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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by Pearl_Took View Post
And that was also a perceptive post, Yoana.

Well, darn, I've already voted. I was torn between 'loathing' and Susan's choice of 'contempt' -- and Susan made really good points so I voted for 'contempt' but now I've swung back to 'loathing' again! Snape always hated James, even after his death, but I am not now sure, based on what Yoana said, that he saw himself as a 'better' man than James.
Oh, I'm flattered But I think it's a good moment to note English is not my mother tongue, and I have lived in an English speaking country for only 3 months, so my understanding of the word "contempt" may well be inaccurate.

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