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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by Slartibartfast View Post
Also, if one stops to think about it, its possible that if Severus didnt choose the path he chose, he could have had a chance with Lily. I think the biggest factor in her choosing James was because Severus went in the morally grey direction. Lily seemed to be the type to choose someone based more on their personalities, or decisions, not looks. We see this because she ended up with James, a guy she wasnt interested in at all until he wised up as a person. Perhaps if Severus chose the "wising up" path, things would have turned out differently.
Totally agree, plus JKR herself said that Lily could have felt romantic love for Snape if he hadn't joined the DE.

I know Snape is not described as "attractive to women" but appart of this fact he matches nearly all the Byronic hero characteristics.

Also, his father is not to be blamed for Snape's behaviour, neither his childhood, but it also happens that some people know how to leave their childhood and their disgraces behind, and Severus doesn't belong to that group. He, instead, belongs to the group that builds his whole life about past disgraces, and broods about them.

As a teacher, I don't mean that his method made kids follow the rules (well, it worked with some but not with others) although in general I think he contributed more to the order than to the chaos, pretty similar to McGonagal. What I mean, is that his rude maners help to advise kids, that not everyone is going to be always nice and totally fair to them. This is a hard lesson that kids also need to learn, I believe that is what Dumbledore intended Snape to teach.
And of course a strong hand would be what Slytherin needs (can you imagine Trelawney, for example, as chief of Slytherin house?).

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