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Re: Comments on: Technical Issues

Originally Posted by adam_12 View Post
Or if what you're searching for isn't long enough, that might be happening. I think it won't accept it if you're searching for one four-letter word or something like that.
I think it's 3 characters or less, I know because I tried searching for a U2 thread before and although I knew it was there it wasn't returned!

Originally Posted by Silver Ink Pot"
I'm suddenly not receiving e-mail notifications of my subscriptions, and I can't figure out why.

My profile seems to be set up correctly, and I've always gotten them in the past. I'm also receiving other e-mails, so I'm a little puzzled. When I look at my subscriptions, under "Notification" it says "Instant."

If it's any help, I had two Owls the other day, and wasn't notified of those either until I visited CoS. I haven't changed my e-mail address at all, so it's a mystery.

Thanks in advance for looking into that.
Hmmm that is strange, I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else is having these issues. Not that I can think of a reason why it should happen but have the notifications gone to spam?

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