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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

CoS. I didn't like the first film, but didn't really care for the first book either (not a whole lot happens in it, and the story isn't really clear). But these problems are rectified in CoS which although not as good as some of the later books is a quite entertaining little mystery. Columbus completely butchers it. The film is too long, with way too many unecessary scenes (with necessary ones dragging on too long) which distracts from the real story being told, and is generally lacking imagination. CoS is easily the worst film adaptation in the series.

However, the way you word it is a bit of trick question. So I guess the anwser is 'none'. I'm bothered reading none of the books. It is when watching CoS that I am bothered because it just isn't very good on its own merits and it could have been so much better.

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