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Severus Snape's Death v2.

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Re: Severus Snape's Death v2.

Originally Posted by SiriuslyCajun View Post
Then how would Snape ever inform Harry about the truth? Harry needs to find Snape alive, if only for a minute, so he can get the memory needed to do what must be done. I continue to wonder when, or if, Snape would have told Harry the truth had his death not come so early.
I just meant it would have been more of a sign of respect to have killed Severus outright, quick and clean, rather than siccing the snake on him to rip him to shreds. So Voldemort had no regrets about killing him, even though he said he was sorry he had to do it.

Plot-wise, yes. Severus had to survive long enough for Harry to get there and gather the memories from him.


I held you in my arms, although I knew that death
Had already taken you. I held you close, hoping for a faint heartbeat or breath
To prove me wrong.
But, you were still, and could not hear or see
My grief, my tears, my heartbreak knowing that the rest of my life would be
Spent without you.
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