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Killing off characters

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Old December 9th, 2011, 1:18 pm
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Re: Killing off characters

Originally Posted by Desraelda View Post
JKR cried like a baby when she killed off Sirius. I think that's why his death wasn't more than a couple of lines.
OMG she did? That's so sad JK is the sweetest person

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Old January 3rd, 2012, 3:11 am
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Re: Killing off characters

I personally would not consider bringing characters back from beyond.The permanent change will make the affected characters stronger,burn there fires to right a wrong,or for some,wrong a right.Bringing those persons back will erase remorse and all trails of happy and destruction in its wake will be subsided and eventually forgotten.But as for building up the courage,keep writing the book as it would be if said character would not be killed.Then,disaster strikes,and BAM!!!! bye bye person.Of course,the death can't be to Out There,or the reader will think you wanted to just off him or her,that they got to unmanagable in the stories because of there given personalities.Suicide would be a nice touch,since others would be more greif stricken,convincing themselves that they were the one who pushed them over the edge.

'Nuff said.
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Old August 14th, 2012, 1:07 am
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Re: Killing off characters

How do you find the courage to kill off your own characters?
I think its easiest for me to kill off a character if I plan their death from the start. If I do decide to kill them off mid-plot, I'd better have a really good reason!

In general do you know they'll die from the start and shape their development around that?
I try to keep my plot-lines flexible so that I have 'room' to make changes. But for the most part, I tend to know if a character will die from the start and I usually have an idea of what their death scene would be. But I don't necessarily shape their development around that unless there is a certain level of maturity/epiphany/development I want them to reach before their part in the story is over.

Do you decide as the story progresses because it'll benefit the plot since they know too much or are unnecessary?

The way my current story is fleshed out, I haven't had the need to kill off a character for those reasons.

Do you spontaneously decide that a character will die just 'because they do'?'
I did that a few times and realized it wasn't a good idea.

Do you ever give characters reprives?
If I feel that there is a good reason to not kill them off (for ex. their death might affect how another character develops) than I do give them a reprieve.

If you give then reprives do you have to exchange it and have other character(s) die?


Does it tend to be characters you love or hate or a mixture of both?
I tend to have neutral feelings about the characters that I kill off, even if I think they're pretty cool (I don't know if its a bad thing, but I've never gotten too attached to my own characters).

Do you tend to kill off main characters or less important or nameless characters?
Sometimes I kill off a less important character for affect or believability. For ex. if its a war environment, than people have to die to make it believable.

Do your characters ever come back from the dead?

If there is a believable and reasonable reason for them to do so. Otherwise, I like to keep dead characters dead.

Or do you just like to avoid character death altogether?

If I'm trying to write a light, happy, fairy-tale like story than yeah, I do avoid killing off characters.

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