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Re: Slytherin House: Character Analysis

1. Slytherin prefect Gemma Farley describes the house emblem, the serpent, as the wisest of creatures. What do you think about this description in light of all we know about Slytherin house?

Crabbe and Goyle are shining examples of wisdom.

2. In the welcoming letter Farley speaks about the Dark wizards from the past, long family lineages but also about students with a muggle parent. Do you think JKR has written this particular bit to redeem Slytherin post-DH? Or was there really no problem with halfblood students during the Harry Potter years?

Hard to say, as Harry has no interest in knowing anything about the Slytherins (nor about the other houses). But we know that Snape and Voldy are half-bloods.

8. Has the new information changed your opinion of Slytherin House?


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