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Re: Survivor Philippines

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
Yeah, but he only started that fire after Malcom showed him exactly how to do it.
Missed that part somehow!

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
I've been a fan of the show since I was... 15, I think. 12 doesn't seem that young to me.
Yes, but he's on the show. Have you applied? Wouldn't that be fun? I'll root for you when you get there. And would be happy to provide thatching lessons.

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
Part of me thinks she's playing a kind of brilliant game in fabricating this rift in her tribe between herself and RC and making it appear as though RC would be the best first victim of tribal when they finally go to tribal, but part of me thinks she's being really stupid and not at least giving herself the option of using RC as pawn in whatever game she's playing. Abi is buring her bridge with RC so thoroughly that if she ever needs anything from RC in the future there's no way she's going to get it.
I think her problem is that she thinks she is smarter than she really is (we don't have a Ravenclaw on our hands here.) And so many people get themselves tangled up on this show because they just can't control their emotions.

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
I thought so, too. I thought that they should have at least been forced to even things up by making one woman compete in the challenge. Poor Denise. But I like her so much for toughing it out like she has been.
It seems like the other tribes went male because they were stronger, but I think it may have been that they were taller. The hardest part was picking up your legs so high over the bamboo poles - that's what got both Denise and Russell (he's got muscles, but zero aerobic conditioning.)

I don't see how Denise and Malcolm can continue as a tribe. How do they vote someone off the next time they lose? Unless someone finds the idol. Time to merge.

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