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Re: Survivor Philippines

Originally Posted by mirrormere View Post
This will be my first full season watching, so I'm not familiar with a lot of how they do things yet. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do.
If you have Netflix or one of those, see if they have some of the earlier seasons! I'd recommend seasons 1-8 (Borneo, Australia, Amazon, Africa, Thailand, Marquesas, Pearl Island, and All Stars); they're the seasons with, at least to me, some of the most memorable players and personalities (Boston Rob, Rob Cesternino, Ethan, Jerri, Rupert, Sandra, Shi-Ann...) and a really wide aray of locations, not just the south pacific...

After that I start to forget which seasons were what.

The season where they let one tribe dwindle to one person was Palau, season 10.

Then there's another string of pretty good seasons, from 15 to 20 (China, Fans v. Favs, Gabon, Tocantins, Samoa and Heros v. Villains) which had another big set of memorable survivors what with two seasons featuring large numbers of returning players (though, ironically, I still couldn't remember Penner at the start of this season even though it's his third time out)

After that the seasons have gone back to just okay to me. (We're in season 25 now) I think it's time for a shake up.

Originally Posted by merry18 View Post
Abi is television gold.
I'll bet the producers watch her uncut film and see rating increases where cartoon characters would see dollar signs.

Originally Posted by merry18 View Post
Pete is actually really impressing me.
Me too, but he's playing a dangerous game. Here's hoping he's not caught red-handed in any of his schemes.

Fingers crossed for Denise and Malcolm this week! I have a good feeling that they'll be split up and absorbed into the two other tribes (good in that if they play their cards right they can make it to the final merge and reconnect!)

It would make the most sense to me to put Denise with yellow where she could form, for lack of more tactful way of saying it, and old-person alliance (Lisa, Skupin, Artis(?) and Denise), get the majority over Abi and vote her trouble-makin' booty out.

Malcolm would do well with red since the men's side of the alliances there (it seems they're split along gender lines) has Jeff Kent and Penner (and red-pants boy). Malcolm could join them and make a fourth and start pickin' off the girls while getting "in" with the two strongest players on the red tribe.

Though it does look like Kent will be found out this week and blond girl is medivac'ed.

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