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Social Groups & Photo Albums Policy

social groups & photo albums policy

Social Groups

Social Groups are a feature to CoS Forum that allow members to create personal groups with their friends and celebrate their interests together. The groups form part of a large features update that can be discussed here.

CoS Social Groups, like those found on social networking sites such as Facebook & MySpace provide a point of contact for people who share similar interests. On CoS we will not allow members to create social groups of an adult nature.

Below are a list of 'interests' that are not permitted on CoS FOrums:
  • Sex Groups
  • Suicide Groups
  • Hate Groups
  • Illegal File-Sharing Groups
  • Advice Groups (such as depression, teen pregnancy, bullying etc)
  • Pro-Anorexia Groups
  • Groups critical of CoS members.

- By Hate Groups, we mean groups that are set up purposely to discuss personal hatred of someone or a body of people. Such groups cannot work on CoS. For example if someone were to start a group called 'Haters of Harry Potter', it would be removed. Likewise a group started such as 'People Who Like Harry Potter Are Idiots' would be removed.

- In the same way, a political group called 'All Republicans are Idiots' or 'All Democrats are Weak' would be removed.


Some may have questions regarding shipping groups. Shipper groups are fine, as are same-sex groups. However we will not permit Adult-child pairing groups or anything that is above PG-13. Staff will delete any content that is deemed beyond this standard.

Fan-fiction and fan-art groups are permitted, bearing in mind our policy on this material.

Political groups are permitted but like above, they must not be hate-filled or critical of other members on CoS.

Photo Albums

Photo albums are another new feature added that allow members to upload photos to their profiles and share with others. This feature also works in Social Groups, allowing photos to be shared amongst members.

You can limit who views your photos to friends or make them all public. As with social groups we limit the type of images you are allowed. Graphic images will be removed and users may be warned if these images are found in their profiles.

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