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COS Forums: What's next?

In the wake of Morgoth's announcement of this forum's closure later in the summer, I felt that it would be productive to start brainstorming where all of us are going to go to continue our tight-knit little community after this webspace is shut down. I have a couple ideas:

First, assuming there's not one already, I think there should be a COS Forums group on Facebook. It'll be a way for all of us to keep in touch with each other, add each other as friends, continue discussions, etc.

Of course, the thread system on Facebook is nowhere near as good as on an actual message board, which brings me to my next suggestion: Someone can set up one of those free-to-host forums (like ProBoards) to keep the actual forum alive, albeit in a different form. Those boards are not quite to the quality of what we have here on the current forums, but that downgrade would certainly be better than allowing the community to die altogether.

I would go ahead and start one or both of these up myself, but alas, my time here has been rather limited and I really only know a handful of people here (and those few I know aren't even on Facebook, to my knowledge). Would someone with a lot more connections here and charisma be willing to start one or both of these new community spaces? I am of course willing to help in whatever way I can.

And do people have other ideas for how we can keep going after this place is shut down?

(Also, I hope I posted this in the right section--if not, then mods please move this thread and accept my sincerest apologies.)

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