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Re: Slytherin House: Character Analysis

1. Slytherin prefect Gemma Farley describes the house emblem, the serpent, as the wisest of creatures. What do you think about this description in light of all we know about Slytherin house?

Serpents, IIRC, are often considered as a symbol for medics. A profession that is considered wise and such. And I guess that fits the house pretty well.

2. In the welcoming letter Farley speaks about the Dark wizards from the past, long family lineages but also about students with a muggle parent. Do you think JKR has written this particular bit to redeem Slytherin post-DH? Or was there really no problem with halfblood students during the Harry Potter years?

I don't think there's much to redeem. But aside from that, I think that the sorting hat didn't care about the whole blood purity thing and just placed the students into the house where he thought they'd fit in. It's not even possible to find enough students who are clearly pure by any means.

3. Merlin, a famous wizard in the wizarding world but also from our own Arthurian legends, was a Slytherin according to JKR. A case of a desperate hatstall by the sorting hat or does it make perfect sense to you?

Sorry, don't know much about Merlin.

4. Slytherins care about the honour and traditions of their house. Is this solely connected to Quidditch?

No, why should it be that way at all? Quidditch isn't everything, especially if it comes to honour and traditions.

5. Prefect Farley shows various sides of Slytherin House in her letter, she calls Slytherin: sleek, powerful and often misunderstood. Do you agree with her?

Sleek, yes. Powerful... ambition may lead to power. But ambition doesn't mean you'll automatically reach your goals. Misunderstood... maybe. Partially.

6. What do you think about the descriptions of other houses in the Slytherin welcome letter? And what do you think about the descriptions of Slytherin House in the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff welcome letters?

Don't really care about them.

7. At the end of her letter Farley shows a side of Slytherin we don't often see. She tells us not to judge those students that might not look anything special, because the Sorting Hat sorted them into Slytherin for a reason. Another redeeming quality of Slytherin?

I don't really like the whole redeeming idea. But the whole "don't judge another student just by what you see first and instead consider that there might be something "even better" inside them... I think it's pretty right and might fit the whole house pretty well.

8. Has the new information changed your opinion of Slytherin House?


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