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A Little Christmas Story

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A Little Christmas Story

Hi! As it is soon Christmas, I thought I would share a little Christmas story with everyone who wants to read it. I wrote it on a writing test at school two years ago, so it's not the best thing I ever wrote. Feel free to post feedback here!

The Legend of the Christmas Tree

Once upon a time there was a girl called Hannah. She lived with her grandmother in a small house in a big forest.
On Christmas Eve, on which Hannah became nine years old, her Grandmother said:
“Hannah, could you please hang the Christmas sheaf in the most beautiful fir you can find?”
Hannah didn’t answer, but ran out to find the big Christmas sheaf on the ground, ready to hang up in the tree. Hannah and her Grandmother always had a big Christmas sheaf, but this sheaf was the biggest they ever had.
“Now I need a beautiful fir,” Hannah thought. She walked in the direction of a little fir.
“This one is too small. I must find a fir bigger than me,” she said to herself. “But where can I find the perfect tree?”
Hannah turned to the left, and walked to a very beautiful fir. She had never ever seen such a wonderful sight. The tree had a perfect green colour and the most perfect branches Hannah had ever seen.
“Oh, it must be the most beautiful tree in the world,” ahe said. “But it is too small for the big Christmas sheaf. Maybe we could bring it into our living room so we can look at it all the time?”
So Hannah ran home and told her Grandmother about the beautiful tree.
“So I thought maybe we can take the fir into the house to look at it and sing songs to it?” she finished.
“Let me see the most beautiful tree in the whole world,” her Grandmother said.
Hannah showed her Grandmother the fir.
“You’re right, this must be the most beautiful tree in the world,” Grandmother said. “Could you please hang the Cristmas sheaf in the fir over there. Meanwhile I will take this fir into the house?”
and when Hannah came back to the house, she and her Grandmother found some beautiful decorations to hang on the tree to make it even more beautiful.
On Christmas Day Grandmother invited some friends they could celebrate Christmas with. The guests saw the beautiful tree, and next Christmas they had a Tree themselves, and their friends saw their trees, and ten years after Hannah and her Grandmother had the first Christmas tree in the world, nearly everyone in their country had a tree.
And so it became a tradition to take a fir in and decorate it for Christmas.

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christmas story

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