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Books with Harry Potter references in them?

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Old July 20th, 2012, 2:20 am
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Re: Books with Harry Potter references in them?

In A Million Suns by Beth Revis (a second in a forming trilogy), the main girl Amy is on a spaceship heading for a new world and looking through the ship's library in the fiction room and mentions J. K. Rowling beside Dr Seuss beside Shakespeare in the names she sees. (page 38 in my edition, chapter 6)

It's a nice thought that the Harry Potter books were being preserved for future generations as well as other great works.

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Re: Books with Harry Potter references in them?

Found one in the book I'm currently reading - From Notting Hill With Love...Actually by Ali McNamara.

'Aren't you going to try and go through there?' Sean asked, grinning as he nodded towards a wall. Two children were having their photo taken underneath a sign that said Platform 9 3/4. 'Then you'd be able to catch the train to Hogwarts, and you'd have another movie to cross off your list.'

"Oh well " she shrugged. "I think they think I'm a bit odd, you know. Some people call me 'Loony' Lovegood, actually." - Luna Lovegood

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