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Re: COS Forums: What's next?

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
[staff edit]

I personally have already started this, and have managed to already gain 20 members from CoS, with more promising to join once CoS permanently closes. Anyone is welcome to join. There are a few issues being sorted out at the moment though, and a lot of the subforums are currently empty (Waiting for people to start threads!)

You can find the forums here:
Looks good, but do I really have to submit a personal photo just to register? (Also, there's this white square in the top corner of the page that I can't seem to get rid of.)

Originally Posted by Melaszka View Post
For reasons of personal safety (especially when it comes to our youngest members) and privacy, can we a bit careful about encouraging link-ups on social networking sites where you register under your real name or give out other RL private data, like e-mail addresses etc.? Please don't post direct links to Facebook groups etc here - don't forget that this is a public forum and anyone could be reading this.
Would it be alright if people arranged Facebook stuff via owls?

Originally Posted by Daggerstone View Post
Yes, they do.

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