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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

I should point out that all the films drive me mad when I'm reading the book. I mean if I'm reading the book, I don't want to be disturbed with other activities...especially the telelvision blaring on.

Originally Posted by MissHufflepuff View Post
For me, it has to be PoA.
Now before people start telling me it's the best harry potter film there is, let me tell you that i DO already agree that it was very good. With the prisoner of azkaban movie, you are either expected to love it, or hate it. I loved it, but even so, there were some strong moments in the film which i secerely disliked, and that included the poor chracterisation and pot-holes. With the first two films, i can watch them, then read the books and think (oh, well that's a bit annoying and the books are obviusly better, but they have the same plot, so that's ok) and with GoF, i hated the film at first, but now i have learned to love it for what it is - a film, and can then read the book afterwards as a completely seperate medium - as it's just so different.
I never realized that PoA was considered a poorly maintained road or highway.
Originally Posted by snugglepot View Post
PoA, definately!
When I read the Shrieking Shack scene and in the book it's Hermione sitting down terified and shaking, whilst Ron tries to stand on his broken leg between Harry and Sirius and says that line, "If you want to kill Harry....."
Then you look at the movie version!
Why is that ever important? The problem shown in this is that if we give it to Ron, then wouldn't it be a tad out of character for him (movie wise) when this guy who's generally the comedic foil, suddenly grows a backbone and defends Harry? Ron has proven himself to be brave in PS as well with CoS. No need to revisit it in PoA considering that he doesn't actually do anything to help Harry in the end.
Also the Time-turner sequence, in the book it's Harry doing the leading and Hermione is the follower. In the movie it is the opposite.
Well here's the problem. Book version you have a lot of waiting here and there. No action at all. I doubt that would translate well onto film especially when you are dealing with the concept of time travel; especially movie time travel. That should mean that there should be interaction, not avoidance of two different timelines colliding. Even if the sole point of time travelling to occur, there should be instanecs where even avoidence results in interaction

Ok so we have Harry not knowing what's going on and just learning about the time turner and Hermione who had the experience of all school year to avoid, make up excuses and generally work with the time turner. Who do you think should really take the lead during the time turner sequence? The person with no experience at all or the person who would be more composed and familiar with using the time turner and any situations that arise from it?
In the book Hermione is stressed out with all her classes but in the movie she is "Super" Hermione.
The reason why Hermione was "stressed out" with all her classes is to point out that something peculiar was happening with her. That something was making her capable of being to take multiple classes at the same time.

There were 3 instances in the movie in which they discussed how was it possible that Hermione could take multiple classes. When going to Care of Magical Creatures; and the two instances of Hermione instantlly appearing in DADA class without Harry or Ron noticing. They did not have to cover all instances of the effects of Hermione's Time Turner uses.
In the book, the boys fight with Hermione for quite a few months and ignore her over the Firebolt and Scabbers. This was reduced to a few dumb lines given to Ron over Scabbers and Cruikshanks.
Why would the fighting between the boys and Hermione be any more important to the film? Would you rather they take out the instances of Ron and Hermione having awkward romantic encounters which just cement the whole Ron and Hermione romance for two instances of grudges? Considering the length of the film, the grudge would probably last only 5 minutes or 3 scenes at most before they have to reunite again as a happy trio. That seems a bit too much like a rollercoaster ride of trio emotion to me...especially when trio dynamics were not the center of attention for the plot of the film.
In the book Hermione isn't with the boys when Harry throws snowballs at Draco, it is during their fight. In the movie, Ron is made to be a cowardly wimp, whilst Hermione is "cool" with the whole thing and Laughing.
Ron isn't the brightest of the Trio. He is clever at times, a good strategist but he's not exactly the quickest on the uptake. Considering that the "ghost" was playing with Ron's tassles on his hat, I'd be pretty scared as well.

But despite this, I shall explain some of my own qualms:
  • Not going through the names of First Years during the sorting ceremony alphabetically.

  • During the Moutain Troll attack, Ron does the spell for levitation on the club, however he does a "forehand" sweep before the flick. Hermione actually doing it properly is shown to have done a "backhand" sweep before the flick. Totally inaccurate, how can two different techniques result in the same spell?

  • Harry making angry faces during the first half of the Quidditch game and not doing anything He's just floating there. Now granted he's the seeker, but I distinctly remembered him flying at least a bit while the dirty pool were going on in the book. As for other people I found it increidibly bizarre why McGonagall would have worried concerned looks when a completely illegal move was happening in front of her eyes, Hermione seems to be able to circumnavigate the stadium and climb what seems to be about 7 stories to the Professor's box and foil the hex in 40 seconds. And who says Hermione's *just* a bookworm? Those people complaining about Super-Hermione from PoA should really pay attention to super-speed present here. And where is Lee's commentary? There isn't any.
  • Regarding Quiddith tt is sort of weird how Harry is introduced, he is seen trying to catch a Chaser with the Quaffle. Not a productive use of time as a Seeker now is it Harry? More weird, Oliver Wood, the Keeper, was seen about halfway across the field to warn Harry. Shouldn't he really be minding the goal instead?

  • I dislike having Harry actually speak Parseltongue right off the bat. Him hissing not only sounded a bit on the comedic side, it hardly built up any sort of suspense for the next scene which was the reveal of Harry's linguistic talent. I mean had they shown Harry just talking normally, I think it would have made for better engagement with the audience. To somehow relate with Harry as to why is everyone so wierded out at Harry trying to save Justin Finch-Fletchly from the snake. Not only that, it would have made the reveal that he's a parselmouth all the more shocking or important in the next scene or perhaps when he actually opens the sink to the Chamber of Secrets.

    Even if it might have left the audience wondering what exactly parseltongue sounded like...and it's far too late to revisit that aspect of the movie, they could have easily just slapped in a small little flashback of the previous scene, but this time from Ron and Hermione's perspective (or even the crowd perspective) of Harry hissing away. I mean if the movie is supposed to show what Harry is feeling and experiencing, this part of the movie made me feel more like the crowd than Harry.

  • When Harry get's the Diary I wonder how Harry was ever compelled to write in the darn thing or even to start writing in it. I mean sure...Harry's a bright kid and all but there never seemed to be a real motivating factor for him to say; "Ok...I found a weird little diary in the girl's flooded bathroom. I guess since we made polyjuice potion in there, I should investigate further this Diary. Hmmm...there's nothing in it. I think the best course of action is to WRITE IN IT!" There's just no explanation for why he does it aside that he does it. It's like suspicion without motivation.

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