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no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

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no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

I'm new to this whole writing this up and to be perfctly honest, I'm not sure if this is going to work as i have already tried a few times to put my story up but can never find it so... that is quite annoying.
Anyway, this is hopefully going to be a story about Lily, James and Harry, with no Voldemort. I know that without Vildemort there wouldn't be the books, but it still is so sad when James and lily die after only a year with their son. I'm still going to try to keep to the nOrmal parts, (if I get that far) with Ron and Ginny and hermione.
I don't really care if noone reads this. I just wanted someone to write a story with this story line, and sending telepathic thoughts don't work. So I'm just going to see how it goes. But im still putting up a feedback thread.
And also, the characters in this fic are NOT MINE. They are Jo Rowlings.
And some characters are also from another fic, The brave at heart by marauderfan. All her creation too.


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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

You can open a feedback thread here

Please take care of your grammar when posting your story


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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

I think this is the feedback link.
But seeing as I have nothing written for you to give me feedback, I guess I won't know till I write something!!
So yeh..the feedback thread

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

As the beautiful sun shone over Godrics Hollow, James Potter awoke.
For a moment he just lay there, thinking about the days events. When he finally decided to get up, he did it quietly and at the same time looked at his wife Lily, lying on the other side of the bed.
She hadn't slept well the last few days, (she was sick and being pregnant didn't help). So James thought he would let her sleep in.
Quietly, James reached down and grabbed some clothes, then head down the hallway for a shower.


Twelve o'clock came and Lily woke the first thing she saw was a face staring down at her.
Her first reaction was shock and reached over for her wand, but then she realised it was James and lay back down.
He laughed and put a coffee by her bedside table and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Morning my love. "

"Morning." She grumbled back.

"I see you sound nearly as good as you look." James said, suspressing a laugh.

Lily looked at herself in the mirror on the opposite wall. Noticing her hair ruffled up, and sticking to her face from the odd angle she slept on and under her not-so-neat lilac pajamas, was a bump which was their unborn, eight month old baby. She looked at James and laughed.
He was pleased as she had been quite down the last few days, and had rarely laughed.
She sat up and started drinking her coffee.

"What's happening today? I feel like there was something but I can't remember."
Lily looked thoughtful.

"Well, Padfoot is over for lunch and then at five we have an appointment at St Mungos for something to do with the baby, but I can't remember."
James frowned, concentrating what the St Mungos appointment was.

"What's the time?" Lily asked.


"Damn it!" she hurried around the room finding and throughing on some clothes. Then rushed as fast as she could downstairs, (which wasn't very fast), and started to make lunch.
James smiled to himself. She hated being late for anything.
He started walking down to help with lunch, but he didn't get halfway when the door bell rang. He walked over to answer it.

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Sorry chapters are so short! I'm going to have not much time over the next few weeks so int expect another to be posted soon. I'm already having second thoughts about starting this because clearly, I'm not made to be a writer but I'll try.
Feed back please!

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Hello again.
I'm not sure exactly what the rest of the story is going to be like so let's just see.. I can't remember how Sirius or James was described and CBS looking it up so I'm just going to guess
And if Maurauderfan is there, I want to use Melanie in my story but you kind of hinted they weren't going to stay together in the story you had her in so I'm not sure if I'll use her.
Ps: for those who haven't read The brave at heart by mauraderfan you should. That is where i got the character Melanie from. And it's also a very good fic.

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

The door swung open.
There on the door step was Sirius, positively beaming at James. He had long black hair that fell into his grey eyes that not many girls could look into then look away again quickly.
He had brought company for next to him stood Melanie Hastings, his girlfriend. (This was why he had rung the doorbell, usually he just apparated straight into the house but he didn't do that when he brought Melanie. Though James had his suspicions he would start aparating into the house with her.) She had long pretty curls that fell gracefully done her back. She too looked as if she had had a smile charm placed on her.

"Alright there Prongs?" Sirius said, then invited himself into the house. James laughed and held the door wider for Melanie to walk through to, and he shut it with a click. They headed towards the kitchen where by the sounds of it, Sirius was already there joking with Lily. James made small talk with Mel until they got to the kitchen, to which Mel stated to talk to Lily, and helped with the salad. They had been, and still were, really good friends at Hogwarts.

James grabbed butterbeers and handed one over to Mel, who was still chatting to Lily one, then took one for him and handed the last to Sirius. (Butterbeer still had a trace of alcohol in it so Lily always refused.)

"Did you hear about the Fonffs boy?" Sirius said.

"Yeh. It's horrible. I'd hate it if my son got bitten by a werewolf. And he was only four!"

"Don't let Moony hear you say that. It sounds like you have simething against werewolves." Sirius laughed a little.

"But still, to go through that pain? Let's hope soon they will invent a potion or spell to help them."

After some more fruitless discussion, involving lots of joking around, Lily laud out the food on the table and the four of them started to eat.
After a few hours of enjoying each others company, Sirius and Mel left, leaving James and Lily to go to St Mungos.
James had to take Lily side along apparition, and after an unpleasant, suffocating feeling, they arrived outside the little grubby clothes store and walked through the window. In the reception, Lily took James hand and led him down a corridor to the lifts. On they went to the second floor, and ended up at Healer Tropit's office. They went inside and waited before he came in.

He was a little wizard with a bald head. He looked like he knew what he was doing, which was comforting to Lily a this whole thing made her nervous.


"Well I won't hold you up long, but I'll get the lady to drink this," and here he handed a little vial containing a cherry colored potion to Lily who drank it down.
She ten wales over to a weird looking machine, which enabled the healer to see inside her. He took a few notes and asked if they wanted to know if the baby was a girl or boy. Lily and James looked at each other. Hey came to a silent agreement and Lily nodded.

"Ok. You are going to be having a little baby... Boy."

James suddenly realized, Hey. I'm going to be a dad! He had of course known for months but now it seemed so real. So weird.

Lily noticed the expression on his face and asked,

"James? Are you alright?" She was thrilled she was having a boy, but she would of been just as thrilled of having a girl.

"Hmm?" He seemed distracted. But Lily knew him too well. She guessed he had come to realize just how big this was going to be.
She sighed, jumped down from the weird machine and walked up to James and have him a kiss and then hugged him.
"I know this is majorly huge. But we're ready for this." she whispered into his ear.
"I know. Im just a bit.."

Lily gave a soft chuckle and said "Me too."

Hand in hand, they walked out of the hospital

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Yeh I know. Not much of a story so far eh? I'm still hoping I can get it good. Otherwise I'll just give up and leave the writing to the pros.
Please feedback me!!

(if anyone bothered to read my ****)


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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Arghh!! This is soo slow coz i have to do it on my ipod and I have that irritating invention predictive text!! So that's why some of the words are weird and that is why my chapters are so short. So yeh..
The story.and just to clear things up, this is about if voldemort never existed. It is so hard coz I keep wanting to write stuff about the order. There are still prejudice people and in the previous chapter, there was a mention of a werewolf bite. That was from an out of control werewolf.
Aurors are in the story too. They are just like policemen.
So I just thought to clear that up....


The next few weeks passed quite quickly for the Potters. They had a few people drop in, including Remus Lupin, Peter Pettergrew and Of course, Sirius Black. They were good friends of James, like brothers to him. In school they had formed a group called the Marauders and they had created more havoc and chaos at Hogwarts then a niffler inside a very rich Gringotts vault.
As well as those three mischievous boys, Lilly's friend, Alice Longbottom and her husband Frank had come for dinner.
Alice was also nearing the end of her pregnancy, as both were eight months into their pregnancy.
The two of them had just finished their auror training.
The days for James were full of working as he was coming nearer to the end of his auror training and had to sit final examinations, which he had actually studied for. This just showed how much he loved his job.
Lily was a training healer, but was on maternity leave, just like Alice. With James at work a lot recently, and her bug belly reducing the things to do, she decided to visit her mum.
She drove over to Little Whinging, (she wasnt allowed to apparate or floo) just as the sun was at its highest. She rang the door bell and waited. her parents were muggles, and seeing their house compared to all the other wizarding ones was just weird.
The door opened to reveal a short woman in her 50's with greeting hair.

"Lily! What a lovely surprise!" she invited her daughter in and hugged her. Ever since her husbands death, Lilys mum had been quite depressed. But now she had reached the point of looking cheerful again. Mrs. Cathleen Evans walked her to the kitchen where a young woman holding a child, quite bony and skinny, glared at her.

"Hello Petunia."

"Hello" was the curt response she received.
Ever since Lily had been told she was a witch, Petunia had Hated her and they really didn't get on well. Petunia thought Magic was abnormal and hated the mere mention of the word. Her husband, Vernon had the same views. They hadn't talked to each other since Lilys wedding. She at least had the decency to come, Lily asked,
"How have you been?"

"Fine thanks. You?"

"Rather good."

Their mum was just standing their, shifting from foot to foot awkwardly.
"I'll just.. Go.. Maybe get something to nibble."

Lily slowly sat down, afraid her sister would jump up. She only flinched however.

"Your son looks just like you. And, um Vernon. "
The first time Lily met Vernon, he hadn't really liked her. And after he and Petunia got married, she told him about Lily being a magical being.
"He does doesn't he? So beautiful and such a good boy." Her face softened as she looked at the sleeping baby in her arms.

They talked for a while. Though there was some awkwardness in the air, and Petunia kept looking out the window incase someone looked in and saw who she was talking to, Lily felt she made progress with her sisters relationship. She worked out that if she kept the topic around Petunias life, she was fine. Her sister had barely asked about the baby she was having and didn't ask at all about James, who she disapproved of.
After a bit, Petunia got up and said goodbye to Lily. They weren't quite up to the stage of hugging. She said goodbye to her mum and then left. Lily left soon after and drove the long drive home. As the car went auto-pilot, magically speeding up the drive that would of taken a few hours, Lily arrived home, smiling at herself.
Petunia had talked to her! She couldn't wait to tell James.

Done that. So stuck to think.
Anyway, feedback?http://www.cosforums.com/showthread.php?t=131876

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Yehh. So this is the next post. In the chapter, there is a part including the mention of aurors, because I think even though voldemort don't exist in me story, there are still people like the Lestranges who are still prejudiced and occasionally get a bit out of hand against muggle-borns. So yeh..
And also, I've lost my fifth Harry potter book so I can't remember what levels and wards were at St Mungos. So I made it up.


James had been happy for Lily when she had told him of the encounter with Petunia. It had hurt her dearly that Petunia had hated being anywhere near. If James had his way, he would of hexed Petunia on more than one occasion because of the way she treated Lily. But yet, his wife, ever the loving put up with it and still tried to bridge the gap between them. He was so thankful of that. How could he of deserved someone do loving?


The next few days towards the middle of July were tense, as Lilys due date was on the 20th. Herself and James had thought of a couple of names, and a few had popped up more than once, but none had really appealed to her.

The day after the baby was expected, Lily was over visiting her friend who also happened to be Sirius's girlfriend, Melanie Hastings.
She was sitting at the kitchen bench in the little apartment that Melanie had brought a few months after Lily and James wedding, in the early days of December. Pumpkin juice in hand, they talked about small stuff.
"Have you and James thought of any names for your son?" Melanie asked.

Lily was about to respond when she was interrupted. Tumbling out of the fire was a grubby women whom Lily recognised to be Alice Longbottom.

"Alice! What are you doing here! Not that I mind but aren't you meant to not floo?" Lily exclaimed.

Melanie looked like she had spilt most of her butterbeer by the fright Alice had given her and was now frantically siphoning it up with her wand.

"I'm so so sorry! I should of called!" Alice looked like she was close to tears. Mel and Lily quickly grabbed her hands and helps her sit down on the couch.

"I just got a call from St Mungos. While Frank*was at work today, he got called out to restrain some people who don't like Muggles and muggle-borns. And one of them, Bellatrix Lestranges seems to have it in for him! Oh, he was hit by a curse. His in a stable condition at St Mungos but I don't know what I'd do if I lose him!" And then she just broke into sobs. Mel and Lily looked at each other. Clearly, thing like this weren't that out of the ordinary at the aurors office, but *when it happened to someone you love...

The girls immediately grabbed their jackets and they walked over to the fire place and floors instantly to St Mungos, the reception area greeting their arrival. Running up to the receptionist they hurriedly asked where Frank Longbottom was.

And after a quick look at her files, she answered "3rd floor. Long term spell damage."

They raced to the lifts. Usually if they were trying to hurry they would take the stairs but as two of the three women were pregnant...
The cool voice announced their arrival at the floor and they sped down the corridor, looking through each door.
Finally, halfway down the white painted wall they found Frank in one of the rooms. He was lying in bed, scratches all over his face and arms. So many he looked like he had someone do cross-hatching with a red paintbrush all over him. He was barely recognizable.

"Oh my gosh. What have they done?" Lily heard Alice say to her from behind.

They rushed forward and Alice immediately planted herself on his bed, holding his hand, years already creeping down her face. The other two moved forward to comfort her. They stayed like that for a while, until Franks mother came in. Mel and Lily left the others there and leaves, allowing them some privacy. But not before a healer came up and said that they expect Frank should recover in a weeks time.

They could only hope.


I know I know. Dodgy ending? But the difference with me and other writers, they only have writers block half the time when I have it ALL the time, so it's difficult for me to write a nice ending.
Feedback if anyone is there??

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Ok, sorry about delay but here is the next chapter. The story looks like it is heading nowhere, I know but I'm still hoping that I have a pinch of fairy dust to turn it around because I think it's a good story line but I just don't have that gift of writing. And sorry the chapters are short. I start writing but because I'm doing all this on my iPod it keeps crashing so I have no way to save my work. Sorry I'm writing cr@p again so I'll just..

It was nightfall by the time Lily returned to her little cottage in Godrics Hollow, and there in the petit kitchen was James, looking As if he had just fought a battle, but with his kind of work, he just may have.

"Sorry I wasn't here. Alice had to go to the hospital as Frank had a bad run in with the aurors and got pretty badly cursed. Even though it wasn't life threatening she still needed the moral support."
By the time Lily had finished speaking she was out of breath as she realized she had just run from the fireplace and by all that speaking without breathing in first. She sat at the table and summoned a pumpkin juice.

"Yeh I know. I'm part of the auror office, aren't I?"
He walked over and wrapped his arms around her. The pair of them were only 20, yet they had a family growing and together held more love than anyone could think possible.

"I guess. It's just been a real hard day and do you remember that the baby was due yesterday and we still haven't thought Of names?"

"It had come to my attention.." James pretended took thoughtful.

Lily gave a tired laugh and together they brainstormed boy names. More than once did James pop up, mainly Lilys suggestions but James didn't fancy having someone else share his name.
More agreeing and disagreeing found four final contenders. Max, Colin, Evan and Frilo.
Lily decided to call it a night at tenish so went up to bed. After rummaging around in her draw, she grabbed some pajamas and slipped them on, then falling into her bed and instantly fell asleep.


A week passed, and on the 29th, at an hour which Lily felt like she should of been asleep long before, an unexpected owl came into the Potters house delivering a message saying that Alice had went into labor. Frank had been released from St Mungos a few days earlier. Lily was so happy for her, but because it was well after midnight when she got the message, she thought that she would wait till morning to see if her baby was born yet. It looked like a hard night for Alice Longbottom.

As dawn broke the next morn, Lily and James got ready to go and see Alice, but they were interrupted by a knock at the door. James went and answered it.
*There on the doorstep was Remus Lupin.
He stood there, looking a bit worn but otherwise, the mood he seemed to be in was good.

"Hey there. Haven't seen you for a while." Remus said.

"Yeh. Almost since last full moon." James responded with a grin on his face as he slapped Remus on the back and let him in. It was true though. The last time James had seen Moony was two weeks ago at the full moon. He had had so much work on since then he hadn't seen anyone outside if the auror office except from Lily. It was good to see some manly energy around.

They talked a bit, and Lily was estatic to see they had a visitor. She had been friends with Remus before the other marauders as they were prefects together. They talked for a while when suddenly there was another knock at the door. This time it was Lily who answered it.
This greeting belonged to Melanie, as Lily said hi back and stepped aside to let her in. But before anymore words could be spoken, Melanie exclaimed,
"Frank and Alice had a boy!"

"Really? What did they call him?" Lily was so happy for her friend, and she thought again how soon this would be someone saying this about her.

"Neville Frank Longbottom. I haven't gone to see it yet though. I was just on my way and thought you should know."

"Oh thank you! Did you want to come in quickly? For a quick butterbeer or maybe Firewhiskey for this occasion?"

"Oh why not?" Melanie finally stepped over the threshold and walked through to the kitchen where she quickly told the two boys who it seemed had been comparing quidditch experiences.

"That's Great! Isn't it James?" Remus said, looking extremely happy.

James grumbled and handed His friend 5 galleons. Remus looked delighted and Melanie laughed but Lily raised her eyebrows to her husband, questioning the meaning of this.

"Umm.. We may of made a bet who would have their baby first. Just me and moony." James kind of slouched as if he expected to be hit with one of Lily's famous jelly legs jinx.

But Lily couldn't help but laugh. What went on in his mind, she would never know.
The four made a toast, three of them downing Firewhiskey and one a gillywater. They then got up and left to go to St Mungos.


I do try to make it good, I swear.... But yeh.. I think it's a bit far gone to be saved but I'll keep writing and will have no objections to people who can't be bothered to read this. I would be surprised if anyone did. But anyone who does, feedback will be Appreciated.


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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Next one. I know that the chapters are short, so I'll try to write bigger ones but there is no promise. I'll just keep writing this chapter until I can't think of what else to write to make up for the short ones.
I have been told that it's hard to distinguish the point of views, and I realize that mistake now, so I'm just going to write who's point of view it is t the top for now while I try to get it better.
Also thank you Rew for your Wonderful feedback! Helps soooooo much!!

Lilys POV:

It had been only that morning when Lily, James, Melanie and Remus went to visit little Neville. He was quite a tubby baby, but looked a lot like his parents. Melanie had a bit too much to drink, so ended up yelling to the hospital wing that she thought he looked so cute that you could eat him and pretended to have a bite. Frank thought she actually intended to do some eating, and so had gotten defensive and had quickly blocked her, sending her sprawling and ending up having to have a few large bruises cured. It gave them all something to laugh at. Alice was already feeling much better as there were potions that she could take which make her a lot more healthier, but they still needed to stay for a few more day so that the doctors could make sure the baby was alright.

But no matter how much Lily studied Frank, she couldn't figure out for the life of her just what he was feeling. He wasn't the typical auror, being tough all year round and showing not to much mercy when they caught a criminal. He was soft and tried to do things fairly and hated using any spells against anyone. He had a strong mind though and Lily had a strong suspicion that if he was ever tortured for information, he wouldn't give in until he was insane. That was how strong he was.
But now, he looked at the slumbering child with an air of proudness, but also fear. Lily hadn't seen Frank with little kids before, and wasn't sure how he would react. It would be interesting to see...

The rest if the day passed quite slowly. Lily stayed at the hospital the rest of that morning, only leaving at one o'clock that afternoon as she got caught up talking to Franks mother. She really was an interesting person.

She made her usual trip back home in her magically altered car, and as she walked in the front door she saw James along with his three best friends, Peter, Remus and Sirius, sitting at the coffee table in the living room, laughing at something it appeared dear Padfoot had said.

Funny there nicknames. It was only when she had Become a prefect and become close to Remus that she figured out he was a werewolf. She was quite a bright witch, getting 10 OWLs and 1 exceeds expectations in Defence against the Dark arts in her fifth year, and excellent grades in her NEWT year.
But it was only after she had started dating James, exactly five months into their relationship, that she figured out he, along with Peter and Sirius, were animagus, so of course she had discovered where their nicknames originated from.


Lily yawned as she climbed the familiar stairs up to her dormitory, and pushed open the door with the plaque reading: Seventh Years.
She slowly walked over to her bed, glancing at the other sleeping girls around her. She had stayed up later then usual studying because she had her patrol duty with James. She quickly changed and pulled the hangings around her. Then she fell asleep.

In the early hours in the morning, before the moon set and the sun would rise, Lily woke, desperate for some water. She grabbed some slippers and walked to the bench with the water jug. As she sipped the water, she looked down to the grounds. It was a beautiful full moon tonight, and quite cold too. But a sudden movement caught her eye. It was over near where she knew the whomping willow was, but it was just out of her range of vision.
It was a beast if sorts, and then she was hit by a wave of fear. It was a werewolf, and she somehow knew it to be Remus. She didn't know what to do. Her eyes travelled to her wand and back, thinking that she should go down there and do something, anything to stop the beast from going near the castle. But before she could react upon this instinct, there came two more animals. One seemed to be big, white and had antlers. A stag? She didn't think they lived in the forbidden forest.
The other was even more surprising. A dog? A big black dog? There is something fishy here, she thought. But the oddest thing was that they seemed to run straight to the werewolf, almost play fighting. She leaned closer to the window. There was a really small animal too she could just see. It looked like a mouse, or a squirrel. Or maybe even a rat. So strange. She placed the cup on her bedside table, but when she looked up again, they were gone.

It must of been a dream. I must be dreaming. She thinks. So she hopped back into bed and fell asleep, the rest of the night she had funny dreams of a stag coming and turning into James, the dog and rat doing the same with Sirius and Peter. They kept on changing and then changing back like some sort of dance.

When she woke, Lily headed towards the great hall. She saw the familiar messy head of black hair and walked up to James.

"Hey there." Lily says as she goes and gives him a quick kiss.

"Hey they right back at you," he responded. She notices that all three if them looked really tired. Must of stayed up late in their dorm. Remus is nowhere in sight.
She sat next to James, acknowledges Sirius and Peter, then grabbs some scrambled eggs and started to dollop it on her plate.

"Sleep well Lily?" James said In between a sip of tea.

"Alright. I woke up really early and looked out of our window while I was having some water and I saw Remus with his 'furry little problem" she said, using James code word.
"But then it was odd because there were some animals playing with it. You'd think they would run away, right? I mean," and here she lowered her voice, "Werewolves are no herbivores..."

James had stopped eating and looked like he had swallowed a flubberworm covered in Bubotuber pus. Sirius was looking in on the conversation, an expression unreadable etched on his face.

"Yeh.. Well, that's umm.. Weird." James said, trying to regain his normal attitude.

"I know right? And the funny part is, I had the weirdest dream afterwards where you kept changing into a stag, then back. It was actually really funny. Like a dance... What's up James?" Lily broke off, confused with James odd expression on his face.

"Yeh. Lily, I need to tell you something but you must never, and I mean never, tell anyone."

Flashback finished:

He had taken her to an unused classroom and told her all about the animagi, and why they had become what they were.
Lily knew that James hates lying to her. She was bound to figure it out after a while.

She smiled at the memory, and walked into the living room filled with people. After a quick Hello, receiving many back, she walked to the kitchen and starts to chop lettuce for a salad.
Today was the thirtieth. Around a week after the baby is ment to be born.
I'm really getting sick of this. She thinks as she starts chopping tomatoes too.
She Couldn't wait till the end of her pregnancy, but there was still a feeling of fear about the next stage if parentage. Be quite funny to watch James and the baby. And Sirius as the Godfather? The baby is definitely going to turn into a quidditch star, loving the game as much as his father and Sirius. He'll have the girls chase after him, only the redheads will have the guts to tell him if he is being a prat.
A twinge of regret hits. Of all those time James was being nice, asking you out and trying to impress you, you just told him off and called him a git.
She let out a deep sigh and paused, Things have definitely changed since then.


I've lost my track of thought on my writing so I try to put it like it was but I can't remember how. ( I've fire trucked up big time.

Anyways, feedback???

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Next chapter involves a bit of excitement. Finally)

James POV:

"...and so I bought the little crib thing for my darling little grandchild when it is finally born. Lily showed me the nursery the last time I visited and I must say, the white of the crib compliments the color of the walls rather nicely."

James mother was over for a quick afternoon tea along with his Father. They were quite well mannered, and Loved their only son with all their hearts. But at the moment James was trying to look interested by his mothers recount on her little shopping spree with Lily a few weeks ago whee they bought everything for the nursery. James had left it all up to Lily to design, not really into that stuff, and it looked so boring...

His parents were dropping off some extra things at the time. The Three of them were in the lounge room while Lily was getting Mrs. Potters Plate she had left last time from the kitchen. James checked his beautiful golden watch. Eleven in the morning, thirty-furst July. He the was starting to sink into that familiar stupor he hadn't felt since his last History of Magic class in fifth year, when a small cry emitted from the direction of the kitchen, followed shortly by a noise sounding like someone had dropped a plate.*

James excused himself from his concerned looking parents, and ran to the kitchen. Lily was holdin onto the bench, her face looking rather plae. She spotted James and gave a weak smile.

"What's up Lils?"

"Oh nothing. I just felt a very painful kind of jab I guess." she looked like she was in pain. "Gave me a shock, that's all, so I dropped the plate."
She gave another weak smile and went to grab her wand from the counter.

"Reparo." She speaks confidently, but nothing happens.

"Lily. What's wrong?" He was concerned now. That was a simple spell she had known since second year.

"Nah everything's alright. I'm just a bit tired. You know, I'm fine." she didn't seem herself. Maybe she was just tired coz she usually didn't act like this.

James wasn't convinced, but he started to walk out of the room. He was at the door when he heard a gasp.
James whipped around, wand already out and he turns to see Lily, even paler than before, a puddle at her feet and saturated robes.
James eyes widened in shock. Did Lily's water just break? Was she in labor? He stared to feel light headed and leaned against the wall to steady himself.
Just then, Mrs. Potter and Mr. Potter came around the corner. They took in the sight immediately and helped Lily to the car outside. James took control of himself as much as he could, and races upstairs to get the already packed suitcase. While he was doing that, he grabbed a shard of a mirror, parchment and a quill and whistled to their owl, Berum, who immediately found a place in James's shoulder. His arms loaded he got into the car next to his wife and they set off, the car was able to quickly jump the traffic and what should of taken 2 hours or so, took ten minutes as they reached St Mungos.

James looked over at Lily, her eyes wide, though he couldn't tell from fear or excitement. Probably both.*

He helped Lily out, and supported her through the window where they were directed by the welcome witch to the second floor to the maternity ward.
Lily was helped into a bed in a small room with a weird pattern on the wall witch seemed to consist of unicorns. Bit girly.
"Well hello again. Thought I'd be seeing you again soon." It was Healer Tropit.

" I trust that you had no problem getting here?"

James shook his head. The ministry had started a new project that pregnant witches could borrow are ministry vehicle as they couldn't travel by floo powder or apparate. They had been bewitched so that you barely had to do anything to drive it, and the could somehow go extremely fast. They had been a big help.

"Ok. So just before your water broke, I guess you couldn't use magic?"
He had a clipboard out and was writing notes.

Lily only nodded, her forehead glistening with sweat like she had just run a marathon.

"Quite common. Any contractions either?"

"Yes. Just before my water broke." James had known Lily well enough to hear the thread in her voice that showed she was scared. Of all the times James had known her, none seemed to be as nervous as this.
He met her eyes. Those beautiful green eyes with which he had fallen in love with quite early on in their days at Hogwarts. She beckoned him per and he obliged.

"Can you send an owl to my mum please? She will want to know."

"Of course, anything you want."
He kissed her forehead, ad reached around for the suitcase to find he left it in the car.

"Be right back." and as he left through the door, he saw his parents move into where Lily lay. He smiled. They loved her as the daughter they never had. He was happy about that too. Well, who wouldn't be?

The car in the parking lot wasn't locked, and Berum was sitting on it and eyed James as he came. It looked as if he couldn't decide whether to be angry at him or not. He grabbed the stuff and headed through to the hospital once more, pausing at the fire to send a quick face-to-face message to Sirius, whom he trusted would tell Wormtail and Moony.
Back at the room which he had already called it the unicorn room, he scribbled a message to Lilys parents on parchment and sent it away, just a a healer came by and said she was doing fine, but they didn't expect the baby to be here for another two or more hours. She then handed a potion to her that she drank rather reluctantly; even though she was a healer, she hated to drink potions just like she hates drinking muggle medicine.
Too unnatural for her liking.


As the day had worn out, they had a few visits. The first was Alice, in her Pajamas walking over to Lily's room cradling Neville with Frank.
Melanie also dropped by with Lily's other best friends Mary Macdonald and Danelle Ristump. But they weren't there for long as it was too crowded in her room already, so they just waited outside. Sirius had also shown up, looked as happy as if it were his baby. He was accompanied by Remus and Peter, who too looked happy. Everyone likes a baby right?
But the person Lily wanted to see most was her mother.
Sirius had volunteered to get her, but he had no idea where her house was so James went with him.

"Oi! Padfoot!" He had to call for Sirius to hear him. He was already ahead of him by a fair way.

Sirius seemed to hear him, and turned. Took a few seconds for James to catch up, but he needed to speak to him. His never been good in awkward situations.

"Umm.. Look. Sirius.." when the Marauders used the others real names, that was a sign something was serious.

"Me and Lily think, Well, that is.. We were wondering if, um, you'll be Harry's Godfather?" he didn't know why he was so nervous. Now that he said it, it seemed obvious Sirius would be Godfather. Who else?

He watched as his best mates face split into a huge grin.

"Nah, I'm just going to turn down that offer." Sirius said.

If James Hadn't known Sirius that well than he would of stood there, mouth wide like a fish and staring at his friend in astonishment. But He knew Sirius really meant "Sure as Hell i'll be godfather!"

He grinned as well and they hugged. Manly though. Don't want anyone thinking we're soft, James thought.

They quickly let go and then apparated to Lily's child home. Her mum was looking anxiously out the window and saw the two boys. She ran out, locking the door behind her, and then ran to meet them.
She had gotten the letter a while ago, explaining someone was picking her up.
So back to the hospital they went.

Lilys POV

Yep. I'm sitting. I'm looking around at my surroundings. I'm bored.
So is there really just four hundred and two unicorns on that wall? I was sure it would be over a thousand. Lilys thoughts buzzed her mind, and soon she was just exhausted. It didn't help that the unicorns kept moving too. Then there was all the
People to socialize with. Lucky Alice was back at her ward. But the others were just outside her room, excluding the soon to be grandparents.
To be honest, she thought giving birth would be a lot more eventful. But they had been at the hospital for four hours. She knew some people stay for a fair while longer, but she just had no patience. I just want to have a baby and be done with it.
The two main people that she wants to see aren't here.

She turned her head to see her mum running towards her, her handbag flailing up behind her.
"How are you sweetie?" she put her hand to Lily's forehead.

"Fine mum. Just want this over with."

This was the first birth in the family to be born at the wizard hospital, so both women were a bit nervous.

Her mum was about to answer when the healer came back in.

James POV

This was it. The moment where he becomes a father. He will never not be a father after this moment.*
He holds onto Lily's hand, her mum on the otherwise of her. Sirius was welcome to stay in the room, but had quickly left when the baby had started coming.
Mel was there. A fellow trainee healer.
James parents were there too, but the kept their distance and let the healers do what they had to do.

"Come on Lily. Push beautiful." James and his mother kept whispering words of encouragement to her.
"I'm pushing!" she responded very moodily back through gritted teeth. Obviously the potions didn't help that much.
She let out a cry of pain, then relaxed slightly.
Drenched in sweat, she sits panting, tears came to her eyes.
This is it. That cry is their first sound of their baby. The proudest moment of his life. The midwife held the child as she cleaned him off with a towel. This was not an area that involved much magic for it was to risky with a baby.
The she handed the baby to Lily. She held him as if she had never held anything so delicate in her life. So tiny. Now James looked at Lily for what seemed like the Hundredth time that day. He was so proud of her. She still had tears coming to her eyes, but now they were because of her joy.
She looked up to and James Kissed her forehead again.

"Good Job beautiful," he whispered. The she handed him the baby. It was so small! And very pink and tubby. Rather gross too, but he wouldn't say that out loud. This was their family. This small thing, barely a few minutes old, was his son. He bow had taken up so much love of James, and even though he didn't know him, he felt as if he did, they were long lost father and son, finally reunited in the unicorn room. As he handed the child to Cathleen, a year escaped his eyes.
This was it. The proudest day of his life, and he will never forget it.
Slowly, the baby moves a little and opens his eyes.
They were green, the exact color of his mothers.


I don't really know much on this topic, let alone turn it magical, but I felt I needed to add it in. Usually I wouldn't think I would add as many details as I did.
And my iPod is being weird do whenever I post something, a whole lot of these *** come up everywhere so I have to edit it again and delete them. So if you see any they don't mean anything and I've deleted the majority.
So what do you think??

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

It's like 3 in the morning and I'm awake trying to write this chapter.
I'm such a twit aren't I???


Lily's POV

Where in earth was she?
Lily had awoken in a dark forest, just lying on thr ground. She wuickly jumped up incase there were spiders on the ground. A rustling came from a nearby bush. Lily groped on her pocket for her wand. It wasn't there. But she didn't have time to worry about that. A beautiful bay centaur was approaching.

"Harry.... Harry....Harry....."

What weird behaviour.

The voice followed her through the mist, starting to get a bit creepy.

What was going on?

But then she heard another sound. This time it was saying, Lily, but in the same fashion as The words Harry had been spoken.

Suddenly she awoke with a jolt, remembering that yesterday, she had a baby. The events came back to her, already in her brain with the rest if her memories.

It turned out to be James who was saying her name.

"Hey gorgeous. How are you feeling?" he asked, brushing a red strand of hair from her face.*

"Really good. So those potions worked after all, hey?" She managed to smile. She was feeling better due to a potion she had taken before she fell asleep, but she was tired.

A head poked around the door. It was Melanie. As a training Healer in the Maternity area, she had actually helped Lily deliver the baby.

"Hello. And I can actually say to you goes my favorite patient without lying."

Lily gave a tired laugh, forcing herself to sit up.

Mel just went and checked through the usual questions, a quick quotes quill writing down all the information.*
At the end though she asked if they know what the Baby's name was going to be.
James looked to Lily.

"How about Harry?"

James just looked at her, an expression on his face showed he was thinking, 'hmm, Harry is good. Calling for dinner... Harry!' yeh, rather good.

His face broke into a grin and he nodded.

Mel looked to her parchment were the quill wrote the name down as James said it out loud.

"Harry James Potter."


It had been three weeks since Harry was born, and life took a very different turn.
It now involved waking up earlier then he preferred and checking on little Harry.
He was already starting to become rather cheeky, even though it was at quite a young age. He smiled a lot and could turn to his name when it was called. Mind you, he just turned to any sound.
It was interesting the fact that Lily had a wizard for a son.
That very day, Harry was waiting for a bath, but his mum was taking too long so he just stared intently at a vase which flew up and hot the roof to get his mums attention.
James had just laughed and taken him to the bath, while Lily tried her best too look angry, but she was in such high spirits, that was nearly impossible.

After 2 months, in the early days of October, Sirius was at the house, along with all the other seventh year Gryffindors.
So this included Sirius, Peter, Remus, Mary, Alice, (who brought Neville along), Danelle and also Frank who was in the year above them.
Melanie also came, along with Lily's other good friends, Charlotte and Mandy.
These three girls were in Slytherin, but had always been the best friends of the Gryffindors.
They weren't like other Slytherins. They were really nice and disagreed with all the pure blood mania that their parents believed. They were welcome just as much as everyone else.

They were having a little catch up dinner. Or so James and Sirius called it.
The quidditch match Magpies against Portree was in the WWN and the guys liked to listen to the match together.
So after dinner, they were all siting around the fire, doing exactly that.
The occasional cheer came from their direction, but otherwise they couldn't really be heard from the other room.

The women were just sitting around, chatting idly. The two little boys were fast asleep, Melanie holding Harry. She was like an aunty to him, quite protective of her best friends baby.

"James already thinks Harry will be a fantastic quidditch star," Lily was saying. "But his barley eight weeks old!"

The girls laughed. Any child of James Potter was definitely going to play quidditch.

Lily started talking to Charlotte, who she wasn't that close with compared wth the others,but was still a good friend, when she heard Alice ask Melanie about her and Sirius.
Those two had started going out in seventh year, in autumn, but had broken up around three months later.
But then after school had finished they had started going out again, and had been for the past year. Indeed, the longest time Sirius had been with any girl, which showed he was serious this time.
"Doesn't it ever bother you the number of ex-girlfriends that guy has had?" Lily heard Mandy asking.

"Not really. I think this is the first real relationship he actually cares about."

Lily zoned back into her conversation, which Danelle joined in. She was an obliviator, completing her training recently and was telling the others about an attack that they had to wipe the Muggles minds.

"We are positive it was the Carrows. We have no proof really and the aurors are searching for them to interrogate. Of course it's much easier if these kind of people weren't so hard to track down."

Lily was sitting, deep in thought. Another attack. That was five attacks in that month. People were aware that there were dark wizards and witches out there, but never had they Been so active. At that moment, there was a loud swishing sound that filled the room, and an owl came in and dropped a letter in Lily's lap, then retreated back out the window into the dark night.
In one quick movement, the envelope was slitted open, and Lily read:

Dear James and Lily,
I need you to know that Your father James, has been involved with in an accident within the Department of Mysteries. We do not know what happened, only that a spell went wrong when they were doing something with experimental magic, but that is all they will allow us to know, even then they only said that to close family.
We are at St Mungos now, but it isn't looking too hopeful.
Please come soon,
Your mother,

Meredith Potter.

She finished reading it with her eyes wide open. She was only vaguely aware of everyone in that room watching her.

She murmered, "I'll be back soon," ad ran off towards where the boys were.

It seemed that whatever team they were supporting had just lost the match, the other team caught the snitch.
"James!" At the sound of his name he looked up. Lily handed him the letter and with every word he read, his face whitened.

He jumped up, grabbed his cloak and walked to the fire place.

"I'll stay the night with Harry, then we will come next morning."
He only nodded and she gave him a hug goodbye, then watched him disappear in a whirl of emerald flames.

Then he was gone.

The others stayed a bit later, then slowly left.
In the end it was just her, Sirius and Melanie left, the former getting all the empty bottles and cups.
Mel and Sirius sat on the couch, Arguing over which was the most important position on the quidditch team.

"It's definelty the chaser, they score goals."

"But the Keeper blocks them to stop the other team getting too ahead in the game."

"Well than it's definitely the seeker. They have the power to make their team get ahead in points by miles!"

"But it also depends on the skill of that certain player!" Mel sounded a bit frustrated by now, yet she still had a grin on her face.
Sirius was grinning back, he had a specialty of teasing people. Which he quite enjoyed doing.

"I swear Sirius. You are one of the most frustrating people on earth!" she let out a huge sigh.

"To true, to true. Yet you still are my girlfriend?"
By now Mel looked so annoyed, yet Lily knew that she would let it pass, because she still had an amused expression on her face.

"Your still an idiot."

"Yeh, but you love me."

"I do, yes."

Sirius looked a bit taken back, then recovered and said,
"Well than I'll just have to love you back, won't I?"
Lily walked away, giving the couple some privacy. A smile on he face.
Even though they had been going out for some time, they had never said that they love each other before. This was definitely the first time Sirius ever loved anyone, and maybe the same for Mel. She walked upstairs to check on Harry when a glow came towards Lily in the hall way. As it came nearer, she saw that it was a patronus in the shape of a Phoenix.
It was Dumbledores.
His recognizable voice said, "Dark forces are in Godrics Hollow. Protect yourself and family." Then it was gone.
She rushed into the nursery and grabbed Harry, placing a silencing charm on him incase he started crying.
She raced downstairs and told Sirius and Mel what the patronus had said.
They jumped up quickly and Sirius ran outside. She heard him muttering protection spells under his breath.
Lily looked to Mel, seeing her fear mirrored in her friends face.
At the moment, there weren't too many magical folk in Godrics Hollow.
And here they were, trapped in this little house.
If the baddies were targeting them, and knew where they lived, they would be able to breach the protective spells Sirius was putting up.
A thought struck her and she handed the child to Mel, then ran upstairs to their bedroom.
It's got to be here somewhere, she thought.

"Accio invisibility cloak!"
A silvery piece of material flew towards and she raced back down stairs again, Sirius now in the house too.

"I got this to hide us, just incase they come by." she didn't add on that she hoped they wouldn't, because she felt like if it was said, they would be jinxed and come.

Suddenly, a loud boom echoed from around three hundred meters away, followed by a stream of light. Lily and Mel jumped under the invisibility cloak, along with Harry who was now in Lily's arms again. She had put a disillusion spell in Harry, incase they were found.

"Come on Sirius!" Mel was getting slightly hysterical by now. She hated the dark arts, and her parents were big supporters of them. She even thought her brother was right in with the bad people.
Her bad experiences had left a permanent scarring for life.

Sirius however, shook his head.

"I'm not an auror for nothing," and then he left.

"What an idiot."

Scarcely able to breath for fear, Lily turned off the lights with a swish of her wand.
The two ladies and child stood there, paralyzed with fear until Lily said, "Hold Harry, I'm going to see what's Going on."
She was about to leave when Melanie grabbed her arm.

"Wait! Just.. Be careful.."

She nodded in response and walked to the door. She saw a dark form hiding in a bush, looking out on to the street.

"Sirius!" she said in a loud whisper. The head turned around and Lily nearly screamed.
It wasn't Sirius. It was wearing a mask of sorts and now had started advancing to wards Lily.
She backed away and reaches for we wand just as he shot a spell at her.
She blocked it with ease. It was one of the first spells she had mastered with out speaking it.
She shot some spells back, which her opponent blocked as if he was merely brushing a fly away.
Back and force it went for a bit, when she just dodged a cruiciatus curse by a mere two centimeters.
Her opponent cackled loudly and Lily realized she was a women.
She raised her wand to finish Lily off when a spell shot towards the dark witch from behind. The spell missed, but only just.

The women turned and saw she had two opponents, so she turned and ran out to the street.
Lily went to follow and saw Melanie doing so to.

"I heard spells being fired close by, so I went to investigate. Harry is still invisible, lying in the floor under the table."
Lily only nodded, even though she didn't approve of her baby lying on the floor near a battle.

They rounded a corner and saw something that took away the girls breath momentarily.

Twenty or so witches and wizards stood there, battling there opposing side. There were evenly matched, ten on both sides and they were battling so ferociously. A spell flew right over Lily's head as she ran to help. She saw Sirius battling two in dark cloaks. Mel ran over to help him. She looked at the rest of the others who wee also fighting. Frank was there, so was Gideon and Fabian Prewett, the twins who were also aurors. Mad eye Moody was there along with a person Lily knew to be Caradoc Dearborn. The others she didn't quite recognize, but she joined in and soon the dark side were apparating away.
Once There was silence again, everyone stood, catching their breath.

"D*mn it!" The gruff voice of Mad eye was saying. "Every single one of those idiots got away!"
He went to apparate when suddenly Dumbledore appeared.

"Are they gone?" He asked calmly.

" Everyone of them Albus." Moody responded.
Lily knew that he was one of the most skilled aurors ever, and half the cells un Azkaban were filled because of him. His glass eye was wizzing around in it's socket, freaking Lily out a bit.

"Is that so? Well, I guess we are lucky that none if us were hurt or killed. Did they reach the Pot..." he stopped when his eyes fell on Lily and he walked over to her.

"Is your family alright? We know why they were at Godrics Hollow tonight. However, it is unwise to talk here."

Lily took the hint and invited him as well as the rest of the group into her house. But the others had to get back home to their houses so only Dumbledore, Sirius, Melanie and Mad Eye followed her back to her cottage.

She walked through the door and froze, her foot in midair about to step down.
Then she turned and asked Melanie, "Where's Harry?"

She inclined her head to the kitchen table and she knelt, feeling around. Her hands came intake with a solid object and she pulled the cloak off to see her baby, smiling up at her. The invisibility charm she had put on him had worn off, and she stooped Down and hugged him.
Tonight was a real scare for her, and she never wanted to feel like that again.
She stood and walked to the coffee table and sat on a couch, still holding Harry. She looked at her friends faces and noticed Melanie was sitting still, her eyes glazed as she looked straight ahead. Her hand was holding Sirius's and he too was looking at her, wondering what was wrong.

"So you know why there was those people in Godrics Hollow tonight?"
She inquired, looking at Dumbledores face. He had no twinkle in his eye as he responded to her.

"Indeed. It appears that when James started going back to work, he along with other aurors found out something important about what they were planning. So, of course James told the ministry who stopped their little plan, and naturally they wanted revenge."

"It's as simple as that?" Melanie asked.

"Quite so. But now I think that you just have to be extra careful, Lily. They won't come back anytime soon but you never know. On my way out I'll put some protections up."

Then he and Mad eye left, but not before Dumbledore said that he will be paying a visit to the porters house in the near future to talk to them about something, an that Miss Hastings and Mr Black should be there too.

Lily shut the door behind her and walked over and sat opposite Mel. She had a feeling she knew what was wrong, but didn't say anything. She knew that if she wanted to talk about it she would.

After a minutes pause, she said in a voice barely above a whisper, " I fought Nathan." Nathan was her brother and she had been kicked out of the house shortly after she found out he was working for people like this.

"He recognized me after a bit, and stopped dueling. And he said, "Mel? Is that you?" And he smiled and was like good to see you. But I just kept firing spells at him. He has no idea what he put me through. I just think about him and get these pains in my chest and I know it's his fault that *****!"
The two of them comforted Mel while she wept silently. She had basically lost her brother whom she had cared very deeply about.
Lily suggested she stay the night, as well with Sirius who was going to visit James's dad with her in the morning.
Lily helped her into her bed, Mel borrowing Pajamas from Lily. Lily climbed in next to her and continued to comfort her best friend. Sirius practically had his own room at the Potters House, as he visited so often so he made himself comfortable, and after a while the cottages occupants were fast asleep.

That was quite a long chapter for me, but oh well..

Did anyone get that starkid reference? From A Very Potter Musical? Spoken by Ron Weasley played by Joseph Michael Richter? Act 2 part 1??

Well if not, watch it!!
A very potter musical link:

I'm really just helping you out as it is amazing


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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

I'm off to a rickety start here so bear with me..
And thank you Rew for your feedback. It feels good to have someone who is an amazing writer feedback me


That very next morning, Lily was awoken by the sound of a very grumpy Harry. She looked up and saw she had fallen asleep while comforting Mel.
She slowly stood up and walked down the hallway to the nursery.
But as she walked through the door, there was already someone there.

It was Sirius. He was holding Harry and bouncing him up and down while Harry was just Giggling madly. It also appeared Sirius was pulling faces too.

Lily decided too make her presence known by clearing her throat.
He turned around rather quickly, dropped Harry in his crib and stared at Lily as he he was considering which hex to put on her, even though she had done nothing wrong.

"If you say one word to anyone…"

"...About what a fantastic, though slightly weird Godfather you are?" She finished for him.

He finally smiled along with Lily, and soon the two of them were laughing like mad.
Harry's face showed he had no idea what was going on but he still laughed as well.
After a bit they calmed down, and Lily went back to her room, where Melanie was already sitting up in bed.

"Sorry. Did we wake you?" Lily hated waking people up when it was unnecessary.

"Yeh." she said with a grin.

"Did you walk into Sirius doing plays with Harry's stuffed toys?"

"No." But the image of Sirius doing exactly what Melanie had said was really funny and she cracked up again.
"But he was pulling faces at Harry and spinning him around."
Now it was Mel's turn to laugh.

It seemed to be a very cheery morning.


"How are we meant to get there?"
For Lily could apparate now, but Harry couldn't. They could drive but even with the magicked car, it would take an hour.

"Well maybe we could vanish him there?" Trust Sirius too come up with that idea.

Lily was about to respond how she felt about a stupid idea like that when Mel said, "Wait. That could actually work! I'll apparate ahead while one of you sends me Harry. I've been vanished before and all you feel is a tickling sensation, well, unless you'd do it more than once."

"Fine. But someone has to go with him."
Sirius and Mel looked at Lily expecting her to of been the obvious answer.

"Fine." She said again.

With a salute at the girls, Sirius turned and apparated, leaving Mel to do the spell work.

"What happens if you do this too many times?" Lily said, referring to what she said before.

"It's only if you do it like, five times a day. You start to shrink. I did it a lot for a dare, and I reached the size of Professor Flitwick! I went to the hospital wing and Madam Zuchalus did something funky with her wand and I had to spend a week going to classes really small. It was before we were friends in third year."

"Yeh I remember that. And people tried to make fun of you and you just laughed so they were left dumbstruck." Now they were both laughing again.
She clearly remembered a time how Quin Dolohov had said a particularly horrible remark to her, and every single one of Mel's friends around her hexed Quin. She was in the hospital wing for two and a half weeks.

"C'mon. Sirius would be waiting."

She flourished her wand at Lily and Harry and they vanished immediately.

It was like flying at two hundred miles an hour, like your eyes floating above the clouds, looking down at the fuzzy country side which soon became streets as they got closer to London.
But before she had started to enjoy it, she found she was next to Sirius, who was sitting down flipping through a magazine. When he saw Lily he quickly put it down again and grabbed a gardening magazine that appeared to have a hylfic flower on the front page, (a plant which has tube like petals which can spurt water out from. Useful in the desserts, but only if they are fed gravy). He threw that on top of the one he was reading before which had a witch in a bikini.
Lily looked at him with an amused expression and he just said,
"Tell Mel and I will hex you and for the rest of the week your pants will keep falling down."
But she had no time to respond when Mel appeared suddenly. She said goodbye to Sirius, (very nonverbal) then hugged Lily, and she aparated Home.

Lily, the child and Godfather proceeded on to the room they knew lay Mr Potter.


It had been a rough night.
James had had the tiniest bit of sleep, the rest of it wondering if his father is going to die.
His mother was there, sleeping on the chair next to his fathers head. She had been quite distraught.

The spell that had went wrong had effected both James's dad and another unspeakable.

He had seemed to breath out dragon fire, which does not go with with a humans organs and of course got on anyone who went near him.
So it had started to burn his insides.
A healer had come in and explained that dragons could do that because of their scaly throat which was made for that.

He heard footsteps outside the door and then Sirius and Lily came in. He went to hug Lily.

"Yeh. Hi James it's good to see you too!" He heard his friends sarcasm and turned to him and greeted him.

"So what's been happening?" He heard Lily's anxious voice and again, turned to her and explained the situation to the two. He ruffled Harry's hair who had appeared to have spotted his grandparents And was obviously trying to make an effort to see them.
Meredith chuckled and Lily gave her Harry to hold.

But just before he had finished talking, A beep went off.
He quickly grabbed Lily's hand and pushed Sirius out of the room. His mother followed and just as they were out of the room, a whole lot of white and blue fire shot from his dads mouth. It seemed to have been sucked up in the roof.

"It's a spell that tell us when he is about to breath fire out."
Lily just nodded faintly.
They stayed the ret of the day, then they left again, this time with James.


Didn't really like this chapter but I couldn't think of anything else so there you go..

Please feedback?

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

it would take me forever if i just keep going like i am so i'm gonna skip a few months..
i was very short on time on this chapter as my parents banned me from the computer so i had to be sneaky..
also, i don't know when Lily's birthday is, so i'm going to make it up


the next few months flew by into a rather cold February.
At times, life was really busy but at others the Potter family just enjoyed sitting at home.
Throughout these days, they had a lot of visitors, Alice and Neville being one of the most frequent while James and frank were at work.
Harry and neville soon became fast friends, (if you could call it that at that age), and never seemed to run out f energy when they were around each other.
Harry had just started speaking. Well, blabbering. He knew the basics like 'mama' and 'dada' but mainly he just made a sound that sounded like another word.

James' Dad was let out of hospital three weeks after he went in, but he was still very crook and the healers were amazed he survived.

Midway through February,it happened to be Lily's birthday and James got busy organising what appeared to be a promising day.
So when the morning of the Tenth came, he woke up an hour or so before he knew Lily would, and cast a muffliato charm in her direction.
He smiled to himself. Sirius and him had learned a lot from Snape by stalking him under the invisibilty cloak.
He flourished his wand again in the direction of the ceiling and he heard a loud thud as something hit the floor.
Reaching an arm out, he felt around and then when he hit something bumpy, he pulled.
His dad's invisibility cloak came away and there was a very messy stack of presents lying on the ground.
Putting them on the edge of the bed, he left to go grab some breakfast.

Yawning, Lily woke. she just lay there for a bit, too tired to think about much. When she did decide to sit up, she saw James sitting on their bed, keeping Harry occupied by shooting bubbles out of his wand. Harry looked like he was squealing but no sound admitted from his mouth.

"Good morning." James looked up, then his face broke into a grin.

"Morning you beautiful birthday girl!" He came over and gave her a kiss, then plonked Harry down on her lap and with his wand out, he undid the silencing charm he had placed on him so not to wake Lily
She gave him a hug. This was her first ever birthday she was a mum. Last time it had been James and Her. who would of thought that by now they had a family?

"Wait here. I have a surprise."
Lily continued to play with Harry while James ran downstairs. Harry had painted her a picture that was apparently of the three of them.
She placed it on her bedside table when a loud bang came from the stairs, followed by a very loud swear word.
Harry giggled, for loud noises were his favourite type and he tried to copy the word James had just said.

"James! What did I tell you about swearing?" The tone of voice in which she spoke in was like one that a prefect would use whilst telling someone they had told many times before off.

He came around the door and was followed by a table filled with food, just like the ones at Hogwarts.
It floated around for a bit, much to Harry's amusement and then landed over the bed.It was a fair bit taller then the bed, so Lily could sit up comfortably.

"Now this is what I call breakfast in bed."
She started eating away, James following her example.
Harry sat next to James who was attempting o feed him, but Harry was to excited to eat.

Lily sighed, half in amusement,'Let me.."
But James cut her off and said, "Nope. Its your birthday so you can't work."
Once they had all finished, James vanished away the table, and indicated for Lily to start opening presents.

There weren't that many, because James knew Lily didn't really like getting presents, but the ones that were there were simply marvellous.
She had a gold cauldron, some new books including, Charm your own Cheese and My life as a Muggle, by Rachel McBewen, the new best selling novel.
There was also some robes, quills, paints and a plant that Lily had always wanted. A lumachtras that was 12 inches tall in little pot and it could produce lovely aqaritus, (a fruit that tasted like lemonade) and it gave off a very nice smell. It was purple in colour, but the leaves were electric blue.
A lot more wonderful things were unwrapped, but Lily's favourite had definitely been the cat. A beautiful long haired Kitten that seemed very friendly.
She stroked the cute thing and decided Tarsius would be a good name.
He started to purr and Harry made a gurgling sound back, then went to pat it.
So far it had been a fantastic day, but apparently that didn't satisfy James. A loud crack notified them of Sirius's presence in the house, and very soon a dog walked in, holding a present in his mouth.
Harry laughed and James picked him up to sit on the dog, one of Harry's favourite pass times.


I know it was really short but i will make the next chapter long to make up for it.



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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Next one. I'm not really in the mood to think, but I'm still going to do this so if it seems crappier then usual, yeh, that's just me half asleep.


"Hey there little buddy!" Sirius transformed into his self, catching Harry before he hit the ground. Harry kind of said 'Pafoo', as that was how his father referred to Sirius.

He looked down at Lily, with a huge grin and said, "Happy Birthday Lily." He handed her a present and sat down opposite her, Harry still jiggling in his knees.

"Thank you," She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then looked down at her present.

She was about to unwrap it but Sirius yelled out, "Yo Prongy Poo! Pay attention to your beloved!" Lily looked over and James put down the little kitten which had started to purr.
James walked over and sat next to Lily and looked at her.

"Whoever said I was talking about Lily when I said 'beloved'?"
James just laughed at his best friend and Lily started to open up the present.

At first, she just looked into the box, not seeing anything when suddenly, hundreds of Honeydukes sweets started flying everywhere, kind of like fire works, they zoomed around just above their heads and started to slow down, till they were just hanging their. Lily reached up and pulled down a Pepper Imp, popping it in her mouth. She then looked at Harry and he started to laugh Loudly when she started smoking at the mouth and ears, even smoke came out of her nostrils.
He reached a hand out and tried to catch the smoke, but it just evaporated.
She went in to open the rest of it.
Reaching a hand into the box, (an un-detectable extension charm) she pulled out a beautifully crafted purse with little beads around it.
She opened it and saw that a permanent un-detectable extension charm was on it, and as she looked in it, she saw that deep down in it was a little... Room?

"Yeh. It's a new kind if Zonkos product." Siurs explained. "Just have a shrinking potion and jump in, it's great. Of course it can also be a bag with a lot of room. Its Full of surprises but You should test it out another day. There's a lot more to it than it lets out to be."

"Thank you Sirius. It beautiful!" She reached over and have him another hug. She had a strong suspicion that James had helped pick it out, due to the smug smile on his face and the fact that otherwise, Sirius would of just stuck to honeydukes Lollies.
The two guys got up and started to clean up, even though they ignored Lilys protests.
It was rather a funny sight to watch Sirius clean. He did it kind of awkwardly. The house cleaning spells he obviously hadn't practiced, we're shooting around and half cleaning everything.
James just laughed at his best friend and cleaned up what he hadn't been able to.
They moved down stairs, leaving Harry and Lily together. She laughed at all the food on his face, (James had been playing quidditch with the fork he had been feeding Harry with) and she picked up the chubby baby and carried him to the bath where he sat, while Lily scrubbed him.
Just as she finished dressing Harry, the door opened and in came James and Sirius. James scolded Lily for doing work, as he had previously mentioned her not to do before.
Sirius picked Harry up and walked away.
James walked up to Lily.
"How has your birthday been do far, Lils?"
"Wonderful", and she closed the small space between the two of then and kissed him. He kissed her back and the longer they went, the more passionate it became.
The two of them were lost in their own world, his hand whipping through her red hair, savoring the moment forever. They only broke apart when they heard a yelp, followed by a cheering Sirius.
James scowled. Lily caught a few swear words and hand in hand they walked down the stairs to see what the fuss was about.
They walked into the living room and it appeared that Sirius and Harry were making a cardboard fort, Harry was standing next to it and was standing up.

"He walked! He actually walked!"

Lily crouched down and stood a few steps away from Harry.

"Harry. C'mere."
He looked to where his Mum was and started that way when after a step or two, fell into her arms.

James and Sirius cheered and then Lily summoned a bottle of fire whiskey and 3 cups and they toasted to Harry.


James had respected Lily's wish for just a small party.
James, Sirius, Peter and Remus were known for their skill to through huge parties. They had used any occasion whilst at Hogwarts to show this off.
But as it was a small party, they just had Lily's friends and the Marauders and a couple more cool people.

Even though it was just around twenty people, it was still a hell of a party.

Sirius was getting drinker with every bottle of fire whiskey he drank, Melanie at his side and the two of them were dancing wildly in the middle of the room. Some others had followed their lead and were dancing as well, though giving the drunken couple a wide berth.
Alice and Frank were there, having left Neville at Augusta Longbottoms house.

Lily was having a ripper of a time, dancing with James when an owl flew in carrying a package.

Their was a letter explaining that Petunia had given Lily's mum a present to send to Lily, not wanting to face her herself.
She tore open the wrapping paper and inside was a book by a famous muggle author that Lily knew Petunia loved, though Lily didn't give a second thought to. But even though it was a cr@ppy present, it meant a lot to her that her sister would still send her a present.
Carefully putting the present upstairs with the rest, she checked on Harry. Instantly, when she stepped inside the room the noise from downstairs shut up because of the silent charms she had put on Harry's room so he wouldn't wake up.

"Mama?" She heard his little voice from the darkness and turned the light on.

"I'm here darling."

She went and scooped him up. He looked as if he had had a nightmare, drenched in sweat and looking wide eyed around the room. She comforted him for some time before the door opened and Danelle walked in.

"Lily. Do you have any hangover potions? Sirius is being a git and won't calm down."

Lily shook her head. Sirius seemed to use a bit if their hangover potions up.

She put the now asleep Harry into his crib and wondered down stairs where Fabian Prewett, a friend of theirs through the auror office, was now taking photos of Sirius who had started to tango around the room with Melanie laughing like mad at his side.

James was off talking to Remus and Peter when he spotted her. She smiled and inclined her head to Sirius and Mel and The three boys came and they took the two of them to the guest bedroom. After a sleeping potion was given, they both immediately fell asleep.

It had been a great day and Lily now couldn't wait to her next birthday.


Just so it's clear, Sirius isn't a drunk. He just gets a bit excited at parties


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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Next one: )
This chapter is really horribly nd is kind of just a fill in one so sorry about that...
Also, Ive noticed that half the feedback links don't work, which is a bit dumb of me so sorry and If I have time, I'll correct it
Again, thank you Rew! Your feedback is amazing and it is really appreciated!


The next few weeks passed by blissfully. Life couldn't have been happier for Lily. She was so thankful of the great husband she had and the beautiful child she held in her arms, who was now quite a cheeky bundle of joy.
But the happiness streak stopped suddenly when an afternoon in May came and Harry's bath was interrupted by Melanie stumbling in.
Lily looked up in surprise, for Mel looked angrier then she had been since she was kicked out of her house.
She went over and sacredits her arms crossed on the toilet, (which luckily, the lid was closed).

"Something you want to talk about?" Lily asked, not wasting time faffing around with greetings.

"That b@stard And I had a fight."
Lily could hear Melanie continuing her statement under her breath, using quite a few swear words.

For a moment she was confused, wondering who the person Mel was referring to an what they had done to make her so upset.
But then Mel went on.

"I was playing a prank on that evil twit and then he got all upset and told me that he had no idea why he would ever go out with a Slytherin!"
She spoke the last word with such venom that a little but of spit flew from her mouth and fell on the floor.

"Mel! Oh you poor thing!"
She quickly abandoned the attempt to wash Harry's hair and walked over and hugged her friend.
At first, Melanie's face looked so anguished, but then she just slumped against Lily's shoulder, tears poured from her eyes as she started to sob hysterically.

She went on with her story.
"I tried so hard not to cry, to try and let it rebound off me but this time it really hurt and it seemed he meant it. He seemed really sorry he ha said this and went to apologize. But I just yelled at him, saying he had always been an arrogant skrewt, and if he thought himself unworthy to go out with me, why did he? Then he tried to jinx me! Jinx me!"

Lily had so far felt sorry for Mel and for Sirius, but when she had said he tried to jinx her, all sympathies vanished for him. How dare he?

Mel stayed the rest of the day, to distraught to do anything.
When she had first arrived and was being comforted by Lily in the bathroom, Lily soon discovered she was drinking. Some of Lily's new batch of hangover potion was given to her. When she had felt better, Lily helped floo her back to her home.

"That was stressful," she muttered under her breath and she decided to pay Sirius a visit after he got home from work.


A big tumbling sound announced that someone had just arrived by the floo network.
Sirius looked up grinning, expecting the arrival to be Prongs as he had said he was going to drop in.
However, his grin quickly faded when he saw Lily standing there looking at him through those green eyes she shared with Harry.

"So.. I heard about you and Mel. Care to tell me why you would try to jinx her?"

He scowled at her and walked away. She had touched a nerve.
He had regretted what he said to her. He meant nothing of it but he had been in such a bad mood that morning he didn't find her joke funny and had taken his anger out on her.
When she yelled back he just let off a jelly legs jinx because if the rage he was in and it had almost hit her.
Sirius started to tell Lily this, and she listened but at the end when he asked her whether Mel would forgive him or not and she shook her head saying that he had hurt her deeply.
Sirius just couldn't look at her anymore, let alone talk. They just say in silence until a crack echoed through his flat, and a moment later James walked in.
He looked at Sirius then Lily.
Sirius glanced back at his best friend, the one who had made life at Hogwarts the most amazing 7 years if his life, the friend who gave him a home when he ran away, the friend who was always there.
Sirius stood up, then walked into his bedroom. he looked around at all the new posters and pictures that he hadn't left at his old house. There was a photos of James and Lilys wedding, a few of him and the marauders, Mel and him were in alot too.
There was some posters of a black muggle motorbike, something Sirius had wanted for ages. He used to have some Muggles in bikinis but had taken them down before he showed Mel his room.

Though he couldn't make out any sense of it, he heard James and Lily whispering in the next room and then a crack.

"Hey mate?" He looked up and saw James head through the door.


James walked towards him and sat in the desk chair, opposite Sirius.

"I know what's happened, And if you want my honest opinion, I reckon that you and Mel were good together and I could see you really liked her, so I don't really know why you would say that to her. In my opinion, you should take a break and if you still like her in a few months then you know what to do. But whatever you do I'll be right behind you."

Sirius had not taken his eyes off James the whole time, but now he let them stray to the photo of Mel and him dancing at James and Lily's wedding. She was twirling in his hands and both were laughing.

"Yeh maybe I should take a break with girls. I mean, I haven't properly been single for over two months since I was fifteen!"

James face looked like he wanted to say something else but thought better if it and instead said, "Right. Let's go and cheer you up. I talked to the others and they should-" but he was cut off. Remus and Peter walked through the door way brushing soot off themselves.
After some more idle chatter, they apparated straight to the Leaky Cauldron and the four of them grabbed some drinks.
The night was still young when a couple hours later, they walked out the pub into the little court yard where after some wand tapping on the bricks by James, (accompanied by a tap dance from Sirius) they walked over to Gringotts.
For the fun of it, they went and were going to go down to their vaults using an excuse to get money, when really they just loved the thrill of the ride. Peter muttered something about getting owl treats, and Sirius caught Remus's eye and tried hard not to laugh.
Peter would probably jump off the astronomy tower before admitting to the others that he was scared if the cart ride.
So five minutes later they were found swooping down the long tunnels to Sirius' vault when It stopped, and Sirius stepped out expecting to just get a handful when an idea hit him.
He grabbed his little money pouch and put an un-detectable extension charm on it and filled it high.

James raised his eye brows in question, but commented no further.
Again, as Sirius exchanged it all for some muggle currency, he ignore the questioning looks his friends have him.
But when they picked Peter up and walked through the muggle barrier from the pub, Remus said "Where are we going?"

Sirius just gave him a wicked smile, and soon the other three were jogging to keep up.
He slowed down when he walked a block or so and saw what he was looking for.
He looked into the shop and Saw a sign that said it would be open for another hour.
As the others caught up, James looked through the window and put two and two together, then he burst out laughing.

"Padfoot! Are you actually going to get a muggle motorbike?"
The other two caught on and started to laugh to. Sirius just grinned at them and walked in before any of them could stop him.
He knew they thought he was just tricking them, but he was for real this time.
The muggle standing behind the counter looked up, as Sirius walked through and looked at the motorbike on display in the window.

"Perfect.." He muttered and turning to the muggle said, "I'll have that one please."
The man just gave him a questioning look and said,
"Well, that one ain't for sale."

"Can it work?"

"You bet."

"Is it new?"


"So why can't I take it?"

James, Remus and Peter were now bursting with laughter. The muggle man looked over at them suspiciously.

"If this is a prank then I'll-" But he was cut off by the confounds charm Sirius shot at him.

"That will be 2000 pounds please" He said In a slightly dreamy voice.

"Well, only got 1000 but I'm sure your okay with it." He put The money bag down on the counter and went to inspect the motorbike.
The idea to buy one that night had just come to him to cheer himself up.
As he inspected the engine e remembered that first, glorious day when he had walked past one on the way to platform nine and three quarters in fourth year. He had asked anyone who did muggle studies to tell him what they were and he even went as far as stepping foot into the library to look up a picture.
But now it was all to himself. He checked how much fuel was in it. Full.
Sitting in it, he turned the key and started the engine. Oh that sweet sound!
James looked at him in puzzlement.
"Do you even know how to work that muggle contraption?"

Sirius didn't answer but drive straight out threw the window. He heard Remus sigh in amusement behind him as the words 'Reparo' came from Peter.

He sped off down the start and capped back, "See you later!" to the other three.

Racing really fast with the wind whipping through his long black hair, he couldn't think of a better thing to be doing at the moment.
He was mid way through thinking he could of conjured the best ever patrons at the moment when that joyful feeling was cut when his mind turned to Melanie.


He really liked her. Loved her. He didn't know why he broke up their relationship. Maybe it was for the best.
He left that thought hanging in the darkness behind, stepping on the accelerator he raced the whole way back to his apartment.


I know I really need to spice things up and have more action so sorry about that!
I will try but I don't think to well under pressure so we will just see where it goes...


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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Yeh. So here it is.
This fic sucks royal hippogriff so I'm very much not likely to continue as it is probably wayyyy beyond recovery, and besides, I've just never seen myself as a writer.
I think in someone else's hands this could of gone more according to plan, but it didn't.
So bye, and thank you to anyone who ever ever read this.
I'm off to wait for A Very Potter Senior Year, and read other more talented fics

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

A/N: I know I said I wasn't going to continue but I want to because I may of already said this, but I'm mainly writing this for my self to see what happens. So I don't expect anyone to read this, not going to bother requesting feedback, I just need somewhere to put my writing an this seems the best.

And part of this chapter was written by J K Rowling as a one-shot kind of thing, so practically I'm just factoring it in


Now that Mel refused to be in the same room as Sirius, life took on a more unpleasant turn. Lily's friends no longer hung out with the Marauders, in fear of accidentally excluding Mel.
Sirius didn't mind it that much. Well, thats what anyone would usually think but James knew he was putting on a brave face. But nobody else could tell much different. In fact, the only noticeable change in him was that he was much less seen. James told Lily that he spent a lot of time learning and polishing his motorbike.

Nothing extra un-normal happened to the Potters until the early days of October.

Like another day, James Potter got up, went through the usual morning routine and left for work. As he apparated into the atrium, he immediately spotted Sirius, grinning like an idiot over by the other side of the fountain. He hurried over to him, careful not to trip over his new robes.

"Hey Padfoot!"

Sirius turned around and his smile widened even more when he saw his Best mate.


James raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well someone's awfully cheery today aren't they?"

"I've finished my work with my darling. I've worked on it since May, and I'm finished. Im probably the happiest bloke in the world!"

James just looked at him. Then his face broke into a huge grin.

"I knew you missed her. I thought was only a matter of time until you apologized and made up with her!"

Sirius's smile flickered and though he continued to stretch his cheeks, there was something different about his eyes.

"What are you on about mate?"

Now it was James turn to frown.

"What are you talking about?"

Sirius took a step forward until he was close enough to James to whisper in his ear, "I enchanted my motorbike to make it fly!"
The briefcase he was holding fell out of his hands and he hastily bent down and picked it up. Sirius helped him and all James could say was, "When can I have a ride?"

"After work today. Come around to my place."

So as the sun started to set, James found himself *behind Sirius on his bike, which was sitting on the balcony Attached to Sirius' apartment.

"You ready mate?" James heard Sirius call.

"Sure as hell! Just get going!"

And with that he started the engine. James didn't know how they were going to get up, as the balcony was just big enough to hold the bike. Below him he could see cars driving along the streets, headlights starting to come on.

But he shouldn't of worried how try we're getting up, for next thing he knows, Sirius smacked a small button and they were lifted into the air, Rising surprisingly fast, even by Marauder standards.

"Don't you have an invisibility boost or something?!" James yelled over the throng of the engine. "Won't the Muggles see us?"

"What? Muggles? Never!"
Sirius grinned back.

They got further and further away from the city, and started to head towards the country side. The bike was probably going over one hundred miles an hour, and James was sure that in a weeks time his hair would still be in that wind swept position.
He was reminded of how he used to always do that, trying to catch Lily's eye at school.

"What's so funny?" Sirius called to him.

*Whoopsy, must of laughed out loud...

"Just thinking how I was such a tool in school."
Sirius laughed and began to steer the bike downwards into a surprisingly steep dive, and James held on tight.

Landing on somebodies driveway, Sirius stopped the bikes engine and swing his leg off.
James followed suit, looking at the house as he did so. It looked as if it once was a pigsty, but a couple of stories had been added to it.

"Anymore levels on that house and it would need to be held up by magic." Sirius said, voicing the thoughts of how wonky it was that James had been thinking out loud.

The sky was now completely dark, and the two boys walked off to a meadow nearby the house, and sat down. Sirius produced a couple of butterbeers and the boys toasted to Sirius' new found love. His bike.

They chatted for a while when James brought up the painful subject of Mel.

"What are you going to do about Mel?"*

James could tell Sirius didn't want to talk about it, the way his eyes travelled to the grass and he idly started picking it.

"I don't know what your talking about.

"C'mon mate!" James said hiding the frustration in his voice. "It's so obvious you miss her and she d*mn well misses you to! You were just being an idiot when you broke up with her, when you... Wait, I don't even know The full story.. Don't we usually tell each other every thing?"
James had first tried to hide the frustration in his voice, but now it was the hurt the kept on threatening to blow his cover.
They had been inseparable since the moment they met, not a single lie between them, well, if you exclude their pranks on each other.

"I'm sorry mate. It's just, well, I wasn't really myself that night, and it slipped out."
Sirius sighed heavily and looked James in the eye.

"She was over at my place and we were playing exploding snap when suddenly, I don't know what it was but I blacked out kind of. And she must of put a spell on me or something but I don't know but when I woke up, she was smiling at me and laughing and I just sort of got all angry and told her she was a typical Slytherin to knock me unconscious and she said it was just a well natured prank. One thing led to another and I ended it."

James just looked at his friend, then burst out laughing.

"Oi! It ain't funny!"

Sirius stood to leave, but James controlled himself and pulled his Sirius down to sit, but he pulled a little hard because he toppled right on him. After they had sorted themselves out, James said, "I just can't believe you would break up with her for that reason! It's stupid!"

But Sirius just looked at him.
"I can't explain it, but I felt so not myself that night..."

"Maybe you just ate something funny."

"Yeh. You know what Prongs? You're right! I'm going to go to her place and apologies for being such a git, and then I'm going to propose!"

James, who was smiling and nodding enthusiastically at Sirius' speech, looked horrified.

"You can't do that! You haven't talked to her for four months and you ask her to marry you?"

"Why not? You asked Lily on the spur of the moment. So why can't I?"

"That isn't the same thing! Look, just see how she feels first, then after a few months ask, and if it's meant to be, it will be."

"Right. I think that we should get going then."
Trudging through the long grass back to the tree they left the bike behind. Looking back at the funny little house they saw a family of eight dining out on the back lawn. The children were all boys with red hair like their parents. One looked to be Harry's age, resting against his mother who by the looks if it, had another bun in the oven.

James turned back around to Sirius, to find him sitting on his bike near the main road, waving impatiently to James to Hurry up. He quickly sprinted over and jumped on behind him.

"Care to go muggle way home?"


The day had been quiet for Sergant Fisher and his partner P C Anderson. They were sitting in their police car in the streets if London, cruising at a comfortable pace around the suburbs looking for any rule breakers.

Suddenly, the night air was pierced as a motorcycle with two young men on it came flying down the street.
The speeding motorcycle took the sharp corner so fast in the darkness that both policemen in the pursuing car shouted,”Whoa!” Sergeant Fisher slammed his large foot on the brake, thinking that the boy who was riding pillion was sure to be flung under his wheels; however, the motorbike made the turn without seating either of its riders, and with a wink of its red tail lights, vanished up the narrow side street.

“We’ve got ‘em now!” cried PC Anderson excitedly. “That’s a dead end!”

Leaning hard on the steering wheel and crashing his gears, Fisher scraped half the paint off the flank of the car as he forced it up the alleyway in pursuit.There in the headlights sat their quarry, stationary at last after a quarter of an hour’s chase. The two riders were trapped between a towering brick wall and the police car, which was now crawling towards them like some growling luminous-eyes predator.

There was so little space between the car doors and the walls of the alley that Fisher and Anderson had difficulty extricating themselves from the vehicle. It injured their dignity to have to inch, crab-like,towards the miscreants. Fisher dragged his generous belly along the wall,tearing buttons off his shirt as he went, and finally snapping off the wing mirror with his backside.

“Get off the bike!” he bellowed at the smirking youths, who sat basking in the flashing blue light as though enjoying it.

They did as they were told, finally pulling free from the broken wing mirror, Fisher glared at them. They seemed to be in their late teens. The one who had been driving had long black hair, his insolent good looks reminded Fisher unpleasantly of his daughter’s guitar-playing, layabout boyfriend. The second boy also had black hair, though his was short and stuck up in all directions; he wore glasses and a broad grin. Both were dressed in t-shirts emblazoned with a large golden bird; the emblem, no doubt, of some deafening, tuneless rock band.

“No helmet!” Fisher yelled, pointing from one uncovered head to the other. “Exceeding the speed limit by-by a considerable amount!” (In fact, the speed registered had been greater than Fisher was prepared to accept that any motorcycle could travel.) “Failure to stop for the police!”

“We’d have loved to stop for a chat,” said the boy in glasses,”only we were trying-”

“Don’t get smart-you two are in a heap of trouble!” snarled Anderson. “Names!”

“Names?” repeated the long-haired driver.”Er-Well, let’s see. There’s Wilberforce…Bathsheba…Elvendork…”

“And what’s nice about that one is, you can use it for a boy OR a girl,” said the boy in glasses.

“Oh, our names, did you mean?” asked the first, as Anderson spluttered with rage.”You should’ve said! This here is James Potter, and I’m Sirius Black!”

“Things’ll be seriously black for you in a minute, you cheek little-”

But neither James nor Sirius was paying attention. They were suddenly as alert as gundogs, staying past Fisher and Anderson, over the roof of the police car, at the dark mouth of the alley. Then, with identical, fluid movements, they reached into their back pockets.

For the space of a heartbeat both policemen imagined guns gleaming at them, but a second later they saw that the motorcyclists had drawn nothing more than-

“Drumsticks?” jeered Anderson. “Right pair of jokers, aren’t you? Right, we’re arresting you on a charge of–”

But Anderson never got to name the charge. James and Sirius had shouted something incomprehensible, and the beams from the headlights had moved.

The policemen wheeled around, then staggered backwards. Three men were flying-actually flying- up the alley on broomsticks-and at the same moment,the police car was rearing up on its back wheels.

Fisher’s knee bucked; as he sat down hard; Anderson tripped over Fisher’s legs and fell on top of him, as flump-bang-crunch- they heard the men on brooms slam into the suspended car and fall, apparently insensible, to the ground, while broken bits of broomstick clattered down around them.

The motorbike had roared into life again. His mouth hanging open, Fisher mustered the strength to look back at the two teenagers.

“Thanks very much!” called Sirius over the throb of the engine.”We owe you one!”

“Yeah, nice meeting you!” said James. “And don’t forget: Elvendork! It’s unisex!”

There was an earth-shaking crash, and Fisher and Anderson threw their arms around each other in fright; their car had just fallen back to the ground. Now it was the motorcycle’s turn to rear. Before the policemen’s disbelieving eyes, it took off into thin air: James and Sirius zoomed away into the night sky, their tail light twinkling behind them like a vanishing ruby.


"What on earth is the meaning if this?"

James and Sirius sat staring at their laps in the auror office. The head of the Auror department, Jacob Tucker, was staring down at the two boys with a look that could kill.

"Being an Auror isn't like school, you know. You need to take responsibility for stuff, and I think that is too much for you two to handle."

"I think we handled today's situation rather well if you ask me."

"But I didn't ask you Black. Even if you were being attacked, you still breached the statue of secrecy and a misuse of muggle artifacts law. At this moment, the Obliviator squad are wiping the memories of those muggle please-man. If you use muggle things, you need to use them the muggle way!"

James and Sirius exchanged an amuse glance. They never used anything the muggle way. One fond summer they had found what Muggles call a skateboard and they made them float through the air and played quidditch on them.

"It isn't funny boys! Now, I'm giving you the option. I'm I nice guy, I'll admit that so you have the choice of keeping the motorbike, or keeping your jobs."

Now Sirius and James exchanged another look. It wasn't like the last, which was the two not trying to laugh, but this was a mixture of calm and fear mingled together.

The two men were quite well off. Sirius had his uncles money that could be enough to last a lifetime, and James has the Potter fortune. They had their jobs for the fun of it, and to do good in the world.

"Um... Can we think about it?"

Jacob smiled at them, completely humorless.
"If your job meant more to you then a motorbike, than I think I will make the desicion for you. You are hereby banned from thw auror department until six years. Then if your still interested, you can come back."

James was ready to argue back but before he could even open his mouth, he was silenced by a look from Sirius.

"Your dismissed. Hopefully I will see you back here six years time. You were two of the best recruits we have has in the passed few years. It was nice working with you."

They left the office, there happy spirits put out.

The silence was broken by Sirius as they walked through the empty atrium.

"I'm sorry mate. I thought it would be fun, but I didn't think we would lose our jobs over it."

"Nah Padfoot. Wasn't our fault. The only thing I'm worried about is how Lily will take this."

They walked to the fireplaces, then stopped to look at each other.

"You still going too ask Melanie to forgive you?"

"No. I'll do it tommorow. Right now, In exhausted."

James said goodbye then hurriedly aparated away.

Even though it had cost them their jobs, it had been fun.


Snigering he walked up to the door of his home and walked in.


Can you tell the part JK wrote? It's the well written part.


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