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Comments on: Technical Issues

Official Admin Sponsor(s): Ali & Kizz

This thread is for discussions on anything to do with the forums barring more specific issues related to technical problems.

You may also notice at the top of each forum is the official Admin Sponsor(s). Basically when an Administrator replies to this thread he or she will write in bold red Official Response on [subject]. For example, a person may ask about a particular problem with their Owls on CoS, so an admin would respond in such a manner:

Originally Posted by TheWizard
Official Response on Owls

The rule is blah blah blah...

This is to be taken as gospel and staff members will reply quoting this with any elaborations necessary at the time.

The official response will only ever be superceeded by an updated response to the original. You may however see other official responses but concerning different topics. Redundant responses will be deleted in place of new ones. A tally of our responses will be kept in a staff area.

Once an official response has been made it is the end of the matter and any further attempts to continue the discussion will be met with post deletion.

Staff members may of course reply to people until an official response is made by an Admin.

You should be aware that questions in this area may take longer to be answered than in other areas as a lot of us don't actually know the answer and so you often need to wait for Ali or Kizz to answer more technical questions.

Thank you.

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