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Re: How I met your mother

Well, the series finale seems to have ****** off a lot of viewers! Insofar as I can tell, it's another case of people watching and not seeing: true irony is far too subtle for most people!

I had thought before that it would be really tough to convince the audience that Ted really was in love with The Mother (well name, by the way!). However, it always gnawed at the back of my mind: this was supposed to be about how Ted met his kids' mother, not how he fell in love with her, etc. The season (very cleverly set up around just one weekend) actually did a very good job of convincing me that Ted was (in the near future) genuinely in love with Tracy, and that they would be genuinely compatible. Moreover, it always gnawed at me that there might be a less than happy background reason why Ted was telling his kids this story, or that the real story was not what Ted himself thought it was.

In the end, it was a double-dose of irony. Ted's attempt to tell his kids a story about how you have to be brave and take the leap if you want to meet the person of your dreams is subconsciously a pep talk for himself.

I will fully confess that I found the episode to be quite poignant. I had long pegged Robin and Barney as that couple (and we've all known one or two) that were both completely right and completely wrong for each other. In the real-life ones I've known, it took marriage to resolve it one way or the other. And, in both cases, they wound up divorced, but with the other person finally out of his/her system. Now, in at least 3 of the 4 cases (I lost touch with the 4th), they are happily married to someone else: and I honestly don't think that could have happened until they had burned their personal Barney/Robin out of their systems. So, their fate was both sad but completely sensible. And, of course, having one of them drift away from the rest afterwards was completely realistic, too. Indeed, the general drift among the 5 protagonists was well-communicated, and much like what I've seen in real life. (The "epilogue" in the 3rd to last episode was pretty good, by the way: I like how they did that shortly before the finale instead of in the finale.) The sad truth is that, by the time you are in your 40's, it's often been years since you've seen your best friends from college or your 20's.

(It doubles for The Hobbit, too!)
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