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Re: Pottermore v.11

Originally Posted by katielouise View Post
I am so annoyed. I was just brewing a potion, and this came up:

[staff edit]

I did not change my computer settings at all. In fact, I've been reading through posts on here for the past hour waiting for the potion to brew.
I was using a copper cauldron, so now if I want to use one again, I'll have to buy another!

Has anyone else had this problem before?
I'm so confused, I don't know what it thinks happened to my computer but I definitely didn't change the settings!
I had the exact same problem! It was actually one of the contributing factors of me cutting back on using pottermore.

I wasn't doing anything wrong just had it brewing in an extra tab and when I went back to see how long it had left I had that message. There have been a lot of different guesses as to why it happened but I'm not sure if it is any of them.

Originally Posted by leah49 View Post
Have you reported your problem to Pottermore?
If it is anything like my problem they didn't do anything, just said sorry that the error occurred and didn't give me a new cauldron or add any galleons to my account or anything. Sorry but it seems really unlikely they will do anything.

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