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The Next Incantation

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The Next Incantation

est. 2003 and still going strong!

The Next Incantation is a fully interactive Hogwarts experience.

Set 50 years after the fall of Voldemort, it's your chance to play in the Harry Potter Universe with your own original characters. You can get sorted into a Hogwarts house, take classes and do homework to earn points, role-play out of class interactions with your professors and fellow students, earn galleons for posting, and spend them on collectible items at Diagon Alley.

(Adult characters, especially Professors and Aurors, are also available see the headmistress for details.)

The Next Incantation is also a vibrant community of adult Harry Potter fans who love sharing their passion with new friends. The site includes forums, live chat, and free blogs. Come share the magic!


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