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Hidden Secrets

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Hidden Secrets

Dear Diary, everyone hates me. I feel like a loner in a world full of stupid people who do not understand me. I am not really that bitter am I? I just believe some times people act silly and inappropriate at Hogwarts, is it my fault for trying to stop them? Dumbledore may seem like a twit, but sometimes he seems like a nice old man. I hope to be more likable, I really am not that bad.

This was written on the 5th of July, by Miss Pansy Parkinson

[ I will type out more later, please leave comments]

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Re: Hidden Secrets

Chapter 1

" Pansy, get down here!" her snooty mothers calls. Pansy hides her dairy in her suitcase and comes downstairs to find her friend, Draco Malfoy standing at the door with his father. Pansy is leaving for Hogwarts with Draco.

" Good afternoon Lucius," her mother says to him, giving him a small kiss on the cheek.

" Pleasure to see you as well Priscilla, hope Peter is alright, haven't seen him at work in ages,"

" He is well, getting work for, you-know-who done," Priscilla says quietly, not wanting Draco and Pansy to hear. But Pansy and Draco have already gone out the door and down the street. The short cut to the train station isn't far from the Parkinson's home.

" Well, we shall see each other soon I suspect, good day," Lucius says then following the kids from behind.

" Don't you want to say good bye to your mother?" Draco asks Pansy.

" No, like she would care. How was your holiday?" Pansy asks as she walks over the curve on the street they are walking through.

" Alright, dad, mum and I just went to some boring place in the muggle world, stupid muggles," Draco says with a deep, angry voice.

" At least you live in the wizarding world, I have to live with these muggles," Pansy responds, looking at a poor man lying in a box. They stop walking, waiting for Draco's father.

" I guess so, have you talk to any of our friends lately?"

" Not in a while, but yes.. Why?" she asks seeing the smirk on Draco's face.

" Because, I heard from Theo, Crabbe and Goyle that-" Draco stops speaking, his father is standing right behind him.

" What are you two talking about?"

" Nothing, just holiday,"

Lucius seems to know what they are talking about, but lets it slide.

" Very well, lets get to the station,"

Soon, the three of them arrive, they run into Crabbe and Goyle and their parents. Not wanting to stick around, Draco and Pansy say good bye to Lucius and get on the train. They find a nice, empty compartment in the back to sit in.

" Ok, tell me what you guys said," Pansy asks, wanting answers.

" Crabbe, Goyle, tell Pansy what you told me," Draco commands.

Knowing how dim witted the two are, Crabbe and Goyle nearly forget what to say" Our dads were talking to the owner of Borgin & Burkes about the dark lord,"

" You mean Mr. Borgins?" Draco asks.

" Yes yes," they both say" They started talking about, the dark lord still being alive.. Mr Borgins thought so, but our fathers didn't think much of it,"

" Cool, I bet he is still alive, the dark lord," Pansy says.

" What if he is?" Crabbe asks" Are we going to join him?"

Pansy starts to chuckle, so does Draco" Of course we are you buffoons, he is our master,"

" Pansy is correct, Voldemort will give us all we need,"

Just then, Draco thinks he see's Harry, Ron and Hermione walk by.

" He'll get ride of Potter too, this time for sure," Draco mutters.

" I want to be the one to capture and torture Granger, little know it all," Pansy says, pulling on her long, brown hair. The four of them keep going on with this subject, until finally one of them wants to talk about something else. Eventually, they arrive at Hogwarts, they now are walking to the Great Hall.

When they enter the Great Hall, Pansy goes and sits with her closest friends, right beside Draco.

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Re: Hidden Secrets

Chapter 2

Dear Diary. It is nice to be back at school with all my friends. Draco is so sweet, why some girls hate on him? Sadly, I have potions with the Gryffindors all year on Friday‘s, just my luck.. Hopefully I do not have to sit with that Granger mug-blood. If Snape were in charge, no stupid, ugly muggle-borns would be going to this school.. They would be better off being servants to us pure-bloods.

This was written on the 12th of September by yours truly, miss Pansy Parkinson.

Pansy places her dairy back in her suitcase.. She then gets up to take a bath and go meet with her friends in the Great Hall for breakfast. As normal, she finds Crabbe and Goyle goofing off at the Great Hall table Crabbe is playing with his food while Goyle makes childish noise.

“ Are you two just plain stupid or do you wake up like this?” Pansy asks as she slaps the paper away from Goyle’s lap.

“ No, do you wake up this moody or are you born that way?” Crabbe says trying to talk back at Pansy. Not being able to take another minute of these two, she sits down at the end of the table, away from them. Just then, some of Pansy’s other friends come sit down with her.

“ Good morning Pansy,” says Millicent Bulstrode. Even though Pansy is called a friend of Millicent’s, she normally wouldn’t say it.

“ Good day,” Pansy says, looking through the paper.

“ What are you looking for in the paper?” Millicent asks.

“ Raids, heard father talking about them one day… Wonder if there have been anymore… Why do you care so much what I am reading?” Pansy growls.

“ No reason, just asking,” Millicent responds, with a small, quivering voice. Upset with Millicent, Pansy looks her in the eye and says” Could you please go sit some place else, your blocking the light,”

Scared Millicent gets up and walks away. Calming down, Pansy sits, eating a green apple. More of Pansy’s friends come in for breakfast.. Friends she likes more.

“ Hello Pansy,” Tracey Davis says.

“ Good day Pansy,” Daphne Greengrass. Pansy’s mood goes gloom again.

“ Uh, what is today? Annoy Pansy day?”

“ No, what is wrong Pansy?” they both ask.

“ Nothing, its just, I want to be left alone… I’m in a bad mood, you know I do not like mornings,”

But Pansy mood gets better once Draco sits next to her.

“ Morning Pansy, you look dreadful,”

Pansy smiles” Draco, where have you been?”

“ Just making havoc, got to go, good morning to you all,” he says before running off with Crabbe and Goyle. All of the girls start to blush and giggle.

“ Oh Pansy, your so lucky,” Daphne says.

“ Yeah, dating Draco Malfoy,” Tracy says, sipping some tea. Pansy nearly laughs.

“ What are you two talking about? Me Draco are just friends, nothing more,”

Before they go on about how dreamy they think Draco is, Harry, Ron and Hermione sit down at the Gryffindor table, right in view of them.

“ Oh look, its Harry Potter,” Tracey groans.

“ Yeah, and his dim witted red head friend Ronald,” Daphne whispers.

“ Look who else, little miss Hermione Granger… Thinks she is so smart,” Pansy says, nearly biting her lip. The large school bell rings, time for class.

Everyday goes well for Pansy, ridiculing other kids and hanging out with Draco, but then Friday comes and it all changes.

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Re: Hidden Secrets

Finally Friday arrives… Friday is the easiest school day of the week. Only Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts in the morning with Potions late in the afternoon. Surprisingly, Potions is full of many students and not many seats are left. On the one side of the classroom there are 3 seats left with one final seat up front next to, Hermione Granger.

“ Oh no, just great,” Tracy and Millicent say seeing Hermione.

“ How could this happen? Really, one of us have to sit next to her?” Daphne says holding her arms crossed looking sick.

“ I’ll sit there,” Millicent says with a sad voice.

“ No no, I’ll sit there, better me then any of you,” Tracy says trying to be a loyal friend.

“ No, you guys sit over there. I’ll sit with Granger,” Pansy tells them, trying to not make a face. Walking at the slowest pace possible, Hermione doesn’t even notice who is sitting next to her.

“Good morning,” Hermione says while writing some thing on a paper.

Almost grinding her teeth, Pansy responds” Morning mud blood,”

Hermione nearly drops her quill” Pansy Parkinson, why are you sitting next to me?”

“ Because Granger, this was the only seat left-”

She stops talking, professor Snape has just entered the room” Silence,” he says” please open your Potions book and turn to page 342,”

Potions is almost like a race between Hermione and Pansy, to see which one can finish first. Quickly an hour goes by and while everyone leaves, Pansy looks for her quill. She looks everywhere but still does not find it.

“ Hermione took it!” Pansy claims.

“ Are you sure?” Daphne asks.

“ Of course I’m sure.. It was right there on the table. Hermione must have been jealous that I finished before here. Two can play at this game Granger,”

The next day, Pansy and her friends follow Hermione into the girls bathroom on the first floor.

“ Going some where Granger?” Pansy grumbles while Tracy, Millicent, and Daphne guard the door.

“ Yes, the library if you would please move. What are you doing?”

Suddenly, Pansy pulls out her wand” I want my quill back,”

“ Quill, what quill?”

“ Don’t act dumb with me, I know you took my latest version of the quill wiz’s quills. Must be so horrible to have muggle parents who cannot give you the good stuff,”

Hermione gets angry” Actually, I do not need the latest stuff, I love my parents either way,”

Pansy shouts” levicorpous,” but Hermione jumps out of the way.

“ Pansy, stop it,” Hermione shouts. Even her friends think she is going too far.

“ No, you will give me my quill back right now,”

Hermione now pulls out her wand,” I do not have your stupid quill you stuck up little witch,”

Pansy feels outraged and now attacks Hermione” Stupefy,”

Like a lion with its prey, Hermione lures Pansy in. After moving out the way again, Hermione shouts” Expelliarmus,” Pansy’s wand falls away. But Pansy doesn’t quit, she rushes over to pick up her wand.

“Confundus,” Hermione shouts and hits her directly on her back.

Confused by the spell, Pansy jumps around the room clucking. But the spell wears off and Pansy now retrieves her wand. From behind, Hermione walks up.

“ Pansy, please stop,”

“ NO, INCENDIO!” she shouts.. Luckily Pansy misses Hermione, but hits one of the stalls.. The toilet explodes, allowing water to rush out. Dirty toilet water is now all over the floor. Pansy’s friends run out of the bathroom, screaming. Now in an all out duel Pansy and Hermione are face to face, holding their wands out at each other.

“ Silence!!” shouts a voice so loud, both Hermione and Pansy fall away from each other. It was Dumbledore shouting. Professor Snape and McGonagall are following from behind him.

“ What is the meaning of this??” McGonagall shouts?

“ It was Hermione, she started the fight-”

“ Quite Parkinson or I’ll use a spell to zip your mouth,” Snape says. Dumbledore wonders into the destroyed bathroom, looking at all of the damage” You two come with me to my office,” he tells both the professors” You two shall wait in the Transfigurations classroom. Give me your wands,”

Waiting for their professors takes hours, Hermione and Pansy sit waiting.

“ Is reading the only thing you do?” Pansy says with a scowl.

“ No, is blowing up bathrooms and accusing others of stealing all you do?” Hermione says without taking her eyes off the book.

Before another fight breaks loose, professor McGonagall and Snape walk up to them.

“ Good evening ladies, ready for your punishment?” McGonagall asks. Feeling as if treated as a child, Pansy nearly says some thing rude but doesn’t.

“ You two are in a lot of trouble.. 50 points will be taken from both of your houses,”

“ Is that all?” Pansy asks. Hearing Pansy speak out gets Snape upset.

“ No,” Snape says” Both of you will have detention every Saturday night for the rest of the year in my classroom,”

“ But that is not fair,” Pansy speaks again.

Snape grabs a stool and sits in front of the table Pansy is sitting at” You listen right now both of you.. You could be in worse trouble then this, if it were up to me!.. But, since I am not, Dumbledore has made this your punishment,”

“ But why?”

“ Because Miss Parkinson, you and Miss Granger are in need of a little alone time together.. Maybe you could finally get along then, that is all” Dumbledore says walking into the classroom” Please return to your dormitories,”

While walking back, Hermione and Pansy don’t say one word to each other. Hermione goes back to Gryffindors Common room.This is the last time Pansy see’s her for the night.

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Re: Hidden Secrets

Chapter 4

Dear diary, today is my first day of torture with little miss know it all, Hermione Granger. Seems more like a punishment to me then her.. I did nothing wrong, all I want is my quill back, which she still hasn’t returned to me. Luckily I still have this old rubbish of a quill in my bags. Hopefully the time will go by quickly, or I might just die.

This was written down on the 24th of September by miss Pansy Parkinson..

Pansy takes her dairy and puts it in her robe before going in the bathroom to take a bath. Having to arrive for detention early, Pansy rushes down to the potions classroom still a little wet. Pansy nearly slips from the water dripping from her head as she walks into the classroom. Giving a stern look, Snape sits down at his chair watching. As normal, Hermione is reading.

“ I have to go for a moment, stay out of trouble,” Snape said before leaving. Now they are alone, but it doesn’t take long till they argue

” See your reading again,” Pansy says. Not responding to Pansy, Hermione continues reading.” Aren’t you going to answer me?”

“ No,”

“ Why not?”

“ Because your going to start an argument with me… Mines well not speak to each other,”

“ Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I was just asking a simple question mud-blood,”

“ Please do not call me that,”

“ Why makes you upset?”

Before Hermione gets up and slaps Pansy in the face, Snape comes back into the room” I heard shouting, well?”

Pansy puts on a smile” Not me professor,”

Hermione rolls her eye, holding her book.

“ Miss. Granger, stop reading that book of yours or your eyes will get blood shot. Detention is over,”

After words, Hermione goes back to Gryffindor common room and goes into details about detention with Ron and Harry. Like wise, Pansy does the same.

“ Pansy, that is awful,” Millicent says.

“ I know, Hermione is such a know it all. I just asked her a simple question and the mud-blood got angry. She tried to hit me, she really did,” Pansy exclaims.

Dear diary, Had an awful day at detention. Just think, have to go through this for the rest of the year sigh.

This was written down on the 24th of September by miss Pansy Parkinson. The next Saturday arrives and Pansy makes her way to the potions classroom. No one is else is there yet, not even professor Snape. Waiting for everyone else, Pansy pulls her diary back out and begins to write again.

Dear diary, I’m waiting for detention to start. No one else is here yet. I knew arriving early was the wrong choice. Wonder what Granger will say when she see’s me in here before her? probably will start to cry-”

“ What are you doing?” Hermione asks as she walks in. Startled by Hermione, Pansy takes her dairy and puts it back in her robe.” Was that a diary?”

“ No, it was my school yearbook… I write everything in it,” Pansy says trying to hide the fact that it was” Great, now she knows about my dairy… She’ll go tell the whole school about this. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten it out,”

Wishful timing, Snape comes into the classroom” Sit down ladies, write down the 12 wizard laws.. When you are finished, you’ll wait for me,” Snape said leaving.

“ Why does he always leave?” Pansy mumbles. Surprisingly, Hermione lets out a little giggle.. Writing out the 12 wizard laws would seem difficult to most, but since Hermione memorizes everything, she has it all in her head. Like wise, Pansy knows most of them from her butler back home.

Now the two of them sit, waiting for Snape..

Impatient, Pansy starts to stomp her foot on the floor.

“ What are you doing?” Hermione asks.

“ Stomping my feet, to get some one’s attention outside the door,”

Hermione laughs” That is never going to work,”

Feeling joked by Hermione, Pansy starts to yell” Yes it will!

“ Ok ok, stop yelling,”

“ You think your funny don’t you?”

“ No, I was just talking to you,”

“ You have a funny way of doing so,”

“ Look Pansy, I know we do not like each other, but we cannot keep fighting like this,”

Pansy calms down” I guess your right. But I still do not like you,”

“ Fine,”

The room gets silent, until Pansy asks Hermione a question” What is Harry like?”

Hermione is surprised by what she asks” Pardon?”

“ What is Harry like, I know you’re one of his best friends,”

“ Well, Harry is friendly, some times funny… always has your back,”

“ Do you like him?”

“ No, do you?” Hermione asks almost laughing expecting Pansy to hurl. On the contrary, Pansy nods her head.” Oh my, you do!”

“ A little, just don’t go around telling anyone this alright. I know you have a crush on Draco,”

“ Your secret is save with me and what!” Hermione says making a face” I don‘t approve of him at all,”

“ I know he seems like a spoiled jerk to most, but he can be very sweet. I have been friends with Draco since we were in the crib. It’s not his fault he is that way,” Pansy says frowning.

“ I suppose. Hey, wait a minute, I’ve got an idea,” Hermione says smiling.

“ And?” Pansy asks a little worried on what she might say.

“ You know how we are suppose to get along? Well, maybe we should try on each others foot,”

“ What are you talking about Granger?”

“ Polyjuice potion of course, I can become you while you become me…But will need a lot of it,” Hermione says rationalizing.

Pansy gets out of her chair” Hold it there smart girl, where did you ever get a crazy idea like that.. Could we actually do this?”

Hermione explains” Well, maybe if we could see what its like being each other, maybe we’d get along better,”

“ I don’t know Hermione,” Pansy says realizing that she just called Hermione by her first name, not last” We could get in trouble or I’d have to live with muggleborns,”

“ Come on Pansy, you must want to know what it is like,”

Hermione was right, Pansy always wondered what it is like living with muggles even though she hates them. But what about her talks about the dark lord with her friends? Hermione would find out about it and could tell on her friends in her body.

“ Do you really want to do this?’ Pansy asks, hoping she will say no.

“ Yes,”

“ Alright, but if we get in any kind of trouble, I’m blaming you.

“ Brilliant, now will just have to brew it. That takes time but-”

Pansy laughs” Relax Granger, we can just take some out of Snapes office. Draco and I found out the password years ago,”

Hermione grumbles” Wait, that is very wrong,”

“ Cool down goodie goodie, I didn’t say we took any of it, not like we are about too,”

“ Oh I hate it when your right,” Hermione says, making Pansy laugh.

Since breaking and stealing stuff from professors startles Hermione, Pansy promises to do so herself. Finally Snape comes back and for once, Hermione and Pansy say good bye to each other. Back at Slytherin Common Room, Pansy pulls out her dairy.

Dear Diary, today was crazy. Hate to say it, but I’m going to try being Hermione Granger for a bit.. This could be a terrible or amazing news. Hopefully most of the stuff I hear about Gryffindor isn’t true. None the less, maybe having Hermione in Slytherin will do her some good. After writing down her last remarks, Pansy hides her dairy in her suitcase at the bottom” No way I’m letting her touch that,”

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Re: Hidden Secrets

Chapter 6

Pansy makes her way to the Gryffindor Common Rooms. Out of all the years she has been going to Hogwarts, never once has she been up to the 7th floor this way.

“ Password?” the fat lady asks.

“ London Tower,” Pansy responds almost scared that she could be wrong. But the door opens and tons of Gryffindor are out front in the common rooms. Slowly Pansy walks in, exploring the room with her eyes.

“ Evening Hermione, how was your day?” Parvati says. Pansy starts to sweat, trying to remember what Parvati’s name is.

“ Oh, very well… How was your’s Parvati?” Pansy responds switching the conversation.

“ I had a nice day, Padma and I went to Hogs Mede. I’ve got to get to bed, got Charms early, See you later,”

Pansy always thought Parvati and Padma come from poor wizards, considering how cheap they dress. Neville, the low self esteemed boy, walks up to Pansy.

“ Hello Hermione, want to work on my Ancient History home work with me? I need some help,” Neville asks.

Remember who she is, Pansy puts on a smile” Of course Neville, what are friends for?”

“ Great,”

“Haha, he believed every word. Being Hermione is easy,” Pansy thinks.

While on the other side of the castle, things don’t go so smoothly for Hermione. As Hermione walks into the Slytherin common room, a hand pulls her over to a sofa. Hermione lets out a slight scream. She almost screams more seeing it was Draco.

“ Calm down Pansy, it’s just me,”

“ Stop acting like Hermione,” Blaise says with a giggle. Blaise is sitting on another sofa, reading a gossip witch magazine.

:” What?” Hermione asks, thinking they have figured her out that fast. They all start to laugh.

“ So true Pansy, as if nothing happen. Well, are you feeling any better?” Draco asks.

“ Yes, I am fine now thanks,”

Pansy’s friends look at her, since when had Pansy Parkinson’s said the word thanks?

“ Anyways, you’d never believe what the old grape Dumbledore has Snape doing,”

“ What?” Hermione asks.

“ He has Snape on the look out for muggle-born wizards. Like we don’t have enough of those,”

“ I’m sure you hate that Pansy,” Blaise asks. Hermione bits her lip hard, trying to not act as she would.

“ Yes, that is terrible news. Lousy good for nothing mud-bloods, what have they ever done?” Hermione says with the best Pansy voice she can mimic. Draco and Blaise seem to believe her” Where are Crabbe and Goyle?”

Draco sits down next to Pansy” Oh, they got stuck in detention. Professor McGonagall caught them stealing from the school pantry,”

Hermione nearly falls off the sofa,. Draco had never sat this close to her before.

“ I’m going to bed,” Hermione says.

“ But why? Its only 8.30?” Draco asks.

“ Just a tad tired, need sleep to look this good,” Hermione says with making a pose. Draco and Blaise laugh and then say good night. Luckily for Hermione, walks into the girls dorms. Daphne, Millicent and Tracy are in the girls dorm as well.

“ Hello Pansy, where did you go?” Tracy asks.

“ Wherever I want of course! Where did you go Tracy, New York City?”

Acting like a smart alec is working, Hermione can see the fear in all three of the girls faces.

“ No where me, Daphne and Millicent just went to the library,”

“ What for, books?” Hermione asks grumbling. Tracy nods her head.

“ And you didn’t want to ask me to go with?”

“ How could we Pansy, you said you were sick,” Daphne asks. Hermione stops taunting.

“ Of course, but you still could have asked,”

“ Didn’t run into Granger did you?”

Hermione stops walking at Pansy’s bed” No, glad I didn’t.. You didn’t want me too did you Daphne?”

“ No, of course not Pansy,”

Hermione glares at Daphne’s face” Good, cause no friend of mine will ever be caught talking to that girl. Only I get to deal with the mud-blood, got it?”

All of Pansy’s friends agree and they go on to chat about the rest of their afternoon. As Hermione goes to sleep, she has a small smirk on her face. She just got to pull a Pansy, and she liked it. The night goes by quickly In the morning, Pansy goes into the bathroom, looking at her face, Hermione’s face. Pansy had never noticed how beautiful Hermione was before.

“ She is gorgeous,” Pansy thinks.

Monday was a long day for each of them, but they meet up at Mertle’s bathroom. Mertle is floating around in the bath tub.

“ Good afternoon Granger,” Pansy says with a sort of, disgust voice.

“ Good afternoon, why am I dressed like that?” Hermione asks, looking at her self. Pansy is wearing her Gryffindor sleeved shirt un tucked with a button undone. There is a spec of dirt on it. She also is wearing a pair of cut up jeans.

“ I always dress like this, why are you dressed like that?” looking at Hermione, who is dressed in the most polite, school manner.

“ I thought this would look nice on you,”

“ Of course you do, why not ridicule Pansy some more,”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I know why now you had us do this, to hurt my feelings. You wanted to make my life perfect like yours . Probably told Draco how I love him like I can‘t,” Pansy says starting to cry.

“ Pansy no, what are you talking about?”

“ Just forget it, you’ll have your perfect life back soon enough,” Pansy says before running off. Hermione makes her way back to the Slytherin common room, where she opens Pansy’s suite case. She finds Pansy’s dairy. Hermione looks through it for a short moment, reading everything. Hermione begins to cry.

The following afternoon, Pansy and Hermione get back to the bathroom before changing back. They do not say much else to each other. As Hermione goes back to Gryffindor Common Room, Harry wakes up to her.

“ Hello Hermione, haven’t seen you the last couple of days. Everything alright?”

“ Hey Harry, sort of, I have to tell you something,” she says as Harry follows her into the Common room. The room is empty for once.

“ Ok Hermione, what is going on?”

“ Yeah Hermione, you looked dreadful the other day,” Ron says walking up to them.

“ Ok, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I wasn’t me the other day, I was Pansy,”

“ What?” Harry says raising his eye brow.

“ What the bloody hell are you talking about Hermione?”

“ Ok, me and Pansy were arguing like usual in detention. I got an idea to try polyjuice potion and become each other to see what their life is like,”

“ What was it like being Pansy?” Harry asks.

“ Probably simple, you see how Draco and her run the show over there,” Ron says.

“ Well, it wasn’t what you would think. I read some of her diary,” Hermione whispers.

Both Harry and Ron nearly let out a laugh” A dairy, Pansy Parkinson has a dairy? Your barking?”

Hermione slaps Ron” Shut it Ron, a dairy is where girls keep all of their most hidden secrets,” Hermione says blushing. Harry and Ron look at each other, wondering what Hermione is talking about.

“ Then why did you read it?”

“ I don’t know, I just did. Anyways, it was sad, I even started to cry. Pansy doesn’t have a simple life at all, she barely see’s her parents,”

“ Well what can we do about it?” Harry asks.

“ I wish there were a way to help Pansy, underneath that rough dragon there is a gentle flower,”

As nightfall comes, Ginny walks up to Hermione in the girls dorms.

“ Hi Hermione, heard about Pansy,”

“ What, Ronald,” Hermione says making a fist.

“ Don’t worry, he only told me. I swore if he told anyone else I’d zip his mouth shut permanently,”

Hermione lets out a short laugh. Underneath Hermione’s pillow lies her diary.

“ Its ok Hermione, I’ve got a dairy as well,” Ginny says pulling it out from her bookrack. It is pink with frilly hearts all over it.

“ Ginny, you’ve got a dairy?” Hermione asks never guessing.

“ Yes, I have to keep my secrets some where’s,. You could read it if you like,” Ginny says tossing it over.” Night,” Ginny says walking over to her bed and going to sleep. During the night, Hermione reads through Ginny’s diary.

Dear diary, sometimes I wish I were beautiful, I wish I could look like those girls all the boys chase after. The girls with the long, wavy, silky hair and faces always so smooth that make you feel warm inside. Harry won’t admit it, but I know he would like me that way. Some are just born with outer beauty I guess.

This was written down on August the 7th by miss Ginny Weasley. Slowly Hermione closes the book, and places it back in the bookcase.

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Re: Hidden Secrets

Chapter 7

Months have passed, after today all Hogwarts students will be off for winter break. Detention is moved to Friday afternoon for Hermione and Pansy. Since you last read about them, they haven’t said much else to each other. They mumble a few works back and forth, study their home work and go back to their day.

“ Marry Christmas,” Hermione asks Pansy as they wait for professor Snape to tell them to leave.

“ Merry Christmas,” Pansy mumbles with her head laying on the table.

“ What are you doing for the holiday?” Hermione asks.

“ Oh, just going back home with my parents, they should be here soon,”

“ That sounds lovely, I’m going to spend the holiday with the Weasley’s,”

“ Really? aren’t they poor?”

“ No, well, they don’t have as much as you’d maybe like,” Hermione says, trying to not start an argument. Luckily professor Snape comes in” Everyone out, Merry Christmas,” he says with a almost angry voice.

“ Hey Hermione, ready to go?” Ginny asks in the Great Hall. Pansy walks by them, not saying a word.

“ Yeah, lets go,”

They get on the Hogwarts express and see Mrs. Weasley with Ron’s older brother Percy.

“ Hello everyone, great to see you. Merry Christmas,” Mrs. Weasley says. Everyone says merry Christmas back. As they are about to get in the car, Hermione notices Pansy standing at a muggle bus stop looking cold.

“ Hold on Mrs. Weasley, I have to go say something to someone, come on Ginny,”

Hermione and Ginny run over to Pansy.

“ Hi Pansy, what are you doing at a bus stop?”

Pansy looks the other way” Oh, just waiting on my parents, they should be coming soon,”

“ Your not staying with the Malfoy’s?” Ginny asks.

“ No Weasley, they are going to America for winter break,”

“ You can come with us then,” Hermione asks.

“ No, I’ll be alright,”
Ginny gives Hermione a look as if” lets go”

“ Alright then, see you in a couple of weeks,”

As the girls get into the Weasley car, Pansy taps on the car window” Mrs. Weasley, may I come with,” Pansy says with the saddest face. Mrs. Weasley gives the kids a look, Hermione and Ginny nod their heads.

“ Alright then, come along miss?”

“ Parkinson, Pansy Parkinson,”

On the ride to the Weasley home, Pansy doesn’t say much. Being thoughtful, Ginny and Hermione carry Pansy’s suitcase in for her.

“ I probably won’t be able to stay, I don’t have enough clothes in that bag to last two weeks,”

“ None sense Pansy, you can share some of our clothes,” Ginny tells her. Outside the door, Ron grabs Hermione.

“ Are you sure about this?”

“ Yes, we need to help her,” Hermione whispers back. Supper is ready soon. Everyone gathers around the large table. Just in time for dinner, Mr. Weasley comes home with their eldest son Bill. Mrs. Weasley hugs and kisses her oldest son as if a baby. Ron and the others laugh.

“ Looks like Bill and mum are still dating,” George says.

“ Oh hush George, we all know who Bill’s girlfriend is,” talking about Fleur. Bill looks at Pansy” Who is she?” he asks.

“ Oh, this is, Pansy, right my dear?”

“ Yes maim, pleasant to meet you,”

“ Glad to have you all here,” Mr. Weasley says” Lets eat,”

The meal was delicious, as Mrs. Weasleys usually are” Clean up time, would you girls please give me a hand in the kiction? Boys, clean off the table,”

Ignoring Molly, Pansy walks back upstairs.

“ It’s alright mum, Pansy is just being shy,” Ginny says. After cleaning up, Hermione and Ginny check up on Pansy. They find her writing in her dairy.

“ Don’t you two ever knock before entering a room?” Pansy asks.

“ Its my room,” Ginny says. Hermione elbows Ginny in the stomach. Pansy puts her dairy away, hiding it in her bag.

“ You two must love seeing me with that book, happy,”

“ No, we all have one,” Ginny says showing Pansy hers.

“ Ginny is right Pansy, so do I,”

Pansy puts on a short, gloomy smile and gets up.

“ May I sleep here?”

“ Sure, its my bed,”

“ You can’t sleep in those clothes Pansy, you’ll sweat,” Hermione says looking at her still wearing her Slytherin sweater and jeans.

“ But I have nothing else to wear,”

“ I told you Pansy, you can wear something of mine,” Hermione says tossing her bag over. Pansy pulls out a pair of lime green shorts and a Gryffindor t shirt. She slowly puts the shirt on with a disgust look on her face.

“ Don’t worry, I’ll wear your Slytherin sweater tomorrow if that makes you happy,”

“ That will make me happy Granger, thank you,”

“ You look good in that Gryffindor shirt though,” Ginny says, closing the door so no one can here them. She also puts a silencing charm on the door.

“ Thanks I guess. You guys would never believe me, but not all of my family have been in Slytherin,”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, many were in Gryffindor,”

“ What went wrong?”

“ They got a brain Weasley. I don’t even know why I am telling you all this, your not my friends,”

“ Yes we are, at least, we can be,” Hermione asks. Uncomfortable with all this, Pansy changes the subject.

“ Want to play truth or dare? That is what us Slytherin girls play,”

“ Well, I didn’t put that charm on the door for nothing, you start,”

“ Ok, Hermione, truth or dare?”

Hermione chooses truth, knowing that this is Pansy Parkinson.

“ Um, truth,”

Pansy lets out a slight laugh” How many boys have you kissed? What are their names?”

Hermione thinks for a moment” Two, just two.. I’ve only kissed this boy in 1st grade named David Cross and Ron,”

Pansy and Ginny both laugh.

“ My turn,” Ginny says” truth or dare Pansy,”

“ Truth,”

“ Do you know any death eaters?”

“ Ginny, don’t”

“ Its alright, I know five death eaters.. Your turn Granger,”

“ Alright, Ginny, truth or dare?”

“ truth of course,”

“ What is your favorite color?”

Ginny grins” Pink ok,”

Pansy and Hermione start to laugh. Now it is Pansy’s turn.

“ Hermione, truth or dare?”

“ I guess I’ll do a dare,”

Pansy smirks” I dare you to wear my Slytherin sweater all day tomorrow,”

“ Deal, but I already said I would for the sweater,”

“ I know, just making sure,”

Pansy says starting to laugh a sweet laugh, not an evil one and smiling as if she is having a good time. Hermione smiles, she never knew how nice a person Pansy really is. Maybe, just maybe they could be friends.

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