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What have you learned in these forums?

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Old May 4th, 2011, 4:36 pm
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What have you learned in these forums?

I couldn't find a thread like this and hope this is the right place for it.. But I was reading another thread and the word "Trope" was used, and I realized, that until I was in this forum, I had never really known of that word or it's meaning. I realize that the series itself, and the discussion of it specifically has increased my base of knowledge. I think I had heard, vaguely of the term "Deus es machina" but didn't really know what it meant. Some of the film terms and methodology I've also learned. I think I learned about AVPM here. Even the UK/US language thread provides moments of insight for me. Some terms I knew already like Byronic Hero, or onomatopoeia, but enjoyed seeing them discussed more in depth. Some of the name meanings that I hadn't already learned, I learned here. How about anyone else? Does anyone else have things they learned or discovered here?

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