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Re: Ender's Game and related series

Interesting, everyone else here seems to think Ender's Game is the best of his Ender books. But I thought the books were better as the series continued. Talked to a friend and they said they liked how clever, action-packed and surprising Ender's Game was. It seems to me the later books like Xenocide and Children of the Mind are slower, more philosophical and based on science ethics and the nature of humanity rather than characters.

I saw the change similar to the difference between HP 3 and 4. The author and readers had changed so the book developed by becoming darker, complex characters added and larger themes at play. I do agree the series really does change after Ender's Game.

Also, it depends on your age. I read Xenocide for the first time when I was 16, and didn't love it. But I revisited it at the age of 20 and really enjoyed it. I felt I understood it much more. If you tried to read the rest of Ender's series when you were young, I recommend you give it another try later. You might change your mind.

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