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Re: Ender's Game and related series

Originally Posted by LucyWeasley View Post
I reread this book recently for my English class!

I absolutly loved the military and psycological strategies. And Ender's characterization was very believable, which helped me sympathize with and understand him better.

But one point my English teacher brought up is that it's unrealistic how smart all the kids at Battle School are. I disagree with him. It's the future. It's completly plausible that they were slightly genetically enhanced (definatly not to the extent Bean was!). Or that a generation or so before them was, and they passed on these mutated genes to their children and grandchildren.
My teacher also said that Card's Mormon values influenced the book a lot. I don't really think so. I didn't even notice them the first time I read it ( but, then again, I was in seventh grade).
Any other opinions on this??

Also, is there any recent news on the movie??
Unfortunately the movie will never happen until card approves a script and he wont do that unless they stay true to his story, which i dont blame him for. So until that happens no movie but id love to see it one day as a movie.

As for how smart the kids are, ive read a lot of the side short stories and the parallel bean series. There is a reason Bean is as smart as he is, it has to do with DNA manipulation and among other things. That offshoot goes into grave detail to explain his history.

As for ender if you read some of the more obscure side stories like a war of gifts and first meetings it goes into the back story of ender's parents, and you will find that they too were candidates and were very very smart.

I dont think the level of genius these kids exhibit is unrealistic in the least. There are the above explanations for one, but also if you look at today's society they are always doing stories about child geniuses and 8 year olds going to college, it is not unheard of. And if you rounded up all the kids like this in the world you would essentially have what they have at battle school. They are out there you just dont hear about them every day. And if if the level of their genius was realistic, its called science fiction for a reason

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