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Re: Pottermore v.10

Originally Posted by blueroses View Post
I think they tried to make is SO child-friendly that it is..boring.
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Personally, I think they've miscalculated a bit when it comes to the average age of Pottermore users. There definitely has to be a way to conduct a proper conversation if adults are to be kept entertained - |your comment will appear soon" simply doesn't cut it.

Moderating input content is fine, but if it's taking too long there's no point in commenting (unless all they want is random "Wow! Pmore is SO cool!" quotes for the press releases ) - and it WOULD save them the effort of making more interactive content to keep the clicks going.

Unlocking additional shops in Diagon Alley would help, too. If I enter the Apothecary once more, they'll roll out the red carpet for me.

Originally Posted by hpfan101 View Post
I've actually let bottles remain on their side and completed the potion with no problem.
Same here, though it hasn't happened recently.... perhaps it's a recent addition?

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