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Potions, Professors and Petrificus Totalus

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Potions, Professors and Petrificus Totalus

Hiya everyone!!

This is my new fan-fic!! Hope you enjoy!!

(to anyone who happened to be following my hopeless fan-fic, Bethany Jones' First Year, it wasn't going anywhere so I sent it up to the big reycling bin in the sky! )

n.b I don't own anything to do with Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. it all belongs to J.K Rowling

"When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn't understand the assignment.
I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

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Re: Potions, Professors and Petrificus Totalus

Chapter 1

Well, here I am, on my way to Kings Cross Station. My crazy parents sat in the front, one discussing baking recipes to no-one in particular, the other reading a GSCE science book. Obviously, my dad, who's driving, isn't reading the science book. If he was, I'd be seriously concerned for my safety.

Patience is sat on the right of me, admiring her long hair in a little mirror she insists on carrying with her. She's my 11 year old sister, obsessed with her appearance, obsessed with annoying me and obsessed with talking about school! Well, it's her turn to answer the questions. We're driving to the station to get the train to school for my fifth year and her first year.

On my other side is my one-year old, metamorphagus brother Harry; so named because he was born on 31st October, the day that Harry Potter, his namesake, destroyed Voldemort the first time. My parent's were going to call him Jack, until I reminded them of another name that referred to the historical day when he was born.

Harry turns to face me, and morphs his face into a distortion of Patience's face, with massive pink lips, white blonde hair and turquoise blue eyes. Harry may only be one, but he definitely knows which one of his sisters is his favourite. I laugh, and Patience whips around, but Harry has already changed his face back to the normal blonde curls and brown eyes. Patience elbows me hard in the ribs and returns to preening herself in front of her mirror. I sigh, you certainly have to have a lot of patience to deal with Patience. Still, when we're at school, she won't be able to annoy me anymore. Because, you see, my little chummies - I, Holly-May Morgan, am a school prefect!

So, if she tries anything on me, BANG! Slammed right in detention where she belongs, it'll do her good to have a bit of discipline in her life. She didn't have to stay in school after she had got a place at our current school, and she won't have to carry on with all her old school-work for the next four years, as well as all her new work. And she wasn't punished for letting Harry roam free on the ceiling, even though it was her fault! And as I clearly pointed out to my brain-dead parents; how was I supposed to have got him down! I can't do magic outside school!

Suddenly, the car jolts to a halt. I accidentally elbow Patience and she jumps, smudging the eyeliner she was applying liberally to her face, already caked in makeup.

'Hey, watch out,' she cries, as we climb out of the car, avoiding speeding businessmen on their way to work, 'You've made my face look rubbish, now.'

'It already was,' I snap back as I lean over to unfasten Harry's buckle, scooping him up and bumping him onto my hip, 'And anyway, you won't be allowed to wear all that muck at school, a Professor or a Prefect are bound to make you take it off, and if they don't then I certainly will!' And, carrying Harry and my satchel with one arm and pulling my heavy trunk and my pet cat, Leya with the other, I slowly make my way over to Mum and Dad, who seem to have entirely forgotten that they have one daughter walking around painted like a russian doll, and another struggling to carry a heavy baby, a large trunk and a satchel.

'Oh, hey, hon,' my crazy mothers says to me, as she prises Harry off me, and takes Leya. I sigh, Mum's always trying to be "cool" and "funky". I mean, what's so funky about saying "hon!" It's like she's trying to be American, which is impossible, since she has the world's poshest English accent. I doubt even the Queen talks like her!

Mum passes Harry to Dad, who flinches as Harry changes his appearance. Dad's never got used to Harry's metamorphing, I generally try to avoid giving Dad him, but since he forgot to pay for my school books this year, I think I'll risk it.

Patience lumbers over, her face red and shiny. It seems she took my advise. She makes out she's hard but I she's really scared of getting in trouble. I smirk to myself as I follow Mum into the station, dragging my trunk and satchel with me. Behind me, Patience is whinging about carrying her trunk, but I'm glad to see that Dad is ignoring her. Although our parent's insist that they love us both the same, I know they have favourites. I'm Dad's favourite because I don't really mind getting dirty and helping with the chickens or horses. Patience is Mum's favourite because she's little and pretty, looks amazing in every outfit, and well in her way to becoming a model, like Mum used to be.

I glance at my watch, it's ten to eleven. Mum stops outside the barrier between Platforms 9 and 10. Patience, Dad and me all gather around her. We wait until a school party passes our way and lean backwards. The wall melts like water, enveloping us is a cloud of bricks and mortar. I love travelling to the platform.

I open my eyes and see a crimson steam train in front of me, belching out steam. Hundreds of students are gathered around it, huddled in little groups whispering and laughing with each other. I peer though the steam and spot a tall, dark figure with long black hair, my best friend Jane.

'Bye Mum, bye Dad,' I call as I make my way over to greet her.

'Oh, wait hon, you need to show Patience what to do!' my mum calls over.

I sigh and turn around, grab Patience's hand and pull her over to the guard. We hand our cases over and carry on to meet Jane, who's standing with her mum, dad and three of her five brothers. Jane has proably the world's biggest family! There's her parents, Alice and Frank, who both write for Transfiguration Today, which is probably where Jane gets her amazing skills from. Then there's her older brothers, Liam and Fred. Next comes Jane, the only girl of them all. Younger than her are the twins James and Johnny, who are six and then George, who's three. I feel sorry for Jane, she gets the same grief I get from Patience about school from Johnny, James and George.

We are just about to get into a good conversation when my parents come over, wanting to say goodbye. Patience gets tearful, and starts crying, until I remind her (in a voice I usually use for Harry and his friends) that they'll write every weekend and that you can see them at Christmas etc. etc.

The the guard blows his whistle and me, Patience and Jane board the train. I feel the train jolt, and the whistle blow as the train starts. We make our way down to the end of the train, where we know the free compartments are. Jane squeezes in to the corner, next to the window. I sit next to her and Patience sits opposite us, looking apprehensive.

'You will never guess what!' Jane says to me, her emerald eyes gleeaming.

'Let me guess,' I reply, giving her my ''I-know-everything'' look, 'Ben-finally-asked-you-out-and-you-said-yes-and-you-went-round-to-his-place-and-you-kissed-and-he-really-likes-you-and-keeps-on-sending-you-owls-and-you-like-him-too!

Ha! I said that all without a breath!

'Woweee Hols! How did you know that!' Jane cries, amazed at my amazing skills (!)

'Simple,' I answer her, acting casual (because casualiosity is important when dealing with your not-so-smart friend) 'I am an amazing Legimens.'

'Really!' Jane cries, her eye's bright with delight. Honestly, she'll believe anything I say, she's so gullible!

'No, Jane. Honestly! You sent me about fifty owls about it! You have the memory of a goldfish!'

'Oh,' Jane says, her eagerness dropping. 'Well, anyway, what did you do in the hols?'

'Nothing really,' I reply, 'Oh, I got grounded for letting Harry roam free on the ceiling, when it was her fault.' I point at Patience.

'It was not!' she pipes up,' It was only because - '

The compartment door suddenly slides open, and Esmerelda Wiley struts in. She's my arch-enemy, a Slytherin, and proud of it.

'What do you think you're doing in here, Morgan!' she screeches at me, 'Didn't you read the letter? It clearly states that all new prefects must report to the Head Boy and Girl, to receive their orders. I've already been and they sent me to find you'

'Don't tell me you're a prefect, too!' I snap at her, 'And anyway, there was nothing on the letter about that. I know, because my mum scanned it thoroughly. So you can stop saying that I'm ignorant, Wiley.'

'Awww, did Mummy have to check the letter for you, to make sure that lickle Holly-Wolly didn't miss anything. Well that didn't work, 'caus you're stupid Muggle mother must have missed it. Well, it's to be expected.'

Patience suddenly rises and takes a step forward towards Esmerelda.

'Don't Patience, she's not worth it.' I hiss at her. Even though she annoys me incessivley, I don't want Esmerelda to have one over on me by getting Patience into trouble.

Esmerelda's green eyes almost pop out of her skull (which would be really funny!!), 'Patience!!' she splutters, 'What kind of name is that!'

'You've got nothing to laugh about! What kind of name is Esmerelda!' I yell at her, 'So are we going or not?'
'Well, you're going. I've got a date with Bernard.'

I sigh, Bernard is my ex, and now goes out with Esmerelda, as she continually keeps reminding me. Not that I care, of course. He was selfish, arrogant and utterly repulsive. Wow! I've gone all posh!

Anyway... I say bye to Jane, and tell her to send an owl to Andi, Gee, Beth and Sam, my four bestest friends. As I wander down to the end carriage where the Head Boy and Girl are. The first carriage I pass is full of the plastics, Chantelle, Kimberly and Kayleigh and their little followers. The next one has the evil Slytherins in, Kerri, Adiran and Isadora to name a few. The third one has all the plain kids (Anne, Mary, Jacob), and most of the rest are filled with first years and younger people. I finally arrive at the final carriage, where the Head Boy, Micheal, and the Head Girl, Felicity are waiting for me.

And Michael does not look happy.

'Where have you been!' he shouts to me, staring at me with blazing eyes.

'Well.... I got the letter and there was nothing on it about meeting in any carriage. Esmerelda Wiley said you were looking for me so I came to see what you wanted.' I reply, staring back at him, defiantly.

He gives me a really dirty look, then passes me a letter, 'Here.' he growls at me, 'It's got all the instructions you need, meeting dates, patrol times etc.'

'And, here,' Felicity says to me in her super-sweet voice. She's well meaning, but treats anyone younger than her like a five-year old, explaining everything slowly and carefully, 'Take this. It's your Prefect badge and a list of banned items, you need to check that no-one in your common room has any of them. Oh, and by the way, the new password for the prefect bathroom is fir cone Have you got that, do you want me to repeat any of it?'

'I'm sure I'll manage,' I reply (See what I mean)

'Ok, then. Off you go.'

I smile, take the things they gave me, and head back to our carriage. It's full to bursting!

Patience is sat in the corner by the window and is gazing out of it at the passing scenery. Jane is sat opposite her and is in rapid conversation with Gee about Transfiguration spells. Beth is sat listening to the radio on headphones in the corner, and Sam is sat next to Patience, reading a Quidditch magazine. I plonk myself in between her and Patience.

'Oh, hi Hols' she says, engrossed in her magazine. Jane told me you'd been to see Felicity and Michael, what did they want.'

'Oh, Michael had a go at me for something or other and Felicity treated me like a five-year old' I reply, reading over her shoulder. There's a very interesting debate about the whether last years Quidditch Word Cup Final was actually worth the 100 Galleon ticket price.

'Cut it out, Holly!' Sam cries, then hits me with the magazine, 'You're always reading over my shoulder! It's really annoying!!'

'Sorry! But you know you love me really!' I say, hitting her back, 'Anyway, since I've been made captain of the Quidditch team, we'd better get you in shape!'

'Oh, yeah!' Sam says, putting down her magazine, 'When's the first practice?'

'Dunno, I have to go see Professor Quirke later,' I reply, 'But remember I'll not be choosing friends over people who really have talent.'

Sam looks nervous, so I add, 'But Sam, you'll definitely get a spot, you're the best seeker since Harry Potter!'

She looks ready to retaliate, but Debra, the snack lady comes past. She's Gee's aunt and is always happy to see us, although she is very old-fashioned and insists on calling us all by our first names.

'Hello, Georgia, Andrea, Elizabeth, Samantha, Jane, Holly-Mae and - who's your friend?' she says to us.

'Hello, Mrs Stewart, this is my sister, Patience,' I reply

'Patience! That's a nice old-fashioned name! Well girls, are you having anything.' she asks us, 'Chocolate cauldrons? Liquorice Wands? Fizzing Whizbees?'

'Can we have six packets of Fizzing Whizbees, six Pumpkin Pasties, seven Chocolate Frogs and two Cauldron Cakes, please?' Jane replies, reaching in her pocket for a couple of Galleons.

'Oh, never mind about that,' Debra says, waving Jane's money away, 'Take it as a reward for helping my niece out when she was in trouble.' (That's always her excuse!!)

'Auntie Debra!' Gee cries. She can't get over the fact that me, Jane and Sam had to save her when she got stuck in a tree in our first year. Mind you, it wasn't any tree, it had to be the Whomping Willow. I still don't know how she got up there in the first place. I mean, the Whomping Willow usually won't let anybody within 50 feet of it!

Debra hands over the snacks and Jane hands them out.

Patience, who's never eaten wizard snacks before, mainly due to the fact that our parents refuse to buy them and when I smuggle them home, I never give her anything, seems to have perked up a bit. While Andi gets involved in the debate about Transfiguration, me and Sam start talking to Patience.

'So! Which house you hoping to be in?' Sam asks her.

I turn away from the conversation, already knowing the answer. I've told her time and time again, - 'WHAT!' I hear Sam cry, 'There's no way you can hope to be a Slytherin! They're just - just EVIL! (She can't get over Slytherin beating us in the final) -And if you didn't already realise that, just take a look at Esmelelda Wiley! Now that's a proper Slytherin! Are you sure you want to be like that?'

I sigh, Patience has some strange obsession with being in Slytherin. I personally can't see the attraction. They're all selfish, snobby purebloods and Patience probably wouldn't have a chance of being one anyway, since we're both Muggleborns.

'I only want to be one 'caus Jenna's one.' Patience answers Sam, and I can clearly hear the defiance in her voice.

She's on about Jenna Carter, the girl who lives down in the village, is her year. Because her and Patience were the only witches in their primary school, Patience thought that they were best friends, an idea validated by Jenna's family. But Patience has never heard her 'best friend' rant on about the 'Mudbloods up on the hill.'

The compartment door slides open, and Alexander Saunders walks in, the other Ravenclaw prefect, 'Oh, hi Holly,' he says, smiling at me, 'We've got to patrol the corridors, remember.'

'Oh, yeah. Is it that time already?' I cry as I jump up.

'Well, come on then,' Alex says staring at me.

'Right.' I say as I follow him out of the compartment, 'Jane - keep an eye on Patience for me will you? And Andi, make sure you remember to pick up my things this time!'

One time, when I had to go and see Professor Quirke, Andi left all my stuff on the train. Me, Sam and Professor Wood had to fly back down the track on our brooms to try and get them back.

I follow Alex down the corridors, dodging excited first years and gangly seventh years. We carry on down till we get to the prefect carriage.
'Right.' Alex says to me, clapping his hands together, 'What's our tactic?'

'T-t-tactics?' I splutter, 'They're only first years!'

'Yeah, well, you've got a sister haven't you,' he says to me, 'Well, have you ever tried telling her to do something she doesn't want to do?'

I have to agree, Patience can turn pretty angry whenever I tell her to clean out the chickens and. Not a pretty sight.

'I was thinking that we could start by making sure they don't have any banned items on them,' he says, checking the list, 'Then we could make sure they have the correct uniform on them, but not wearing it yet.'

'Right let's think of the rest as we go along. What about the older students?' I ask him.

'Oh, Claire, John, Esmerelda, Adrian, George and Lily are in charge of the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh years,' he replies, 'Right lets get going!'

'Yep,' I reply as we slide open the carriage door, 'Should be a piece of cake.'

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Yay! Chapter 1 is finished, please leave feedback here!

"When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn't understand the assignment.
I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

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Re: Potions, Professors and Petrificus Totalus

Chapter 2

Yeah, when I said it'd be a piece of cake, I lied.

Everything was going fine, helping first years find their school uniform and pets and ocasionally reversing magic on them. But then we were attacked (no, really, I'm not joking) by two Fanged Frizbees belonging to two red-haired first years called Malum and his sister, Clamore.

There was a bit of a scrap, which involved Malum aiming a jinx at Alex, missing and hitting Clamore instead. Alex then shot a freezing charm at him, mainly because he was underage and untrained, and would probably cause serious damage to himself. That spell collided with Malum's jinx, bounced off each other and hit - guess what - me!

So, I spent the entire train journey in the medical carriage, unconscious.

When I finally came round, I was in the hospital wing, still in my Muggle clothes, which led to me getting twenty points taken off me by Professor Pinguibus, the head of Slytherin for not wearing my school robes. He hates all students apart from his own, and to be honest, we all hate him too. I couldn't go upstairs to change, and I couldn't go into the Great Hall dressed like a Muggle, so I've ended up sitting in the Entrance Hall, staring blankly at the hourglasses that contained rubies, emeralds, sapphires and topazes.

So far, the Slytherin hourglass has the most gems, with around fifty in, despite all the points taken off them by prefects and teachers. Gryffindor are second, with about twenty rubies in, Hufflepuff have around ten topazes in, but we (Ravenclaws) have none at all. As I watch, a couple of rubies fall into the Gryffindor hourglass, making the number even between them and Slytherin.

My stomach gives a loud rumble just as the heavy oak doors behind me give a deafening groan as hundreds of students come flooding through, chatting and shouting to each other. I wait till the crowds subside, then make my way into the Great Hall, where Jane, Andi, Sam, Gee, Beth, Alex, Patience and two younger girls that I don't know are waiting for me.

'Oh, Hols!' Jane cries, running up to me and grabbing me in a rib-cracking hug, 'Alex told us what happened! How could a first year try to do that to a fifth year! I mean, that's totally unacceptable! I saw him, Alex pointed him out, he got sorted into Slytherin, no surprise. He didn't seem to care that his sister wasn't there! Are you OK?'

'I'm fine,' I replied, then turned towards Patience, 'Hey, P, sorry I missed the Sorting, what house are you in? Who are your friends?'

'This is Grace,' she says, pointing to a tall, black girl with long hair who waves at me.

'Hi!' she says,

'And this is Lulu,' Patience continues, Lulu is a small, blonde girl with pigtails and sapphire blue eyes, 'And we're all Hufflepuffs!'

'Great! Have you got your timetable yet?' I ask her.

'No, we have to go and see Professor McDonald tomorrow to get our timetable and maps and stuff. Well, we'd better be going, we've got to unpack and stuff.'

The three girls disappear, arm in arm, through the door, leaving the rest of us behind.

'Right, lets go,' I say to the group, 'Before Professor Pinguibus takes more points from me for not changing!'

We walk up through the hallway, trying to manoeuvre through the moving staircases, till we get to the heavy oak doors that guard our common room, Alex reaches up and taps the brass eagle door knocker. The bird opens it's beak and says in a sing-song voice, 'What is the most sensitive part of a dragon?'

'The eyes.' Jane says without even a second thought.

'Correct' the door knocker says, and swings open to reveal a stone spiral staircase carpeted in midnight blue with tiny silver stars stitched into it.

With Jane leading the way, the seven of us make our way upstairs to the common room, which is packed full of students chatting and laughing with each other. Alex races off to see some of his friends, and Jane, spotting Ben (her boyfriend) rushes over to greet him. Ben grabs her with one arm and kisses her full on the lips. (EEEEEW!)

Ben really annoys me, though I haven't told Jane that. He thinks I'm insane and talks to me like I'm Patience's age. Just because you see some one singing in Swahilli doesn't mean they're mental (OK, maybe it does) And anyway that wasn't my fault.

Andi had made me a potion that was supposed to cure boils that I had on my hands and mouth (last time I ask her to do that) She got the recipe wrong and I kinda went, well, a bit loopy. I was singing in Swahilli, Ter Sami, Tuyuca and Xhosa, languages that I can't speak and didn't even know existed!

Andi goes over to sit with Jane and Ben (who are still kissing!), Beth spots her friend, Jade and goes and sits with her and Gee goes over to have a go at her cousin. So with them gone, me and Sam go upstairs to our dorm. I share with Sam, Gee and the twins, Mary and Kate. Jane is my best friend but we didn't know each other until second year so I don't share with her.

My trunk and satchel are next to my newly-made bed, so Andi obviously remembered to give them to Professor Quirke.

I swing my satchel onto my four poster bed, pull the curtains round it and get changed into my school uniform.

Black shoes and stockings, dark grey pleated skirt, white long-sleeved shirt, grey tank top with blue on the bottom, Ravenclaw tie, long black robe with the Ravenclaw crest, my new prefect and captain badge on.

Then I go back down into the common room with Sam. I glance into the corner and see that Jane is still busy with Ben! Me and Sam go down to the lake to throw bits of Cauldron Cake to the giant squid that lives there. When we're bored of that, we go and get our brooms from our trunks and have a bit of a fly around, racing each other and practicing our techniques.

Soon Jane joins us and her and Sam go and visit Evie, Jane's Hippogriff. I'm a bit wary of her, to be honest. She's big, for a start. Then there's her sharp claws and beak. She really gives me the creeps, so I stay away from her.

So, I sit under the big oak tree next to the lake, in the shade and read my book.

Soon, my cat Leya joins me. She is the tiniest cat I've ever seen, and was stuck inside a massive cat food bag when I found her, as a kitten. Now, five years later, she's not grown a bit! She creeps up to me (well tries) her emerald eyes gleaming at me in the sunlight. It's one of her favourite games, even though she's rubbish at it.

'Leya' I call to her as I turn the page in my book, 'I can see you, you know.'

I look up from my book, marking the page with an oak leaf, but Leya's not there. Wow she must be improving! I go back to my book, but before I can even start reading I hear a rustle of leaves, some twigs snapping, and suddenly Leya is on my head!

'LEYA!' I cry dropping my book onto the grass. The fragile binding breaks, scattering pages everywhere.

Leya jumps off my head and struts away to a nearby bush, before rolling over, completely unaware that she nearly scalped me.

Muttering under my breath, I reach into my robes and pull out my vinewood and phoenix feather wand. I point it at the pile of paper and mutter 'Reparo.' The pieces of paper zoom together and rearrange themselves into the right order, like magic (just realised how blonde I am!)

I pick up my book, put my wand back into my robe pocket and flounce back over to Leya. She runs up to me, then stops, gazing up at me with her glittering green eyes.

'Leya, don't you ever do that to me again!' I say to her, then reach down and scoop her up into my arms. She rolls over and jumps onto my shoulder, perched like a parrot.

When we get into the Entrance Hall, Esmerelda Wiley comes down the staircase, her eagle owl perched on her shoulder, and Bernard Baker in her tow. As I pass them, Esmerelda smirks and leans over to whisper something into Bernard's hairy ears. I can distinctly hear the words 'Mudblood' , 'poor' and 'cat'.

So what if I have a cat! Her snotty eagle owl is a big bully. Sam's tiny scop's owl, Aleda, has become very adept at dodging savage attacks from Cerberus, Esmerelda's owl.

Mind you, Aleda's like a bullet when she gets going. I'm back in the common room now, and Leya, spotting Alex's cat Sparkie, runs off to greet him with a whack in the face!

My cat really is the charmer. I spot Beth sat with Jade, and go and sit next to her. Jade is sat with her boyfriend. I HATE talking with them. I mean, Jade and Frank are great people but they are quite annoying.

Jade, for example has the world's loudest laugh! So never say anything funny whenever you're near her. Frank is annoying because he is continuously talking about himself and his family.

I sit through an hour of Jade laughing and Frank droning on, until I remember that I've got a Potion's assignment due for tomorrow; find out about four different potions and make the antidotes for them all!

'Oh, fudji duck duck!' I cry and jump up. Oh, no I was thinking aloud again!

Frank, Jade and Beth were all staring at me. Oh, great!!! I run towards the dormitory staircase, then turn around and shout, 'Potion's work!!' to them.

I turn around again, and before I can stop myself, trip over my robes and fall headlong into Kate, who's carrying her Potion's homework.

The potion goes all over me, covering me in thick gloopy mixture. Some of the stuff goes into my eyes and mouth burning me. There's a sharp metallic taste in my mouth, then everything goes white and fuzzy.

I fall over and everything goes black.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________________
Please, please please leave feedback here

"When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn't understand the assignment.
I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

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Re: Potions, Professors and Petrificus Totalus

Chapter 3

Great corking manticores! For the second time in the day, I'm in the hospital wing. This time, I'm covered in red blisters. The ingredients in my moisturiser reacted with the chemicals in Kate's potion, and she's so daft, she can't even remember the ingredients! I can barely move my legs, and my face hurts like anything. The potion got everywhere! It even soaked into my trousers! I can hardly see out of my eyes, they're so swollen. Great! I've got a Potion's assignment to do for tomorrow, which if I don't do then Professor Pingiubus will kill me.(I am not kidding, here!) So then I will not just be blind, I'll be dead as well! What a great first day!

Sam and Beth are sat around my bed. I can't see them, but Beth's whispering something about bumblebees, (she's obsessed with them!) and Sam's mumbling to herself whilst squeezing my hand (I really have some freaky friends) which hurts like the time Jane tried to give me a chinese burn (which involved a Chinese Chomping Cabbage, some unusual spellwork and a banana (don't ask)) Speaking, well thinking, of Jane, where is she! She's supposed to be my best friend! Ah, I know, they probably haven't detached her from Ben yet!

Well, I'm bored. Not surprising really, I can't move without feeling like I've snapped a limb off, I can't speak and I can't see. Even thinking hurts, although that's probably due to the seven bags of sweets that I ate in the car journey (Hey! They were only little bags!)

Sam leans over and shouts into my ear, 'HOLLY! CAN YOU HEAR ME!!' Blinkin' heck! They think I'm deaf too! In fact, why aren't I? Probably the huge bushel of hair on my head. It's mousy brown and sticks out at unusual angles in the morning. Nothing can penetrate that beauty! Thank you Hair!!!

Anyhoo, Madame Christina needs to know the ingredients in my moisturiser and the ingredients in Kate's potion to make an antidote, and since I can't speak, and Kate's forgotten her ingredients, it looks like I'm stumped.

Great! Now Beth's shouting in my other ear. I will be deaf at this rate! I hear the doors open and Jane coming in. I know it's her because of her shoes. She wears the loudest shoes in the world! And no, I don't mean they talk! They're heels, and have an annoying habit of clinking on the stone floors. Yahoo! Jane's here! They finally detached her from Ben!! She comes over to my bed, sits down next to me then squeezes my other hand. OUCH! Now they're both burning! Madame Christina comes over and says that they have to transfer me to St Mungo's so they can find out how to cure these blisters. So I am to travel, by Floo Powder, in my bed (very attractive) to St Mungo's. Interesting. Knowing me, there will probably be some disaster or something. Maybe my head will get stuck in the fireplace, or my makeup will malfunction leaving me covered in black fur. Great! Then I'll be a headless cat blister lady! Oh, I've got that image stuck in my head now!

Someone is wheeling me away now. Gee, this floor is sure bumpy! I'm wheeled down the corridor and into a separate room. There must be a fireplace in here, because I can feel the heat coming off it. Someone throws Floo Powder into the fireplace so there's a bright green light. I get pushed closer and closer towards the green light, till I'm surrounded by it. I get wheeled into the fireplace, which sounds kinda weird and sort of creeps me out. I've travelled with Floo Powder before, but I mean, you're essentially being pushed into a fireplace, with a fire still on!

It goes all whirly and smoky, which makes me cough. (which hurts considering the facial situation) Then it's all replaced with a bright white light. Oh, great I've died. No, it's just St Mungo's immaculate flooring. I've only been here once before, when I was eleven and had a pencil magicked up my nose by Jenna (told you she was evil!). I was amazed at how clean it was, no clean's not the right word, it was immaculate! Every surface was sparkling, and every healer dressed in a crisp white outfit. Obviously nothing has changed, although I can't actually see.

I can feel everyone's eyes on me as we pass the bustling wards. I wish I'd worn something less... embarrassing. Well, anything but my school uniform. I mean, I love school and all, and the uniform is great when you're at school, but it's not exactly fashionable. Grey and bue are so not in. Uh oh, I sound like Kimberly, leader of all things plastic (including barbie dolls!). She's the type of girl who hitches her school skirt up so it's more like a belt and unbuttons her shirt to everyone can see her chest. And she thinks that's fashion. Oh, I wish I had a mirror.

Right, we've stopped. First question: Where am I? Second question: What's that noise? And third question: How are you people gonna get me back to normal? Right, getting kinda creeped out now, the noise is getting louder. It sounds like a cross between a bee and a pneumatic drill (I bet I'm the only one in this room who knows what that is!)

The noise is getting louder, and there's some warm air being blown on my face! Eeew! (I hate having warm air on my face! It always reminds me of people's breath)

Then suddenly, it's all over. And I can see! Woohooo for hot air!! Ow, it's bright in here.

There's a man stood in the corner with a clipboard and a quill. I'm guessing he's a Healer, 'Right, Miss Morgan. Now that the you're facial edema has been reduced, we can ask you what happened. So, what did happen?' he says, without even looking at me (rude!)

Now, I'm no Healer, but I'm guessing facial edema is the technical term for ' huge red, blistery, swollen and generally unpleasant and painful face' Am I right or am I right!!

'Well,' I begin, despite the fact that Mr Healer finds his clipboard more amusing than his patient, 'I turned around and found myself face to face with a phoenix, which burst into flames, which spread onto me'

Mr Healer does not look impressed. He just gives me a stern look and continues studying his amazing interesting clipboard.

'Fine,' I say, 'I turned around and walked into another student carrying a cauldron full of highly acidic potion that went all over me causing my face to swell up to resemble a tomato!'

Mr Healer gives me another stern look, 'The real story please, Miss Morgan'

'That is the real story.' I reply looking straight at me.

Mr Healer looks at me and then... guess what?

Starts laughing. I mean, that's a bit mean, don't you think?

'You mean to say that you actually walked into some highly acidic potion!' he says through streaming eyes, 'That's really funny!!'

'Yeah, absolutely flipping hilarious!' I reply, sarcastically.

'Oh, everyone in the office is going to hear about this one!' he says as he leaves the room.

And with that comment, Mr Healer Guy goes straight on my hate list.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
If you like it, (or if you didn't) please leave feedback here

"When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn't understand the assignment.
I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

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Re: Potions, Professors and Petrificus Totalus

I swear I am going to strangle that Healer! Besides making me a laughing stock amongst almost every staff member in St Mungo's, and letting my paranoid father in to see me (who, by the way, almost gotn me removed from Hogwarts) he said that it would take months to find an antidote for my blisters. But last week, Andi came to visit me and brought me a potion that her mum had made that completely cured it. Every last blister! So now all I have to do is take half a goblet of that potion for the next week and I'll be completely cured! Yay!!!

When I got back to school, it was Saturday, so I had a free day! I managed to do my Potions homework, so hopefully Professor Pinguibus won't kill me now! Knowing him, though, he probably will find another excuse to punish me. Maybe my hair will be wrong, or my tie too tight, you can never tell with him. Last year, he gave Sam six detentions for having a cauldron that was too small. It was a quarter of an inch! And that's only because he'd told her the wrong ingredients so her cauldron shrunk!!

Then Jane, Sam, Beth and Gee came and found me, sat with Leya under my favourite tree. They then took me to see Evie, which I didn't find much of a welcome-home gift. But Evie had a paper hat on, and on her back was Leya, wearing a wizard's hat. Ok, I have no idea how Jane, or Sam, Beth or Gee got her into that so quick. Leya hates wearing her collar. I have to wrestle with her every morning, which gets me a few funny looks from other students I can tell you.

It was so cute! But then Leya sneezed (don't ask) which led Evie to get scared, then crazy and I remembered why I didn't like her in the first place. SHE'S CRAZY!

I legged it, because Evil Evie was running around all over the place. Leya jumped off her back and into a tree.


"When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn't understand the assignment.
I told them they didn't understand life." - John Lennon

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