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Re: Pottermore v.10

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Just tried Sleeping Draught again, and no luck. Did it perfectly, but apparently I put the lavender in the wrong container this time.

Guess I can't get those 11 points then. =[

I'm so sorry, I really thought it was fixed. Also,
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I totally agree that you should get at least a point for getting past the first stage properly. It is incredibly frustrating to waste so much time waiting only to fail in the end and not get anything at all. Especially when the time has run out because the site was down.

Originally Posted by hpfan101 View Post
Potions sure is frustrating...I'm now having problems where every potion I try takes me back to page 1 after I wait... then I have to wave the wand to "fail" the potion so I can start over. Yesterday, it was the Sleeping Draught, today it happened with the Wide-eye. I'm currently brewing Cure for Boils (grrr...ONLY 3 points)...hopefully it will work
You should
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owl IronBellyDragon for a recommendation for this problem.

Pottermore info:
surprisingly sorted to Slytherin
Wand is 10 inches, Laurel with Unicorn Hair, hard
Magic Quill first day; welcome letter Aug. 25

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