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The "F" word- are you offended by it?

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Old July 19th, 2010, 10:45 pm
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Re: The "F" word- are you offended by it?

I wouldn't want to keep kids from hearing and learning swear words, nor will I stop doing it in front of them. They need to learn to deal with them and not be offended when someone says one, cause it will happen every day to them. They need to learn that that are only words and are only offensive when you let them get close to you. With that I mean swearing when you get hurt etc., not mean personal attacks. But they soon enough will learn the difference between this and the other swearing.


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Old July 20th, 2010, 12:55 pm
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Re: The "F" word- are you offended by it?

Originally Posted by cathairetic View Post
Well, gee, guys. I just spent a week passing a kidney stone and I didn't even, ever think of using the F-word.
Damn that hurt!
Bet you said a lot of other words though!

Originally Posted by Tenshi View Post
I wouldn't want to keep kids from hearing and learning swear words, nor will I stop doing it in front of them.
You would stop if you were in the right neighborhood.

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Old July 20th, 2010, 2:13 pm
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Re: The "F" word- are you offended by it?

I was brought up around swearing as a child. My English and Irish family are pretty swear happy. Although one of my aunts who swore like a sailor when I was a child has now curbed the habit that she has her own kids.

I do swear when the situation requires it (or so I think), when I can't find words strong enough. I would avoid using the F word among kids though on principle. I do believe that culture and nationality has an effect. Being Irish, I think we are a tad more relaxed towards swearing, this might be my experience though. Father Ted is a good example.

Old July 20th, 2010, 2:19 pm
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Re: The "F" word- are you offended by it?

Originally Posted by NickHeartsMat View Post
I am well aware that my children will be exposed to many bad things as they age, but that doesn't mean that I am going to start exposing them now because "oh well they might as well get used to it". Children are not little adults, they don't process things the same way, so leaving them to make sense of adult topics is crazy to me. I am all for answering any questions my kids have about any topic, but I do so in an age appropriate way. You may not see swear words as offensive, and that is okay, I respect that but I personally don't want my kids using that sort of language at their ages and so if I can keep them away from it I will.

Bolding mine. I totally agree with this statement.

ETA: Also I have to say that once some words becomes common place new words will be invented to take their place as being the "naughty words". People want to be offensive and they will find a way to do so. And if the F word doesn't cover it then they will find a word that will.

I think instead of debating whether a word is "just a word" you must understand the the lack of respect behind it. For instance on the list of words that my son is not allowed to say is "stupid". He doesn't get read the riot act if he uses the word but I let him know that I do not approve. This may seem extreme but he was using it all the time. Stupid cat. Stupid chair. Stupid driver. Stupid toy. Stupid people. Stupid, stupid, stupid. One time he told me I was being stupid (for reprimanding him for something) and that was it. I realized he was getting to the point where he was no longer was thinking about the whos, whats, wheres, whens, whys and hows of a situation and defaulted to the word stupid to express himself. It was much easier to classify something as stupid than to really think about why things were making him uncomfortable or why he took the actions that he did. He was disrespectful of himself by doing that. By not being able to process and articulate his thoughts he was unable to effectively communicate. By telling me that I was being stupid, for instance, it totally made me shut down and not want to listen to him.

This thought that swear words are "okay" as long as they are not directed at somebody is irrational, imho. An infrequent use of swears is to be expected and even accepted (I've done it. Even around my son but I do it so infrequently that he hasn't picked up on it.), but to swear constantly is to forget how to express yourself in a manner where people will want to listen to you.


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Re: The "F" word- are you offended by it?

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