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Re: The NFL Football Thread v2

I just was watching the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game on CBS. The Browns' kick returner (sorry, I don't know his name, but he has long dreads) turned probably the most amazing play I've ever seen in my life. After Pit. scored, they had a great kickoff, to about the five. The returner fumbled it, and it went to the goal line. He ran back, picked it up, and picked right through the Pittsburgh defense, going back and forth. He scored on a 100-yard kickoff return. UNBELIEVABLE. Pittsburgh challenged whether he stepped out of bounds or not, but the play stood. Cleveland's now winning 28-24, in the fourth. Go Browns!

I'm an enormous Pats fan. I was pretty much over the moon last week when they took down Indy. I firmly believe they will become the next team to have an undefeated season. Tom Brady and Randy Moss are absolutely unstoppable, their schedule isn't too hard after Indy, and their linebackers (who made the Sports Illustrted cover last week) is unbelievable. What about everyone else? Can they do it?

Originally Posted by Fury View Post
I am all for a Rams-Chiefs Super Bowl. I would of course be rooting for the Chiefs. But I have always wanted it to happen.
Unfortunately, the Rams don't have a chance this year. I'm unhappy that they aren't playing the Dolphins this year. First the undefeated Pats-Colts game, then two winless teams, battling for the first draft pick.

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