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Re: Ender's Game and related series

Originally Posted by freelantzer View Post
Has anyone ever tried reading Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow chapter for chapter? The chapters don't always match up, but once they get to battle school they correlate pretty well; it is very interesting to see the same events play out from two points of view, and a more intense experience than reading first one book entirely and then the other.
I haven't done this, but what I did the last time I read all the books was read ALL of the stories (including the short stories) in chronological order, so I read Ender's Shadow right after Ender's game.

I split it up into 5 sections - before the war, ender's war, after the war, rise of the hegemon, and ender's future. this is how it ended up looking

01 Before the War
01 - Mazer in Prison (Short Story)
02 - The Polish Boy (Short Story)
03 - Teacher's Pest (Short Story)
04 - Pretty Boy (Short Story)
05 - Cheater (Short Story)

02 Ender's War
01 - Ender's Game (Novel)
02 - Ender's Game (Short Story)
03 - Ender's Stocking (Short Story)
04 - A War of Gifts (Short Story)
05 - Ender's Shadow (Novel)

03 After the War
01 - Ender's Homecoming (Short Story)
02 - Ender in Exile (Novel)
03 - A Young Man with Prospects (Short Story)
04 - Ender in Flight (Short Story)
05 - The Gold Bug (Short Story)

04 Rise of the Hegemon
01 - Shadow of the Hegemon (Novel)
02 - Shadow Puppets (Novel)
03 - Shadow of the Giant (Novel)

05 Ender's Future
01 - Investment Counselor (Short Story)
02 - Speaker for the Dead (Novel))
03 - Xenocide (Novel)
04 - Children of the Mind (Novel)

I have the comics I haven't read them yet tho

(Secretly still hoping to be the future Mrs. Snape)


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