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Favourite quotes from your own writings

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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

English isn't my native language so sometimes I have troubles with style and providing the main idea, but I really like writing, so shall I share some quotes here?
There is from story about young children - brother and sister, who live in the werewolf's village.

"Life.. What is it?" Yenka asked.
Ukka closed her book unwillingly and said: "Well.. what do you usually do everyday?"
"Me? Well..actually I enjoy the sun, race with the neighbor's chicken, go to a river bank.." Yenka started to say, counting his fingers "And what?"
"And what does our mother do" Ukka seated herself more comfortably and faced her brother.
"She... well, she raises us, takes care for the house.. We help her. And there are heaps of many other things. For example she rejoices at our happiness.. But I still don't understand What is Life?" - Yenka said.
"Life is all those things put together!" - Ukka smiled brightly.
"I understand!" - Yenka said as his face lighted up with happiness. "But, tell you what.. "
Ukka started to say as she looked at him with interest
"Life isn't just all those things, you know, Life is the joy of doing "all these things"

Per aspera ad astra

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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

I'll have to think about this some more. Until then, here are the only two I remembered in particular....

Says the chatty character to the serious one who has told him to shut up:
"The Gods gave me a mouth, and a tongue, and so -- by Gods -- I’m going to talk."
The other replies:
"Words are meant only for those who know how to speak."

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although I do not always like being taught.
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

"This place reminds me of Hogwarts," said Leona, her view bouncing around the large room. "You know, it's kind of castle-esque, and there's magic..." Her voice trailed off.
"Reminds you of what?" inquired Kage, not breaking her stride.
"Hogwarts," Leona replied.
Kage raised her eyebrows.
"From Harry Potter?"
Kage shrugged. "Never heard of it."
Leona's eyes bulged. "Never heard...? Surely you jest."
"No, I live under a rock. Of course I've heard of Harry Potter. You should have seen the look on your face." Kage turned around so fast the bottom of her peacoat smacked Leona in the legs.

and here's her first use of magic...

Leona screamed. It felt like invisible mice were running down her arms. She shook her arms violently, but all that did was make her stumble over a chair and land hard on the cold stone floor. She could not control it anymore, she knew. Heart thumping, she reached forward-
The desk exploded into the next room, crashing through the bookshelf and causing pieces of stone and wood to fall from the ceiling like hail. Shuddering, and with many failed attempts, Leona got to her feet, only to find Madame DuPont standing there along with the other fifteen students, looking slightly smug, and Kage reaching out a hand with a small object in it, with a look as though she was trying not to laugh on her face.
"And that," She said, pulling Leona up with her other hand, then depositing the object in it,"Is what happens when you don't follow instructions."

So, what do you think?




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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

Originally Posted by Ignolopi View Post
Says the chatty character to the serious one who has told him to shut up:
"The Gods gave me a mouth, and a tongue, and so -- by Gods -- I’m going to talk."
The other replies:
"Words are meant only for those who know how to speak."
I really like that. Short, but powerful.

For mine..Well my character goes through this whole thing and she's feeling very overwhelmed with sadness/fear in this part. She's in space by the way, on a spaceship doing an incredibly dangerous mission.

She was feeling remorse such as she had never felt before. She was sobbing hysterically, attempting to draw breath, but somehow she couldn’t…and then she was becoming smaller and smaller, a microscopic dot, an unwanted spot in the perfectly clean universe. And she was falling. The blackness was engulfing her, crushing her body, suffocating her. But it was nothing. It was space. Not real space, the space she knew, just blackness. Empty nothing. Yet something had been made out of nothing, because she was sinking deeper, deeper…until she was nothing as well, a part of the emptiness. But she had to be something, she was still here.
Until a heavy something swung forward and knocked the life out of her. Then she was nothing, nothing at all.


Cold, clammy hands slapped her face. She kept her eyes shut. Murmurs rippled through the crowd that was floating around her. She remained limp.
“Morgan…wake up, wake up,” a female voice was saying.
But Morgan did not want to have to deal with anything at the moment. She wanted to be free within herself, and not interrogated about what had happened.
“Can we get a doctor over here?” the voice continued shakily.
Morgan suspected someone else was coming to look her over, to find out if she was alive. Meanwhile, the hands that had been slapping her face were now shaking her shoulders. Her head wobbled, and still she pretended to be dead, or at least unconscious.
“Oh, Morgan…wake up, WAKE UP!”
"Let them suffer"…thought Morgan. She had suffered enough already.
It was when she heard sobbing that she opened her eyes, and wide.


*Nikky wanted a mention*
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

I write a lot fanfiction of Finnish monster band Lordi, and it gets very humorous from time to time.

Shen showed them The Swan, Orion and Sirius. He said that they were lucky to see Sirius at that time of the year.
“The only Sirius I like to watch is Sirius Black”, Alice murmured to Tia, who giggled. She knew that Alice had never been a fan of astronomy, she preferred sci-fi movies and books more.

“I wish I knew”, Amen answered. “You guys have any good ideas? Or even ideas?”
“Sadly, no”, Lordi said. “Or wait, I have one. Amen, you’re gonna hate me for saying this, but… maybe we both should come out of the closet.”
Amen stared at the phone. “I didn’t know I was gay.”

“Umm, Tia, remember what you promised to me”, Amen said quickly.
Tia sighed. “I’m not sarcastic to anyone. Fine.”
“I’ll be nice to everyone.”
“I’m not complaining to you. Fine. So, where’s that dang shower?”

Kalma grinned. “Our master chef is at it again. Hey, OX, is there any octopus there? I started to fancy takoyaki.”
The biker-zombie had to duck so that OX wouldn’t have hit him with a huge okonomiyaki spatula. It was actually quite interesting to see how OX used any kitchen devise as weapons.
“I am not a Japanese restaurant! I am making only okonomiyaki right now, get it?!”
“What about sukiyaki and some raamen?” Kalma asked.
This time OX was quicker and the okonomiyaki spatula hit right at Kalma’s face. Tia stated that she could actually see her life turned into anime series. Kalma glared at her and moaned something that sounded like he hated Japanese kitchen. OX looked at his brother smugly and patted the okonomiyaki spatula.

These are my current favorite quotes from my fics. I like especially that "I am not a Japanese restaurant!" part.

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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

All I'm writing at the minute is an HP fanfic but this quote made me chuckle:

“Anyway, who’s your cousin, Sirius?” asked Lily.
Sirius sat down gracefully next to her. “Narcissa Black. You know...long blonde hair, face like a smacked bottom. Goes around looking like she’s constantly smelling something nasty with her nose all wrinkled. She and Lucius Malfoy go everywhere together. It’s so they can bask in each others’ reflected smugness. They think they’re better than everyone else. But that’s the Black family for you.” Sirius tossed his hair dismissively.
“So your parents are...”
“Pure blood. I’m sick of hearing about it. I told my mum once that the purity might have been diluted by all the inbreeding. She didn’t like that one bit. You should see our family tree. I’m surprised we don’t all have webbed fingers.”

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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

One of my favorite quotes is from a scene I wrote where death is trying to convince a dying man that there is indeed an afterlife. (Disclaimer: This piece is not intended to offend anyone's beliefs of indicate my own)

What is the difference between priest and professors besides the texts they study?

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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

not a quote, but my favorite single paragraph I've ever written. It's the opening to a short story called Heart String.

Kevin awoke a few minutes before his alarm was set to go off. A dream about Holly sputtered from his mind like milk from a completely overturned container. The meat of the dream was gone, just seconds after waking, but when he closed his eyes, he could see Holly's face still. A year since she left, and every night he still dreamed of her. He savored the mental image, his lids shut until the alarm finally went off with a buzz. Kevin sat up, slapping the switch to silence the alarm and swung his feet over the side of the bed. His eyes found the framed picture of the two of them, and he saw that his memories and dreams never managed to do her justice. The picture was black and white. Timeless. They were at the beach, in shorts and tee shirts. Sandals he assumed, but he couldn't see their feet and didn't specifically remember. Their arms were around one another as a wave broke behind them, white foam that wrecked sand castles in reality was forever frozen on his nightstand. She was forever frozen on his nightstand, her face ageless, her hair in a ponytail, and her smile, though beautiful, was fake. He knew that now.

You guys and Pottermore agree!
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

I was quite proud of this as an opening for a book

The tears spilled out of her eyes and ran down her face, forming a droplet on her chin as delicate as morning dew on a rose petal.
She looked imploringly into the eyes of Dr.Carter, but all she was met with were eyes full of mailce, evil and joy, he twisted the blade once more and let her slump to the floor, his first kill and certainly not his last.
What does everyone else think....

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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

Background explanation to this one: this is from a musical based on Heracles and his 12 labours that I'm doing, and at one point Hera sends down a huge crab to try and distract Heracles. It passes a terrified bunch of passersby. One of them, a small girl, stops to look at the crustacean closely, commenting:

I don't think that's Ariel's friend, Sebastian.

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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

A couple do-dads from a J/L fic I've been working on on and off for years and am no where near completing (thank you writer's block ) Thought I'd post them here since it's unlikely either would make it to the final fic, if the fic is ever, you know, finalized. =^/

[BACKGROUND: James and Lily discuss someone James sees in the corridors while breaking curfew]
“He was out after curfew, Lily. He’s up to something.”

“You were out after curfew,” Lily replied. “Were you up to something?”

“Of course I was, who do you take me for?”
[BACKGROUND: Sirius hazing Peter; would have been included in a possible Peter subplot]
“Salads are for people who want to lose weight,” Peter said. “I’m healthy.”

Siriuis snorted, ignoring the uneasy glances he was receiving from Remus. “Healthy?" He grabbed Peter’s arm and lifted it, pinching at a roll of skin under his sleeve. “You call this healthy?”

Peter slapped away his hand, scooting a few inches away from Sirius, petulantly. “That’s my winter weight.”

“What do you call it in the summer?”

"I could have been in politics 'cause I've always been a big spender."
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

Quotes from a few of my fics this time; I'll have to do more of them later. One post is going to be composed almost entirely of Dumbledore and Snape reacting to the first two chapters of Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone

Group: From The Maelstrom of Time
Ginny smiled and pulled Scabbers out of her pocket. "Sir, do you happen to have an unbreakable jar? I don't want anything untoward to happen until after I'm done explaining this one."

Ginny placed the dozing rat animagus in the jar and sealed it before Pettigrew knew what was really happening.

The headmaster looked at Ginny, quite bemused and somewhat upset at the apparent inhumane treatment of the apparent pet. "You'll want to call Ron, Harry, my parents, and Professor Snape in here for this; I don't want to explain it twice."

"I don't think it would be a good idea for too many people to know that you've 'come'... excuse me, been 'sent back' from the future. Tell me what you have to say, and I'll tell them afterwards."

Ginny sighed. "Very well, but it's on your head if Ron decides to use me as fertilizer afterwards."
Fudge and Amelia were pleasently surprised by what was causing the dementors to avoid the Deep Cells.

Amelia cleared her throat and adressed the gaunt man. "Sirius Black, it has come to our attention that you did not recieve a trial before you were imprisoned in Azkaban Prison. However, it has also come to our attention that you are an unregistered animagus. The punishment for Unregistered Animagery, at most, is Ten Years in Azkaban. How do you plead?"

Sirius smiled. "Guilty as charged."

"Then I hereby sentence you to time already served and to register with the Improper Use of Magic office at your first opportunity. You will come to a Wizengamot Hearing on the twentieth of June in order to discuss your alleged killing of twelve muggles and one wizard."

"I'm free to go?"

"That will be decided on the twentieth of June, but for the moment you are not a prisoner of Azkaban. Now, how did that phoenix come to be here?"
Group: From Ginevra Weasley and the Disorder of the Phoenix

Louder, she explained to Sirius "And my eyes can shine even in, say, instant darkness powder. Hey, Fred and George, there's an idea. Instant Darkness Powder. Could you do it?"

Fred and George were whispering to themselves at it already. They turned to Ginny. "Well, it can be done." "However, we'd have to import some from Peru in order to find out how it works." "After all, there's not much here in London for us to work with."

Molly looked at her sons threateningly. "You're not importing anything, young men!"

"Yes Mum." "Whatever you say, Mother dear." "We'll just move to Peru after the war and study it there, instead." "It'd be for the Order's use, not for any joke shop we may or may not be planning to start after we leave school, of course." "If we could study it here, that is." "Honestly, with how you take our disinterest in the Ministry, one could really think you were on Fudge's side."
Harry looked at Molly and Arthur, and said firmly "I stand by what I said before. I want to know what's going on. If it's not something you'd be comfortable telling your daughter, then don't bother telling me."

Apparently, Molly Weasley didn't quite understand the hint, as she then proceeded to order Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Fred, and George out of the kitchen - to no success. As before, Arthur intervened on behalf of the twins, and Harry pointed out that Ron and Hermione would hear everything from him anyway. This only left Ginny, who was ordered out of the room again. She stormed out, yet somehow careful not to wake the portrait of Sirius' Mother.

Harry stood up and followed her out, slamming the door behind him and leaving behind a bewildered Mrs. Weasley in his wake. Molly called to the door. "Harry, I thought you had questions for us."

Ginny smiled as she turned around. With a tease in her voice, she whispered to Harry. "All part of your grand scheme to include me more this time around, Peverell?"

Harry winced; she had used the name that she saved for when she was annoyed with him. "Sorry, Ginny, I didn't mean to annoy you. Would you prefer that I didn't mean what I said?"

Ginny thought about this for a moment. "I think we should make mum and dad keep to what they agreed to. If they can't tell me, then they can't tell you."
Harry nodded, and they both re-entered the room...

"Okay, Harry, now - Ginevra! Bed!"

...only for them both to leave it again. It went on like this for five minutes (with more and more people joining Snape, who had set up a Muffliato so that they could laugh freely) before Molly realized that Harry meant what he said about keeping it to what she'd be comfortable telling Ginny.

This was blown completely out of the water when Harry asked his first question. "How long has Riddle been trying to break into the Department of Mysteries?"
"Sirius, you died because Kreacher didn't understand that we want what Regulus wanted. Regulus never explained to Kreacher why he did what he did, and your refusal to forgive anybody for any wrongs they did to you – look at yourself! Did you ever ask yourself if Snape ever deserved what you did to him for all those years? He may be just as bitter as you are, but he knows that he needs to forgive in order to be forgiven!"

Sirius jumped up, livid. "You're comparing me to Snivellus?"

"No, because that would be an insult to Severus."
"So how did you escape?" asked Tonks.

"Master Regulus ordered Kreacher to come back," replied a now intoxicated Kreacher. "so Kreacher came back to Master Regulus."

Sirius turned to Harry. "So that's why Regulus wanted out? Because Voldemort nearly killed Kreacher?"

Harry nodded. "There's probably more to it than that, but Kreacher's near-death was probably the last straw for Regulus. In any case, once Kreacher told Regulus what had happened in the cave, the order was to stay in the house and away from any other Death Eaters."

Kreacher banged his head on the table exactly once before remembering the order not to punish himself for breaking Regulus' orders. He rested his head on the table and smiled drunkenly. "Master *hic*ulus said not to *hic* of this, Master *hic*ry."
The next person to wake up was Molly Weasley. She was bleary-eyed, and looked to only be halfway awake. In fact, it looked like she was following the smell of coffee. Ginny was wondering just how good a cook Severus Snape was, when she heard her mother yelp in pain.

“Molly! Are you alright?” came Harry’s voice.

“Ow ow… I didn’t think the coffee pot would already be hot!” said Molly, moderately annoyed.

“Well, I’m sorry you got burned. Coffee?”

“Yes, thank you.”
Harry shrugged again. “I’m not telling everybody; just everybody that Dumbledore trusts. I’ve tried being Dumbledore, keeping secrets from everybody, and it’s not fun. I’d much rather be Harry.”
“First of all, we really should campaign to make Muggle Studies a core class at Hogwarts; much more useful than Astronomy at any rate. Wizards tend to stick out like a sore thumb when they try to dress like muggles, especially Dawlish.”

Ginny sighed. “I’m guessing Dawlish was tailing you?” Harry nodded.

“Couldn’t hex him without getting myself into more trouble than I need, but it was Dawlish. Even if he did catch me, what could he do to me?”

Molly rolled her eyes. “So you’re still being followed… Anyway, what next?”

“I turned around and asked him if he knew where any jewelers were.”

Jaws dropped. Ginny was starting to laugh. “You asked Dawlish, who was tailing you on Fudge’s orders probably, if he knew where any muggle jewelers were?”
From Four Rulers
Piers bowed deeply. "Milady Gryphonheart, would you prefer that we rescue your ambassador? Surely, you did not call me and Aaron here just to have someone to talk to."

Queen Cathrine composed herself. "No, I suppose that would be wasting your time."
From Ribbon and Stone
Hanako sighed, and said forcefully (and in only slightly accented English) "Move your car so I can have my baby in a hospital! Or would you like to deliver?"

Faced with both the force of a woman in labor and the prospect of having to deal with another non-hospital childbirth, Vernon Dursley quickly went back to his car and, in his panic, drove in the completely opposite direction that he intended to.
Petunia glared at Harry. "Don't make things up, he was hissing at you like a madman."

Sei looked from Harry to Petunia. "I'm not hissing like a madman, I'm speaking in Parsel."

"He's speaking in parsley."

"Speaking in parsley." repeated Petunia. "Right, Vernon was right, bringing you was not a good idea."
Professor McGonagal had always enjoyed visiting Japan. Professor Dumbledore... did not.

"They both live in Kazetachi, Albus?"

Albus nodded.

"I shall find the Kobayashi family, they'll be more familiar with British customs."

Again, Albus nodded.

"Cheer up, Albus. I'm sure nobody here even remembers that incident with the lizard!"

Albus shook his head, pointing at an advert for the newest iteration of Godzilla.

"Coincidence. Besides, everyone that could have connected that to you had their memories erased."
Harry didn't know what a Thestral was, but he didn't like how it sounded. He also didn't like the fact that Hagrid, a giant that Harry thought nobody could have ever gotten the better of, was recovering because of one. Still, he was excited to go to Diagon Alley and get his school things.
Harry sighed. "What, am I famous or something?"
"Very good, Harry! Most wizards tend to react badly to their first Apparition, usually with the expulsion of the contents of their stomach through their mouth..."

Harry felt suddenly like doing just that, and looked for a bucket or a ditch to vomit in.
The hands moved from "Mortal Peril" back to Home, and the stairs came alive with the sounds of four people moving. Some were going up, and others were coming down. "Why does the clock say Bill and Charlie-"

Before he could ask the question, Molly answered it. "Bill is a curse breaker for Gringotts, works in Egypt. Charlie's a Dragon Breeder for the Ministry; he's 'on loan' to Romania for a few years. They're both very perilous jobs, but I know my boys can face the peril." Molly chuckled at the reference that went over Harry's head. "Ah, Percy, what's the matter?"
Draco gasped, and said in a very angry voice "But you're no House Elf! In fact, you're a wizard, you should be ruling over them!"

Hermione turned to Draco. "Why should any person rule over any other person? We're all humans."

"But wizards are better!"

"How are wizards better?"

"We can fly!"

"Muggles have been to the Moon. Have any wizards been to the Moon?"

"Well, no, but... we can heal all sorts of illnesses!"

"So can muggles, and we've found ways to make you immune to some illnesses."

"Yeah, but... we can... we... we've got magic! Muggles don't have magic."

"My parents are muggles, and they get along in life without magic just fine."

"You're a mudblood? I thought you were at least half-blood."
It was Himeko that asked the question. "How do you think we get sorted?"

Draco smirked. "Father told me all about it. Apparently it's an ancient and most formidable test, where all your secrets are made bare to the judge."

Harry frowned. He didn't want any of his secrets being made known to anyone. Ron shook his head. "I was told that we had to wrestle a troll."

"Who told you that?" Daichi asked.

"Fred and George. Why?"

"The same Fred and George that told you it was a good idea to hide all of your mum's quills?"

Ron frowned. "Yeah, the same ones."
"But Professor Quirrel, sir, the book says that Garlic doesn't help against Vampires at all."

The timid man froze for a second, but recovered. "Yes, yes, quite right, Mister Potter. I was just about to point that out, in fact. Garlic doesn't actually ward Vampires away, but it can be helpful in hiding from them. As I found out in Albania this past summer, Vampires rely heavily on their noses, so if you can mask your scent all the better. Garlic in particular is very overpowering, so as long as you're smart about it you can completely avoid Vampires altogether."
"...he actually gave you points?" Dumbledore asked, genuinely concerned for the mental health of his Potions Master.

"He didn't want the others to hear it, and we were still down by eleven anyway."
Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House, gave off that same no-nonsense aura that Professor Snape had given during his leading lecture. She saw the three boys standing together, and was suddenly reminded of James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black. She had the entire class sit down (with Harry, Draco, and Daichi sitting in separate corners of the room at her insistance), and began her lecture.
"Ten points from Slytherin for your cheek, Kobayashi. How did you two get in here, anyway?"

Himeko grinned as Daichi explained. "Nonohara was trying to stare down one of the gargoyles, so I tried asking the other one politely for the password. It worked."

Snape frowned as he processed the information, his eye twitching oddly. "You asked... for the password... and got it?"

"Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans!" Himeko said cheerfully.
Snape frowned. "Five points from Gryffindor for fighting, Weasley. Draco, I want you in my office after your next class."

"But Professor," whined Draco, "I've got Flying lessons right after-"

"I'll not have you flying at the same time as Weasley; between the house rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin, and the fact that you can't seem to keep your hands off of other people's stuff, you'd probably end up giving Gryffindor an ace seeker. Or would you rather I took ten points from Slytherin instead as your punishment?"

Draco looked like he was ready to explode. "Punishment! For WHAT?"

Snape smiled mirthlessly. "Theft, Draco, is something that has never been tolerated at Hogwarts. Now, off to class, all of you."
Harry smiled at the memory, but then his imagination took over. He was hovering over near the goal posts, and some sandy-haired boy he didn't recognize was arguing with someone who looked like Cedric, only meaner. The Cedric-lookalike took the beater's bat from the sandy-haired boy, and hit a Bludger at Harry... who ducked and rolled on the ground. He felt the stares of the others on him, and blushed.

Draco snickered. "Practicing for when our beaters start arguing?"
Some of the bags were more empty than others, while some other bags were more full than others. He frowned; students really shouldn't share sleeping bags, but he would have known in an instant if anything untoward had happened in the Great Hall. Part of the reason there were no secrets at Hogwarts was because of an Anti-Privacy Ward that was only on the Great Hall - anything that happened in the Great Hall quickly became common knowledge to everyone in the staff offices or common... rooms...

Yeah, that would be possible to sneak around and do in the Great Hall if nobody was actually in any of the common rooms or staff offices at the time. With a grimace, he resolved to take the buddied-up students aside and remind them of the dangers of certain choices. He may be pro-choice, he thought wryly, but he was not anti-consequence.

Kingdom of Magic and Discussion Thread
Last Update: Chapter 10 - Christmas Reflections (1/3/2012)
Ginevra Weasley and the Disorder of the Phoenix and Discussion thread
Last Update: Episode 4.2 - Dying in the Past (9/21/2011)
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

From my fanfic, Aftermath
Chapter 36, The End and the Beginning
“I can’t. It’s who we are.” [Hermione] looked at the flower in Ron’s hand. “Thanks for the roses. You came up with that yourself?”
“You know me.”
“I do. Who helped you?”


I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:14

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I may disagree with you politically, religiously, and/or on Snape but that doesn't mean I dislike you.
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

I almost hate to mention it, but I'm thinking that some "quotes" of mine (irony as I like it) may not sound so bright. After all I'm sure somebody thought Rebecca Black's "Friday" was good enough for her to sing. And I've read some books that even now when I think of the dialogue I have to wonder how such garbage made it to print.

"If I have to play the villain to ensure she lives 'happily ever after,' then I'll be the devil himself!"

All fighters are pig-headed some way or another: some part of them always thinks they know better than you about something. Truth is: even if they're wrong, even if that one thing is going to be the ruin of them, if you can beat that last bad out of them... they ain't fighters at all.

---Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris (Million Dollar Baby)
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

"So, there was this boy. He wasn't just any boy. He was the kind of boy that you would look at and you would wonder what it was about him that gave you the feeling that he was something special. Like he knew a secret about the world no one else knew, and he was not about to share it. Especially not with you. But whenever you got close to him you just wanted to stay, whenever he talked to you his words would be absorbed and cherished, the movement of his gorgeous lips wouldn’t be forgotten. He was the kind of boy that women ten years his senior would turn their heads for. The kind of boy that never experienced what love was as a kid and still had so much of it to give. He was the kind of boy that would break fifty women's hearts, just trying to mend his own. He was the guy that was so opened in everything he talked about he could make you feel uncomfortable, yet at the same time he was the guy that wouldn't share his innermost feelings with anyone, because nobody would understand. He was the kind of guy that seemed to have everything, thought that he had nothing, but felt that within music, there laid the key to it all. Yes, there was this boy."

It was random, it doesn't really belong in a story, haha. It's old, though.


“Tell me one last thing,” said Harry.
“Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”
“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry,
but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”
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Re: Favourite quotes from your own writings

"Rainbow is my name"

It's from a poem I wrote some years ago. I don't know why I like it so much but I do.


All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old who is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed be the blade that was broken: The crownless again shall be king.
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