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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

That is not the issue though. Everyone knows and agrees with the basic storyline.

The issue is dispute was that Snape's request in and of itself caused "magic" to be issued "from him" that somehow got in the mix to help protect Harry. That was the only thing I was refuting. And my contention is that no magic came from Snape.

In my judgment; Snape's request to Voldemort merely was one of many things necessary for Harry to end up protected that day. First James and Lily had to defy Voldemort thrice and have a child to be born in July. Snape had to overhear and tell the prophecy, then ask Voldemort to spare Lily - at least to cause him to think about the benefits of doing so (if he saw no benefit, he would not have considered it at all, imo). Peter then had to squeal their wereabouts as Secret Keeper and finally, Voldemort had to take all of those things, add them up and decide to go kill the Potters. You take away any one of those things and there is no storyline as we know it.

It has to be acknowledged that Voldemort is the intervening party in this situation. He didn't offer Lily a chance to live because Snape asked him to. If Snape had asked him to spare Harry, he would not have done it because it was not in his interest to do so. Voldemort offered Lily a chance because he found it in his interest to do so. There is no Death Eater who gave Voldemort orders, imo. So the truth is, it was Voldemort's ultimate decision to offer Lily a chance for his own reasons we cannot know (which may or may not have been related to Snape in some way) that allowed for Lily to reject his offer and as a result, be killed by Voldemort.

The magic evolved solely from Lily's decision to do that; not because she and James defied Voldemort thrice, or because Voldemort decided to kill her or because Snape asked Voldemort to spare her. Those things have nothing to do with the formation of the magic itself.


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