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Robert J. Sawyer

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Old July 29th, 2012, 12:13 am
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Robert J. Sawyer

First of all, forgive me if there's another thread somewhere for discussing his books. I've browsed this board all the way back to the least-recently updated thread and I couldn't find anything.

Who else is a fan of Robert J. Sawyer? If so, which of his books have you read? Which one(s) did you like the most? The least? Which book(s) or character(s) do you wish he would write more about?

Let's discuss anything and everything RJS here!

For those of you who don't know who he is, well, you should! If you're a fan of science fiction, then you need to read Sawyer. To date, he has won 44 national and international awards, including a Hugo for "Hominids," a Nebula for "The Terminal Experiment," and the Aurrora for both "Wake" and "Watch." His novel "Flashforward" was the premise for the recent TV series by the same name, and he even wrote a couple of the episodes himself. He has been called "the Dean of Canadian Science Fiction (The Ottawa Citizen) and "by any reckoning, among the most successful Canadian authors ever" (Maclean's).

I'll start us off with some answers to my own questions.

My all-time favourite RJS novel is the first one I read, "Calculating God." Contrary to how the title sounds, it's not a Christian/religious book, but rather an exploration of how science and religious faith could co-exist, and the personal quest to find meaning in life when faced with death.

My least favourite is also Robert's own least favourite, and it is ironically "Flashforward." I have been known to skim when a passage is getting slow or uninteresting, and I'll often regret it later, sometimes enough to go back and read the piece properly. With this book, I didn't. It is the one RJS novel out there that, in my opinion, could have just as easily been a shorter novella rather than a full-length novel and still would have been just as complete and "fleshed out." I don't feel like I missed any important bits of information by skimming the large sections that I skimmed, and I've never felt the need to go back and re-read this particular book. That's quite the significant thing to say, since I've re-read just about all of his other novels, novellas and short stories, and in many cases own multiple copies because I'm constantly lending them out to friends.

If I could influence Robert's next "sequel/prequel" piece, I would have a tough time choosing between the world of The Neanderthal Parallax or The Quintaglio Ascension. On one hand, I want to know more about what happened to Mary, Ponter and Adikor after the end of Hybrids. On the other hand, I really don't feel like the second two Quintaglio books just didn't have enough Afsan. Who's with me?

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robert j sawyer

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