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Re: Hufflepuff House: Character Analysis

2. According to the welcoming letter, Hufflepuff house has produced the lowest number of Dark Wizards, why do you think this is?

I am not sure this is true (or, if it is true, that it is a fact that has been determined through some measurement with which the Prefect is familiar).

I could see if Dark Magic was something for individual practitioners, where Hufflepuffs would be less drawn to it, but this seems not the case, as Death Eaters were a group of Dark Wizards (I guess?).

3. Until now, we received little info on how Hufflepuffs view other houses. Puffs and Ravenclaws seem to have had some conflicts. Which house is in your view the most compatible with Hufflepuff characterwise?

Gryffindor. Because they can enjoy the illusion of leading while the 'Puffs follow.

4. The prefects of other houses also share their view on Hufflepuff. Do you think that they give a fair account of Hufflepuff House?

No, I do not. I think the other Houses, for various reasons, not only consider themselves the best, but find it necessary to broadcast this opinion to others. And, projecting their own tendencies, people tend to assume that if Hufflepuffs had any grounds to consider themselves superior, they would also. So Hufflepuffs' lack of self-aggrandizement leads the others to the false conclusion that they are indeed inferior.

5. How important do you think Pomona Sprout has been for her students as Head of Hufflepuff?

I think she helps them keep their perspective about the occasional obnoxiousness of the other Houses.

6. Hufflepuff has always been described as being the house that takes the lef-overs. But now we know Hufflepuff has been home to several important wizards. Has the new information changed your view of Hufflepuff House?

Helga took anyone; that represented her views, but not necessarily who her students were. They included the ones no one else could take, but might also have included students who liked that approach (rather than learning from the more selective Fiunders).

I don't think that represents what Hufflepuff became after the Fouders' period. Each Founder's values were put into the Hat. I therefore think someone who is the classic Hufflepuff who is just, loyal, and hardworking, could wind up there even if they were brave, or cunning, or just plain smart.

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