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no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived


Turning the brass door handle, he opened the door and walked over the threshold into his little house. He looked up at the clock at the end of the hallway.

10 o'clock... Not too bad.

Harry would of been asleep for a while now. And Lily...

"Where have you been?"

James looked up and saw Lily in her dressing gown sitting on the stairs at the end of the short hallway.

"At Sirius's."

"Do you realise the hour?"

"Yeh, um, since when was ten o'clock a pate night?"

She glanced up at the clock, and just looked back at James.

"What were you two doing?"

"It turns out he has been enchanting his motorbike to make it fly this whole time and he showed me tonight."

Lily frowned. "Making his motorbike... Wait, so you guys went flying across the country with out telling me!"

James grinned. She knew then to well. "Ah, yes, we were going to invite you but there was no room on the bike."

He watched her face relax, and
She stood up and walked over to him.

"I just got a bit worried. You know all you said tonight was you would be going out and didn't know when you'll be back."

"Sorry, it won't happen again."

He looked into her eyes, ready to share one of their moments where the hazel met the emerald, but next thing he knew she had thrown back her head and was laughing.

"I'm so sorry!" she managed to gasp after a considerable time. "Its just I was so serious!"

"But there's something important you should know." James sighed and looked at Lily.

Then he began to recount the story of the muggle law enforcement squad or whatever they were called. ("police men James. Honestly!") and how They had been attacked by the three black figures and been fired from their jobs.
By the end of it her facial expression was quite hard to read.

She broke the silence a minute later by saying "Who were the men in black?"

"Don't know. But we think they were those kind who is in love with pure blood, and practice the dark arts like the ones that came to Godrics Hollow. The aurors dealt with them so I'll find out tomorrow when I go to work... Oh."

Even though the news he had given Lily had been bad, she still managed to smile.

"It's okay you no longer have a job. I just want you to be happy."

She paused, biting her lip. "Merlin, I'm becoming soppy!"

"That's not all to bad, Hey?" And James wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a kiss that when she fell asleep, -a lot later on- she could still feel the gentle touch of his lips.


"Right, I can do this, Just don't muck it up."

Sirius found he was spending longer and longer looking at the door opposite him and not doing anything else.

One hand he held a big bouquet of various red flowers, Melanie's favorite colour, and the other was snorting down his robes that he had picked out. They were a nice dark blue, that weren't to bright, nor too dark. But he still felt uncomfortable. Usually he would wear some loose robes, or maybe some muggle jeans. The new robes just didn't feel like himself. He glanced out the hallway window, which he had half opened moments ago, and saw his black beauty floating above all the traffic ages below, engine running and anticipating when Someone would jump on it and drive away.

This gave him a bit more courage and he placed his hand on the wooden door.

He couldn't do it.

Turning away, he gently placed the flowers on the door mat, and backed away. He was just going to climb out when he heard a door opening, then a gasp.

"Don't jump!"

He looked around and saw an old women staring at him in horror a few doors down from where the flowers lay.

Sirius raised his hands In the air, fighting the urge to grin.

"I'm not going to-"

"Don't give me that rubbish boy! But no one is going to die here tonight! Now come inside and we'll talk about what's troubling you on life over a nice hot sip of strawberry tea."

Sirius could hardly protest before he found his arm being pulled along with the women with surprising strength, and he was just about to be forced into her apartment when..


He turned and saw Melanie staring across at him, holding the flowers that he left there.

"Yeh. Sorry Ma'am. I'm with her so I can't come in for tea."

The old lady looked around and screamed.

"Who the hell are you? Stop trying to force your way into my house!" She slammed the door hard into Sirius' face
and the next thing he knew, he was lying on a sofa, with a sore head.

"What was up with that women?" He muttered out loud.

"Her name is Mrs. Hujjy. She wouldn't of let you go that easily so I placed a memory charm on her. You can thank me later."

Mel walked into the room and sat opposite him.

"Here. Drink this. It will help with your head."

She handed him a mug with a yellow substance in it. He skulled it down and was reminded of kiwis fruits, and the pain evaporated.

"Sirius, why are you here?"

"I came to apologize. I was a git, and it's hard to explain but I know It wasn't me saying and doing all that... Nonsense. I've really missed you, and All I want at the moment is to be with you again."

Melanie just looked at him. She then stood up, and left the room.

Well there goes all my hope. In school I had every girl pining After me. But the one I want to spend my life with doesn't even want to be in the same room as me.

But his thoughts were again cut short as she returned with the motorbike in tow.

"I'll forgive you Sirius. But on one condition."


"I get a go on the motorbike."

Sirius shrugged. "I would give you my Life."

He was going to say 'or half my kingdom but the words were blocked by Melanie's lips as they closed over his mouth. It had been ages since he had felt like this. As of he could walk on clouds and lift trucks. He never wanted to go that long without her ever again.

Pulling her onto the couch with him, he thought he could of produced the best patronus ever.


"Amazing. He was so-"
But what he was was unknown for at that minute, Harry farted.

The two women collapsed in a heap of giggles.

"His been doing that lots lately. I think it's because of his new found love for cheese." Lily said fondly, lifting Harry from her lap with one hand, and the other fanning the bad odor away.*

Melanie chuckled.
"He is so cute! I can't wait until I have a child. And I still can't believe Sirius got him that toy broomstick for his birthday. Has he managed to fall yet?"

Lily laughed. "No, but not because he isn't on it that often. I haven't been able to distract him from it yet. Sometimes Sirius can be the most annoyingedt person ever with the presents he gives. You know that bag he gave me for my birthday? It's a little romantic retreat on a beach, including a big bathroom, kitchen and bedroom."

Mel looked amused. "Come in handy? Should we be expecting another little kid in nine months time? Ouch! Uncalled for!"

She stood up from the ground from where Lily had pushed her and resumed her seat.

"I still can't believe you excepted him back so quickly. Usually you like to hold grudges."

"I don't know how to explain this, but when he said it wasn't him, I knew he was telling the truth because I felt the same way to."

Lily raised an eyebrow but didn't get into the topic more. Instead, she said rather quickly, "I actually was going to talk to James about having another child."

The gillywater Mel was drinking spluttered everywhere.
"Since when?!"

"Since Harry's birthday. I'm not sure yet."

"That's cool as! Let me know as soon as you do talk to him, I want to know how he reacts."

The girls started to laugh but instantly went silent when they heard a sound of something breaking upstairs.

Though Lily couldn't see herself, she knew her face mirrored Mel's one of terror.

"What are we going to do? If that's someone in the house.." She gasped loudly. "What if it's those people that came when James dad nearly died? Or the ones from when-" But she shut up as they heard the distinct creaking of The stairs.

"We have to hide."Lily said on a frantic whisper. She pointed her wand at Harry and her left eye half closed as it always did when she was working a non-verbal spell.
Silencio, she thought.
It would be to dangerous to test to see if it worked, so she just crosse sheer diners and hoped for the best.*

She lead the way through to the kitchen, looking some where or something to hide. Her first thought was the invisibility cloak, but that was upstairs. Maybe her bag? No, the shrinking solution was upstairs to. Whoever was in the house had reached the bottom landing and was in the lounge room. They were going to come in here next. She looked at Mel, and idea forming in her head.

"I'm going to shrink you and Harry, Ok? Then you take him and run upstairs to get the shrinking potion and we will all hide then. I will banish you there."

Bbefore Mel could refuse, she was already Screwing up her face, she shrunk, put a desolusion spell on them, then got them to fly backwards upstairs. Not knowing what to do next, she disillusioned her self and hid under the table just as footsteps entered the room.

The feet were big. That was the first thing she noticed. The robes swishing around the ankles were obviously black.

A voice came then, slightly muffled as if it were behind a mask.

"He isn't here Dolohov."
It sounded oddly familiar, like something she was used to. She didn't like it.

"Maybe they're hiding." The man who was probably Dolhov said.

"Or didn't you say he had an invisibility cloak at school Snape? They might be under that."

Lily could hardly stop the gasp that emitted from her mouth as she heard that familiar name. Snape? Why would he join the Death Eaters? She had hated him since he called her a mudblood, and even though he tried to apologize she had turned it down.

But here he was, and by the sounds of it looking for her and James.

"Right. Well we should search everywhere just incase. We need to teach that kid a lesson on who to go telling stories to."

Another pair of feet came around into view and stood near the pair that Lily guessed was Snape.

She was surprised when this one spoke because she was obviously a woman.

"Oh I'm not so sure we will be giving him a second chance. If he hadn't of told the Ministry about the murder of the Muggleborn family, then we would still have Avery and Nott in our ranks."

"Least he hasn't found out about your cousin, and waht we did with him, Bella."

"Shut it Hastings. They could be listening. Start searching you three pack of useless rags."

There was a great deal of movement and Lily wished Melanie would hurry up. She redid the Disillusion charm again, but even though it helped, it didn't make her completely invisible.

A gentle rigging on her sleeve made her jump so her head was half an inch from the bottom of the table top.

"Its me!" A voice hissed, and she could see the small sized Melanie standing next to her, holding the bag in one hand and a vial in the other.

"Drink up! Harry is already in it. Couldn't carry him a well."

Melanie disappeared in to the bag, and just as Lily was about to jump to, she saw someone get on their knees to look under the table.
Stepping in and shutting the clasp behind her, she started to fall until she was a foot from the ground, then as she paused there she dropped.

Dusting herself off, she looked around. The little romantic retreat was there, along with Melanie and Harry. And as Lily started to walk towards them she was thrown back off her feet as the bag gave a great big sway, as If being picked up.


The first half was annoying, quite a fluff which I'm no good at. The second part wasn't though. So I hope that it made sense.

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

Yeh. So I hated the last post but I want to try and get it better.
By the way, you've probably noticed by now I love happy endings, so nearly everything in my fics are happy
And by the way, just gonna call the bad people death eaters, except they arent servants of voldemort coz he don't exist

Severus Snape had originally never wanted to practice the dark arts, let alone be in a group full of people who did these sorts of things for fun.
Whilst he was at Hogwarts, his friends Mulciber and Avery started to get interested in this sort of stuff, and it had interested Snape to. But he had laid well off it while he was friends with Lily. But after that horrible day in fifth year, the day she had refused to ever talk to him again, he got more involved and after he left School, he heard of a group that called them selves the "Death Eaters." Noone really knew of them. They just assumed their was still people who liked to practice dark stuff.
He knew a few of the people. Lucius Malfoy, and Bellatrix Black, and her fiancé Rodolphus Lestrange.
She seemed to be one of the main leaders, and Snape admired her readiness to kill it to inflict pain upon the innocent.

But here he was now, in a house he loathed. Walking around he could see all the love that Lily had for that filthy swine Potter and their child, who he knew was going to be just like his father.
Just the little photos of their child, flying around on his toy broomstick, or even to see the plates in their sink which the used to eat off. They all brought back memory's he had buried deep down, swearing he never loved Lily.
But now that just came hurling towards him like a hurricane and he was thankful he had a mask upon his face, so no one would see the tear that crept down his sallow cheek.

They were here since Potter and the aurors found out about one of their meetings, and according to the others, he must pay.
He had no concern for that arrogant mule, but just hopes that Lily was out and stayed there.

"Hey Black. They aren't here so we may as well leave."

At the sound of her name, Bellatrix looked up at him.

"Yes. We are wasting time here. Let's us go, but after we have had a little fun."

The other two masked men cracked their knuckles with glee, and drew their wands, firing curses everywhere. They cracked the windows, burned the couch, and smashed all the photos.

Snape joined in half heatedly, but as this was probably going to be the last time collect something that reminded him of Lily, he Searched the area around him and spotted a little bag hat must be hers, unless Janes had a more feminine side that he let on.
It had little emerald diamonds that were like hers eyes, and he snatched it from the floor, stowing it away in his pocket.

Casting one last glance around her house, he grabbed a photos of her and, Harry? Was it? And that joined the purse in his pocket.
Turning on the spot, he disaparated back to his house, clombing te stairs he unlocked the front door and throwing the purse in his bedside drawer, he fell asleep.


"What was that?" Melanie barely had to ask.

It was obviously someone grabbing the purse and disaparating away from her house.

"What are we going to do, Lily? Could we aparate out of here?"

Lily tried, but there obviously was a anti-disaparating spell set up.

"We will just have to climb out."

She strapped Harry to her back, and waited for the opening to become low enough for her to climb out.

As she stepped out, she found herself on darkness again, and judging by the contents in a drawer.

A steady snore was coming from the other side of the darkness. Melanie advanced towards where the front would be, but Lily stopped her.

"There might be others!"She hissed.

They waited a while longer, and satisfied that there was only one person living on this place, they attempted to push the drawer open.
It was harder than you would of thought, and they managed a centimeter, but in the end, they had to use magic.

"Diffindo." Lily heard Melanie cast at the wood. It worked, as light spilt through the crack ad got bigger as Mel opened the hole more.

Producing a rope, they climbed down through the hole and landed softly on the floor. This would of been perfect, if Harry wouldn't of given a huge cry at that moment. Mel looked at Lily in horror as the figure asleep stopped its snores and sat up, looking for the source of the noise.

"Run!" Lily mouthed to Melanie and they sprinted out of the room.

If Lily would of stopped she would of seen the person chasing after them wasn't doing it because he wanted to catch them, but to talk to Lily.

Severus would of known that red hair anywhere.

But she had no idea it was him, so kept on running.

They turned a corner and saw the front door a couple of Meters in front and she drew out her wand and blasted a hole straight through it.
With a horrible pang, she remembered how James tried to install the cat flap, but accidentally blew up the lower part of the door.

They hurtled over it, Harry still crying this whole time, and chancing a glance behind her, saw her pursuer slow down, looking at them sadly.
Lily started to slow down as they reached the road, and she saw the familiar greasy hair, that unmistakable hooked nose, How could she forget?

And hatred boiled up in her. He had been in her house trying to find James and do unthinkable things to him. No doubt he would of enjoyed it.
And he had always been like that at school, eventually calling her Mudblood to her face.

He looked at her sadly, and she momentarily forgot her anger and it was replaced with pity. Then a hand grabbed her and they apparated to her house. Standing at her kitchen, she looked around sadly at all her things, strewn across the floor and wrecked.

A loud singing brought her back to her senses, and she whipped her head up, bringing her wand to the door. She was thankful that she hadn't fired a spell because in came Remus, Sirius, Peter and James.

They were doing a kind of dance/walk thingy and if she was in a better mood she would of laughed.

"Oh come and stir my cauldron, and if you do it right, I'll boil you up some hot strong love!" And as James sang he tried to get Lily dancing with him, but then he spotted the mess and asked what happened.
The girls launched into a big story about the people in masks, and when they got to the part about Snape, Sirius cracked his knuckles and said darkly "That evil b*****d. We'll get him." And he continued to curse under his breath.

There was nothing more to be done. Remus helped put Harry to bed, and Lily tucked herself up to, after the boys said they'll clean the house and if she didn't go to sleep, then they would jinx her. Lily soon fell asleep, but just before she did, she wondered what had made them all so happy.


I didn't want them to get away so easily but I couldn't think of anything else.

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Re: no voldemort, great life.. if harrys parents survived

I wasn't sure if I had named James's dad yet so I'm making it to be Henry.

And this chapter is full of fluff, so not that fun.

Since that Night that the Potter family had just escaped big trouble, they had been visited by Dumbledore.
He had told them that they shouldn't worry too much, but they would keep trying to get to James for a long time. He suggested they should move out for a while and he would set up protective enchantments around their new house. They went to Sirius' and this suited everyone really well.
Dumbledore informed them that the Longbottoms were also in hiding at Franks Mothers house.
Their life went by swimmingly until the night of Halloween, when they got an owl from James Mother.

Your father passed away this morning. He was doing fine since he came out of hospital since his accident some time ago.
It was because he had a sudden attack of the dragon fire and as it was unexpected, there was no spells or potions for it.
Please come soon.


James was distraught. He had planned on taking Harry to Hogsmeade with the other Marauder boys for a nice wizarding Halloween but the letter came just as Harry had dressed as a quidditch player, fit with his toy broom slung over his shoulder.

They left immediately to Merediths House, and James stayed for a few days to grieve and comfort his mother, who seemed robe in shock.

The funeral was small, but sweet as they said their last goodbyes to Henry.
It had been a very long Halloween, and soon the Potters moved to stay with James mother.

Sirius had joined them at James Childhood house after the funeral, as James' father had been more of a father than his to him, and when he went back to his apartment a fortnight later, he had a surprise visit from Melanie.
She was sitting on the couch, looking quite Jumpy but Sirius thought she had been like that since the attack by the Death Eaters.

"Mel!" She looked around at her name, and relaxed when she saw it was Sirius.

"Hi." She said, patting the couch next to her. He immediately sat there, holding her hand. Her breathing had become very fast and she looked at his eyes.

"Are you alright...?"

She shook her head and said "I need to tell you something."

Well, that was obvious enough.

"Remember that night how we got back together?"

Now it was Sirius turn to nod. How could he forget?

She muttered something, breaking the eye contact.


This time she looked in his eyes and said firmly, "I think I'm pregnant."

He kind of just froze, then he looked at her again. "Sorry?"

"I'm pregnant."

This time he was sure he heard her correctly, but he still couldn't hide the shock on his face.

She must of noticed it to because she burst into tears.

"I thought you would take it this way. You don't have to do anything about it. But I thought you should know."

She made to stand up, but he pulled her back down and hugged her close to him.

"Shhh. Don't be ridiculous. I will be there with you every step of the way."

And they sat there for a while, with the occasional hiccup coming from Mel.

Later on, Sirius sat in his bedroom, looking at her sleeping figure on his bed. She had to be tired.

Mel had confessed that she knew from three days before. When he was satisfied that she would be alright, he stood up and apparated to Remus's house, seeking advice.


"Have you told James?"

"No, Only you. Not sure about Melanie."

"When do you plan on telling everyone?"

"I don't know."

"Do you know what your going to do about it."

"No. I said I would help her. I probably should ask if she wanted to move in with me or something..."

"Do you think she was expecting a marriage proposal?"

Now Sirius sat up from his position on the couch.
"What are you talking about Moony?"

He looked at Remus's aging face, that could of been so handsome if it weren't for his monthly problem.

"Well, you don't see yourself with anyone else do you?"

He shook his head.

"And everyone knows you are eventually going to get married, so maybe it would make sense to do it before the baby came?"

Now Sirius grinned. If he had a problem, he could definitely trust his friend to help him out.

"You know what? You should become a muggle shrink or something, your dead helpful."

Moony grinned back, "I try. But are you going to ask her or not?"

"Yeh. But I need help getting a ring."


Melanie lay back on the soft grass a top of a hill, gazing at the sunset. From her kitchen window, she had a brilliant view of the sunset, and on days like this, when it was truly spectacular, she came to this hill just out of the city and watched it. Noone knew about this place, except Sirius Charlotte and Mandy, her best friends.

She lay there, thinking about what was going to happen. When she realized she was absently rubbing her belly, she stopped.
And Lucky she did, for Sirius just apparated a few feet away. The sunsets brilliant colours reflected off his face, and for a moment, he looked so handsome that she lost her breath.

He came and laid down near her, and they went a few minutes before he spoke.

"Thought you would be here."

She kind of muttered back. She had been ashamed of telling him she was pregnant, like he might think she was acusing him and get angry about it, abandoning him and the baby.
But she knew now that he never meant to break up with her. The Death Eaters at her house said that they did something between the two of them, and she could bet anything her brother was behind it.

Turning around on his side, Sirius looked at her.

"Look, about the baby. It isn't going to be that bad. We probably eventually would of had one anyway and what better excuse for us to get married? So how about we make it official?" And he produced a ring with a small diamond in it, and she took it from him as if it were a magnet.
It hadn't been a traditional proposal. It hadn't been that romantic. But he always had a way with words and that's why she said yes a minute later. He wasn't perfect, like some of the boys she had previously dated, he was Sirius.

Her Sirius.

They lay there, hand in hand, until the stars came out and twinkled above them.

Fluffy fluffy.
I intended then to get together, but I had do wait till after the night Janes and Lily would of died if there was such thing as voldemort.

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'When Life sucks, Just Dance! And since life nearly always sucks, Always Dance...' -Joe Walker, AVPSY

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