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Re: Depressing anime you like? This is not an emo thread!

One of the most depressing anime I've ever seen is Hotaru no Haka (aka Grave of Fireflies). It's great to see something that declares war as something horrible without criticising just one side. Though I wouldn't recommend to watch it together with young children, no matter if it's just drawn or not.

Another nice and depressing (though not nearly as dark as Hotaru no Haka) anime is Bokurano. I read the manga first which made the anime appear somewhat "lame" and "harmless" at certain points, but it still had a lot of sad moments and the base setting. 15 children are part of a "game" that is actually a row of fights between their own world and other worlds. They either have to win or their world will just stop to exist.
Spoiler: show
And even if they win, they'll all die after their individual battle.
The peaceful ending songs don't make it better at all.

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