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Re: How I met your mother

Spoiler: show
That finale was working so well until the final minutes. It was odd that a season that took place mostly over the course of a single weekend ended with a highlight reel of the characters' futures, but it sort of worked. It was frustrating that Barney and Robin's marriage was as brief as it was after all the time we spent being convinced that they could be right for each other after all, but I brushed that aside (and actually, the end of that relationship was portrayed well, as was "the gang" drifting apart in the years that followed). Most of "Last Forever" was the funny and moving conclusion to How I Met Your Mother I'd hoped to see.

Then came those final minutes...

I appreciate how clever the real ending was, I do. In this case, though, I think the HIMYM cleverness did more harm than good. (That may be too serious a way to put it, but go with me here.) I never thought that Ted was telling his kids this story because the mother had died, but it makes sense. Ted really did think he was telling the titular story, so the ending didn't betray his character. It did betray the audience, though (to me), in that we thought the journey that mattered most was the one to Tracy (as we now know her). Tracy matters, Ted's journey to her matters, their relationship matters...but not as much as Robin. I felt like this was Carter Bays and Craig Thomas justifying how much time they spent showing Ted still hung up on Robin even in this last season, as well as appeasing the Ted/Robin shippers - but if they've had this ending in mind from the beginning or near it, that's not the case. This was the ending they wanted (those kids did shoot all their scenes about eight years ago, after all). It's messy, but ultimately happy - but I think it's happy in the wrong direction.

It all came down to "that's how I met your mother, but then she got sick, died, and oh wow, I AM really still in love with Robin!" Over the course of this season, I fell for Cristin Milioti's Tracy, and believed that Ted fell hard for her. I thought she was a little too much like Ted, but still, she was charming, and she felt right. I can't help but feel like she was given short shrift in the end.

The pilot ends with Future Ted saying, "And that, kids, is how I met your aunt Robin." It's a clever capper to that terrific introduction to the story, implying that Robin's an important step along the way, but the mother in the title? She's endgame. I thought that mother would matter more than she did. I'm not saying Ted wasn't in love with Tracy, but it feels like she was more of a step along the way to Robin than the reverse.

"Last Forever" has made me wonder whether I believe that the last moments of a series can ruin what came before, but I don't really believe that. For all the show's flaws, How I Met Your Mother was pretty remarkable. I love Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall, and Barney, even when I've disagreed with the way their creators handled them.

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