. He could feel tens of cracks forming, and suddenly, the whole thing cracked and gave way. His entire spine had developed deep cracks for some reason, but in one horrific moment, the cracks gave out and his spine split into about a hundred tiny pieces.

He fell to the ground, yelled out, trying to move his arm, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t move his leg either. In fact, all he could do was shout out, and this time, he yelled out long and hard.

Some of the patients woke up, and looked for what was screaming. Some noticed that Lockhart was in a heap on the floor, and that blood was flowing out of his neck and forming a large puddle around his head.
Several people screamed. Lockhart yelped again and shouted “HEALER!!” as loudly as he could, knowing who could help him.

The candles, which had been out, appeared to light up by themselves as a healer came in through the door holding another candle. At the sight of Lockhart on the ground, she gasped and ran to him. The healer was none other than Miriam Strout, a senior healer, who jumped back at the sight of Lockhart. She opened the door and shouted for some more healers to come and help as she put Lockhart back in his bed.

“Gilderoy!” she whispered to Lockhart, who seemed dazed and in intense pain. “Gilderoy, did you fall?”

Lockhart seemed to be trying to say something, but Strout couldn’t make it out. “Sorry Gil, what?”

“No... no...” Lockhart managed to say.

“What happened? What did you-“

Lockhart groaned and instead came out with
“....can’t... can’t... feel my legs...”

“What? Gil, oh no, um.... can you try to move your leg for me?”

If Lockhart was trying, it wasn’t obvious. He twisted his face into a look of pure concentration, but nothing happened. “Gil... Gilderoy, were you trying?”

“Yes... I can’t... move my arms either...” he muttered.

“Gilderoy, don’t panic, don’t panic... what happened?”

“I-I... something... snitch... flying... crashed at me....”

Strout tutted, and called in more healers to tend to Lockhart’s wound, which was fast leaking more and more blood. She tried to look calm, but was now worried. She couldn’t bear to have anything happen to any of her patients, but what had really happened to Lockhart would be hard to figure out.

Nearly everybody had left Hogwarts that Christmas. Weasley, Granger and obviously Potter had gone to St. Mungo’s, to visit Weasley’s father, according to that wretch of a man, Sirius Black. I had been called by Dumbledore to inform Potter that he would be learning the art of Occlumency, a task I carried out with as much malice as I could muster.

I was marching out the door of 12 Grimmauld Place when Black called me. I spun around, not wishing to hear his voice any more, and saw him standing in the doorway, with a worried look on his face.

“And, uh... one other thing,” he said.

“What?!” I snapped, annoyed that I was still talking to him.

“You know those attacks going on at Hogwarts?” he asked.


“Well, it’s happened again- but at St. Mungo’s.”


“Yes, they have. Supposedly, a former Hogwarts employee’s been attacked in St. Mungo’s...”

“I’m... I’m going to... to go there... hold on...” I said, fumbling around in my cloak pockets looking for a watch. I found my watch inside and read the time- 9:00. I could make time to investigate this.

“Bye then, Snivellus!” yelled Black.

Furious, I spun around and headed towards the direction of St. Mungo’s Hospital. It was a long enough walk but I was sure that I could make it before the hospital closed entirely. If Potter strayed in there, which he almost certainly would, knowing him, there was nowhere was safe for him to be.


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Re: BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

The rest of BloodSnitch is going to be posted off of CoS. Any user wishing to read the next chapter should PM me so I can give them a link. Thank you.


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Re: BLOODSNITCH: A Fanfic Collaboration by Coldwindblows and Dobson

Haven't been caught up on BloodSnitch? We're up to Chapter 11 now. Again, if any user needs a link they should send me an Owl. Thanks.


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