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Unanswered Questions

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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

heres mine.

grindelwald according to jo in an interview is supposed to be dead. so why the *** is he alive in dh

we never learned about why harry s eyes are green

the epilogue was lame

what was the magic harrys wand did on his own

what was the spell snape did on the sword of grifindor

why did voldemort not know of the deathly hallows

why did tonks and lupin have to die

what was kreature doing up till the end and is grimauld place still around

what really happened to regulus

whats behind the veil and why didnt she take us back to the department of myseries

what power is behind the door and that harry has large quantities of.

what in the world is behind the veil

whats with the cover. it doesnt depict anything

why did voldemorts spell bound back. it didnt make sense

we never learned if someone was in the house when the potters died. ( the angle says there was)

wheres are the other potters

to mxchape04 i believe the term is her powers were out of control. Ariana would lose control of em and they'd just explode out of her. like too much water pressure behind a leaky faucet

we never learned who did magic later on in life, to the one who said merope, you are wrong. its just the oposite. she did magic all her life and then decided to give up on it when she realized her forced husband had no real feelings for her. if she did use magic. she would have lived. and tom riddle would have been a very different boy.

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Who is the character who showed magic late in life?

From what I and my friend remember, wasnt there supposed to be someone who shows magic late in life? Did we both miss it in the book? I cant recall any hint of this after reading the book...


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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

To answer McFly's question, yes, Jo did say there was supposed to be someone to perform magic later in life. I personally think it could have been Neville, as this is the only person i could think of. Maybe she meant magic figuratively cuz it was pretty amazing how courageous Neville was to stand up to Voldemort like that.

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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

I don't think it could have been Neville. The full quote makes it clear she's not speaking figuratively - besides, Neville got all those points for Gryffendor for being brave way back in book one, remember?

Originally Posted by JKR, March 19, 1999
In my books, magic almost always shows itself in a person before age 11; however, there is a character who does manage in desperate circumstances to do magic quite late in life, but that is very rare in the world I am writing about.
Neville showed ability late, but before age 11. I don't know, it's puzzling. Maybe that's something that just didn't make the final draft?

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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

Originally Posted by leenielou View Post
Where did the Veil come from and what was its purpose? And what about the locked "Love Room" in the MoM? I was disappointed those two didn't come up.
Yes, I would love to learn more about those rooms.

What happened to the Ford Anglia as well? Didn't JKR day we'd see it again?

And how exactly did Grawp survive? He fought a hoard of bigger giants and just hours later could be seen catching food thrown by students.

About the Potter family wealth, it was inherited, wasn't it? I mean it was said by a couple of people, and James's ancestors were evidently great witches and wizards including one of the Peverells. Power may not imply wealth in every case, but I think James's family must at least have valuable artifacts similar to the Gaunts or the Blacks.

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mugglenet picked up loose ends

Hi all

I loved the book, sad its over - but there are still some loose ends left - I have looked over the list on mugglenet and answered some of the questions - if you have better answers post them here.

Ends that have been picked up:
• Will Hogwarts reopen? And, if so, will Harry, Ron, and Hermione attend for their seventh year?
Hogwarts reopens – no they don’t attend

• Is Snape good or evil? Where do his loyalties lie?
He is good.

• What is the significance of Harry having his mother's eyes?
It reminds Snape of his love for Harrys mother.

• What caused Dumbledore trust Snape so much?
The fact that Snape asked Dumbledore to protect Lily and his family, and that he swore to protect Harry – because he was Lilys child.

• Why was Voldemort going to allow Lily to live after he killed James at Godric's Hollow?
Snape asked him to.

• Who is R.A.B.?
Sirius Brother - Regulus

• Are Dumbledore and Sirius actually dead? Update: JKR confirmed in New York that Dumbledore is in fact dead - but we still don't know about Sirius!

• Where are the remaining Horcruxes? And furthermore, was Dumbledore right about what the remaining Horcruxes are? If he wasn't, what are they?
Already broken: The Diary, the ring,
Found in Book 7: The Locket – Mundungus Fletcher
Hufflepuffs cup – Lestranges
Ravencvlaws Diadem – Room
Nasgini – With Voldemort
Harry himself

• Who will lead the Order now that Dumbledore is dead?
No one actually lead it – they all became secretkeepers to the HQ though

• Is Bill Weasley a full werewolf?

• Will the two-way mirror that Sirius gave to Harry come up again?
Yes – Aberforth was keeping an eye out for Harry.

• Is the relationship between Ginny and Harry really over? Will they get back together in the end?
Yes they do

• What was the "gleam of triumph" in Dumbledore's eyes at the end of Goblet of Fire?
He had foressen the double bon that Voldemort had formed on top of the bond through Harry being a Horcrux – He had also guessed that that would save Harry from his ultimate fate.

• Is there more behind Voldemort wanting the DADA teaching position so badly, or is it just because he simply wanted the job?
He had to hide Ravenclaws Diadem.

• How will Peter Pettigrew repay his life debt to Harry?
He hesitates and that makes the hand backfire on himself

• If Dumbledore and Petunia were in contact before Harry was taken to Privet Drive, then what were they discussing in their letters? Thanks, T.M. Howard
Petunia asked DD to let her also go to Hogwarts

• Who was "that awful boy" who Petunia referred to in OOTP? Was it James, or was it somebody else? Thanks, Pranav

• Will Ron and Hermione's relationship finally come to be, or will something happen to prevent it?

• Will Dumbledore's portrait be of any use to Harry?
Not exactly but it does appear – and it helps Snape

• What will Percy do now that the Ministry has been proven wrong and Dumbledore is dead? Will he return to his family?
He returns to fight with his family

• What did Dumbledore see or experience after he drank the potion in the cave in HBP? Thanks, Linda
He relived the death of his sister

• Assuming Hogwarts will open in Book 7, who will be the DADA teacher? Thanks, Kimmi
The Carrow brother Amycus, that was on the tower when DD died.

• Again, if Hogwarts remains open in Book 7, who will teach Transfiguration if Professor McGonagall becomes headmistress? And will Slughorn remain to teach Potions for a second year, even though he said he would only be there for one? Thanks, Alex Yee
McGonagall remains Transfiguration teacher – Snape becomes Headmaster and Slughorn stays and is head of Slytherin

• Will the terms of the Prophecy be fulfilled? If so, will Harry kill Voldemort, or will Voldemort kill Harry? Thanks to Rachel and Kevan
The terms are fulfilled but it is again a rebounded curse that saves Harry – this time due to the Wand that follows its true master – Harry never actually tries to kill Voldemort, vice versa Voldemort tries 3 times and not once succeeds

• On her website, JKR stated that "there IS a significant - even crucial - answer" to the following question: How and why did Dumbledore have James' invisibility cloak? What is the significance of this? Thanks, Phil
DD wanted top examine it – if it was one of the deathly hallows

• What happened to Ollivander? And since there was no sign of a struggle when he disappeared, whose side is he on? And what about Florean Fortescue - are their disappearances linked? Thanks, Michael and Steph
Olivander was captured by deatheaters and held prison – he is good. We don’t hear any more about Fortescue

• Will Ron and Harry pass their Apparation tests? Thanks, Molly
Ron apparently does – Harry seems to be able to manage it without taking the actual test but only halfway through the book – thill then its sidealong apparition for him.

• What about Dumbledore's family? (JKR said in her interview with MuggleNet/TLC that Dumbledore's family would be a "profitable line of inquiry.") Thanks, Cycloneprime
His brother tells us what really happened to their sister and mother and father.

• Why did Regulus choose to leave the Death Eaters? Thanks, Kelli
He seems to have had enough of the killings plus the way Voldy treated Kreacher.

• Will we learn any more about Dumbledore's brother Aberforth? Will he have an important role to play in the book? Thanks, Andy
Yes he reveals the truth and helps them get into Hogwarts

• What happened to Dumbledore's wand after his death? Thanks, J.R.
It was buried with him

• What did Dumbledore actually see in the Mirror of Erised in the first book? Thanks, Vanessa
He probably saw the same as Harry – his dead family members alive and well

• Who will reinstate the protective barriers around Hogwarts that Dumbledore removed so he and Harry could fly to the tower? Not just anybody could have taken them down or Hogwarts would be constantly attacked. Is Dumbledore the only one who knew how to perform those charms? Thanks, Ashley
No more need for protective barriers – but the teachees knew how to perform some charms too.

• How did Dumbledore know the details of Lord Voldemort's murder of Lily - how LV offered to spare her life and how the charm that protects Harry was formed - if no one else was there to witness it? Was Dumbledore actually there to witness it? Thanks, Shelly and Richa
Noone else was there.

• What were Dumbledore and Snape arguing about that Hagrid overheard at the edge of the forest in HBP? Was it about spying on Draco, or was it something else? Thanks, Denise
Snape had promised to kill DD – and then didn’t want to do it anymore.

• What will become of the Malfoy family? Specifically, will Draco remain loyal to Voldemort, or will he change his mind and fight for the other side? Thanks, Lisa
Narcissa actually does a good deed in the end – they seem to be redeemed – all they want is to rescue their son Draco

• Where did Snape and Draco go at the end of the sixth book? Thanks, Keith
Probably to Malfoys house, which seems to have become the Deatheaters HQ

• Are we going to see the Ford Anglia in the Forbidden Forest again? Thanks, Jeanette

• In Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart says that he transformed a werewolf back into a man using the "immensely complex Homorphus Charm." Now we know that Lockhart didn't actually do this, but he did steal the story from another wizard. So, is there a way to cure Lupin? Thanks, Jessica
It is not mentioned anymore – but there is no need in the end anyway is there.

• Did Dumbledore mean anything significant when he said that the Dursleys had "mistreated Dudley"? Thanks, Beatrice
He just meant that they has spoilt him rotten, which was not exactly for his own good.

• Will the giants and goblins take a firmer position about the war? Will they ever choose a side? Thanks, Ashley
The giants take sides – the goblins dont

• Are we going to see SPEW again? Will the house-elves' rights be improved by the end of the series? And what will become of all of the house-elves that we know so far in the series? Thanks, Roque and Mary Pat
No – but the houseelves join in the fight at the end

• What happened to Sirius's motorbike while he was in Azkaban? And where is the motorbike now?Thanks, Kim and Marshall
Hagrid had it.

• Do we know the whole story behind Dumbledore's hand injury in HBP? Thanks, Matias
Yes and no – it was cursed and he put it on. Snape managed to hold the curse back, but the curse would have finished DD off in the end.

• What are the twelve uses of dragon's blood that Dumbledore discovered? Will these discoveries be important to the story in any way? Thanks, Alena
We don’t learn what they are and they are not important.

• Who helped R.A.B. retrieve the locket from the cave? (Dumbledore made it clear that two people were needed to get past Voldemort's enchantments.) And where is the locket now? Thanks, Andy
Kreacher helped – Mundungus stole it from Kreacher

• What significance is the fact that Mundungus Fletcher has been stealing things from Grimmauld Place going to have to the plot of the next book? Did he take the locket from Grimmauld Place, and if so, who did he sell it to? Will Mundungus be playing an important part in the next book?Thanks, Michaela and Griselle
He was able to return the locket back to Harry – and he plays a semi important role

• Did Dumbledore have a will or anything equivalent to a will? Thanks, Sam
Yes and he left special objects to the three heroes

• When Harry was taking Occlumency lessons from Snape in OOTP, he put more than one memory into the pensieve. What other memories did he want to hide from Harry? Thanks, jme
He wanted to hide from Harry the fact that he had loved and still loved Harrys mother Lily

• When Snape is about to kill Dumbledore, Dumbledore says, "Severus... Please..." Was Dumbledore asking Snape to kill him or was he asking for mercy? Thanks, Jillian
He was asking Snape to stick to his word

• How did Dumbledore become such an "extraordinary magic user, even at a young age" (a quote from an OWL examiner in OOTP)? Was it just study and hard work, or is there something different about him? Thanks, Kevin
He was very gifted and talented and always had is head in the books – like Hermione

• How will Harry find his parents' home in Godric's Hollow? After all, Wormtail is the secret-keeper, and as far as we know, the only way to find the home would be for Wormtail to tell Harry its location. Thanks, Chuck
He finds it, because it has been kept as a site of remembrance and has a signboard telling what happened. The secret lifted, because the people being protected were dead.

• Will Luna have a prominent role in Book 7? Will she live through the war? Thanks, Madisen
Yes she does play quite a prominent role.

• Is there a connection between Godric's Hollow and Godric Gryffindor? Thanks, Robbie
It was Godrics birthplace.

• Do we know the full reason that Voldemort decided to try to kill Harry instead of Neville? Thanks, S.M.R.
He probably wanted to go after Neville after he had done with Harry

• How did Hagrid retrieve Harry from the ruins of his parents' house if he was not told the location by the secret-keeper? Thanks, Natalia
The secret lifted when Lily and James died

• Now that Dumbledore is dead, who is the secret-keeper of the Order of the Phoenix? Is the spell broken? Thanks, Mikako
All that were told

• Will Voldemort be angry that Snape killed Dumbledore rather than allowing Draco to do it himself? Thanks, Abby J.
It was more or less a death mission for Draco to torture the malfoys – but it does play a role that Dracop planned to do it – the wand changed its master before DD was dead – and Voldemort was mistaken in who its new master was

• What is Grawp's role going to be in Book 7? Will he even have a role? Thanks, Debbie
He stays and fights for the good side

• When Dumbledore is explaining to the Dursleys that the magic protecting Harry will cease to operate on his 17th birthday, each of the Dursleys reactions are given, and the book says that Aunt Petunia "was oddly flushed." What is the significance of her reaction? Does she know something more? Thanks, Kathy
Petunia is embarrassed, because she wrote to DD asking to attend Hogwarts
- she was actually jealous of lily


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Re: More Questions than Answers in DH?

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Lily green eyes? What was the significance? Harry's glasses, why are they important?
Snape loved Lily. Harry's green eyes tortured Snape all his life. In his memories we finally see how much Snape loved Lily and how painful it must have been every single time he had to look at Harry
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
How did Aberforth know to contact Harry at important times? How could Ron speak Parseltongue?
Aberforth probably checked the mirror at seemingly random times. It is never mentioned but perhaps he could have heard Harry also, Ron was screeming bloody murder when the were in the cellar. Ron specifically heard Harry say "open" in parseltoungue when they destroyed the locket. He imitated the hissing even if he didn't really understand it.
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Why was Dumbledore so uncaring of Snape when Snape was the only man in Voldy's inner circle and was sacrificing so much?
That's the reason we see soo much back story on Dumbledore. And part of the reason that Harry and Dumbledore talk at "Kings Cross" Dumbledore still no doubt loved Snape and Harry greatly but he still cared for "the greater good"
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Why did Dumbledore not make provisions to ensure Snape and Harry would meet and work together?
The same reason that he didn't want Harry telling ANYONE other than Ron and Hermione what he was doing. If voldemort ever found out too early about the Hourcruxes it would have ruined everything that Dumbledore has been working toward since day one.
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
The goblins and speaking of the goblins how dd Gryffindor's sword come back into the Hat from Griphook.
The sword has some magical link the Sorting Hat and Gryffindor that the goblin's didn't even know about. Bill explains the goblin's system of ownership, but perhaps things did work differently when Gryffindor was alive. Maybe wizards and goblins were on better terms then.
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
What happened to the death eaters, the ones we know and hate?
I believe Bellatrix died. And the malfoys were vindicated. All through the last two books, we've seen nothing but how Voldemort is bullying them beyond imagination. Harry mentions them running through the battle caring for nothing but the safety of their son.
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
The dementors - where are they now? Who has control?
I believe the ministry is back in control and they moved back to Azkaban. They only sided with Voldy because they realized that he could give them an entire nation of depressed people. Now everyone is alot cheerier and I doubt the dementors would have been able to stand it. They'll go back to sucking the happiness out of prisoners.
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
A Patronus will go to the person intended. The place is not important. Why did Dumbledore wait until Phineas came with the information of the place Harry was staying at before telling Snape to send the Sword and the silver doe?
Because Snape wasn't just sending a patronus. He had to go there himself to plant the sword.
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Why did Dumbledore not forge a relation ship between Harry and Snape? Why, why, why,....
He cared for "the greater good" and he was very very 'clever'. Never put all your eggs in one basket.
Originally Posted by D4rk_0ne View Post
And how exactly did Grawp survive? He fought a hoard of bigger giants and just hours later could be seen catching food thrown by students.
There were alot more than giants fighting on the Good side. It's mentioned that all the wizards were forced inside the castle. I'm sure that Grawp, Buckbeak, Thestrals, and Centars would have kicked alot of Giant butt.
Originally Posted by D4rk_0ne View Post
About the Potter family wealth, it was inherited, wasn't it? I mean it was said by a couple of people, and James's ancestors were evidently great witches and wizards including one of the Peverells. Power may not imply wealth in every case, but I think James's family must at least have valuable artifacts similar to the Gaunts or the Blacks.
They did inherite something, The Invisibility Cloak. ....and alot of gold

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Locked room in dept of Mysteries

In book 5 - "'There is a room in the Department of Mysteries,' interrupted Dumbledore, 'that is kept locked at all times. It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature."...

What about it? Did JKR forget to explain the theory?

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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

I think it was obvious. It's the room where they study love. She didn't need to go back and discuss it. In fact, most of the questions we have really didn't require an answer - we either just want one for ultimate closure or she said in interviews that it would be answered, but wasn't. For instance, does it really matter what James and Lily did for a living? Not really.


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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
I believe it was Merope Gaunt in HBP. The question asked of Jo in the interview involved someone who did not attend Hogwarts. I can't think of any other character who fit.
Dumbledores sister maybe?

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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

Originally Posted by ivyagogo View Post
I think it was obvious. It's the room where they study love. She didn't need to go back and discuss it. In fact, most of the questions we have really didn't require an answer - we either just want one for ultimate closure or she said in interviews that it would be answered, but wasn't. For instance, does it really matter what James and Lily did for a living? Not really.
Then why not fabricate an answer and release it in the interview. By not answering those questions at anytime she has created the unstoppable curiosity in her readers. By not answering, she made it important to some people.

From here we enter the world of speculation, I enjoy speculation to the point of dilusion.

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Unanswered Questions

I am sure that JKR told us we will see more of ford angelina.

But there was no mention of it in HP DH

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Deparment of Mysteries (STILL MYSTERY)

I was let down that we never find out about the veil and also the room of love, I was really looking forward to that.

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Re: Unanswered Questions

Two things that bug me:

How did Dumbledore's portrait know about the Order's plan to get Harry out of Privet Drive four days early? And how did Snape get into the Headmaster's office? This conversation happened before the Ministry fell to the Death Eaters, and before Snape became Headmaster.

And, going back to the very beginning, how did Dumbledore know what had happened at Godric's Hollow? He knew within 24 hours that Lily had died for Harry and that consequently Harry would be safe with his mother's family and was able to create the neccessary charm around 4 Privet Drive. Good guessing again?

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Re: Unanswered Questions

What happened to Arnold?

What did Ginny, Luna and Neville have to do with Hagrid in the forest when they were punished?

Did Lavender survive? Did she become a werewolf?

Who was the girl Ginny comforted?

What happened to Umbridge?

Did Lee, or should I say 'River', continue with the radio?

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Re: Unanswered Questions

Apologies if any of these have already been mentioned, but he is my (long) list:

1. Who exactly died at the Battle of Hogwarts? We're never given a definitive list.

2. What do Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione do for a living and where do they live?

3. Is Kreacher still with Harry or now working at Hogwarts?

4. Who becomes the new headmaster/mistress at Hogwarts (presumably McGonagall) and what about the other teachers?

5. What happened to the Carrows? They were last seen tied up in the Ravenclaw common room. Were they killed or sent to Azkaban?

6. Is Grawp still living with Hagrid?

7. What happened to the Dursleys? Where did they go to and does Harry seen them again?

8. Kingsley Shacklebolt is the new Minster of Magic. What changes does he make at the Ministry? Does he sack Umbridge?

9. Does Ollivander re-open his wand shop in Diagon Alley?

10. Sirius died before he could clear his name. He was still known to the wizarding world as the man who betrayed the Potters. Did the Ministry give him a posthumous pardon?

11. Did Fang die at the Battle of Hogwarts or live a long life and die of old age? Did Hagrid get a new dog either way?

12. What happened to all of the other students? Did Oliver Wood become a Quidditch player? Did Luna take over the running of the Quibbler? What about Cho Chang, Lee Jordan, Dean Thomas, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, etc... and all of the others. We don't know who survived the Battle of Hogwarts.

13. What happened to Voldemort's body? The last we heard was that it was placed in a side room out of the way.

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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

Originally Posted by Virtuousdream View Post

1. Did Snape get a portrait?

5. Did Hermione's parents ever come back from Australia?!

6. Who got a reprieve from death?

7. What were the other titles for the book?

8. Who replaced Snape as Headmaster of Hogwarts?

10. Did Dumbledore kill his sister?
Did Snape get a portrait? seriously! that bugged me. When Harry went up into the headmasters office at the end there was no Snape. WHY????

Hermione's parents? that was really sad. I hope that she went back and got them and lifted the memory charm....but I guess we'll never know. Its for questions like this that I really hope Jo releases an HP encyclopeida.

Who got the death repreive? I would LOVE to know!

The other titles? would also be very interesting to find out. What else where we meant o have got out of this book?

I think McGonagall would have replaced Snape....

And I think we are never meant to know if Dumbledore killed his sister. Even he didn't, he could easily have. Dumbledore doesn't know, so why should we?

I'm kind of glad that some questions were left unanswered. More room for discussion!!! And sometimes ambiguity is a good thing.


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Re: Unanswered Questions

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Here is my list of unanswered questions. Please add to the list if you can think of any more, or help clear up any of my questions that I may have overlooked. That way we can put a final list together and maybe, one day, be able to ask Jo.

1) How did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald in a duel if Grindelwald had the elder wand? Was Rita Skeeter telling the truth when she said it might not have been the battle of legend?
2) Why was Harry able to see into Voldemort's thoughts again? Did Voldemort stop exercising occlumency?
3) If Bill Weasley was the Secret-Keeper for Shell Cottage, how was Ron able to speak its name and location in the Malfoys' dungeon? And how was Harry able to see it when he and Dobby first arrived?
4) What did Dudley see when the dementors attacked him?
5) What were Harrys' parents professions?
6) What were the trio's professions in the future?
7) Who was Snape's source that provided him with the information of Harry's departure from Privet Drive? If it was Dumbledore's portrait, what did he tell Voldemort?
8) Is Draco Malfoy a werewolf? After many clues in book 6, Voldemort asks Draco in chapter one if he will babysit the cubs of Lupin and Tonks. Does this confirm he is a werewolf? Or are we to assume that he is not since the book never explicity says so?
1] I think that the Elder wand was used to fight of death, the intent to kill. Dumbledore probably never tried to 'kill' Grindlewald, just defeat him. The same thing happened to Draco: he defeated Dumbledore because he didn't have it in him to actually kill him. And Dumbledore had complete mastery over the wand for fifty years because he never tried to kill with it or boasted of it.

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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

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Did Snape get a portrait? seriously! that bugged me. When Harry went up into the headmasters office at the end there was no Snape. WHY????
Perhaps it was decided that a Headmaster put in place by Voldemort didn't really merit a portrait.

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Re: Unanswered Questions

1. What happens to Luna in the future? Where is she 19 years later?

2. Does Snape get a portrait? I ask this, because I desperately wanted just one simple scene at the end:

HARRY: Thanks...for everything
SNAPE'S PORTRAIT: You're welcome, Potter.

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