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The Relationship Between Science and Religion

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Old July 27th, 2010, 9:27 pm
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Re: The Relationship Between Science and Religion

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
1. Based off of your religious beliefs, do you think that some forms of scientific research should be restricted?
Well I don't have any religious beliefs, as I am an atheist, but I think an argument can be made for restricting certain kinds of scientific research on general moral grounds, though the only one I can think of is the development of bioweapons. I can understand people having bad feelings about stem-cell research and such, but my personal feeling is that the benefits far outweight the costs.

2. What impact has religion had on scientific advances? Has organized religion held up the progress of scientific advancement?
A definite "YES" to the second, which answers the first. Human history has been one long story of religion and superstition stunting scientific progress (and most kinds of progress to be honest...). Some of the most brilliant scientists are only now receiving apologies from the Church and getting the credit they desreve (notably Galileo and Darwin), but there is still a huge way to go. The survey which shows that 40% of Americans believe the Earth was created more or less in its present state (i.e. geologically and biologically) in the last ten thousand years pretty much sums it up. The centuries of persecution of free-thinking women (the witch hunts) and religious cover-ups of the truth are just some examples of how religion has stunted science.

3. What do you think the relationship between religion and science should be?
Umm...well I want to say "science trumps religion" . I personally don't see a way for them to really coexist - normally whenever they appear to do so, it's because the Church has accepted that the scientists have got too much evidence for even the Bible to refute . Simple Deism can co-exist with science (i.e. believing that some higher power set up the Universe at the beginning of time and then played no further part) but the holy books of the major religions state things that are simply completely contradictory to scientific "fact". I don't think I need to elaborate on these contradictions. Science generally seems to be overcoming religion, although bids to teach creationism in American schools are a pain in the backside.

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