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Re: Survivor Philippines

Steph and Bobby Jon were Palau. As bad a Matsing is, Ulong will forever be the worst tribe ever.

I'm lad Penner's tribe noticed the thing on top of the rice was gone and realizes it was the idol. It's always good to see the players being aware like that.

Denise is like one big muscle. She's impressive and seems to be a smart player, so I hope she rises above the horribleness of her tribe and does well.

I don't even know what to think of Abi. She was acting really erratic with RC, but I giver her credit for taking the initiative with finding the idol. And even though I think Pete thinks he's better than he actually is, I liked that he's getting into the game. I feel like in the past few seasons there haven't been that many players getting into the strategy part of the game and it looks like this season will be different.

Yay, water challenge!

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