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Writing Contest Entries

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Re: Writing Contest Entries

*Contest 6!*

Entry 1

The First Kiss

My feet pounded across the earth floor, bringing me closer and close to Andrew’s outstretched arms. In one movement, I jumped into his arms gracefully and he whisked me up, holding me close. I was breathing quite heavy, after having ran 3 laps of the field at school for our annual Terry Fox Run. Thankfully, I hadn’t become sweaty as it takes much more that 3 laps to make a seven-year-old sweat. Letting me down, Andrew smiled brightly at me and pushed a fallen strand of hair out of my face. I sighed and felt my face go a little hot.

I couldn’t help it. It’s not my fault Andrew was so darn cute with his big brown eyes, cute little nose and adorable smile. He was amazing and had been taking my breath away since kindergarten. Well, now we were in grade one and of course, thinking the thoughts I did, at that moment I wanted to kiss him. I’m sure he could see it in my eyes and the way I casually leaned in. But then, of course, Heather had to ruin the moment.

“Katie!” she called as she came running up to us. “Come one! We have to beat our record of five laps!”

Pulling at my hand, Heather pulled me along to start running again and with an apologetic smile, I turned and took off with her, trying to make the urge of me wanting to smack her go away. Glancing backwards, I could see he was watching me run. This made my face hotter than it already was. Once he caught me looking, he smiled and waved, then took off at his own pace with Jared. With a sigh, I continued onto my fourth lap with Heather, determined.

Upon reaching the big cluster of trees behind the soccer nets, and after finishing my sixth lap, I took a rest. Heather, Ms Energetic-Psycho, continued running, determined to beat our last record by more than just one lap. I grumbled as I found a patch of soft grass and watched the rest of my class with a smile. I was obviously searching for Andrew but nobody knew as to how ‘casual’ I looked.

Reached up to wipe the beads of sweat off my forehead, I heard a familiar voice approaching and looked up to see Andrew standing there, glistening with sweat. He smiled and took a seat beside me, laying back in the cool grass. I followed suit with a huff and a little scooting to get comfortable .. And closer to him.

“Katie?” he said, a little breathless from his excursion.

“Yeah, Andrew?”

“Have you ever thought about kissing?”

This question, me being only seven, brought surprise to my face and a barely audible gasp to my lips. Could it be, that Andrew Brown, the hottest guy in my grade, wanted to kiss me? Could it really, really be? Oh how I’ve been waiting for this moment forever! I couldn’t believe that he had actually -

“Have you?” His interruption of my spazzing thoughts made a pink blush appear to my already pink cheeks.

“I.. Uh, I don’t know. I guess so.” Darn it, why couldn’t I ever talk normal? I scorned myself quietly as he chuckled and turned on his side to face me. I, again, followed suit and found myself quite close to him. If I could just scoot a little further…

“Katie, Have you ever thought of kissing me?”

I swear to god if I hadn’t have already been on the floor, I would’ve now. I couldn’t believe he had just asked me thee question! Thee question I had been waiting for a whole year! Did he like me, like me? Or did Heather tell him about my whole liking him and he was just being nice? These thoughts whirled inside me as he leaned a little closer. Just an inch -

“Gotcha!” Heather and Jared yelled as they pelted us with water balloons. I swear I was going to explode!

“Heather Dawn McNaggingtin!” My nickname for her at the appropriate times. “I swear on your life I’m so going to get you back!”

Her eyes widened mockingly and I was about to jump on her when I felt a light tug on my hand. Looking back, I saw it was Andrew and he was smiling playfully, nodding over to the part behind the cluster of trees. I glanced at Heather and she was grinning so large I thought her teeth would fall out. Once I looked back at Andrew, he tugged again and started walking towards the dark cluster of trees. I followed.

Once we entered, I automatically moved closer to Andrew, who smiled happily and guided me through the tangling roots. When our interlaced hands felt sweaty, we didn’t even stop to wipe them off on our shorts, we just kept walking. Once we reached the small park near on the other side, we saw there was almost no one there. With a smile, Andrew called, “Race ya!” and took off towards the swings. With a huge smile, I followed.

When we reached the swings, we both grabbed the same one at the same time and yelled, “Turtle!” It was our little thing to say once we reached desired objects after a race. It made both of us laugh. He offered me the swing and I took it, waiting for him to sit on the one beside mine. Then I felt hands on top of mine, on the swing’s chains and looked up to see Andrew really close to my face. A small smile crawled to my lips.

“So, would you like me to give you an underdog?” he asked kindly.

An underdog was when you pushed the person on the swing forwards and backwards twice, then on the third time, you pushed them high enough for you to run under them, before they kicked you in the head. It was also, my absolute favourite push. Nodding happily, the smile on my lips grew into a grin and he mimicked it, then manoeuvred around until he was behind me.

“One .. Two ..” we both said each time he pushed me forward. “Three! Underdog!” we called at the same time.

Laughing and swinging, he sat on the swing beside my and watched me, playing on the swing and having fun with a little longing in his eyes. As I slowed down, tired from all the pumping, he got up and stopped me, holding on to the chain tightly. I smiled at him as he returned to the same position at before.

“How was that, Underdog Queen?” he laughed.

Grinning, I replied, “Excellent!”

Then when the laughter stopped, we both looked into each other’s eyes deeply, the smiles on our faces disappearing. Slowly and very smoothly, Andrew moved closer to me, shuffling his feet in the sand until our faces were about an inch apart. With a small smile from him, he closed his eyes and jutted his chin forward, pressing his soft lips against mine, making my eyes close automatically.

Pulling apart, we both grinned largely and couldn’t stop. It was amazing! He was amazing! I hoped I was amazing! With a swift movement, he took my hands and wrapped them around his neck, pulling me into a huge hug. I couldn’t stop grinning. This was my absolute first kiss and I sure as heaven won’t forget it. Ever. Ever, Ever, Ever, EVER!


Twenty minutes later, I was sitting on the hill near the baseball diamond, waiting for Heather to get her big butt across the field. Thankfully, she finally reached me and sat down. But, before she even said hello, I launched into the story of my very first kiss, EVER! When I finished, she sat their gaping, eyes wide. Laughing, I reached over and pushed her jaw up, which snapped her back to reality.

“No way on Earth did you kiss Andrew Brown, thee hottest guy in our whole school!!!”

I loved surprising her.

“No, I didn’t. I completely lied about the whole thing. I have an awesome imagination, don’t ya think?”

She looked as though she wanted to throw me across the field and I just grinned.

“Yes you loser! I kissed him. Well actually, he leaned in and kissed me first, but I kissed back.”

Laughing, she pushed me and stood up, brushing off her bare knees. Offering her hand to me, I took it and she asked the question I was anticipating for the whole hour I waited for her on the hill, getting grass-butt.

“So are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Grinning, I shrugged and took off running towards the baseball diamond, to line up for kickball. She followed me, asking the question over and over, begging me to tell her. I waited until it was my turn to kick when I told her: “I don’t know, go ask him.” Laughing at her red face full of anger, I mustered all my strength and happiness and got myself a home run on the best day of my short life.

A.N: If there are any 'word' the author wants you to know those are meant to be said in a special way, but the piece was too long they went ahead and went on.

Entry 2

Summer's Tomorrow

How is it that when you have a life so absolutely wonderful, things always seem to change? I don't mean wonderful in any sarcastic way at all, either. I mean so absolutely wonderful that things are great! Couldn't get better! You're life cannot go down hill and things are going to end up to be your perfect happily ever after! That's what I mean when I say things are absolutely wonderful.

That was my life you know. So wonderful, nothing could bring me down! I thought it was awesome to have the perfect boyfriend. We were going on eight months, you know? I mean, like, oh my god! He is so hot, sweet, and never asks for any of that 'stuff' you know what I mean? I had good grades, fun activities to do, and lots of good friends. I even finally managed to get a promise ring all in my freshman year!

Once school was over, I realized my best friend ever was staying in town this year, instead of taking a trip like always, and I'd actually have something to do over the summer! Even better, I made a new best friend that was absolutely hilarious to hang out with. Yes, that's my life. The End. I lived happily ever after with my one true love. That's all there is to know in my story and it can't get any better than that, right? Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I tried growing up too fast before really opening my eyes.

Truth is, my boyfriend wasn't as great as I thought I saw him. I didn't love him like I thought I loved him. Sure, he had past histories of cheating on me with the same girl.... three times. He didn't make wise decisions, but it seemed to me as long as I wasn't involved with those decisions it was alright to forgive him. Then I began talking to my new best friend and he made me open my eyes. Not only to the outside world of still being a kid, or our new, developed friendship, but to God, family, and nature. We had a lot in common, and he seemed to show how much he cared for me and my relationship.

I mean, we talked every day! We'd go on walks together, he took me to the park just so we can act like little kids. He invited me to his dad's church and I found out he was in his father's band and a preacher's kid. I never used to be really religious, but he really opened my eyes to so many things. I didn't know what was happening for a while. I felt guilty for spending so much time with my friend and not my boyfriend over the summer. We didn't do anything that would be called cheating or anything, but it was strange being around a guy by myself knowing that I may be doing the same thing as my boyfriend had done to me countless times.

It wasn't until he started asking me how my boyfriend treated me and told me that my heart had been broken by him so many times, that he didn't understand how my heart had so many pieces left for him. Honestly, I didn't know much either. I did know, however, that I felt complete around this new guy, and I loved spending time with him. My phone was even put into use 'every' night because he would call just to see how I was doing and wanted to know if I'd like to hang out the next day. Was I cheating on my boyfriend? Was my heart really so guilty that I just kept running back to him, even after the many times we broke up, with his many breaks between two different girls before he was tired of them and ran back to me? That's what I was beginning to feel. So....

I broke up with my boyfriend.

.................................................. .................................................A New Life.............................................. .................................................. ....................

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be up so early in the morn. for me at least lol.

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so what are u doing later? wanna go on a walk?

10:16 am

what time?

10:17 am

whenever is best for you, but soon hopefully? i'll meet u at ur house.

10:20 am

That's a long way for you to walk, but if u're sure,
i'll ask my mom.

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k, hurry up though! I have to get offline.

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10:25 am

She said yes! Alright, so I'll meet u in 30 min.!?

10:26 am

K, see you then!

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I shut my laptop and dressed in what I thought was my cutest outfit possible. Then again, I didn't know if the punk style was exactly what a preacher's son would like, but I was comfortable with who I was, and he didn't seem to mind so far. I had a new haircut, too, so my bangs did that cute side-sweep thing, too. I was so ready to meet Trevor today, I loved our walks, but today was special.

Two nights ago I spent the night with my best girlfriend and we got so bored, I thought we should call up Trevor. It was her idea though, to start a game of truth or dare. For a week we had it planned, Trevor and I, to go to a special park close to her house and hang out, just the two of us. So, what happens? He goes to dare me and gets really embarrassed before he changes his mind, and when I'm thinking of a dare for him to do, she blurts out that she dares him to kiss me at our date tomorrow! I was almost mortified, but I really wanted to know the answer. Out of pure anxiety, I ran to the bathroom so I wouldn't hear the answer, I was afraid he'd be mad.

When I came back, she was smiling from ear to ear and gave me the thumbs up. I took the phone and asked him to give me a dare, when he was taking too long, I asked him to ask me the same dare he was too embarrassed to ask, but he said that he was already dared to do it. It was perhaps one of the cutest things that had been 'arranged' for me. Even though Saturday came, and as wonderful as it was, that kiss never came. He would bring it up, and he really wanted to, but we were so caught up in the other's embarrassment, we couldn't do it. Eight, great hours together, as soon as I woke up to evening. I loved it.

Now, today was a different story. Right after church, he told me he had two surprises for me, and my stomach really started to dance. I was afraid he would want to kiss me today, when I wasn't ready, in front of his parents! Though, I also wanted it really badly, not thinking of it as a dare. So, he took me out to his father's truck and he reached in and gave me a piece of folded paper. I knew what tat was right away, and saw on the inside was a picture of him that he wanted me to draw. It was nothing really, but it wasn't anything at all I was expecting.

"What's my second surprise?" I asked, perhaps a little too eager, because he blushed. I could feel my face do the same, too and heat up even more than it had in the summer heat.

"I drew you that picture you wanted," he said and then pulled out another folded piece of paper. It was a perfectly drawn dinosaur, and in pen! I couldn't draw that good in pen! I always had to erase. It was simple, and nothing I'd been a big fan of before, but I loved it. His face did explain to me, though, that wasn't my second surprise.

That's when I went home and started to chat with him online as soon as he made it home. We always went on a walk after church, but my mom always found it important for me to ask, even though she knew exactly where I was going. He even did end up meeting me at my house, but this time, unlike any other time, he came in.

My grandmother was down visiting for a couple of weeks, and my dad was home. My mom had met him a few times before, but I felt so embarrassed. My dad and grandma weren't ones to keep shy on telling boys I liked them. He kept friendly conversation with them though. It made me smile, and I couldn't wait to leave to have him keep normal conversation with me. It was a fifteen minute walk just to get to our secret walking place, it was hard for me to imagine how long of a run it was for him just to get from his house to mine. We lived on different sides of town.

I don't honestly know what it is. When I'm around a lot of people, I can't talk. I'm too shy. However, when you put me with him, I can't stop talking! I was afraid to drive him away with rage, but he swore up and down he really didn't mind. He loved to hear me talk. I didn't even realize we were at our little river until he grabbed my arm and made me turn. It was a beautiful river, too. More like a little stream. Sure, we had to climb down a little cliff, but he was more than willing to grab me by the hand and help me down. Then, I'd lay my bag down and take off my shoes, rolling my pants up to my knees, and he'd lay his shoes next to mine and we'd wade around in the water, walking back and forwards asking the most random of questions. It was like a game, and he was never tired of playing it with me.

At last, we finished walking in that water and shared a perfectly shaped, square stone to sit on and sat there talking. I don't even remember what it was we were talking about I was so caught up in the fact I was with him. I was careful not to bring up my friend's dare though. It would be strange for me to seem so eager for something I wasn't even sure he wanted for himself. He never did either, and it made my stomach less nervous.

Did I mention he has blue eyes? He has blue eyes, but yet sometimes they are green. Not hazel eyes. Changing eyes. I loved them. He also had a blonde, help us all mullet. Surely he couldn't be serious with some sort of fashion craze he wanted to start? Strangely enough, that didn't matter to me. The mullet kind of grew on me actually, and I couldn't see Trevor any other way. Though it was fun to pick on him with the fact his hair was so blond, but his beard was bright red. Yes, I said beard. He was only a few months younger than I , and he had a beard. He was also a lot taller and lankier than I was. So maybe other girls didn't find him very attractive, but he was a great guy. He was athletic, and very friendly.

Me? I'm tall for most girls at fifteen. I have blonde hair, plain, blue eyes. They don't change. They're just blue. I'm not athletic so I sometimes I think I'm overweight, a pressing issue Trevor and I often have. My worse attraction? I had acne. Not bad acne, but bad enough for me to not like. I didn't understand what person could possibly even like a misfit like me, even my one and only ex-boyfriend who was actually very cute.

"Hello?" Trevor answered his home cell phone. A downside of being friends with him. I couldn't text him, and I couldn't call him because I never knew who would answer. As far as his parents knew, he was roaming around town, not with a girl at all. "All right," he said, "I'm down by Dillons, so I'll be home in about an hour."

I felt guilty again. An hour? How much would he have to run? To walk from the stream to the street would take fifteen minutes, and an additional fifteen minutes to get me home.

"Do you have to go home now?" I asked, hoping maybe my previous assumption was wrong.

"Yea," he answered, but not sadly at all. Almost excitedly, but I knew how to take it. He was ready to see me again tomorrow, and start another day. Not to get rid of me and finally get home. Helping me back up the cliff, this time without shoes because our feet were too wet, and I had reminded him repeatedly I hate wearing shoes anyway, with a constant reminder that they were 'too heavy' and I didn't wear them. The bike path was pretty smooth anyway, it wouldn't be until we made it to the street that I'd put them on.

"My dad can give you a ride home so you won't be late," I offered, but he refused the offer. His parents would wonder why my parents were dropping him off.

"Besides," he said, "I have my bike." He left it at my house when he picked me up.

I wasn't wanting to leave though, but I really didn't want to get him in trouble either, in fear he wouldn't be able to go on walks again. In order to keep conversation going though, I just had to ask. The question had been chewing at me all day, and I knew it must be doing the same to him, because he was biting his lip.

"So what was my second surprise?" I asked quietly, and this time he stopped walking. We were still at the top of the cliff. Not even on the bike path yet. It was a beautiful scene. One of my favorites from the whole bike path.

"Do you really want to know?" he asked with a silly grin. I nodded, really wanting to know if it was what I'd dreamed for. "Alright, close your eyes."

That's when I knew it, and automatically I was able to do as he said. I didn't do what most movies do to make girls look stupid. I didn't pucker my lips, expecting what most girls always wanted. I waited for him, and perhaps it was a good thing, because then he quickly kissed my cheek. Just my cheek. Do you have any idea what one little kiss on the cheek can do to a girls stomach? It can send it flying 'away' with the butterflies instead of trapping them on the inside. He instantly blushed when I opened my eyes but I didn't say anything about it. I knew he hadn't had his first kiss yet, and I wasn't going to pressure that onto him. Honestly, I knew kissing him would basically be my first kiss as well.

That was the last time he ever had to be dared again.

.................................................. .....................................Can I have A Redo.............................................. .................................................. ...............

"I don't know," was the only answer I could give my mother when I told her all about my time with Trevor when she asked me if we were going out. It was like two little girls discovering a new CareBear had come out on stock. We were squealing and acting just like little girls. Trevor wasn't allowed to date yet, his parents wouldn't allow it. In fact, people at church would tease us, always asking us if were were boyfriend and girlfriend, and all we could say was, "No." They would say, "Well that's good, because we already ah have Trevor set up with my daughter!" They were teasing, but somehow I didn't find it very funny.

We played a different type of truth or dare this time. This time no daring to kiss anyone. It had been weeks since that day, and he didn't seem to want to talk much about it, but it did confuse me a whole heck of a lot. I really liked him, and I thought he liked me too. I was afraid now our friendship as a whole would be ruined. We talked, of course we did, and still went on walks and park visits, but distance was kept between us two. This time, I dared him to take me to his secret place. I really didn't have to, he wanted to show me in a couple of days anyway, but I really was tired of playing and couldn't think of anything else to dare him with. The last one I came up with was so stupid. To wear a purple hair tie around his wrist, I'd provide the hair tie.

Of course, this time, we were able to meet half way. Well, almost. He ran again, something he apparently loved to do, and met me before I ever made it halfway to his place. I'd only have walked a couple of blocks at the least.

This spot was supposed to be different than the bike path, and to be honest, I was excited. For the past couple of weeks, we had been talking on the phone and online especially a lot. When I wasn't online, he would send me special pictures of angels that had certain meanings. Angel of love. Angel of kisses. Angel of desires. I'd send them back, too. Our flirting became almost completely recognizable to 'anyone' who saw us. Not that it wasn't that way before, but it seemed more open to the both of us now.

The worst part of the walk though, was it took forever to get there. I was too excited for my own good and I needed to calm down. He loved to torture me though, it seemed. He walked slower and let me do most of the talking, something I eventually grew to dislike because of my fear my talking would drive him crazy. Maybe 'I' was the one that was crazy. I couldn't stop thinking about him, or talking about him, or wanting to see him. It was worse than when I was with my ex. I was scary, and I was terrified more of him leaving me be than my sanity. Again, he swore he didn't mind.

At last, behind the old court house, and by the old recycling center, we made it. I'd seen this place before. It was like an old parking lot covered in rocks and had huge dirt and rock piles on it. What was really so special about here?

"We're here!" he said with proud. I looked at him, wanting to say that rocks really weren't the romantic vision I had in my mind, but then again, I didn't even know if this was supposed to be 'romantic' at all. There was a bushy area next to the lot, though, and it didn't look too appealing at all. Almost like it was a very itchy place to be, but strangely enough, that's where he started to walk, and he pulled apart some of the bushes for me to walk through and see.

It was downhill, and it had trash all over. A dirty river, and an old tree trunk that had fallen and landed perfectly just above the river. It was absolutely beautiful. How could a guy see such beauty in such a place that most people couldn't even see? Not even care about!? I loved it, even if I was being eaten alive by the biggest bunch of insects I'd ever seen. Trevor lead me all over this place and helped me up and around things I didn't want to go near because of my terrible sense of balance. I always insisted on wearing flats, still going on my theory of heavy shoes.

The old tree trunk was a challenge, but we were able to sit just halfway up it and watch the river flow below. It almost beat the kiss on the cheek, but that moment was just too special to forget. Trevor helped me out of his secret place and insisted on sitting on the top of a rock mound, just to horse around. We even raced to the top. I won, but probably by a pretty large head start. He sat very close to me, and just when I could have swore he was going to ask me something, I slid down. Painfully. It scraped my arms up but I really did 'not' want to go home just for that. So, to play it off, I threw a rock at him and blamed him for pushing me down. That was the beginning of our rock fight, and the end of any serious conversation until his dad called once again, ready for his son to come home.

This time it showed. I was down casted. I didn't want to go home, the time seemed so short. Perhaps only an hour, though the walk was an hour in itself. Why couldn't we stay longer? I didn't dare ask aloud though, I didn't want his dad to hear me and wonder. Trevor even insisted that he walk home, even though his parents offered him a ride home. When he hung up, I asked, "Do you want to go home and I can walk by myself? So you won't have to be late?"

"No, I'll walk you home," he said, almost insistently. Last I checked, he liked home, so there was no reason for him to want to be away from it so much. Unlike me, who always had arguing sisters to deal with.

"Are you sure?" I didn't want to get away from him either, but again, trouble was the last thing I wanted him in.

"Pretty sure," was his only reply. I knew the way home this time, and I was ready to lead out. Even race him! Which was in fact what we ended up doing. Then, at last, as we made it to the road, he grabbed me by the arm and turned me around to face him. I was breathless, but he seemed perfectly fine.

"Stupid track person," I teased and he even laughed a little. "What's up?" I asked, when I realized his laugh was also cut short. I was afraid he may have changed his mind about walking me home.

"Legend," he said just so I can hear, not as if anyone was around, but if anyone were, no one would have been able to hear it. My throat was dry now, I had another feeling in my stomach. "C-can I kiss you?" he asked and this time, immediately turned red. I didn't have to close my eyes? I didn't have to be turned around? Was going to be on the cheek again? Who was more nervous? Him or me?

I gave in almost immediately, not wanting him to change his mind. "Yea," was all I could get out past my dry throat. I didn't know what he was expecting though, I had never made a first move before, and he had never kissed before. I was so nervous, in fact, that when he leaned in for the kiss, my lips quickly reached his and pecked them so quickly that I didn't even feel it and I quickly went into a hug and his arms went around me. I closed my eyes immediately and blushed as his laughter kicked in. "Oh my, I ruined that, didn't I?" I was so embarrassed I couldn't let go, and my eyes were still closed tightly, hoping perhaps, that it was a dream.

"No. No you didn't." He said, but he was still laughing. "Alright, you kind of did," and I couldn't help but laugh, too.

"Do you want to try again?" I asked still not wanting to let go and see his face, hoping he'd say yes and I'd know what to do this time.

"Yea, why not?" he said, and I couldn't tell if he was making fun of me, or really wanted to try. Trevor's grasp on my back was released and I was able to slide out of his arms and both of our hands were on each other's lower range of body. I opened my eyes to see his face.

"Ready?" we both asked at the same time, and again, we both replied, "Yea." Instead of laughing, he leaned in a little and I was able to finish it off with another quick, but slower, peck on the lips and a much less forceful hug.

"I still ruined that for you didn't I? I'm so sorry, Trevor," I said, really sounding apologetic, but more embarrassed more than anything. This time he wouldn't admit to me messing up. He said it was perfect. I was so happy about that, I don't even remember if we held hands after that, but I do remember the first words that came out of mouth afterward.

"Trevor kissed a girl, and he liked it."

.................................................. .................................................. .......Am I Pretty............................................ .................................................. ..............

Again, I was on the phone late at night. It's been weeks now that AJ's been calling me. A guy at school that really liked me, and it had only been just over a week since my first real kiss with Trevor. Am I crazy to think about those sort of things all the time? I didn't like AJ the way he liked me, but he didn't want to think of that at all.

"When will you just break and go out with me?" he would tease and my answer would always be the same, "I'm wanting to be with someone else, and you know that!"

If that wasn't bad enough, one of my best guy friends was wanting me to go out with him, but any excuse with him was he was too young for me. I was a sophomore now that school has started and he was only a freshman. AJ was a junior, but my eyes were only for Trevor. Susan, my best friend who ever managed to get me and Trevor to start our odd relationship, knew about this and tried to help me out as much as she could. In fact, she even started going out with Michael, the cute, but too young freshman. I felt bad, but she was happy.

Though news about the sudden guys liking me was a shock to me, last year I was worried I'd never have a boyfriend, even after I broke up with my ex, but now they seemed to be all over the place. Not only did I find this surprising though, so did Susan, and she only wanted the best for Trevor and I.

One day after school, right after play tryouts, and waiting for the cast list to come out in fact, Trevor called. It was the earliest he had ever called me, and the only time he actually called me in a while instead of me calling him. He sounded excited, and bored all at once. I was nervous, of course, but he was confident in the fact that I had a role. Of course, Susan had tried out for the play as well, and she was waiting just as nervously as I was. Then, curse my weak bladder, I had to go to the bathroom. I didn't want to hang up with Trevor, but I couldn't talk to him while on the toilet either, that'd be strange, right? So, I handed the phone to Susan, promising to be right back.

What a stupid mistake. Of course I should have learned my lesson the first time I left her with my phone when I had to go to the bathroom! When I was on the phone again with Trevor, he sounded upset. Almost out of place upset, too. She told him about the guys that were asking me out. Of course I knew, and my parents knew, how much I liked Trevor and wouldn't go out with anyone else, but he didn't know that. I never told Susan that his heart had been broken badly once before, and I knew this might crush him with the plans we had made. I had to assure him.

"You can go out with one of those boys, you know?" he said as I walked outside to get some air, and some privacy from Susan.

"I know," I said, "but I don't 'want' to date those guys. 'Cause, you know, of what happened last week and all. By the way, my mom wants to know why you haven't asked me out yet," I added cheerfully. It was a topic we discussed a lot, and his answer was always, "You know what? I don't know." Again, his answer was the same.

"Have you even told your parents about last week?" It was the first time I asked him that.

"I kind of only tell my parents only what they ask me, sorry," he said, but he didn't sound very sorry. More upset than sorry. I didn't know what I was expecting, but something told me it wasn't that. Was I not important enough for him to tell his family about me yet? I went to church with them 'every' Sunday, but they never suspected anything. They even liked me as a regular church goer, always asking me to bring my parents, though they never went to church.

"It's fine, I understand," I said, but my throat became very tight, and I didn't know what to do if I started to cry over the phone. So, I let in a deep breath and walked back inside. Surely the cast list would bring me good luck?

"How did you do?" he asked, a little more alert than before.

I was stunned. I tried out for every part, and 'still' did not get anything in the first play of the year. I just wanted to cry again, but not with him on the phone. "I didn't make it," I managed to force out of the lump past my throat. "Hey, I've got to go, Susan's mom is here to pick us up." Technically it wasn't a lie, but Susan's mom was not here yet, but I couldn't talk to him anymore. I just wanted to go home and tell one of my sisters what had happened, and I knew who I'd run to.

Later that night, when I finally did get home, I was on the phone with a friend of mine from Missouri. He was a pretty cool guy, and had this good habit of actually listening to me, just as I listened to him when he was having troubles. He liked to tease me about the so many guys and pretended to ask me out, but I didn't find it very funny. My phone bleeped and I looked to see who was calling in on our conversation and saw Trevor's name.

"Hey, Luke," I said, "I've got to go, alright? I'll talk to you later!" and I switched over to the other line. Why was I still so eager to talk to him? I was still hurt from earlier, and I doubted he had anything better to say. Sure enough, he told me that I should go out with one of the other boys and that those two wonderful days that I remember so well were something he shouldn't have done.

"Do you know why I haven't asked you out yet, Legend?" he asked sulkily. Boy this guy had bad timing at crashing bad news onto a girl's heart. "I don't want to hurt you, and I don't want to get hurt again. So can we just try to be friends, and if anything happens after that and it goes further, then we'll see what we can do, OK? But please, I just want to stay friends right now, and I take all the blame for making you think I wanted more."

"Don't say that!"

I was surprised that came out of my own mouth. Of course it was his fault. He wanted all of these things before we go out, and now he turns around and changes his mind? Though, that wasn't what was on my mind. I didn't want him taking all the blame. "I wanted to kiss you, too. It wasn't just you. We both had a part in it, you know?" It was all I could manage to say without being angry at him.

"I know, and I'm sorry." Said Trevor.

"Don't be. I'm just upset that I, you know, was able to do that with you without ever going out with you just for this to happen," and I was crying by that point, but it wasn't visible through my throat yet.

He must have magic senses of some sort though, because he tried cheering me up then. He wanted to go on another walk down by the bike path again the next day. Sunday. Sunday was going to be a nice day, and I could give him a piece of my mind face to face. When I hung up the phone, I wiped away all of my tears and ran to my sister's room. She was straightening her hair, but I didn't care much anymore. I had to ask.

"Am I pretty?" I asked, motioning toward my chubby little body that I found no where nearly as attractive as most of the girls at my school.

"What?" she asked, cracking up already at my question. "Legend, what sort of question is that?"

"Just answer the question! I need to know!" I demanded.

"Why?" she asked, not stopping from her hair but looking at me.

"Because, three different guys like me! Last year I was afraid I would never have a boyfriend, this year I can't seem to get rid of the ones I don't like!" I said, almost cracking up with laughter, though I sure it was because by then I had lost all sanity for that day.

"Yes, you're pretty, Legend," she said, but I wasn't completely convinced with all of her laughing. I could have swore she was lying, as most of my foster sister's would, but I didn't feel like going through what I thought were lies much longer and went off to my room. I was ready for tomorrow, and I really wanted to know what was going to go on, since I had a walk 'and' a church to go to with him there in front of me the whole time.
.................................................. .................................................. ..........I'll Wait For You I Promise........................................... ...................................

I was online again, it was just after church, and the walk had been canceled because Trevor had to eat lunch at his grandmother's and the rest of the family. I was a little upset, but he was at least online to talk to. This time, I was too upset to talk to him as if I were me. I wanted to talk to him, but in some, strange way, I wanted more of my feelings to get to him.

10:35 am

*Legend wonders if Trevor is there.*

10: 40 am

*Trevor wants Legend to know he's online and here.*

10: 40 am

*Legend is happy again now. She really missed seeing Trevor today,
and she keeps thinking back to the day at his secret place.*

10:41 am

*Trevor thinks about that day too and thinks about Legend being in
his arms.*

10:42 am

*Wonders when she can be in his arms again?*

10:42 am

*Maybe soon, Trevor thinks.*

10:43 am

*Legend thinks she is very happy and wonders what else Trevor is

10:46 am

*He's wondering if he wants to do what he did the other day again.*

10:47 am

*Legend would very much like that, but she's afraid of getting hurt
again because he wont' want to be with her.*

10:50 am

*Is really sorry about that, and wonders if Legend can just wait for him?*

10:52 am

*Legend wonders how long she'll have to wait?*

10:52 am

*Trevor promises not long!*

10:54 am

*Thinks this is wonderful and that she promises! She really does!*

10:55 am

Hmmm, so what's up?

10:56 am

Nothing much, just thinking about this awesome guy. u?

10:58 am

Thinking about an awesome girl.

.................................................. ......................I Followed My Heart.... You Lied.... It Didn't Know The Way............................................... ...........

Lets just say I had to do a 'lot' of chores to get off grounding. The only good thing of my entire grounding was, I got another kiss with Trevor just before he left. I had to close my eyes again, but he took control and this time, the kiss was a little longer, but still just a nice, sweet little peck. I was happy for once someone wanted to go slow. I would be seeing him today, at the church event I've been planning on going to for the past two weeks, but I ended up having to do many chores to get off grounding to go. A friend of Trevor's would be there, too. Apparently he wanted to meet me, and Trevor wanted to show me to one of his friends.

When I arrived, no one was there, and I was worried I may have had the wrong day, but Trevor's dad said they were all at Pizza Hut if I wanted to go over there. Sure enough, Trevor was there and his friend was, too. Eric. Eric was the actually kind of cute boy's name. He was really funny, and intent on getting to know me. It made me a little nervous, and I found I couldn't really speak at all, I wanted this time with Trevor. It turned out, Trevor would be too busy helping his family getting the church ready for the event and while Eric was playing with the lit candles, though Trevor told him about my fear of fire, he still insisted on playing with it, so that excused Eric and I alone to play basket ball in the back area. He was trying to show off, but it wasn't working with all of the talking he managed to do.

"So, you and Trevor going out?" he asked shooting for a hoop and clearly missing. I grabbed the ball as it came for me.

"Not exactly," I said, shooting and making the shot. I was surprised, I was terrible at sports. "He wants to wait, and I want to wait for him, you know?"

"Oh," he said, grabbing the ball as I passed it over, "well if it weren't for him being my best friend, I'd totally ask you out!" he said a little too confident. I hardly knew him, but the comment did get me giggle. Perhaps I was a little bit of a flirt, but so was he!

"I hardly know you," I pointed out.

"True, but you could get to know me if we were going out," he winked and missed another basket. To be honest, I thought he was hilarious, mainly because his attempts of showing off were failing but he didn't seem to care. My phone began to ring though, and it was my dad telling me we had to see my grandma. I was upset, but it was an excuse to leave Eric, but I couldn't see Trevor as long as I had wanted to at all. We exchanged numbers of course, out of politeness, he would have been fun to talk to. He was even coming back for Sunday service.

It was a short trip with my grandma, too. She just needed some company. We spent the night and then made it home the next day. I wasn't kidding when I said I was very tired for the next day at church. Only one thing was able to keep me up and it was the fact that Trevor kept 'winking' at me the entire time he was up on stage, and Eric was back taking care of the technology, what was normally Trevor's job. I was used to it, but it seemed strange that he did it in front of one of his best friends. Even afterward, when church was over, Eric insisted I stayed with them and sang while they played with their instruments. Trevor would wink at me from the drums, but then Eric moved next to me and was so close to me, helping me with his lyrics, that suddenly, Trevor was too tired to want to continue and I felt really guilty.

At first I thought it was my singing, I knew I was bad, but no one wanted to listen, but he insisted it was because he knew Eric wanted some 'alone' time and that he'd straighten it out with him later. It was since that night on that Eric started to use my number I gave him to start calling me at night. He called during the times Trevor and Luke would, making my times very difficult. Then, he would start calling me early in the mornings, right before I hopped onto the school bus at the bus stop. He was fun to talk to, but that's all I wanted, was a friend.

At last, that dreadful Thursday came up. I was on the phone with Trevor, and we were really enjoying our talk, about me going to his football game to watch is band perform, when Eric called. I told Trevor I'd call him back shortly, but my conversation with Eric lasted longer than expected. He had something he wanted to ask me in person, but he was too shy, so he would ask me over phone. He. Asked. Me. Out.

"Oh, Eric. I. Well, I. I don't know what to say, I don't answer these sort of questions over the phone, yes or no unless in person." I said weakly, knowing my lie was pitiful. He was cute, funny, and even talented, but I knew how much I liked Trevor. I really liked Trevor. Sometimes, though I've never admitted it to myself about my ex, or to any of my friends about Trevor, I thought I was in love.

"Oh, that's alright," he said quickly, "you're going to the game tomorrow aren't you?"

"Yea, I'll give you my answer then, OK? I promise!" I said, almost not wanting to go to the game now, but knowing deep down inside, I wanted Trevor to tell Eric no, and I wanted to watch that. I wanted to see him claim me in front of someone for once instead of just his own secret game.

I needed help on what to do. I needed to ask the one I was waiting for. I called Trevor up, not expecting the laughter that came from his end of the phone. Me myself was almost in tears because I knew this would be hard to ask. I didn't even get to say hello.

"Hey, Legend!" he said cheerfully. "I forgot to tell you about this earlier, you reminded me when you just called, but Eric found a girl he 'really' likes and he says he wants to ask her out. So be on the lookout, he didn't say anything, but I think it might be you."

"I just got off the phone with Eric, Trevor." I said in an almost lost way. "He 'did' ask me out."

The laughter died right away. "What did you say?" Trevor asked.

"Honestly? I told how you and I were waiting and that I didn't know what was going to happen, but..." I never got to finish.

"Do what your heart tells you, I promise it knows the way." He said, no sign of any hope in his own voice or heart. This time it just happened, and he could hear them. My tears, and my locked away throat. I knew what I wanted my answer to be. I would just have to tell Eric no tomorrow, but I knew I couldn't continue playing this game forever. I wanted Trevor just to choose for me. To tell me he wanted me to continue waiting. He didn't. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said, and then that was the end of our conversation. I had to take a shower. It was the only thing that could possibly calm me right now.

I left my phone in my room, and perhaps that was the first, biggest mistake I had made in my entire life. I missed a call. I missed Trevor's call. He left me a voicemail.

Hey, Legend I just wanted to call
to say thanks for understanding
about the whole thing earlier,
and I really am sorry, I shouldn't
have you know asked or done
anything on Sunday or Monday,
I really feel bad about it, and I
feel, feel like ****, and I hope you
forgive me for that. And if we can
in any way, I just want to stay friends.
K, I'll talk to you later. Bye.

It was perhaps the saddest I've ever heard any guy in my life. There was so much mumbling and stuttering that I had to listen to it three times before I was able to hear every word. When I was able to comprehend what he had said, I was incased in more tears than before, and I locked myself into my room before it was even close for time to go to bed. I didn't want to say goodnight to anyone or let them console me. I wanted to be alone for now and cry my heart out.

I had no choice but to tell Eric yes now. Trevor wanted nothing but to be friends. He already told me, he really meant it. He even called to make sure I received it, cautiously talking to me, making sure I wouldn't blow up. Which, on Friday night, that's just what I did at the football game. Eric asked me just one more time and all I could do was give one last look to Trevor, sitting down in the bottom bleacher and whisper out a small yes. It made Eric so happy he pulled out a ring and gave it to me. It was much to big for my finger, but I was able to put it on a chain as soon as I went home.

Perhaps I should have known right there that was my biggest mistake I had ever made. After a while, Trevor stopped talking to me as much. The phone calls stopped. Church wasn't as fun as it used to be. And our friendship was falling. My heart made the wrong choice. I should have told him no, and maybe Trevor would have changed his mind too, instead of being so scared. I scared him away, and I pushed myself away from making amends. I was so caught up in trying not to be hurt around Trevor and Eric together, I didn't know what to do, until at last I forgot about that wonderful summer I thought I'd never forget.

I eventually did become happy with Eric. I was still very shy around him, but he opened up some of my quirks. If only I had known what was in store for me in a month's time, I would have run away from it all and forgotten about my misery after.... after my heart had broken again because of my final meltdown. I realized I had no control over the pieces of heart I had left once they had been shattered once again. I was alone. I was lost.

I was scared.

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ..................................


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Re: Writing Contest Entries

Entry 3

It was an evening in early Summer. You know the type when it’s still bright in the evening but not as intense as it would be later in the summer, or earlier in the day. I was only about five, I had just finished my first year at school, it was the first day of the summer holidays.

We were in the garden of my old house, my two sisters and I.

I suppose I should start with painting a picture of the garden. The back door opened out from the kitchen onto a path which was paved with black bricks which gave off a purple shine, almost like oil. From the path were two steps which lead to a kind of patio area which was paved with concrete slabs. On the area was a blue sand box which had little seats on the side and a lid which you could pull over if it rained. After the patio was a section of grass which lead up to a small patch of blackberry bushes. Behind the bushes and running along the back of the garden was a brick wall which separated our garden from the one behind. Along the left-hand side of the grass was a path made of the same paving stones as the patio, which ended a couple of metres short of the wall. At the bottom of the path was a little step, probably barely more than an inch- although I was too young at the time to really be able to say how high it was. Whatever height it was it was barely big enough to be called a step really, it was actually less than the thickness of the paving slabs and more of a lip than a step really. Just to the left hand side of the path was a small flower bed which held most of the flowers in the garden, but not all of them.

I can’t really remember what my sisters were doing. My little sister was probably on her little tykes car. It was one of the sort which you get in playgroups up and down the country. Made of yellow plastic and with a red handle at the back so that babies could push it along and use it as support when they learnt to walk, or so they could be pushed around. Maybe my older sister was on her bike, it’s at least likely. My older sister had the coolest bike. It was baby pink with big fat white wheels, covered in those little plastic balls you attach to the spokes and which used to come free in cereal packets. The seat was made of a white leather like material (it may not have been real) with a cute picture of a deer on (sort of like Bambi) and it was padded so it was actually comfortable.

I was on my scooter- not an electric one of course! It was read, with blue handles and two wheels at the back, one at the front, all with yellow spokes. I had recently managed to pluck up the courage to race down the path by the grass on my scooter so was quite proud of myself. The path was on a slope you see so you gained momentum as you travelled down it. I had always been a bit weary to try it before, worried I suppose that I wouldn’t be able to stop and would carry on until I flew off the patio and crashed into the path, or even actually into the house. The little step at the bottom of the step though slowed you down enough to make it easy to stop. So I was gaining confidence. Whizzing down the path again and again, and bumping off the little step at the bottom before stopping. I was gradually pushing myself off faster as I gained confidence.

I don’t know what happened next really, maybe I turned so I was going off the edge of the path instead of just off the end. Or maybe I had got to fast to properly bump down the step. Or maybe I put down my foot too soon. I really don’t know. In fact the last thing I can clearly remember is travelling down the path. I do know I fell off the scooter, and I sort of vaguely remember half lying in the flower patch and half on the patio. I can’t remember how I felt, or even how I reacted to what had happened. The next thing I remember was sitting on my Dad’s knee crying in pain. That memory is a bit off a strange one actually. I don’t remember being in pain. I remember being upset, and I remember being comforted that my Dad was hugging me, and that it helped calm my crying down.

After that my mind kind of goes blank again. I think I remember being in a car, my Mum’s friend’s car I think, but that may have been another time. Sitting in the back with my Dad, my Mum was in the front but not driving. I know we must have gone to the Children’s Hospital but I don’t remember getting there, or what happened when we did.

My memories for that Summer are all pretty vague. There are clear moments which I remember in quite vivid detail but so much that I don’t remember, and a fair bit of it must have been quite significant. I had broken my leg, my right femur, which is actually a pretty serious break. I was in traction for the whole of the summer holidays- probably I was too young to have it operated on, or maybe it just wasn’t done then. You can imagine how boring that is for a kid. To have to lie in bed all day with your leg in the air is not fun for anyone, but for a kid who is used to running around (and whizzing down paths on her scooter!) all day it certainly isn’t fun to be stuck inside in bed. Maybe that’s why most of the things I remember are to do with things actually happening, rather than just remembering how boring it was. I remember one of my sister’s friends visiting and bringing a sort of plastic clacker thing, with three neon coloured balls attached to it by rods with span around the main stick and hit together making a clacking noise. I remember someone sending in a toy dog, which I named Hairy Maclary after the dog from the Hairy Maclary books. This dog had a button on the bottom which when made the dog bark when it wasn’t pressed, so that when you picked it up it would bark. It was a guard dog toy you see. And I remember endless games of the rainforest game (one of those collect the set games). Oh and I remember watching the Rescuers, which was the only video they seemed to have on the ward and which scared me. Have you ever watched The Rescuers? Seriously, it’s a scary film for a kid! Considering that I was there for literally months it seems strange that I only have four decent memories from the time, I guess I just blocked most of it out, or maybe it’s because it was a long time ago now.

I had broken bones before, an ankle falling off my parent’s bed, an arm falling down a couple of stairs. Both when I was really little. There are still a couple of pictures around of me as a toddler with my leg or my arm in a cast. I don’t remember those breaks at all, I was too young. That’s why breaking my femur was so significant, it is the first bone I can remember breaking.
That though is not all the story, for all the story you have to look a few months ahead. I had been out of hospital for some time and was walking around using tripod crutches- crutches with three legs so that the would stand up alone. I had recently learnt how to go up and down the occasional step with them and was walking back into the house from the car when I tripped over the front step- breaking my leg again.

Maybe you say that has to be all, but sorry there’s more to go, I hope you aren’t getting bored. I was recovering again. I was in a pushchair because I couldn’t walk far. I had my feet on the little strip which your feet rest on and my right foot slipped off. My Mum who was pushing the buggie didn’t notice and carried on pushing. This time it was only my ankle I broke.
I remember the ankle more clearly. We were walking back from the library and were about halfway home. I was screaming because it hurt. I remember when we got home Mum called the doctor, he didn’t believe that it was broken, and told me to walk. Of course I refused I was in such pain. When I was still refusing to walk a day or so later mum took me to the hospital and they found it was broken.

You can imagine that the doctors were wondering why I had broken my bones so many times in succession. That’s when they started the investigations. I had a lung biopsy, a muscle biopsy, a skin biopsy and endless blood tests. It wasn’t until I was seven that I was tentatively diagnosed with osteoporosis though. Osteoporosis is basically brittle bones. It’s incurable although there are things which can help. A drug which I took by drip as a teenager being the one which made the greatest difference, even though it was only on trial at the time. I still take calcium and vitamin D tablets everyday, but really it has little effect on my life. Since breaking my ankle I didn’t break a bone for fifteen years. The last time was a few months ago in a road accident- something that really has little to do with my osteoporosis, well I can say I’ve broken both femurs now.

I suppose some people might pity me. For me though my osteoporosis isn’t something which really bothers me. It’s just a part of my life, something which has always been there. Some things scare me, I don’t want to break a bone. I have never been ice-skating for example, and I worry about slipping in the snow. But generally I do as much as I feel safe doing, even some things I am unsure about, because I can’t let it rule my life. There are so many people out there worse off than me. Really I am lucky. I don’t pity myself, and I don’t deserve the pity of others.


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Re: Writing Contest Entries

*Contest 7*

Entry 1

“-and that, my dear Mr. Green, that is where you went wrong.” he said, “You nearly had me baffled by the clever way you tried to frame Miss Scarlet with the murder crime. But then, I saw through your act. You were really covering up for the true murderer. I realized this when I realized that there were not two sets of prints on the murder weapon, but three. One set was Miss Scarlet’s. One was yours. And the other...” he paused dramatically, “was a set of smudged marks, unmistakably the prints of a hand wearing a glove.”
He paused again for dramatic effect, then continued, “Of course, now the question arises, who you were covering up for. Could it be Mrs. Peacock, fiance to the dashing Colonel Mustard? Or perhaps for Mrs. White, who could have been your nanny when you were young. Or was it even Professor Plum, perhaps a friend from high school? I could not come to a satisfacory conclusion so I started digging through the background of each and every one of these possible culprits-”
Ten year old Jimmy paced back and forth, waving a plastic bubble-pipe in the air, and continued his rant. His eight year old sister Eliza watched him from her position on a low stool, her chin in her hands and a rather amused look on her face. Between them lay a nearly finished game of Clue. By the looks of it, Jimmy was making his final guess, and taking a very long time of it.
“-and then, of course, there was only one conclusion. The weapon I had found the prints on could not have been the murder weapon. Because of my newfound knowledge, I then-”
“Jimmy,” interrupted Eliza, giving an amusedly exasperated smile, “You really have no idea who did it, do you?”
Jimmy gave her a glare, “Of course I do,” he said, defensively, “I’m explaining how I came to the answer. Now, if you will let me continue-”
“Jimmy,” said Eliza, again, “I know you don’t know. You’re just pretending.”
Jimmy tried to ignore her, “AS I WAS SAYING,” he said loudly, “I then decided to make another thorough analysis of the possible weap-”
“Jimmy.” said Eliza, with an air of finality, “You’re bluffing.”
Jimmy stopped talking and pacing, looked at Eliza, looked at the game board, and then looked at Eliza again.
“Uh, why would you think that?” he asked, carefully
“Because you are trying to get me to react to the things you say in a way that will let you guess what cards I have.” Eliza said, lifting her chin off her hands, and tucking a strand of curly hair behind her ear, “You always do it.”
“Oh, come on!” said Jimmy, “I have plenty of information from my own cards. I have enough to guess who dunnit!”
“Jimmy.” Eliza said patiently, “You have to guess the weapon and the room as well, you know.”
“I know, I know.” said Jimmy, starting to pace again, “Let me finish my explanation.”
“No more explanations.” said Eliza, sighing, “Just guess, please.”
Jimmy glared at her, then stared at the game board very hard. He knelt down, looked at his sheet of paper, stood up, paced for a few seconds, and at an irritated ‘Hem’ from Eliza, guessed.
“Mr. Green, in the conservatory, with the Rope.” he said, firmly.
Eliza raised her eyebrows, “My dear Jimmy, I have the conservatory card. I could swear I showed it to you last turn.”
Jimmy took another look at his paper, and noticed that the conservatory was indeed checked off. With a very messy check mark.”
“I thought that was just a scribble.” he said, “Let me guess again.”
“Alright,” said Eliza, with a resigned sigh.
“Ah....Mr. Green in the library with the.....um....revolver.”
“You always pick Mr. Green.” said Eliza, shrewdly, “How do you know I don’t have his card?”
“Because it’s always Mr. Green!” said Jimmy, “But you’re right, how do I know you don’t have his card...”
Eliza smirked. Gullible to the last.
“I see!” said Jimmy, very pleased with himself, “You must have the Mr. Green card, or else you would have shown me it when I guessed him! Therefore it cannot be Mr. Green.”
Eliza blinked in a subtly triumphant way that to anyone else would look like she was rather confused by his warped logic. In reality, however, that was just what she was going for.
Jimmy began to pace back and forth again, “I see...if it cannot be Mr. Green, then it must be Colonel Mustard. I never liked the look of him.”
“Is that your final answer for the culprit?” asked Eliza.
“Yes.” said Jimmy, “And the weapon must be....the candlestick.”
Eliza nodded sagely, “I see. And the room?”
Long, very dramatic pause.
“The KITCHEN!” said Jimmy, “It could be nowhere else!”
“All together, please?” asked Eliza
Jimmy struck an impressive detective pose, “Colonel Mustard, in the Kitchen, with the Candlestick.”
Eliza motioned to the envelope in the middle of the board, “It’s all yours, Mr. Detective.”
Jimmy grabbed the envelope, turned around so Eliza couldn’t see the cards, and took them out. A few seconds later he put them back in, turned around, and placed it back in the middle of the board.
“That’s the ninth time!” he said, sitting back down on the floor by the board, “Why do I keep losing?”
“Dunno.” said Eliza, calmly, “May I guess?”
“Sure, go ahead.” said Jimmy resignedly
Eliza sat up straight, put her hands in her lap and recited loudly, “Mr. Green, in the Kitchen, with the Candlestick.”
Jimmy looked at her with a look of extreme surprise, “What?!”
Eliza did not answer, but opened the envelope, and showed the cards.
“You told me yourself,” she said, smiling, “It’s always Mr. Green. I believe I win?”
“Yeah...” muttered Jimmy, “Why didn’t I remember that?”
Eliza, the picture of innocence, started setting the board up for a tenth game.

Entry 2

She was one of our regular customers. She came in a few times a week and ordered the same thing every time, a latte with hazelnut syrup. Sometimes she would order a cake too, or a sandwich, but always that coffee, for as long as I had worked in the coffee shop.

Today was a gloomy day and the rain was coming down in sheets. Earlier in the day the shop had been quite busy with people seeking shelter from the rain, but now most people had gone home and there were only a few people sitting around. The shop was still more busy than it would normally at this time of day but it still wasn’t exactly crowded. She came in from the rain, her jacket zipped up high and the sleeves pulled over her hands. Her face shone out under her hood as the shop lights fell on her. She scanned the shop checking how busy it was before pulling down her hood. Her long, dark hair was scraped back into a scruffy bun, but a few strands had escaped which softened her face. She walked up to the counter and ordered her usual from Kelly, who was on check-out at the time, before sitting in a chair near the window. She pulled the band out of her hair as she gazed out of the window, and her long dark hair tumbled down over her shoulders. As I watched her I almost burnt myself when the milk in the coffee machine overflowed from the jug I was holding. Those sort of things happened far too frequently when she was around.

She was beautiful, there was no denying it. With her long wavy brown hair and almond shaped blue eyes which looked deep enough to dive into. She moved with the sort of grace you might expect from a dancer, but from observing her I doubted she was someone who danced. She dressed casually, in jeans and t-shirts but that isn’t to say she looked shabby. Her clothes seemed to be carefully picked out to flatter her figure. Today she wore a dark pair of jeans which hugged the top of her legs but flared out from her knees downwards and a red t-shirt, the bright colour of which contrasted with her hair beautifully almost making it look darker.

She pulled a book from her bag and leant it against the table she was sitting at. As she bent her head her hair fell over her shoulder, obscuring her face from my view- something which disappointed me a little. It did mean, however, that her hair now caught the light coming from behind the counter, and the waves in her hair shimmered like a waterfall. This is what she did every time she came in, sat with her book, drinking her coffee as she read. She always seemed to be alone, I had seen her around town with friends but she never seemed to bring them here. It was almost as if this was her own private place. A place to escape from the world.

Watching her drink was mesmerising. While she waited for her coffee to cool she would skim her finger over the top, collecting the foam which was cool enough to touch without burning herself. Then she sucked the foam off her finger. Once the foam was all gone she would pick up the coffee and blow on the top before taking a hesitant sip. If it was cool enough she would carry on drinking, in slightly larger sips.

I picked up the coffee I had just made and walked towards her. She was so engrossed that it seemed she didn’t even notice me watching her, or walking towards her. When I got close to her she noticed me and looked up, as I handed her her coffee I felt a spark jump between our hands.

Entry 3

Yesterday, after 5 years of working in the nursing field I came within an inch of storming into the Administrator’s office and bellowing, in a triumphant voice, that “I need a mental health day – heck give me a month”! Chest pains were a daily occurrence now that I had taken charge of the Hospice wing, which let me tell you, is no easy feat. It’s one thing to care for one dying resident, which in itself involves lots of extra cares, medication and pacifying, dare I say, overly distraught family members and quite another to be in charge of 20 dying residents. I don’t mean to sound insensitive. It’s common for nurses to desensitize after a while I guess, but, I just don’t understand the weeping and the screams of agony from family when a 96 year old woman passes peacefully in the night. It’s not like it’s a big surprise. Grandma isn’t going to get up one day and realize this natural dying process is for the birds and go back to life as usual, baking cookies and knitting itchy socks. Though, I do feel a twinge in my heart when a resident finally succumbs to death and takes off in that “next great adventure”, but as a death is something I am confronted with daily, I usually take a deep breath and shake the fluttering stomach butterflies. Anyway, back to the would be triumphant bellowing of yesterday morning.

The day started just as it always did: I punched in at the time clock precisely 7 minutes to 5:00am, a brisk walk down 3 corridors, 2 locked doors and past a group of exhausted looking nurse aides who were quickly scribbling some charting down and slugging which I’m sure was their 4th or 5th Red Bull of the night, hung my purse over the back of the chair and sat down and waited for the night nurse to come give me report.

“208 just died”. Kimberly, a fairly new night nurse, told me as she came down the hall looking exhausted. A stethoscope hung around her neck and a lopsided name tag echoed my assessment of her.

“I really don’t want to talk to the daughter. She was already mad at me a few days ago when I was 20 minutes late with his morphine supp. Will you make the call for me?” She asked as she reached over the desk and grabbed the MAR.

“Oh I didn’t hear about that. “ I replied offhandedly. This of course should have been my first clue. This wing was like my second home. I knew the peaks and valleys of all the residents and their families. Walking residents and family members through the dying process is part of the job and the job is much easier when everyone is kept happy therefore I try to stay informed.

I said I would, though inwardly I cringed and gave myself a kick. Contacting family members is about as tough as it sounds. Granted, most are expecting the call at one time or another but it doesn’t soften the blow much. Still though I flipped quickly through 208’s chart and found the daughters contact information. I punched the number in went through a quick mental checklist of what to tell her.

The call was brief and to the point. I was glad she didn’t push the subject or ask too many questions since I actually didn’t know the details of what had happened on the overnight shift. She informed me that she would take a shower and drive over. It would take a while since she lived a few towns over and hoped I would hold the body so she could see him before being sent for cremation. It didn’t bother me, he wasn’t going anywhere.

By then it was about 5:30 in the morning. The other day shift nurses and aides were starting the trickle in for the day, heavy lidded and coffee cups in hand. They all murmured a half hearted hello or good morning though I imagine most were cursing inwardly that they hadn’t had more sleep the night before. A pair of aides stopped and leaned against the desk. They were my usual girls, efficient workers who had been teamed together for close to 4 years.

“Morning. Got anything new for us today?” One asked, particularly cheery.

“I don’t even know, I haven’t got report yet. Kim is still down the hall and I just had to call and inform Ronald’s family that he passed last night. They are on their way I guess so if you could make sure he’s washed up and presentable.” It’s common for the bodies to be washed and redressed in a hospital gown when resident passes. Often when death occurs the muscles relax letting for a rush of, well I’ll let you imagine but at any rate it needs to be cleaned up before the body is viewed.

“Sure, that’ll be quick. “ The other aide responded.

“I’ll be back in a half or so for report.”

I nodded and stood up to meet up with Kimberly down at the med station who had already started med count, though she couldn’t finish until I verified the controlled substance count. The aides disappeared into 208’s room and just as quickly appeared at my side again.

“You said 208 went last night?” the cheery one asked as she stripped an unused glove off her hand.

“Yes, why?” Here’s where those first butterflies started to flutter.

“Well, he’s snoozing happy as a bug in bed right now. I’m no doctor or nurse but he’s definitely in the land of the living- for now anyway. “

The news hit me like a sonic wave right in the gut. I had just called an informed a woman that her father was dead when in fact he was sleeping soundly.

“You said Ronald had died!” My head whipped around to confront Kimberly. She seemed oddly calm about the whole situation.

“Did I say 208? Oops! Sorry I think I meant 218.”

I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or strangle Kimberly. Maybe both but I didn’t have time to do that. I had to call the family and on hands and knees try to explain the mix up. I already was anticipating sounding like a total buffoon. Formal complaints and write ups were already streaming through my head and not for Kimberly, for me!

I raced through the desk and hit the redial button, inwardly praying she hadn’t left the house yet. Dread was building with every ring of the telephone and after 20 rings I had to sigh into my hand dreading explaining to the woman the situation when she arrived. I had seen and done a lot in my short career as a nurse but this was definitely a first. Kimberly muttered a few I’m sorrys and said she would have stayed to explain except she had to get home and get her kids off to school. I gave a curt nod to her, I was still in the cry or strangle Kim mode so I didn’t want to get into it.

After she left, I waited a long 45 minutes (in which that time I informed the correct family who bellowed in my ear about the unfairness of life) before I heard the low buzz of locked unit door. I knew it had to be her. I gulped, stood and buzzed her in, bracing for the hardest PR situation of my life.

“Marion, I have to try and explain something. It’s completely my fault, I should have checked for myself and – I’m really completely sorry. I feel so horrible-“I was starting to ramble.

“What? What happened? You can tell me.”

“I was told resident 208 had died. That was your father but in actuality it was resident 218. Your father is sleeping in bed right now. I can’t believe I did this. I’m so sorry. I understand if you’d like to fill out a family concern slip or speak to my boss. This is completely my fault.” The butterflies in the stomach were going full force. My heart was pumping and hands shaking as they clutched the side of the desk. I braced myself for a verbal backlash.

But what happened next restored my faith in humanity. She wrapped her arms around me and sobbed into my shoulder. I’m not a huggy person, usually I’m compared as being as affectionate as the apple trees on the Wizard of Oz (you know, the ones who chucked apples at Dorothy for picking a couple) but I found myself hugging her back, not minding it so much.

“You my dear just gave me the greatest gift: A second chance with my father. The whole way over here I thought of all the things I hadn’t said or done with him. I believed he was dead and you can’t believe the guilt.” Her eyes shined with dark tears.”And now – now I know what it feels like to be without him. I’m going to make the most of it because I know that day will come sooner rather than later.”

I managed only a weak smile. She giggled and flipped her cell phone open.

“I have some happy calls to make!” and with that she glided down the hall walking in and out of the early morning beams of light streaming through the dining room windows.

I shook my head and released the butterflies from my stomach, letting them flutter away for good just as I heard another buzz of the unit door. It was 218’s two daughters who as they passed were already starting to bicker about the funeral bouquet colors.

Entry 4

A little bit of background, my entry goes along the lines of something I've been writing at for a good three years. I've always had fun with the characters. Everything is in quotes, all of the discription you'll find is in what the characters are saying.


Friday, 11:30pm

"Hello I'm Cody Thompson and welcome to this all-new Channel 360 Special Report. Last week I had a bad case of chicken pocks; these sores, mostly in the lower belt area that hurt like a whore. Speaking of whores, here with me tonight is Karen the Intern, a favorite here at the studio that had informed me that I probably had an outbreak of herpes. I went to Mexico last weekend to see a doctor about it, he said it was chickino el pockes. I think I know what that means Karen, it chicken god damn pocks! Plus I got a free burrito with my visit so that was like, awesome."

"You've got herpes, I saw the pics on your blog. I know because someone flashed me in the parking lot two weeks ago and he kept shouting, 'I have herpes!' It looked just like what you had."

"That's crazy... you're crazy Karen. Seriously what have you been smoking, 'cause I like, want some."

"I've been smoking pot, but lets not get off the subject. You need to go to a hospital that doesn't have goats sleeping in the bathrooms. I can get Mikey to drive you if you want."

"No, not Mikey. That guy sucks, he's like the Oscar the Grouch of this studio. He sucks all the happiness from my happy meal. He's the, 'Whoa I'm freaking out,' high. He's the freaking damn devil, Karen!"

"Whatever. I'll be back; I'm going to go outside for a smoke break since you complain so much about cancer even though you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day."

"I just know that second had smoke kills. I watched dateline, I was freaking out last night, I ate some ice cream, feel asleep and had a night terror about cancer. Do you want me to get testicular cancer; do you want my balls to fall off some night when I'm not checking on them? I'm just saying that from where I'm sitting, you just want me to die. Just saying.... After the break, I'm going to go over to the Channel 920 studio to kick some guy's ***. I don't know who works there, all I know is that it's going to hurt for both of us. I don't want to have to kick another stations balls, but it has to be done. All this and more, after the break!"


"From the director of The Texas Chainsaw Toilet Killer and The Texas Chainsaw Genital Killer, comes a movie this fall that will make you feel like someone just cut you balls off with a chainsaw. Introducing: The Texas Chainsaw Mountain Story. When Rickey Chamberson found out that he had a twin, he decided to take his chainsaw into the mountains and kill some chainsaws. This movie is so graphic, it will give people who get a high from killing people with a chainsaw; a high."

The Texas Chainsaw Mountain Story
This film is not yet rated.

"Welcome back to this Channel 360 Special Report. I really never talked about this, but we play some really weird advertisements on this station. Come on, seriously? We couldn't get some awesome preview for the new Terminator movie, we had to have some crazy preview for a ******* Chainsaw movie?"

"Well yeah, that's what this station is all about; dumb, low budget ****. I'm surprised you hadn't figured that out in your three years as a reporter."

"Oh I knew; I was just testing you. That's just what I do; test people. Test how long they can test, how long they can... last. I still haven't stopped testing Mikey, I'm having too much fun with that jackass."

"Really? Tell me more about this, testing...."

"A woman goes to a doctor for a routine checkup. The woman says, 'Doctor, kiss me.' The doctor replies, 'No I'm sorry, it's against protocol.' The woman asks him again; 'Please, just one kiss?' The doctor replies, 'No, I can't, I shouldn't even be screwing you right now.' You see Karen, you're like the sexy receptionist that wasn't even in the joke and I'm like the doctor getting all the action. You get paid, and I get laid and paid. So what I'm trying to say with the joke is that, I'm stoned and don't really know what the hell I’ve said all night. Thank you for watching this Channel 360 Special Report, next week we take a look into the life of a retarded bum. It could be me, I don't really know. Good night!"

Entry 5

“It’s time to face the truth,” Christian said. “We’re not a couple anymore.”

“A couple of what?” Zelda asked.

Zelda Sherman watched the ducks swim in the pond at the park with her boyfriend of 6 months, Christian Mickey. She tucked her brown hair behind her right ear.

“You know what I mean. We’re not as close as we used to be. We’re drifting.”

“We can drift back together.”

“Zel, stop making this harder than it has to be. I love you, I’m just…”

“If you love me, why are you doing this?” She turned to look Christian in the face.

“I love you, I’m just not in love with you anymore.”

Shaking her head, she responded, “If you loved me you wouldn’t do this to me.”

A tear escaped down her cheek.

“Don’t cry. You’re my breaking my heart.”

“I’m breaking your heart? I’m breaking your heart?“

“Not so loud. You’re attracting attention. I have feelings, too. This isn’t easy for me. It’s not that I want to do this. I just know its better in the end for both of us if I do it now before things go further and we hate each other. You don’t want that to happen.”

“No…,” she said quietly. “But, just because we’re going through a rough patch now doesn’t mean we will be in the future!”

“Have you ever been in a relationship that hasn’t broken up?”

“Such a stupid question.”

“What makes you think this one will last forever?”

“It could. Not everyone breaks up.”

“Are you saying you want to marry me?”

“Well, no.”

“Do you love me?”


“Are you in love with me?”

“I don’t know, maybe…”

“Exactly, Zel, we aren’t the same as we were. You’ve got your things and I’ve got mine. People change. We don’t spend as much time together. You’re always off with Lula. You’d rather spend time with her than me.”

“Lula’s my best friend!”

“And I’m your boyfriend. Well, I was. You never spend time with me anymore. We used to be inseparable.”

“People change.”

“I know. That’s what I said. I don’t think you want to spend time with me.”

“I do.”

“Yeah, you’d just rather hang out with Lula.”

“She’s fun. I don’t know what your problem with her is.”

“I don’t have a problem with her. I wish you’d spend more time with me.”

“I can.”

“But you don’t want to.”

"I am now."

Christian rolled his eyes.

Zelda sat in silence. She didn’t know what to think. Was it true? Did she fall out of love with Christian? Was their relationship in trouble? Was it at an end?

“I’m sorry. It’s over.”

The Adventures of Ned, The Clever Monkey

Episode 18: Ned is sad to hear CoS is closing

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