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Making Memories

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Making Memories

Making Memories

Made by: pensée. at The Dark Arts Forums

Teddy is funny, passionate, understanding, and down to earth.

Victoire is pretty much the same.

Which is why they're perfect for each other.

Sequel to Just One Memory - A One-Shot

Disclaimers and such that I am not J.K Rowling, I don't own characters, places or anything of the such. I write for enjoyment.


Chapter One
Some Personal Lives Can Do
With A Little Bothering


Not many people condone having children out of wedlock. Of course, in this day and time it is becoming somewhat more acceptable, but the case with Victoire's mother did not ring true. She only wanted what was best for her oldest daughter, and having a daughter of her own with long-term boyfriend Teddy Lupin was not in her mother's plans. Of course, she could always shut her up if she would just marry Teddy, but there was never any time. With a five year old, a Transfiguration professor for a boyfriend, and a full time job at St. Mungo's, Victoire was lucky enough to have time to shave her legs. Teddy suggested they have a quick wedding when she was pregnant with Emmaline, but that's not what she wanted. It was either the wedding of her dreams, or no wedding at all.

The latest letter Victoire's mother had sent her made her upset for the thousandth time and she tossed it to the side of the desk. She was tired of the topic of marriage, and besides, Teddy and her are perfectly happy with their life the way it is. They own a decent flat together, they both have fantastic jobs, and their daughter is already enrolled in school. Louis, Victoire's youngest brother, stays at the flat with Emmaline during the Hogwarts school year when Teddy is away, and she works. So, all-in-all, she has her life perfectly planned out. Now if only she could convince her mother otherwise. Teddy's grandmother Andromeda was much more accepting to the news of Emmaline's conception, and so were the Potters. Victoire's own father took a little more coaxing, but even he accepted it before her mother.

"I mean, it's not like I had a bloody baby at seventeen! I was twenty-two for Godric's sake!" Victoire muttered while filling a prescription form for one of her patients. She didn't realise she had done so until her friend and colleague, Van Wild, looked up from her own paperwork and raised an unnaturally blonde eyebrow at her.

"Everything alright over there, Tori?" Van asked when Victoire didn't get the hint that she was supposed to answer the implied wordless question. The woman was older than Victoire, just one year under thirty, but she never acted it. In fact, the only reason she called herself Van was because she saw a movie with a fairly attractive man that played as a character named Van Wilder. She shortened her birth name, Evangeline, to Van shortly after that. It was also her idea to call Victoire "Tori". Since she couldn't pronounce her name at all without saying it like "Victoria". Now that both women are done with their internship and are full-fledged Healers, their friendship grew to a dangerously semi-romantic level. Which means, if Victoire gets hit on at a pub without Teddy around, Van always provides a drunken kiss on her lips to lead the strangers away. The first time Van did it for Victoire was when he realised Van really was a lesbian and Victoire had to explain her family life to her. It was only the beginning of her internship at the time so neither woman had any way of knowing about the other.

"Mum's pushing for a wedding again," Victoire muttered in response, lost in her patient's need for so many potions. "I'm afraid I may be dealing with an addict." She went on after she knew Van would understand to drop the previous topic.

"I think mine is a hypochondriac," Van said about her own patient, tossing the clipboard to the side. She dunked her quill in an ink jar and left it to rest. Both women were extremely tired after a fourteen hour shift and it was almost time to go home.

"You think all of your patients are hypochondriacs," Victoire retorted and retired her own quill and board. All there was left to do was send her patient on their way and then go home for her day off the following day. Louis was going to hate her for taking an extra shift, but one of the interns had failed to show again and she didn't want to leave Van on the floor all alone.

"Do you want to go out tomorrow? We both have the day off and Teddy doesn't come home until next weekend when school is finally out." Van invited.

"Nah," Victoire decided after a little bit of thought. "Louis hasn't had a day off in two weeks and I think his girlfriend hates me for it. Emmaline and I might go out and see something in one of those Muggle cinemas or something."

Van just shrugged, picked her clipboard back up, and stood up with a big stretch and yawn. "I'll go with you to dismiss your patient if you go with me to dismiss mine." Victoire agreed, mimicked Van's getting up routine, and followed her throughout the hospital. Her patient was on the first floor and had come in with severe stomach cramps after eating a live gnome whole. The whole story only proved her addict theory, but she couldn't deny a sick patient their potions. Van's patient fell off a broomstick last night and broke half of the bones in his right leg and all of the bones in his right arm. It took most of the fourteen hour shift for Van to mend every bone, but when she finished with him he looked good as new. Victoire laughed at the man's situation considering Van called him a hypochondriac. In Van's defense, she hates mending stupid people because you can't mend the stupid out of them. She prefers the cases that are natural accidents or curses.

After both patients received the happy news they were free to go home, the two women said goodbye in the Floo Station of the hospital and went home. It was right around eight-thirty in the morning and neither of them had slept, so they had to be extra cautious when it came to saying their destination in the fireplaces. Van never learned to apparate, and after apparating to all of the emergency calls last night, Victoire was tired of doing so and did not trust herself to get home without splinching herself. Hence, the Floo Station.

By the looks of it, Louis fell asleep on the sofa with Emmaline in his arms. Victoire warned him countless times not to read to the five year old until she was in her bed or she would instantly fall asleep wherever she was. Judging by the look of Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" on the floor, he didn't listen.

"Hey, Louis," Victoire crouched next to her brother with a sing-song whisper. He stirred a bit and opened his eyes. It took him a moment to gather his surroundings, but he finally understood what was going on and glared at her.

"You were supposed to be here at midnight. Where-"

Emmaline began to stir and cut him off. Victoire patted her daughter's head and kissed her so she would settle down.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll explain everything later. Look, do you think you can watch Emmaline for just a few more hours? I have the rest of today and tomorrow off, but I need a little bit of sleep." Victoire begged quietly, flashing her identical to her brother's blue eyes at him. She had an advantage since Emmaline was on top of her brother, and if he spoke she would wake up. The five year old would be up, bouncing around and squealing in no time and Victoire was just too tired to deal with that right now. Even Louis knew it would not be fair to her otherwise.

"Fine, but we have to talk later!" He dared to hiss back. Luckily Emmaline remained motionless. Victoire kissed her brother, thanked him, and then ran upstairs to her own bedroom.

When she woke up it was nearly two in the afternoon. She was still tired, but she figured it was time to relieve her brother of his duties and spend some much needed time with her daughter. Both of the said people were awake and watching the telly when she came downstairs in all her bedraggled glory. Well, Louis was watching the telly. Emmaline was jamming something into the cracks of the floorboards.

"There's S'eeping Beauty!" Emmaline said when she caught wind of her mummy. The expression was something she learned from her father and it never failed to make either girl giggle.

"Come here, darling," Victoire gestured for her daughter to come over and the little girl ran straight into her arms. Victoire picked her up and squeezed her tight, making sure to give her plenty of kisses and getting a mouthful of red curls in the process. Oddly enough, Emmaline did not inherit Teddy's metamorphmagus gene, but the Weasley gene that skipped right over Victoire for the most part. Victoire's hair was more of a golden, light red colour and Emmaline's was more vibrant and wild. The mother and daughter reunited for a few brief moments before she heard Louis clear his throat and she remembered his demands to talk when she woke up.

"Alright, baby. Mummy has to talk to Uncle Lewie in the kitchen. Can you be a good girl and watch the telly for a few minutes while we talk?" Victoire asked, tickling Emmaline on the belly and giving her eskimo kisses. The little girl bounded down the stairs, hopped onto the sofa, and kicked her little feet in the air as a response. She replied with a little, "Heeee," and Victoire knew she had all but ten minutes to talk to Louis before hell would break loose, and even that much time was pushing it.

Louis lead his sister into the kitchen and cracked the door open so they could still hear Emmaline if anything happened. They waited for a moment to hear her giggle at something on her cartoon before they decided she wasn't already tearing the room apart.

"So what's up?" Victoire asked, being the first to break the ice and looking into the fridge so she could make a late lunch for herself. There was something wrapped from Emmaline's lunch that she didn't finish so she heated it up with her wand an placed it on the table.

"Why weren't you home at midnight last night? You promised me you'd be home at midnight!" Louis cried, more upset than angry with her. She really didn't get why it was such a big deal since she had to Floo him every night and tell him she was staying late. She didn't last night because she had too many emergency calls, but she could see how he would begin to get tired of her staying every night, especially since she didn't necessarily have to. There were other interns they could have called.

"Mark, one of the interns, didn't show up for his shift," she told him honestly. "I was the only one that could cover at such short notice," she then lied. In truth, she only took the extra shifts to prove to her chief how excellent a Healer she was. She had a bit of a bumpy few beginning years since she had Emmaline so early in her internship and then raised her, too.

"Well, I'm tired of staying here all night when I could be going home to my girlfriend, Vic! I don't mind watching Emmaline, you know I don't. I love that girl to death, but I have a life, too. Not only a life, but a sex life! One which you have kept me from having in the last month!" Louis's rant got quieter as he remained conscious of the five year old in the other room. Victoire, on the other hand, did not remain so quiet when she burst out laughing at her brother's predicament.

"Is that what this is all about?" She scoffed, ignoring her brother's warnings to keep quiet. She was getting too much pleasure out of his rosey red cheeks. "You didn't get to have sex with your girlfriend last night so you're mad at me?"

"No, not just last night, Vic! The whole month!" Louis defended himself but it only made her laugh more. When she finally calmed down and wiped the tears from her eyes, he decided it was safe enough to continue. "Look, it's bad enough that Mary thinks I don't have a real job, and that my sister can have anything to do with withholding me from my se- that part of my life. I need some time off to pay attention to her." He had to choose his words wisely in order to keep his older sister from cackling like an immature fool.

"I'm sorry, Louis," Victoire giggled, a full smile plastered on her face, "I didn't realise my work life had so much interference with your sex life-"

"Would you please stop calling it that? You're my sister!" Louis turned bright red and stared directly at the table.

"You started it!" Victoire defended herself, but couldn't help but go on. "Sorry. With your intimate life style. But I've already told you that I have the rest of today and tomorrow off. You just had an embarrassing conversation for nothing."

"No!" Louis snapped, looking back up at her. "Not for nothing! I need you to promise me that you won't go in for work for the remainder of your time off! Even if they call you in! Lie! Tell them Emmaline is sick or something!" Louis was borderline hysterical and Victoire couldn't help but bite her lip to keep from losing it again.

"So..." she toyed with the idea for a moment, giving Louis' face some time to cool down, "You want me to feign my daughter's well being so you can shag your girlfriend?"

"Yes!" Louis' voice cracked and his arms went straight for the air as though his sister finally understood what he was trying to get at this whole time.

"Alright, done," she agreed, still controlling her urges to laugh. "I won't go into work. You shag Mary for the next two days, I'll lie and tell Emmaline that the two of you are going out for a miniature vacation so I won't have an excuse to call you, and then you'll only have a week left before Teddy gets home before you and Mary can go at it until your little hearts are content." She agreed. Instead of embarrassment, Louis just looked relieved and satisfied with her answer. Surely he was completely embarrassed after talking to his sister about his sex life, and she would laugh in his face later once he realised that she now knew exactly what her little brother would be doing for the next forty-eight hours. That is, after she got over the disgust of knowing exactly what it was her little brother would be doing for the next forty-eight hours.

"So am I free to go now?" He asked when they heard Emmaline stirring in the other room. Victoire kissed him goodbye, paid him for the last week, and watched him Floo home. When she heard something crash to the ground in the other room, followed by, "Mummy! Mummy! The mail is here!" she knew she best check on her daughter.

It was only one of Emmaline's toys that fell to the ground, something the toddler probably dropped in her excitement to get the mail, so Victoire no longer worried about any broken vases. Emmaline was in front of the door and picking up the mail the owl must have delivered through the mail slot. She ran straight to her mother with two letters in hand and waited to be picked up and set in her lap. Victoire saw the first letter was from Teddy so she plucked the little girl up off the floor and sat on the sofa with her. She read the letter out loud to her, all except for the private bits only meant for Victoire's adult eyes, and then remembered the letter she had discarded on the table beside her. When she saw the return address, immediately she ripped into it, scanned over the entire thing, and screamed.


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Re: Making Memories


Chapter Two
Somewhere, Everyone Goes Right


Little Emmaline jumped out of her mother's lap in fear she may have done something wrong. Victoire's scream was far from outrage, however. As it would seem, the second letter she held in her hand was more or less stating that all of her hard work at St. Mungo's paid off. After her first year as an actual Healer, Victoire applied for a job opening at a hospital in Paris, France called L'Hospital LaCroix. It wasn't a particularly huge hospital or anything, but it was where her parents currently reside. Paris, of course. Not the hospital. She figured when she applied, which was now two years ago, and right before Teddy learned that he received the teaching position at Hogwarts, moving to Paris would somewhat appease her mother. It wasn't something she necessarily expected to get, either. With such minimal years of service she figured the position would go to a Senior Healer. Not a twenty-seven year old unmarried mother who barely passed her N.E.W.T's in the first place. After not hearing anything the first few months after applying, she gave up on the thought altogether and figured her mother would just have to die unhappy.

Victoire read over the letter a second time. Then a third. Fourth. Five times over. After the fourth read she had a little more time to gather her thoughts and her first instinct was to Floo Van. The two of them applied together afterall. Now that she thought about it, Victoire did a terrible job at teaching Van French in case she did get the job. Victoire stood suddenly and panic ran through little Emmaline's mind.

"What's wrong, Mummy?" she asked, tears stinging her big, blue eyes.

"Nothing baby. Mummy is just very very happy right now," Victoire beamed, kissing the child's forehead and watching as her tears dried up immediately and a smile came in their place.

"Oh. OK!" There was no need for further explanation since Emmaline was already resuming her place on the floor and jamming something into the cracks of the floorboard again. Whatever it was was most likely crumbs of some sort, but Victoire didn't care at the moment. Instead, she raced to the kitchen, where the Floo fireplace was, and found her motives were already beaten by Van herself.

Van was helping herself to the plate Victoire forgot to put away and her bright brown eyes went wide at the sight of her best friend. She sucked her fingers clean and ran up to the other woman for a hug. Immediately Victoire knew what had happened.

"Judging by your scream a few minutes ago, you received the same news as me. Right?" Van asked even though she obviously already knew the answer.

"And I suppose you've been in my kitchen helping yourself to my food, have you?" retorted the other woman. There was no need to answer the question, as there often wasn't between the two of them. As a reply, Van continued helping herself to pick the scraps off the plate.

"So are you finally going to ditch Tedster for me so we can have our romantic Paris getaway?" An ever hopeful Van asked as Victoire decided to pour her a cup of tea. She helped herself to a cup and sat across from Van.

"Not exactly," she cuckled, humoring the other woman. "Though if it comes down to it, I will have to tell Teddy I'm leaving and it'll be you, Emmaline, and me. Most likely, to save some money, we'll have to stay with my," Victoire stopped momentarily and sighed at the thought alone, already getting a headache, "parents." A final roll of her eyes let Van know just how truly awful the situation could be.

"Where're we going, Mummy?" Emmaline pulled at her mother's sleeve and she was already positioning herself to sit in Victoire's lap. With a bit of shuffling and painful elbow jabs, Emmaline was comfortable and helping herself to her mother's tea.

"Nowhere if your daddy has anything to say about it, little lady." Van quipped, eyeing Victoire and asking her one of her famous wordless questions. She asked, 'Have you even talked to Teddy about this?' Victoire wasn't even sure she had talked to Teddy about France since she applied, let alone today. There hadn't even been any time to tell him since Van showed up.

"What?" Victoire asked, eyes wide and fingers splayed open in defense while she still held her teacup. She took a sip and looked elsewhere to feel less guilty. "I'm sure he'll be perfectly fine with it."

Inside, Victoire knew that was actually true. Teddy spent all of his time at Hogwarts anyway, and he only came home on the weekends when he didn't have homework to grade. When his load was too large, Victoire took Emmaline to Hogsmeade and the family would choose a public setting that was much more appropriate than The Three Broomsticks. Those visits were Emmaline's favorite. They could always continue that method no matter where they were.

The issue with going to France was that Teddy would be home next week, and she wasn't exactly sure how well he would take to the news of moving. He was willing to all those years ago, but they've grown their lives together in London since then. 'Afterall, Emmaline is in school,' Victoire thought. Since she had read the letter so many times already, she knew that L'Hospital LaCroix wanted an answer by the first of June and her aid by the third. 'Then again, maybe Teddy wouldn't mind coming? Then we won't have to stay with my parents.' She perked up at the latter of her thoughts.

"Do you think he'll come with me?" She finally asked, worry spread across her face. She didn't know what she would do if Teddy didn't go with her. 'I wouldn't go,' she told herself truthfully. Afterall, she didn't need the job.

"I think you should go talk to him," Van said seriously. The older woman looked upset at the thought of losing alone time with her best friend, but she knew what was best.

Emmaline yawned, obviously bored with this conversation. Victoire took that as her hint to get up and straighten her daughter's dress as she stood her up. "We're going to go see daddy," she grinned and Emmaline jumped with glee.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" The little girl chorussed while running round the kitchen. Her red curls bobbed and Victoire could just see them bounce over the table top. The kitchen was small so it only took three laps around the two woman for the little girl to get bored of her surroundings, and then run to another room upstairs. Most likely it was her room.

"Do you think you can not eat me out of house and home while I'm gone?" Victoire asked with a rather bemused expression on her face that soon turned into a smirk. She straightened up and gathered all of the dishes, but not without taking a quick glance at the bottom of her teacup and taking a mental note of her good fortune to come. 'Maybe talking to Teddy will be easier than I thought?' She wondered while rinsing the cub out.

"How rude of you to even assume such a thing from me," Van said sounding not at all insulted. "Nah, I was just leaving anyway. What's my cup say?" She offhandedly asked.

"You'll live a long, sexless life with five cats." Victoire quipped without really looking.

"Hmmm. What I was expecting. But I have six cats."

"Mozzart has been looking a little haggard lately."

"Veek-Twaah Lupin, you take that back right now!" Van scolded, failing at saying her name once more by over pronouncing it. Victoire bit her lip and smiled. She also noticed how extremely dry her lips were and headed straight for the drawer in the kitchen that Teddy and her designated as the 'rubbish drawer'. There were years of odds and ends things gathered in the drawer. All forgotten items until they were desperately missed. She settled on a strawberry balm and leaned against the counter to apply it.

"I'm sowwy. I hope 'or cat libs a long, healthy life," she said while smothering her lips with the balm. It even tasted like strawberries. Now she had to worry about licking it off and chapping her lips all over again. "For the whole year it has left," she muttered under her breath when she was done and Van had stopped paying attention.

"Alright. I'm off," Van came and kissed Victoire's cheek with a biscuit in hand.

"Oi! Those are for Emmaline!" Victoire scolded.

"Good luck with Tedster. I'm sure everything will be fine." She ignored her as usual. Before anything else was said, Van was in the fireplace and engulfed by emerald green flames. When she was completely gone, Victoire decided to pack a few toys for Emmaline before visiting Teddy. They wouldn't spend the night because Teddy would be too focussed on final exams. But Victoire knew her five year old better than anyone else and she knew she would get restless while her mummy and daddy would talk in private. The list of toys included Emmaline's toy wand, a few action figure quidditch players (most of which were missing their broomsticks), puddy type blobs that were charmed to be stick-free, and other random items mostly bought at Uncle George's shop. The action figures always sort of creeped Victoire out since they could walk, fly, and play quidditch if there was enough doll players and a field. The set was expensive, but Teddy and Victoire bought two whole teams and a field akin to the Irish field for Emmaline's fifth birthday. Already most of the pieces were missing and since they were practically humanized, a simple "Accio" didn't always work. Victoire didn't even know the names of half the figures anyway. She could remember refusing to let Teddy buy the Third Edition Holyhead Harpies set because her Aunt Ginny was a figure on the team. That was a bit too much on the creepy scale for Victoire. Though she always stresses how important it is to let everyone know she does not have any negative feelings toward her aunt. Or her Uncle Harry for that matter.

After she finished packing a toy bag she decided to straighten up the rest of the flat so she wouldn't have to do it later when she was too tired and didn't feel like it. Besides, it was barely just past four O'clock and Teddy wouldn't be even remotely free until dinner time. So, she took her time and even decided to clean the Muggle way for a little bit. That is, until it came to dusting. When it reached five she decided to start bathing Emmaline, again because she knew the two of them would be too tired to do it later. When she trudged up the stairs and turned into the second doorway she was greeted to one of the sights that made her so glad to be a mother.

Emmaline, with red curls wild everywhere, and chubby arms stretched straight above her head, was lying face down on her green duvet, asleep. To her side was her purple school bag dumped of its school supplies on the floor and instead filled with clothes and toys just carelessly thrown into it. Victoire could see a corner of Emmaline's red, fuzzy blanket sticking out and she smiled at the wild range of colours in her daughter's room. Whenever asked what her favorite colour was, Emmaline always replied with, "All the colours!" So that was the inspiration for her room. Since the little girl had already had her hopes up on spending the night with her father, Victoire decided to let the child sleep a few moments more and make an overnight bag of her own in a remarkably similar fashion. When she stuffed her final article of clothing in the bag, deciding Teddy would just have to deal with the last minute choice, she picked her daughter up tenderly and carried her downstairs. She managed to only drop a bag once the whole time, and she looked a right tangled mess in the fireplace with Emmaline in her arms, her hair tangled in her fingers, a bag hanging from the crook of her arm, and the other between her legs. She almost said "Hog-WERTZ!" instead of "Hogwarts," when the bag almost fell from between her legs and she didn't want to imagine where that would have taken them. In fact, she wasn't exactly sure of how she managed to not lead them astray.

There was a moment of awkward confusion as she passed through other fireplaces and squeezed her entire body tightly together, holding her baby girl as close to her body as she could so she wouldn't get hurt. Two years ago it was impossible to Floo with Emmaline without waking her if she was already asleep. Now it was a task she was proud to have concurred when she stepped out of the fireplace and into Teddy's office with a small, sleeping child.

"Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!" She hushed a very surprised Teddy as he rushed to the fireplace to her aid. "Take the bags and I'll put her on the sofa."

Teddy obediently did as he was told and Victoire completed yet another task with her daughter successfully. Just when she was sure Emmaline was actually asleep, a pair of arms came up from behind Victoire and squeezed her gut and at the same time Teddy placed a soft kiss just below her ear. It was so easy to love him for many reasons, and one of those reasons was the fact Victoire just showed up completely unannounced with their daughter at his workplace and he hadn't even questioned it.

"You know that we will regret letting her nap so late when we're ready to go to bed?" He whispered, already catching onto the overnight bags.

"I brought "Jungle Book". She'll go right back to sleep if she wakes up later." She turned around in order to face the love of her life that wasn't her daughter and then slapped a hand to her mouth to muffle her sudden laughter. Teddy was donning a new mouse nose with whiskers and ears to match. When he smiled, his human features quickly returned to normal and his ever-so-charming smile was on top of hers and showering her with kisses.

"I've missed you," he pouted when they parted. She returned the sentiments and then started for his desk just as the Hogwarts dinner appeared (as it normally did when he skipped out on going to the Great Hall for meals). "And you've missed the school food." Sarcasm was laced in every word he said, but he also rolled his eyes and continued to smile as he watched her stuff her face.

"What?" She asked with a mouth full of cheese. She didn't make dinner for exactly this reason, and she was hungry. "Van was by earlier," she further explained.

"Ah." Teddy seemed to get it and dropped the subject. Their relationship was probably exactly like Van and hers. Except, Victoire did not meet Van when she moved to England at the age of nine and stick to her hip like glue from then on. She was twenty when Van and her did that. Besides, there's no stronger bond than creating a little human being together. "So is it my birthday? I mean, what good deed did I do to deserve two beautiful girls barrelling through my fireplace?"

Victoire swallowed a mouthful of frozen pumpkin juice and then grinned sheepishly. "Do you remember when you were looking for a job before Hogwarts hired you and I applied for a position at the L'Hospital LaCroix?" She bit her lip and immediately regretted forgetting the strawberry balm.

Teddy pondered for a moment and then nodded his head as though he were a little unsure of where the conversation was going.

"Well...." She hesitated. The sight of dinner refilling itself was distracting her and the smell of whatever potion Teddy was wearing was burning her nostrils due to his extreme closeness. "Igotthejob!" She said so quickly that Teddy didn't even understand her.

"Try that again. Maybe a little slower so the speed of light has a chance to beat you this time." His poked at her and he even chuckled while putting a strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. He was about to lunge for another kiss when she blurted once more, at a more tolerable speed, "I got the job!" Victoire closed her eyes in order to evade the disappointment on his face. However, what happened next was the third possible reaction she could imagine him having about the whole ordeal.

Teddy wrapped his arms around her, picked her up, and twirled her around the office. "Are you serious? This is awesome!" He exclaimed.

Victoire was glad he was taking it so well, considering she doubted him and put disappointment and stubbornness before elation. It made her feel somewhat ashamed even. "So you're not disappointed?" she asked, a wave of relief overcoming her. This was just the sort of person Teddy was. He never questioned what came his way, unless it would harm him in any mental or physical way of course. Even then he spent most of his time putting his family and everyone else first. To think he would be anything but happy for Victoire, and that he wouldn't find out every way possible to move to Paris with her, was absolute foolish thinking.

"Why would I be? It's almost summer! We can spend the summer together in Paris!" He sang with an over exaggerated French accent. "When school kicks back up again it'll just be how it is now with our whole weekend exchanges. It's kind of cool to say we've made it this far with our arrangement. You know? Kind of like an accomplishment don't you think?" His face was close to hers again, and magically much more radiant than hers.

"Only kind of," she teased and closed the gap between them. Never in her whole life could she hope to have anyone better than Teddy Lupin to herself. The two of them were extensions of the other, and it was ridiculous to be afraid to talk to the other about anything. When Victoire waited nearly two months to tell Teddy she was pregnant, his only response was: "Can we call It Monkey until It is born? I sort of want It to be a surprise." To which she replied: "Surprise about what? That it's a boy or girl? Or that there's a chance the baby might actually come out a monkey instead of a human?" At the time she hadn't even thought of the possibility her "Monkey" could inherit his Metamorphmagus gene and actually come out as a monkey. Or a dolphin. Late in Victoire's pregnancy she started having nightmares of giving birth to a dolphin. Teddy cut her off of the Nutella and bologna sandwiches.

"Speaking of monkey." She voiced her thoughts aloud.

Emmaline was sitting up and rubbing her eyes. She was momentarily confused as to where she was and Teddy ran to her rescue.

"Daddy?" She yawned, still not out of her dreamland.

"I'm here, Princess," Teddy cooed, scooping his daughter onto his lap.


Finally the bells rang in Emmaline's mind and she threw her arms around his neck.

For Victoire, the sight was another one of those proud parent moments. She knew Teddy, Emmaline, and her didn't exactly meet the standard criteria of being a "traditional" family, but they were a family nonetheless and they were doing everything right.


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Re: Making Memories


Chapter Three
The Ending of the Book


A few days went by and before the odd little family knew it, the time for Teddy to come home was tomorrow. After a bit of conversation on her days off, they decided selling the flat sooner than later was their best option in order to have more income. They would spend as much time home before leaving for Paris, even though that didn't give Victoire much time considering she would still be working until they moved. At the moment, she was enjoying an evening off with both her daughter and brother. Louis wasn't thrilled about the move because it meant he would have to come visit more. Of course, visiting them would lead to visiting Dominique, and visiting her meant visiting their parents.

If there was something to be understood by the French Weasley family, or the Delacour-Weasley side as Victoire's cousin James always put them, they really did love their parents. In fact, they loved their entire, larger than necessary, family. Victoire had more cousins, second cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents than she had hairs on her head. If she hadn't convinced herself that Teddy wasn't blood related when she was fourteen, their lives would be completely different now. Most of their family was shocked at the thought of the pair when they came out as a couple at seventeen because Teddy was just as much as the family as anybody else. That was one of her mother's many problems as well.

For the longest time Fleur thought Victoire was dating her cousin. When Bill finally got it through to her that they weren't blood relatives, she started pushing for marriage instead. Victoire's mother required a lot of drama and flare. She always had something to talk about, and she would critisise her children's lives to no end. By children, that only referred to Louis and Victoire. Dominique, their sister, is the good child who is always on their mother's good graces. Bill convinced Fleur to move to England when the children were small so they could go to Hogwarts and be with their extended family. It was agreed that as soon as Louis graduated the family would move back to France. Dominique was the only family member that made it back, thus resulting in her being the favorite child. So said Louis' and Victoire's logic anyway.

Their father was a lot more easy going. He put up with their mother and her crazy ideas, and everyday he looks at his wife the same way Teddy looks at Victoire. It was that exact look her father recognised that made him forgive their accidental pregnancy. In his eyes, he could see just as easily as the two of them that they practically already were married. Explaining that to Fleur was a different story however.

Victoire was currently reading another one of her mother's letters. It went on about how excited everyone was that Teddy, Victoire, and Emmaline were all coming up. She invited them to stay in their home for as long as they needed, and there was the never ending comment on getting married.

Maybe we can have a wedding here at the Villa! Her mother wrote. Victoire didn't have the patience to reply. Instead she started surfing the web for potential buyers of the flat. Since they lived in a more Muggle friendly community, and didn't find it necessary to put concealment charms on the place, Teddy insisted they get Muggle contraptions in order to keep up the appearance. Victoire didn't know most of her neighbors so she took to the the computer pretty well. None of her wizarding friends were looking for a place to live so that left her to advertise online. There were no takers as of yet, but it had only been posted for three days.

The computer hummed and she felt obligated to turn it off before she was sucked into some of its more addictive qualities. She was, after all, a mother. A mother who needed to start making dinner.

Emmaline was content with stuffing crumbs into the cracks of the floorboards again. Where she got the crumbs from and why this pastime thoroughly entertained her was a mystery to Victoire, but she left her daughter to her strange hobby. Louis was there, too. He wasn't working, not at the moment anyway, but Mary was at work and he didn't want to be alone. So, naturally, he bummed off of the company of his niece and sister to watch the telly. Victoire felt slightly guilty for not making him look for jobs to make Mary happy. Especially since she would be leaving soon and she wouldn't need him to watch over Emmaline. All she could think was how wonderfully convenient he was as a babysitter and she didn't want him having any conflicts if she really needed him. So what if she was selfish? She didn't like Mary all that much anyway. Still, there was the principle of the thing.

"Hey you two," she called to both children in the room, making a mental note to have a serious talk about work with her brother later. "What do you want for dinner?"

"Crisps!" Emmalne chirped.

"You can't have just crisps for dinner, Emmaline. Your teeth will fall out," Victoire sighed at the familiar conversation. Besides, she was sure those crisps would find their way into her floorboards in no time.

"Crisps sound really good, actually," Louis decided to entertain his niece's suggestion.

"You'll also get fat like Uncle Lewie if that's all you eat." She jabbed at her brother and celebrated her success at making Louis looked at his gut for confirmation.

"I can't help it if all of your cooking is rubbish!" Louis grinned, knowing exactly how to get back at his older sister. Victoire Florence Weasley was a damn good cook and she would not accept a comment of lesser value than that.

"Hee hee! Rubbish, Mummy! Mummy's cooking is rubbish!" Emmaline managed to fit her words into a little song and she continuously sang it over and over again.

Victoire bit her lip in order to keep herself from snapping at the pair of them. She did not just work a twelve hour shift to come home to this.

"A word, Louis." She said and he knew full well it was a demand and not a question. If Louis learned anything from growing up with three part Veela women, an aunt, and practically whole Veela grandmother, it was to never anger one.

He left the door cracked open like before when they last talked in the kitchen. Victoire turned on him and snapped a finger right onto his chest.

"You taught my five year old to use the word 'rubbish'!" She hissed, hoping Emmaline wouldn't hear her use the word herself. It didn't matter. The little girl was still singing, "Mummy cooks rubbish!"

Louis tried to earn himself some dignity after cowering in his sister's presence, but there was none. "Come on, Vic! 'Rubbish' isn't that bad of a word!"

"It is when you use it to describe my cooking!" she barked. There was a little bit of her Grandmama Weasley in her after all. "Would you like to cook for us, Louis? Is your cooking less rubbish than my own?"

"I was only teasing," he defended, and she seemed so lost for words she just sighed and resigned her position. She was beginning to get a headache and she blamed it on the computer screen. There was also a shortage of potions supplies since Louis kindly used them all up to attempt at, and fail at, making Felix Felicis for a job interview. So she couldn't get rid of it that easily. Knowing he wouldn't pay her back, Victoire decided to keep a day of his earnings to buy more ingredients. With the stress of packing, extra shifts at work, and the excitement of Teddy coming home, going to Diagon Alley escaped her mind. In fact, any type of shopping was left unattended and she didn't have much in the way of groceries either.

The kitchen felt hot all of the sudden and Victoire was tired of standing. The feeling had been going on and off again all day at the hospital, and she took a pepperup potion to help herself get through the day. Then a wave of nausea hit her and she had to sit down. She knew she felt a little warm while sitting at the computer, but she thought that was just from the brightness of the screen. "Are you OK?" Louis asked, concern draped over his face. He had both arms extended and he followed her to the chair until he was sure she was able to sit down without falling.

"Are Mary's students sick?" Victoire asked her brother, already deducting her symptoms as a stomache flu.

"Oh yeah!" Louis confirmed and she could tell he forgot to warn her about it before by the look on his face. Mary was a teacher for small kids who needed assisted learning, so Victoire knew immediately that the woman had come home, infected Louis, and now she had the crud, too. 'Damn Mary and her Muggle ways!' Victoire cursed inwardly, knowing full well that her detest for Mary made no sense. "I was sick a couple days ago. I took some pepperup potion though and I was right as rain!"

"I think I have a bottle of that upstairs in the bathroom. Would you be a dear?" Victoire managed to ask politely enough through all of her foggy thoughts.

"Erm..." her brother hesitated and already Victoire knew what he was going to say.

"What?" She somewhat snapped this time, but she was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt by humoring herself with his answer.

"Your potion," he cringed, "was the potion I took. It was the last one." There was a pause due to another wave of nausea and Victoire debated what to do to him. She could hex him in a way that he'd be speaking through his arsehole for a week. "I didn't know you'd get sick, too! I thought I caught it in time!" He admitted after the uncomfortable silence. But it wasn't her she was worried about, but Emmaline. Victoire loved her daughter more than anything in the world, but when she got sick, the little girl was an absolute nightmare. In all the ways a child can be a nightmare, that is. She would cry, throw up through the night, never be happy with what Victoire tried to feed her, and have the worse time sleeping. Victoire would be there to take care of her every step of the way, but when Emmaline was sick, it was like she never left the hospital.

Pepperup potion would help any sickness for a few hours, and even get rid of the sickness completely if caught soon enough. There wasn't much in the way of getting rid of the symptoms all in one if they already spread, and making the actual potion would take a few days of simmering to be safe to drink. Victoire could go to the hospital and allow the Healers there to diagnose her and give her a few potions, but being a Healer herself, she hated being waited upon.

"Alright, Louis, I have a job for you," she said with great difficulty. She hated how sudden this had come. Getting sick always happened to her like this, though, so she should have done something about it as soon as she felt the symptoms trickling in at work. It was all her fault really. She had to close her eyes and rub her temples in order to ease the headache slightly. "I'm going to give you some money and you're going to go to Diagon Alley to pick up a few potions and dinner."

"But, Vic, I don't know how many of the shops will be open this late and-" He stopped short at the sight of his sister's death glare. "But I sure will try and I'll come back as soon as I can." With that, there was a little pop just a few seconds later and she was left alone in her kitchen. Since she hadn't technically seen Emmaline for most of the day, she decided to check on her and see if she caught the same bug.

She peeked through the crack of the door to make sure her daughter was still in the room and then stopped when she heard whispering. Now that Emmaline was completely alone, she had taken to talking to the cracks of the floorboard. It was odd, and Victoire couldn't make out everything she was saying, but it did not sound innocent.

"Emmaline, sweetie," Victoire opened the door the rest of the way and watched as the little girl jumped, turned around, and there was a moment of fear in her blue eyes before she calmed down and tried to act innocent with an all too guilty grin. "Emmaline, who are you talking to?"

"I'm just playing, Mummy!" She said with her sweet little voice that Victoire had come to know as not all that sweet.

"Yeah, but with who?" Victoire pressed, looking around the room to make sure they were completely alone.

"Um... My friend." Emmaline diverted, and Victoire smiled as her little one's eyes darted to the side of the room and she bit her lip. There was absolutely no doubt in Victoire's mind that Emmaline was her daughter.

"What's your friend's name?"

"It's, um... My friend's name is Robert."

Now everything was starting to make sense. Emmaline had an imaginary friend. It was perfectly normal for children to have imaginary friends, so Victoire decided to take the information her daughter was willing to give her and made her way to lie down on the sofa next to her daughter.

"Alright," she said with a bit of a burp, trying to hold back the never ending nausea feeling. "You and Robert have fun. Mummy's going to take a bit of a nap. Uncle Lewie will be here in just a few minutes, so if you and Robert could just be quiet for Mummy," she yawned and covered up with a blanket draped over the back of the sofa, "that'd be great." She wasn't even awake long enough to hear Emmaline agree to her terms. She must have though, because Victoire slept soundly, as soundly as one can when they're sick, for the next two hours. She didn't expect to be out for so long, but when she woke up to the sound of some shuffling in the kitchen and something smashing against the tile floor, she sat straight up and regretted ever sleeping in the first place.

A quick look around told her that Emmaline was still playing with the floorboards and Robert. Or, she had been until she heard the same commotion in the kitchen and leaped to her mother's side for protection. Whoever was in the kitchen, she could deduct Louis out as a possible suspect since he would shout a slew of curse words for breaking something. Though she was beginning to wonder why he hadn't shown up yet. Before she had a chance to really suspect who else it could be, the kitchen door started to open and she had her wand extended and Emmaline behind her in no time.

"Who's there?" She asked as strongly as her sore throat would allow her to.

"Down, girl. It's just me," came the familiar ring of Teddy's voice. Immediately Victoire's guard went down, she practically tossed her wand behind her, and she ran up to embrace the human surprise she was not expecting until tomorrow. She wrapped her arms around his neck and, without thinking about her health, kissed him right on the lips. He welcomed it though, but he could tell something was wrong right away. Probably by the fever in her lips. "Are you alright? Are you sick?"

"How could you tell?" she asked, rolling her eyes and making her way back to the couch so Emmaline could have a turn to hug and kiss her daddy.

"You look like hell," he teased and she glared at him from under her blanket.

"I wasn't even expecting you until tomorrow. What happened?" She asked when the both of them came and sat across from her in a big chair that did not match the rest of the room with its turquoise upholstery. Teddy had to have it because he "related" to it. Victoire thought it was ridiculous and a bit of an eyesore, but it was his chair and he paid for it himself.

"Flitwick said he didn't need all of the professors there tomorrow since the students are just going home. So here I am. Disappointed?" He let Emmaline go, who immediately ran to the floorboards again. He looked at Victoire quizzically, and she mouthed the word "Later" at him. "So why haven't you fixed yourself up yet? You being a Healer and all."

To save her from answering, there was a pop, followed by another smashing sound, in the other room, and once again he understood her non-verbally.

"Bloody teacup! Can't go a day without breaking a damn thing around here! Reparo!" came the voice of Louis in the kitchen. Victoire sighed at his foul mouth and only hoped Emmaline wouldn't go singing his words around the house again.

"In here, Lewie," Teddy called the other man into the room and a moment later Louis came in with an arm full of bags. Apparently he had gone the extra yard to buy potion ingredients as well so they wouldn't be in the same spot they were in now. "You done breaking our dishes? They're not much, but it's all we have, mate."

"Hey, Ted," Louis gretted with a nod of his blonde head.
"What took you so long?" Victoire rasped.

"You sent me to an apothecary when I know absolutely nothing about potions." Defended Louis. This was true. Louis failed every potions related class he ever had. It was one of the reasons he had a difficult time finding a job. That, and Mary doesn't know he is a wizard and he doesn't want an average Muggle job. Victoire didn't think of that, but she figured the clerk would have helped him out a little bit. Eyeing the bags, she figured he bought the whole apothecary in hopes that the ingredients he chose would create something. "I did get a few vials of pepperup potion, though, and a few other potions you needed. The ingredients are to replace the ones I used."

"Uncle Lewie, Mummy is sick," Emmaline felt the need to inform her uncle of her mother's predicament.

"I s'pose you're right, young lady. How about we leave Mummy and Daddy alone so she can get better, eh?" He suggested, placing the bags down and picking up his niece. They went upstairs, presumably to get her ready for bed, and it was just Teddy and Victoire.

Teddy started unpacking the bags, handed her a pepperup potion vial, and kissed her forehead while she laid there on the couch. He turned the telly off and crawled onto the couch behind her. It took a bit of adjusting, but they finally found a comfortable position to lie down next to one another. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the back of the head this time.

"Aren't you worried you'll get sick?" She asked with a sad attempt at a laugh.

"Nah," he replied without thought. "You'll be better by tomorrow anyway. When do you work next?"

"What, if they don't call me in?" The idea of being called in any moment now worried her. The pepperup potion was already doing its job at making her feel much better for the time being, but she didn't want to leave Teddy when she just got him back for good for the next several weeks. "I work from eight to eight tomorrow."

"Hmmmm," he hummed and she could feel the vibrations on the back of her neck and his breathing made her hairs tickle her ears. She could tell he was already starting to fall asleep. Most likely he was exhausted from such a hectic last week at Hogwarts. The students must not have taken it easy on him. "We'll have to talk to Emmaline about moving tomorrow. Do you think she'll take it well?"

Victoire thought about that for a moment. They waited to officially tell Emmaline about the move until they were together so she would feel more comfortable and understand what was going on better. Since they already had her in school here, it would be a little hard to explain that she most likely wouldn't get to see her friends anymore.

"I think so," Victoire came to terms. "If she misses her friends, she'll always have Robert."

"Who in the hell is Robert?" Teddy asked, and she could feel the tension in his body. She laughed inwardly at his fatherly protectiveness and swatted one of the arms wrapped around her.

"Robert is her imaginary friend, Ted. I think it's cute."

"Cute? My daughter is already having imaginary boyfriends. I'm going to have to have a talk with this Robert fellow. I don't like the sounds of him." Teddy grumbled. "Just because he's invisible doesn't make him good enough for my daughter."

"Our daughter," Victoire corrected.

"No," Teddy yawned, "she's only your daughter when she's naughty."

Victoire, by her natural surroundings, yawned as well and snorted at the same time. It wasn't a very pleasant sound, but she felt Teddy's lips form a smile against her ear. She was losing him to the depths of sleep and she couldn't blame him. Before she knew it, she was asleep again, and so was he.

Upstairs Louis finally managed to read Emmaline to sleep, though he worried about what he would do because that was the end of her book, and he feared she wouldn't need him anymore. He kissed the little sleeping girl's forehead, whispered an "I love you" and then turned out the lights and shut the door. Everyone in the house was sleeping, and he apparated one last time with a final, sad little pop.


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Re: Making Memories


Chapter Four
The People Who Live In This World


Teddy could never be more wrong when it came to Emmaline taking the news of moving well. Victoire thought she would too, but that was besides the point. At this moment, Teddy was absolutely, in no doubt, wrong, and their daughter's tantrum was all his fault.

"But I don't wanna go to Pawwis! I wanna stay here with my friends!" Emmaline cried, or more like wailed in her bedroom. Her face was buried in her orange shaggy pillows and she was kicking her feet so hard that the lower half of her body was bouncing off the bed.

"Sweety, we have to go! Mummy has a new job! And you'll get to see Grandmama Fleur and Papa Bill," she tried coaxing the five year old by bringing her own parents into the picture. Aside from Dominique, Emmaline was the only one who could tolerate long periods of time with Victoire's parents. Mostly because they spoiled her though.

"I don't wanna goooooooooo!" Emmaline continued to scream. Victoire was impressed with her daughter's air supply and couldn't help but wonder why she hadn't called it quits yet or passed out.

"Emmaline, baby," Teddy approached the topic again after being shot down ten minutes ago when he first brought up the move. He was much gentler than Victoire, who was beginning to really lose her patience, and she stepped aside to let Teddy sit on the bed and place a soothing hand on Emmaline's back. "You have to go, sweetie. Or Mummy and Daddy have to leave you behind. You don't want Mummy and Daddy to leave you behind, do you?"

Victoire rolled her eyes when the child only screamed more and started sobbing about how they didn't love her anymore because they would leave their own daughter behind.

"Really, Teddy? You couldn't think if anything better than leaving her behind?" Victoire shoved him aside and picked her daughter up and forced her to face the two of them. Her red curls were sticking to her tear-stained and soaked face. Snot was bubbling out of her nose, her eyelashes were blurred with more tears to come, and she was chewing on her finger, causing slobber to cover the whole lower half of her face. Really, she looked like a chubby, red-faced, mess, but Victoire grew tired of her behavior and it was time for her to become more stern with the girl.

"Emmaline. You have to come with Mummy and Daddy because we're moving and it's too late to change our minds. Now we're not going to leave you behind, but you need to know that there isn't a lot you can do about this. You're coming and we're moving in a fortnight."

This made Emmaline quiet down a little bit. It was at the point that Victoire could only hear her hiccups and quivering breaths and no more tears or screaming. She also heard Teddy sigh and stand up to leave the room. He always hated getting cross with Emmaline, and that normally left Victoire to be the big parent. Most likely, they would have a right good row about it later. Tonight was not going to be a good night.

"But wha-wha-what about Robert?" Emmaline gasped, and Victoire could hear her whining starting back up again.

"Ah ah ah ah! No more of that." She waited for a moment and Emmaline rubbed her eyes to prove she was done for the time being. Her face was nowhere near dry, but Voctoire accepted this change in mood and went on. "Now, of course Robert can come along. But you have to be a good little girl. This is a very big move for us and you're going to have to be a big girl to be able to do it." Victoire was somewhat relieved, and annoyed, that this was all over Emmaline's imaginary friend and all of her troubles could be solved as easily as allowing an invisible child to come along for the move.

"I am a big girl!" Emmaline retorted, now sitting up more and rubbing at her face with more aggression in hopes to get rid of all her tears.

"Then you'll have to start acting like one." Victoire smiled, knowing that she had won and there was no point in continuing this argument. Maybe Teddy would even be a little more lenient since her method worked best. Then again, she wasn't very proud of the fact that she had just told her five year old to grow up. Those were words she would regret later when she turns forty and Emmaline is ready to move out of the house. Wherever that house may be.

"I love you, Mummy." Emmaline whimpered, and she crawled across her bed to wrap her chubby little arms around her mother's neck. Victoire appreciated the gesture very much and accepted the hug with her own embrace. She patted the matted curls of Emmaline's hair and rocked her for a little bit before she was ready to retreat from her mother's lap.

"I love you, too, darling. Now, let's go give you a bath," Victoire tickled her, putting both of them in a better mood, and they walked hand-in-hand to the bathroom just next door to Emmaline's room and across from her own. There was another one downstairs, but they left it for guests and other purposes that weren't bath time.

Within the next hour Victoire had Emmaline bathed, dried, in bed, and asleep. It was evident that Louis had finished reading "The Jungle Book" to Emmaline last night, but the little girl insisted on listening to it again. So, for the fifth time, Victoire had to read the first chapter. She'd have Emmaline read it to her for practice if she weren't afraid she would recite it from memory.

Teddy, who decided to go to his own bedroom and read up on a book he'd be assigning for the new year, was waiting for Victoire to come in so he could have a word with her. She knew this, however, and she took her sweet time in order to stay away from conflict for just a little bit longer. She started by going to the bathroom and taking the last bit of of her needed pepperup potion. It was all she needed to technically feel completely well again, even though she felt fine as soon as she woke up this morning and took another vial. However, she did not want to be sick again and she wanted to make sure Emmaline remained healthy.

In all honesty, Victoire grew worried at work when she realised Teddy, Emmaline, nor Van ever grew ill like her. She initiated a self pregnancy test and practically skipped the whole day at work when it came out negative. A positive would have just given her mother one more reason to push toward marriage and she probably would have to comply this time. Besides, she didn't want anything ruining her chances in Paris. She did tell Teddy of the day's events when she returned home, though, and she was happy to see he had the same relieved expression she did when she told him about the negative results. Emmaline, for good reason, was left in the dark on the particular topic.

When she couldn't find anything else to help her procrastinate, Victoire decided it was time to face her more than miffed boyfriend. The couple didn't fight often, but when they did they often regretted it greatly and worked hard not to do it again. Tonight, though, Victoire was sure she would win.

"Before you say anything," she started right away when she entered the bedroom and started stripping out of her scrubs to change into a silky nighty her mother gave her for Christmas, "I think I was perfectly reasonable with Emmaline and I'm the one who succeeded in calming her down and getting her into bed." With that out of the way, she crawled into her own bed beside Teddy and allowed the French blue duvet, another gift from her parents, fall gracefully on her. As always, the mixture of her pale skin, her strawberry blonde hair, and the light blue of the duvet made Teddy's eyes wander over in her direction and she smiled coyly at him. She propped her head up on her perfectly manicured hand and she allowed her other hand to brush through her hair. There was no way she was losing tonight's argument at this rate.

"You win, huh?" He asked, the smile on his face completely irresistible. She quirked an eyebrow at him and waited for him to close the distance between them. He tossed the book aside, flicked his wand to turn out the lights, and did just as she wanted and more.

When she woke up at six in the morning, she noted that Teddy was still asleep and snoring louder than ever. She was exhausted after a rather eventful night, but work is work, and she has to go. Victoire slid out from under her covers, grabbed her wand from the bedside table, and kicked the silk nighty that she wore last night for those few short minutes to the side to avoid tripping. There was a robe hanging on her bedpost and she put it on and tied it around her waist. It was Teddy's robe, but she much rather preferred his towel-like thick material over her own silk robe. It kept her warm better and it was longer. She slid her own house slippers on though and grabbed a clean pair of her favorite scrubs out of her closet. They were black but had little silver cauldrons on them with different colored potions spilling out of them for a splash of colour. She also grabbed some underwear, something comfortable for a twelve hour shift to come, and decided to dress in the bathroom across the hall so she would not wake Teddy. Though, she did leave a gentle kiss on his cheek before leaving.

She showered, brushed her teeth, and dressed quickly and quietly. She forgot to dry her hair before putting it up but decided it didn't matter and left it. She went next door to kiss her daughter goodbye and was amused by the child's sleeping position. Her head was pressed against the pillows, it was hard to differentiate her hair and the shaggy orange pillows, and her blanket was just barely hanging on top of her because her bottom was straight in the air with her little legs curled beneath her. Victoire stifled a laugh, gently laid Emmaline back down, covered her up properly, and kissed her forehead. Emmaline stirred and snorted slightly, but she remained asleep.

All of this was just a part of Victoire's morning routine. She did this everyday and even though she was always dead tired, she secretly loved doing it. It was her own private time and she was able to do and think whatever she wanted without someone there questioning what was on her mind. She continued her routine by going downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal. She learned a long time ago that if she cooked a hot breakfast, both Teddy and Emmaline would come barreling down the stairs and she would be late for work. She liked cereal though, so it wasn't too big a deal.

When she finished she used her wand to clean the dish and put it away. It was just about time for her to apparate to work, something she only did in the mornings because she was far more tired after a day at work, and she did a once over the flat. There were toys in just about every room, and a book Teddy left open in a tent-like fashion that Madam Pince would have his ears for. A dish was left here and there, and the post was scattered all over the table. There was simply too much mess for her to deal with or she would be late. Hopefully Teddy would notice the difference she made and catch her drift and finish it before she comes home. With a few last minute things she could fit in, she apparated on the spot to work and appeared in the apparition room. There were a couple other Healers and nurses just arriving at the same time, and a few others lazily waiting for a friend to arrive while sitting on the mismatched couches and chairs provided all along the walls of the giant room. Others, who didn't have Floo chimneys in their homes, were resting in means to gather their strength to apparate home properly with no worries. Victoire managed to splinch herself her first year at St. Mungo's after her first long shift. She had to come immediately back so the Healers could put a chunk of her calf back and mend it as best they could. She's used the Floo system ever since.

She took a seat on a leather green couch that had a pretty black border to wait for Van in the neighboring room with all of the Floo fireplaces. She nodded off a few times in the forty minutes it took until Van actually arrived, but she was grateful for the extra sleep. Van was always pushing the limits at being on time at work, but somehow they always managed. In fact, Victoire was a little surprised Van was offered the job in Paris because of her time pushing skills, lack of French, and the inability to apparate. She would never voice these thoughts to Van, but Victoire felt a twinge of irritation at her friend. They were both exceptional Healers, there was no doubt about that, but when it came to over qualifications, Victoire definitely fit the bill best.

'Oh well,' she thought, 'at least my best friend will be with me.' She tossed her negative thoughts aside and smiled at the endless possibilities in her head on wondering what exactly it was Van had to over exaggerate to get the job. She wouldn't put it past her friend, Van always had a way with words.

"What are you thinking about?" The woman in mind herself croaked at Victoire. Van did not like the mornings, another thing Victoire took note on and couldn't help but visibly frown, and she looked like a mess. 'Could she really not be bothered to use her wand to iron out the wrinkles?'

"About just how lazy you are," Victoire answered honestly but with a big smile now plastered on her face. She took the hand Van offered and stood.

"Boy, is that the understatement of the year," Van offered her own groggy smile. She ran a hand through her gelled bob and gave it an entirely new shape that actually made it look a little better. Under closer inspection, Victoire could see that Van's bear-like attitude and physique were due to alcoholic pleasures the night before.

"Did you go to the pub last night?" She asked, her eyes scanning and judging her friend. Victoire herself wasn't perfect and had been known to go drinking the night before a long shift a time or two as well, but that was years ago. Van was being careless.

"Yeah, and regretting every drink at the moment." Van responded, rubbing her temples to ease the undoubted headache she possessed. "I can see those judging eyes of yours, Tori. I just want to have a little fun before I have to pack up and move to Paris is all."

Victoire looked away and felt slightly guilty for being so quick to judge. She could understand Van's logic. She herself had been hoping for a little more free time to be with Teddy and do as she pleased, but alas there are subtle differences between an unmarried mother and an unattached lesbian.

The pair made it to the locker room and they gathered a few of their things that they didn't take home. Victoire's locker had a few snacks, an extra pair of scrubs, her favorite blue clipboard she used for personal use, and hat. She smiled at a memory of going to the hospital wing in her Hogwarts years and remembered the silly uniform Madam Pomfrey wore and her overly ridiculous hat. Victoire was somewhat worried that when she would go into the profession she would have to wear the same thing. Fortunately for her, Poppy's uniform was extremely outdated. Then again, a lot of things were outdated at Hogwarts, and that was one of the things that made it so lovely. There was no need to worry about the world moving on, and it really felt like time was slower, and the days were more enjoyable. Then again, it was always a bit of a shock for Victoire when she returned home to where the world was constant again and she was reminded that she wasn't actually a medieval patron.

Van was ready to go and tapping her foot impatiently by Victoire with an empty vial in hand. Apparently she had taken some pepperup potion and now she was all better. 'Her supply at home must have been out, too.' Victoire thought. A small smile appeared as she thought of the many wonders of pepperup potion.

"Tori, let's get going, girl!" Exclaimed Van, and she grabbed Victoire by the arm and pulled her away from her locker, just giving her enough time to slam the door shut. They stumbled out of the locker room and ran upstairs to where the life of the hospital was. There were Healers, patients, and people who were waiting impatiently on news of their friends alike. It was already going to be a busy day and both Van and Victoire could tell.

"There you two are!" A sharp but exasperated voice snapped behind them. Both women knew exactly who it was and Victoire closed her eyes, inhaled deeply, and turned to see their assaulter. Before them was a tall man, not nearly as tall as Hagrid, but the tallest Victoire had ever seen, and he was broad-shouldered, grey-eyed, bald, and had a very pointed nose that suggested he spent many hours shoving it in medical books. "You've been called three times, the both of you!"

Victoire dug into her pocket, where she stuffed her caller, and flushed. The caller, which was a pocket sized cauldron with all of the room numbers she was in charge of stuffed inside on gold coins. It calls a healer by rattling all of the coins, and the room numbers jump out for an easy visual of which room needed her help. She must have been called while it was still in her locker because the little cauldron, which was normally a silver colour, was a blistering red colour. There were no coins in her pocket, so they must have jumped out in the locker. As she held it in her hand, the cauldron began to rattle violently and she held out her other hand quickly to catch the discharged coin. She flipped it over in her fingers and read the number 407 in gold, embossed numbers.

"You can take care of that one now. Seeing as how I had to give Healer Givens the rest if your patients today. Healer Morris," his attention turned to Van, "Healer Weasley's gnome patient has just returned. I want you to take care of him. For the rest of the day. Seeing as how this is his sixth return in two months, I want him under close watch. In no means are you to prescribe him any medical potions until I arrive to inspect."

"Yes, Healer Joseph." Van nodded her head without argument and ran in the other direction to room 153, where Victoire knew the patient would be because that's where she took care of him the last five times. She stared at the door Van disappeared behind, completely unaware that Healer Joseph was still in front of her.

"Well?" He raised a thin black eyebrow at her and she snapped back to reality.

"Sorry, sir," she mumbled and then ran off to a set of doors that would lead her to stairs. She couldn't believe that Healer Joseph, on most occasions, was actually a very calm man. He is one of the best chiefs St. Mungo's has ever had, but he really could be demanding. Victoire could say he was mean, but she was a grown up now, and not her seventeen year old self who was just excited at the thought of being a Healer. She knew the lives of the patients were all that were on his mind, and to call him mean would be far off the mark of what he actually was. However, she couldn't believe he would give her patient away to someone else just like that. 'And to Van!' she thought and visibly humphed.

When she reached room 407, she worried she was too late. There were no nurses or Healers anywhere around the room. Hesitantly, she entered and the room was dimly lit. In the bed was a very little girl who Victoire had to stop and catch her breath for. She was around Emmaline's age, about two or three years older, and for a moment Victoire wasn't sure she could watch the patient. Since she started working here, and she didn't know if Healer Joseph did it on purpose or not, she had never had a patient younger than thirteen. Room 407. The fourth floor. The fourth floor was known as the 'Absolute Emergency' floor. What was wrong with this little girl?

On closer inspection, she saw the little girl was asleep. There were bags and tubes connected to her, feeding her and supplying air. For some, it would be a funny sight because there were no machines in St. Mungo's, so the breathing tube was connected to a portable, hovering air sack that repeatedly pumped air into the body. A rather large box underneath the bed pumped the potion or potions needed into the body, and the whole thing looked like a bunch of floating tubes and ornaments. The girl had short, blonde hair, and she was rather lanky and skinny looking. It still worried Victoire, but she was relieved at the many differences there were between this little girl and her own daughter.

The charts at the foot of the bed told Victoire that the little girl was seven, her name was Gwyneth Porter, and she was admitted for... Victoire's breath hitched and tears stung her eyes. She couldn't believe how awful people were sometimes, especially parents. Gwyneth was admitted because of lethal injections. Under Description, it read:

Child. Seven years old. Brought to St. Mungo's at 04:27 by Aunt Mira Porter. Child was brought in comatose state, and has not woken up since. Miss Porter claims she went to visit her brother and sister-in-law after weeks of non-communication to make sure everything was all right. Child was found in comatose state on the floor and with parents nowhere to be found. Miss Porter used means of Floo powder transportation and admitted patient Gwyneth Porter at 04:27. Patient was brought into room 407 at 05:00.

The description broke Victoire's heart. She glanced over from the charts to the little girl again and this time a tear did stroll down her cheek.

"Thank you, Miss Porter," she whispered and then she continued to read the charts. Under Patient Summary it read:

Patient is comatose. There are bruises on the back, arms, legs, and stomach. Patient weighs in at only 15.7 kilos. Comatose state caused by possible overdose on extracting potions admitted by missing parents.

Victoire couldn't read anymore. This child was in desperate need of help, and it was up to her to recover her. She checked to see what potions and medical advice had been given on her condition, and then she checked for all injuries the chart described. Under further speculation, she noticed a few scratches that looked nearly healed on Gwyneth's upper left arm. She took note of it and then checked the dosage of the girl's potions.

For the next several hours the girl remained silent, asleep, and tiny as ever. Victoire was making no real progress in waking the child, but she was proud of the diet she prescribed in hopes to get the child's weight back up.

A coin jumped out of the cauldron and Victoire looked at it with sad, tired eyes. She didn't want to leave Gwyneth, but she wasn't progressing and there were other patients. Besides, Healer Joseph said nothing about a twenty-four hour watch.

"Room 124," she sighed, somewhat relieved that this would be a smaller case. Then she shook her head and reminded herself that there are no small cases at St. Mungo's. Anything could go wrong. They were witches and wizards, not gods.

In room 127 there was a woman who smiled at her as soon as she walked in. Victoire picked up the chart, read over it, and then returned her best smile. She couldn't let on that she was dealing with a possibly dying patient.

"My name is Healer Weasley, Mrs.," she checked the chart again, "Fern. It says here you're experiencing Abdominal pains."

"Please, call me Maggie," Mrs. Fern insisted. She had a hand on her belly and her smile was absolutely infectious. "My husband Roy thinks so. He brought me here today."

"I see," Victoire said, taking note with her quill. "And where is your husband now?"

"Getting me some tea. He's always such a dear." Maggie looked idly at Victoire and she started playing with her brown, wavy hair. She was young, maybe a little younger than Victoire. Her lips were clad in ruby red lipstick and she was dressed as though she actually cared about the season's latest witch wear. Soon, Roy returned with two cups of tea and Victoire smiled at him, too. He was young, blonde, and nervous.

"You're the Healer?" He squeaked, and Victoire blushed slightly. She received attention often like this from male patients and others. It was the Veela in her, but she brushed it off and pointed her chin at his wife.

"Yes. Healer Weasley," she held out her hand for him to shake it. Instead, he placed the cup of tea in her hand. She laughed and tried handing it back. "Thanks, but I think you need it more than I do."

"I insist!" Roy Fern squeaked, causing a raised eyebrow from his wife and the other woman stopped smiling momentarily. "Since you're helping my wife and all," he mumbled, and that was a good enough excuse for Maggie.

"Thank you," Victoire said and took a sip. It took all of her might not to spit it back into the cup. She did not like the hospital tea. She placed it beside her, cleared her throat, and went on. "Ok," she smiled, "Maggie, are you experiencing any diarrhea or constipation?"

"No, Healer Weasley." Maggie smiled, rubbing her hand on her belly even more so.

"Any nausea or weird cramps in your stomach area?" She was writing the responses down with her quill and looking down.

"No cramping, really. But definitely nausea. Almost every morning the last week." Victoire looked up and watched as Maggie was absolutely beaming while Roy was looking positively more worried. Victoire put the quill down and folded the charts into her arms.

"Have you gained any unexpected wait in the last month or so, Maggie?"

Maggie nodded.

"When was your last menstrual cycle?"

"A month and a half ago."

"When are you due for your next one?" Victoire already knew where she was going with this.

"Last week." Maggie was positively uplifted. Roy was blanched and Victoire couldn't help but wonder if he really wanted to hear the final diagnoses or if he really knew what was going on.

"I'm not completely sure yet, I still have a couple tests, but I'm diagnosing that you're approximately one to two months pregnant." Victoire leaped back when her news made Maggie leap off of the bed and into her husband's arms.

"We're going to be parents, Roy!" The other woman squealed and Roy's face flushed with colour and he wrapped his arms around her. The poor guy must not have understood where the two women were heading with Victoire's questions.

"I'm going to be a daddy?" He asked, still a little shocked but looking to Victoire for an answer.

"I can't say for sure, but it doesn't sound like any abdominal pain I've heard of." Victoire smiled and shook his now outstretched hand. "I need to ask Maggie to pee in this cup," she reached into a drawer and pulled a plastic cup with a lid out and handed it to them, "and I'm going to call Healer Drew in here. She deals with pregnancy and she will be your new doctor if I'm right. When you're done with that cup, just hand it to her and she'll finish the rest of the tests. If it turns out that you're not pregnant, though, she'll call me back in here and I'll be sure to figure out what's wrong."

Healer Drew came in shortly after. She too was all smiles and she shook the hands of Maggie and Roy. Victoire stepped quietly out, careful not to forget her cup of tea and seem rude, and tossed it in a bin when she was far enough away.

The rest if the day went by in a similar fashion. She checked on Gwyneth, though her aunt was nowhere to be found again, and there was no real progression. She had random patients, most of which were involved in some Quidditch accident that she wasn't entirely sure happened soberly, and others that weren't so lucky when it came to injuries. One man would be staying overnight due to a nasty run in with a blast ended skrewt. He was burnt all over and had absolutely no hair left. Still, every time she went back to room 407, she couldn't help but cry. Here was a little girl with no one around her, who has negligent parents, and is possibly dying, when in just a few floors down Mr. and Mrs. Fern have just been told they were to expect a baby. Victoire wants to be there for this little girl, but with only a couple weeks left, she doesn't know if she'll make it to the recovery. The least she could do is keep her alive until then.

"Poor Gwyneth," she whispered, wiping the blonde hair out of the little girl's face. Van, who had reported that the gnome eating patient was to stay for the week under Healer Joseph's care, was standing in the doorway and looked equally as sad. Victoire told her of Gwyneth at lunch, and gave her updates every time they past one another, but there wasn't much more to say other than she was still breathing.

"That poor little angel," Van cooed, and she came into the room to hand Victoire a few of her things. 'She must have already gone to the locker room.' Victoire thought, and a very small, but thoughtful grin spread across her lips. "I'll never understand people."

"Me either," Victoire agreed. She decided not to turn out the lights when they left the room, in case for some reason the girl would wake up. Instead, she informed the night nurse of what needed to be done overnight and went to the Floo room with Van. There wasn't really much to say between the two of them. They were both tired, and Victoire's patient depressed them both and had them thinking. All Victoire wanted to do was go home and wrap her arms around Emmaline. She would appologise for last night's fight and give her all the ice cream she wanted. Even if it was close to her bedtime. She did just that, too. When she arrived home she could hear Emmaline and Teddy playing and running around the flat. Victoire intercepted by picking her little girl up and squeezing the breath out of her.

"Mummy! I can't. Breathe!" Emmaline choked dramatically and Victoire put her down with the biggest smile she had to offer.

"Mummy loves you soooo much, little girl. You have no idea." Victoire pet her daughter's hair back and kissed her all over.

"Love you, Mummy," Emmaline exasperated, trying to squirm out of her mother's grasp. When Teddy popped in from behind the kitchen door, he was surprised to see his girlfriend standing there close to tears.

"Are you OK?" He asked, and she could see the confused look on his face. He may be her man, but he was still a man, and because of that he was totally clueless most of the time as of what to do when a woman cried.

Victoire left her daughter, kissed Teddy on the lips, and hugged him tightly. "I'll tell you later," she whispered and then the three of them decided on chocolate ice cream for a late night snack. It was difficult getting Emmaline to bed, but it worked eventually. Even if that meant the five year old was now laying in bed between Teddy and Victoire. On Victoire's terms.


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Re: Making Memories


Chapter Five
The WCPS Has A Say


"Permettez-moi de guérir votre cœur brisé." Van attempted to say in a rather awful French accent. However bad it was, Victoire managed to understand her and rolled her eyes.

"You can't just go around saying that to everyone. It doesn't even make sense!" She chuckled, tapping her fingers against the desk and trying to figure out exactly what it was she should do for her patient on the fourth floor. She had less than three days now to see Gwyneth recover, and she was determined to do just that. For now, Van and her managed to sit in Victoire's office for a quick bite to eat. With Gwyneth always on her mind, Victoire found it difficult to eat, but Van provided ample distraction. "Who even taught you that phrase anyway?"

Van shrugged, bit into her apple, and stood from her current position, which was sitting on the corner of Victoire's desk. "Something I picked up from one of those Muggle tape things Teddy let me borrow," she added nonchalantly. Victoire smirked and remembered the time Teddy tried to surprise her with a few if his own self-taught French phrases.

"Keep them. Merlin knows they're not doing him any good." Victoire told her friend while looking down at Gwyneth's charts. She frowned and let out a low sigh. Luckily, the little girl was gaining weight again, and the bruises and everything had healed almost immediately. A few of the potions have been taken away, but she still has not woken up. This disappointed Victoire, but she was happy with the improvements so far.

"They're not really all that helpful," Van interrupted Victoire's thoughts. "Not unless all I plan to do is pick up hot women with cheesy pickup lines. French girls dig Healers, right?" Both girls thought of this for a moment before Victoire nodded thoughtfully and laughed.

"I think everyone is into Healers, Van," she reassured the other woman.

Van paced around the cramped, tiny office, eating away at the core of her apple. She packed a surprisingly small lunch and Victoire feared that her lunch would soon be eaten by her ravenous friend before she had the chance to look at it. So, putting her worrying to the side, she slid the papers to the side and started eating a turkey sandwich Teddy packed her the night before and immediately started feeling better.

"There you go! You look a little less green now!" Van quipped, deciding her spot on the desk was a much better place to be and landed herself there once more.

Victoire groaned and just continued eating. She blamed her poor health on how much she was worrying about Gwyneth, the stress of packing, the thought of moving in with her parents, and, of course, working full time at the hospital and being a mother at the same time. She found it oddly suspicious that her health was in the exact same condition it was in those couple of weeks ago when her brother gave her whatever he and his girlfriend had. It was during the time that Victoire thought she might be pregnant, but she quickly dismissed that idea when she took another pregnancy test that came out negative. Eating did make her feel better, though.

"So, any news on my little angel?" Van asked, tossing her apple core toward the bin, missing by a long shot. Victoire pulled out her wand and levitated the trash where it rightfully belonged before answering.

"Still pretty much the same, but she's outwardly healthier. I just wish she would wake up," Victoire sighed. Van took to calling Gwyneth her "little angle" because she felt bad for her, and she desperately wished she could take her home for herself. Of course, St. Mungo's would never allow that. Not with an aunt who has yet to show up since she dropped the little girl off out and about. "The poor girl. She's been abandoned by everyone."

Van frowned and decided she no longer liked the subject she just started. So, as conveniently as ever, her caller went off and she checked the golden coin happily. "I have to go. One-forty-nine has been calling me all day because she keeps scratching her soothing salve off. Heed my warning and remember to stay away from Widdlestumps. It took forever just to figure out what she fell into!" With that, Van left and promised to meet up with Victoire later. Victoire, on the other hand, decided to finish her lunch and get back to her paperwork.

She was making it her personal goal to find Gwyneth's Aunt Mira again, but the task was difficult since she left no contact information and she didn't use her own Floo station to bring the girl to the hospital. Normally, with mystery cases like this, a Ministry member would track the Floo Networking System and tell the Healers where the patients came from, but Gwyneth's aunt Flooed from Mr. and Mrs. Porter's house. Victoire, in a search for Mira, learned that not even they had returned to their home. They completely left Gwyneth behind. With one last feeble attempt, Victoire left a note telling the Porters where their daughter was and left her cell number in case they had a mobile. She had no clue as to whether or not Gwyneth was a pure-blood, half-blood, or Muggle-born. Since they were a part of the Floo Network though, she assumed at least one of the parents, most likely Mr. Porter, was magical. It proved very difficult though because it meant she couldn't give Gwyneth certain potions or other means of medicine even if she really thought it could help.

The silver caller at the corner of her desk rattled and Victoire dropped her head into her folded arms. She was not prepared for another patient. In reality, all she really wanted to do was nap. But, when she slid the coin that jumped out toward her, she stood immediately, grabbed her paperwork, and quickly apparated out of her office. The coin wasn't a room number, but the one coin with Healer Joseph's name on it. He was calling her and she wasn't exactly sure why. It's not unusual to get a call from him, but not on a normal, slow day like the one she was having today.

When she appeared in the hospital's centre, Healer Joseph was talking to a woman in purple robes that Victoire did not reconise. There didn't seem to be any urgent activities, so she caught her breath from the sudden apparation, something she had been doing all week, and then slowly walked up to the pair.

"Ah, there you are," Healer Joseph, or Ryan as she often called him on less formal terms, said quietly when she stood next to him, brushing his elbow so he would be aware of her presence. "Sorry for calling you, I hope you weren't too terribly busy." He asked, a black eyebrow raising as if he were trying to tell her what she should say. Victoire picked up the hint and shook her head.

"No. I was just finishing lunch," she assured him, which was mostly true. Her attention was brought back to the woman in the purple robes and she smiled. The other woman did not seem so happy to see her.

"This is Miss Temple," Ryan introduced and again he made a gesture to Victoire in order to remind her that she should interact. She smiled and held out her hand for the other woman to shake. She took it and frowned even more. She was very business-like, and was probably twice the age of Victoire. Her hair was in a peppery bun and her glasses had a beaded neck cord attached to them. On her purple robes were four letters in gold embroidery. WCPS. "Miss Temple, this is Healer Weasley. She is the In Charge for the patient Gwyneth Porter. Victoire, Catherine here is with the Wizardeing Child Protective Services. She's here to talk to you about Gwyneth."

Victoire suddenly became very interested and nodded her head toward the woman and rewarded herself a smile. They stood there in a small triangle type form while everyone else either ran past them, or tried to listen in on the conversation because they had nothing better to do.

"Yes, Healer Weasley, it is in my understanding that you have tried to reach any and all known family members of the child's in the last several days. Am I correct?" Miss Temple asked pointedly and both Healers were aware she was a no-nonsense sort of person.

"Yes." Victoire answered, crossing her arms.

"And have you heard from anyone?" Miss Temple, or Catherine as Ryan had called her, pushed, her own eyebrow raised. Victoire shook her head and the other woman's frown deepened. "I see," she said. "I think then, perhaps we should finish this conversation in your office, Ryan?"

"Of course!" Ryan agreed quickly and happily. He was definitely a pleaser when it came to the WCPS. Though Victoire had never worked with them, they weren't strangers to St. Mungo's, as awful as that sounds. Most cases with children under severe care required an appointment with a WCPS worker.

The three of them were soon in Ryan's office; it was much bigger than Victoire's, and much neater, too. She rolled her eyes, immediately giving up on the thought in her head that she should clean her own office. Even if she did, Van would mess it up somehow. They all took a seat, Victoire next to Catherine, and the pair of them across from Ryan and his desk. An arrangement the woman mentioned before was used to with Van. They were quite a pair, the two of them. This meeting was much more formal, though, and Victoire was beginning to regret not eating her lunch sooner because her stomach was making all sorts of awkward noises. No one seemed to hear. Or at least, they pretended not to care.

"Miss Temple I-" Ryan started, but Catherine was already talking over him.

"Healer Joseph, I would like to get straight to business here."

Ryan nodded, and out of discomfort, so did Victoire.

"It is by my understanding and that of all of WCPS that Gwyneth Porter is a minor which has been abandoned by her parents, and all family. Am I correct?" Both Healers nodded again. Catherine cleared her throat. "No visitors, no news, no calls, and no form of payments have been made in arrangement to keep the little girl here?"

Victoire did not like where this was going. She had heard awful rumours about the WCPS forcing children from hospitals, but they were always just that: rumours. However, she had known the occasional child to be taken out of St. Mungo's care to be thrown straight into a children's home. She felt the need to speak up.

"I can assure you, ma'am that the hospital does not mind caring for Gwyneth! She can stay as long as she needs! Our hope is that either her parents or Aunt Mira will come back for her..." Victoire trailed off. She meant what she said, but she also worried about what she said. So did Catherine.

"And then what happens, Miss Weasley?" Catherine snapped, any form of what could be called nice completely gone. "Have her parents take her away and have this happen to her all over again? What if she doesn't last in between the time it takes them to do it again and then for someone else to find her and bring her to the hospital?"

"Well, her Aunt-"

"Mira Porter? The woman who found, and then left Gwyneth at the hospital? Even if she did came back and turned out to be a somewhat decent human being, she has no rights to this child! The child needs to be taken care of." Catherine stopped for a catch of breath, closed her eyes, and soothed her temples. Apparently, she was easily angered. Victoire was at a loss for words. She knew all of that was true, and she had thought of all those possibilities at least a hundred times over in her head. She also thought of the several different curses she planned on using if ever Mr. and Mrs. Porter did make an entrance into Gwyneth's life again. Victoire stared at her lap and decided to play with her thumbnails. Being yelled at by anyone other than her boss was not something she liked, and not something she was used to. Her own parents never really got so angry with her that they'd yell at her, even when she had a baby and refused to get married. The only exception was her Nana Weasley and in occasion her sister or a friend from her Hofwarts days. So, when an occasion like this seemed to happen, Victoire took to twiddling her thumbs to keep from getting angry herself.

"Would you like some tea, Catherine?" Ryan asked after a momentary awkward pause. The older woman addressed him with a quick, "Yes please," and looked back to Victoire in hopes to find a mutual understanding. What she didn't know was that Victoire understood her very well, she was just a little more hopeful than Catherine. The tea was pouted and divided into three cups, and each had a sip before they went on.

"Look," the older woman started in a calmer tone this time around, "we have the Ministry on watch for Mrs. and Mrs. Porter. They know a few more details about them than we do, but they'll keep in touch. I've been sent to tell you, Miss Weasley, that you have exactly three days to help that little girl. If in that time no one shows up for her, I will be taking her from your custody and bringing her to our own hospital. By that point, if she is not better, we will have one of our own Healers help her."

Victoire wanted to argue. Gwyneth was her patient, and if she wasn't well again in three day's time, she'd be deemed an unworthy Healer. It could ruin her chance at Paris! Of course, if all went well she would be leaving the day after anyway. But she couldn't just forget about the little girl. Not when she was already abandoned by everyone else. Ryan saw the contemplating look in in Victoire's eye and he knew she wanted to argue, but he discreetly shook his head and she held her tongue.

"I understand," she said through practically gritted teeth.

"Great!" Miss Temple beamed for the first time since she arrived. She clapped two hands together and stood from her seat. "Now, if you would be so kind, please show me the way to dear Gwyneth."

Victoire begrudgingly agreed to her request and the pair apparated to room 407.


Eight o'clock arrived and, as usual, Victoire had just Flooed inside her flat. She could hear giggles and splashing upstairs so she automatically assumed Teddy was giving Emmaline a bath. So, still aggravated from work, Victoire huffed and tossed her things to the side without care. Teddy knew she would be off at eight. 'The least he could do is make sure he's here to welcome me home! Emmaline can wait for a bath!' She thought without feeling remotely guilty for being jealous of a five-year old. In proceeding to introduce Miss Temple to Gwyneth, the old bat did nothing but humiliate her. She questioned everything she was doing, and tutted at her for not knowing her blood status. Thankfully, the Ministry provided paperwork to Miss Temple, and legally, she had to give it to Victoire until Gwyneth was no longer in her care. At least now she knew the little girl was a Half-Blood.

Resigning the thought that her boyfriend and daughter would soon come welcome her home, Victoire made her way to the computer and checked on the status of her flat. Still no one had made an offer, and she was beginning to worry. There were three days left. If no one made an offer before them, they'd be paying for the flat even when they moved away. Already frustrated, she turned the blasted machine off and marched upstairs. She had really been relying on Teddy cheering her up all day.

"Baby! You're home!" Teddy announced when she made her presence known in the bathroom. He seemed to be desperately trying to wrap up a very wet and naked five year old. Emmaline was giggling and dodging her father and he was purposefully failing to catch her. "I was meant to be waiting downstairs when you got home, but Emmaline had other ideas when she found the molasses and flour." Teddy chuckled and then succeeded in wrapping their daughter up in a towel. Emmaline poured, but soon forgot about it and started pretending her towel was a cape and ran past her mother. Wet footprints trailed along behind her and even Victoire couldn't help but laugh slightly at her daughter's ridiculousness.

Teddy sauntered toward her, nearly as drenched as the little girl that ran off before him, wrapped a wet arm around Victoire's waste, and pecked her on the lips.

"How was your day, darling?" he asked, genuinely thoughtful. "Did you like your sandwich?"

Victoire sighed and he frowned.

"I used the wrong meat again, didn't I? I swore turkey used to be your favorite!" He defended himself before really knowing what was going on. He smiled and kissed her again.

"It's not that," she sighed again, resigning her bad mood from before completely and replacing it with a very tired explanation. "The WCPS had a talk with me today about my patient."

Teddy frowned and pulled away. "This sounds like a tea moment. I'll go get a kettle started. You go get changed into something comfortable and then we'll talk all about it downstairs."

A faint smile spread across her lips. Of course Teddy would know what to do. If she was lucky, they would have a few extra biscuits left to eat while they talked. She changed and then met him in the living room for tea, biscuits, and a nice fire. She told him about her day, and even proceeded in telling him the things she wished she would have said, in which he then replied with, "You didn't really say that did you?" and then she would shamefully shake her head and swear she would the next time the occasion occurred. When she was done, she had finished her second cup of tea and ate the biscuits all by herself. She was definitely a stress eater. Then she waited for him to reply.

For a moment, Teddy was silent. She knew he was thinking of the most perfect thing to say, but she grew weary waiting for his response. She cleared her throat and he glared at her.

"I don't think you have anything to worry about," he said at last. He took a sip of his tea, the finishing sip to his first cup, and she raised an eyebrow at him. "I know you can wake that little girl up, baby. You're an excellent Healer! You've shown everyone up so far! Why not do it again?" He asked, and his confidence radiated toward her. She smiled and flushed slightly. She even started to play with her long, blonde hair for a moment before forgetting it in a knot on top of her head and curling up next to her boyfriend.

"Do you really think so?" she asked, milking the compliments from him. He grinned and rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what she was doing. Victoire loved hearing compliments. Mainly to gain confidence in herself again, but she only accepted them when they were true.

"I know so," Teddy whispered, kissing her gently in the forehead. She thought she could fall asleep on him exactly the way they were curled up on the couch, but reality came crashing down on her when a nude Emmaline came running through the room with loud squeals and proclamations of being the "Nakey Queen!"

Both parents sighed, continued their roles as proper, functioning adults, and then tucked their baby into bed. Teddy volunteered to take the night's reading shift, so Victoire made to wait for him to come to bed before she fell asleep. She failed almost instantly when she started thinking about Gwyneth and made herself sad just before falling into a restless sleep.


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